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Anniversary .... 1-47 

Corp 136-193 

Cadet Life 50-95 

Classes 196-375 

Sports 98-133 

Institute 378-399 



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Pol^-^*^: -SPIP 









Has the Institute really 
changed? For more years than 
not, cadets have met each 
change with the belief that the 
corps has been thrown into the 
path of destruction. The year of 
1985 is no different. In the 
midst of the changes taking 
place at the Institute, 1985 also 
marks the centennial anniversa- 
ry of the VMI BOMB. As one 
learns from his rat bible, the 
BOMB is the oldest college an- 
nual in the South. In its 100 
year history, the BOMB has 
chronicled the special events 
and activities of the Corps. 


/erlooking the VMI parade ground as it has 
ice the 1850'8, the VMI barracks is probably 
B most distinctive building on post. 

Neighboring barracks until it was raised in 
1948, (he 1907 library was destroyed in order to 
make room for the new barracks. 


Like every other part of barracks, Jac 
Arch has been renovated to accommti 
the Corps' space requirements. 

For almost as long as there has been sto 
airing the hays has been a part of the 

Before the addition of a fourth side in th< 
1920's, the "old courtyard" was not enclosed 



*^^^^ W Ii^ I—, 


3 • 

S''^^' f f 


nfi A 







Beyond noteworthy happenings, 
however, a remarkable fact 
becomes clear. Despite differences 
in content and design, each volume 
of the BOMB expresses the same 
basic emotions about life at VMI. It 
is obvious that the scope and aims 
of the Institute have not changed in 
the 145 year history of the Institute. 
It is this attention to tradition that 
makes VMI atypical among Ameri- 
can colleges and universities. 

Despite the changes that the Insti- 
tute experiences as times and styles 
change, the fundamental ideals and 
experiences are shared by all ca- 
dets, no matter when they attended 
the Institute. The "VMI 
experience" has not changed even 
if the context has. The present-day 
Corps is being trained with the 
same mission in mind that estab- 
lished VMI back in 1839, that is, 
education is necessary if an 
individual is to be a productive 
member of society in peacetime 
and an effective leader in times of 

While the name has changed, "finning out" 
does not differ much from the practice of 
"straining" practiced by modern-day cadets. 

Following the traditions of the Institute, Rats 
are motivated while an upperclassman 
searches for confiscatable articles. 


Serving as a human wall locker, a new ca- 
det of the 1920's makes himself useful to an 

New cadets of the early 1900s matriculate at 
the Institute. 


Following the traditions that characterize the 
event, the class of 1956 enjoys its Ring Fig- 
ure in the fall of 1954. 

Before Cocke Hall was built, hops were held 
in the Old |.M. Hall. 

Facilities change, instructors come 
and go, the Corps itself does not re- 
main the same, but VMI remains 
constant. As long as VMI remains, 
the memory of all those who have 
ever entered her arches will also 
remain. This memory guides all 
that come after. There is hardly 
anything at VMI that has not been 
done thousands of times before, 
eaving a mark in its wake. 
Formations, ceremonies, and honor 
all have their roots firmly planted 
in the past, a standard for the fu- 
ture. There is no place that tradi-' 
tion and custom show themselves 
more than in the BOMB. 

The Roller sisters and friends wsit with \'MI 
cadets in 1892. 

Cadets and their dates out for a Sunday 
stroll in the spring of 1908. 

Jackson statue has long been the meeting 
place for cadets and their dates. 

Anni\"ersar\v' 9 

Before the advent of Christmas Furlough^ 
the 1920's, cadets celebrated the holiday 
best they could. 


From the past editions of the 
BOMB, however, one is able to see 
a constant attitude and reaction by 
the corps concerning what is hap- 
pening at VMI. The BOMB 
represents more than just a review 
of the past year. It becomes a 
guidebook that enables an alumnus 
to lead his children into his past 
and experience, at least through 
words and pictures, what he has 
undergone in other times. 

A cadet of the 1950's studies in an environ- 
ment almost identical to that of the modern 
day corps. 

10/ Anniversary 

liensive renovation, the basic 
'its of a cadet's room have not 


The BOMB is more than just a 
book of today, it also becomes a 
book of the past, meaning some- 
thing different to each person 
who reads it. ■ 

The first volume of the BOMB 
appeared in 1885. The name 
came about in an interesting 
way, the first BOMB staff was 
sitting around a room in barracks 
trying to name their publication 
when someone yelled "bomb in 
the courtyard." The annual sud- 
denly had it's name. This first 
book could hardly have been 
called a success. In fact, the edi- 
tor wrote a bitter editorial charg- 
ing that the faculty and adminis- 
tration went out of their way to 
impede the staff from producing 
the book. Whatever the case, the 
next BOMB was not published 
until 1895. 

A common emotion at VMl. this cadet 
longs for home. 


Interestingly enough, the growth of 
the BOMB parallels that of the In- 
stitute itself, both were rapidly ex- 
panding during this time. It was 
also during this time that legendan' 
alumni such as General George C. 
Marshall (1901) and General 
George S. Patton (1907) were in 
attendance at the Institute. 

These cadets enjoy a Saturday evening 
playing cards in their room. 

Two cadets of the 1920's practice their 
fencing skills in the old courtyard. 

As always, a cadets closest companions are 
his roommates. 



This math class of the 1890's was taught b\ 
work on the blackboard, not paper. 

Sections form up and march to the first 
Smith Hall. VMI's first academic building. 

•VlAA^. V 

Except for occasional mutinous in- 
cidents by one class or another, this 
period was one of relative peace at 
the Institute. The now familiar VMI 
monogram made its appearance in 
1901 and red, white and yellow (re- 
presenting artillery, infantry, and 
cavalry) replaced black and v/hite 
as the VMI colors. 

In a scene familiar to today's Corps, a cadet 
of the 1950's attempts to study in his room. 

This cadet of the early 1900's studies in a 
way still practiced by cadets today. 


Early in the century, the BOMB 
started taking on a new look as 
well. Instead of the former method 
of simply publishing lists of the 
members of various organizations 
along with formal poses, candid 
photographs were introduced. 

Since the 1920's. when this cadet posed 
while acting as Corporal of the Guard, the 
ammunition belt has changed in appearance 
if not in function. 

Cadets of the 1890's, dressed in a variety of 
uniforms, demonstrate the fact that a VMI 
cadet has many different modes of dress de- 
pending on weather, occasion, and time of 


20/ Anniversary 


After World War I and into the 
early 1920's, VMI underwent 
what has probably been its 
iTiost profound building 
program. Alumni Memorial 
Field, Cocke Hall, and Jackson 
Viemorial Hall were all part of 
his program. It was also during 
his period that the ROTC 
program was established, 

formalizing the military aspect 
of life at VMI. Thanks to 
General Pershing, 1920 saw the 
initiation of a Christmas Fur- 
lough for the Corps. A new 
innovation at VMI. 


The BOMB'S of the late 
twenties reflect the fact thai 
VMI was also caught up in the 
trends that revolutionized the 
nation, changing life at VMI aj 
well. Copy from this era re- 
flects the care-free attitude thai 
had influenced America. Ever 
at VMI, the "Roaring Twenties' 
weren't exactly quiet. Whateve: 
the case, with the 1930's came 
more change at VMI. 



•■ ^afeg wi iP '^- 


' V»i5 ''^^^r^^Sr-* * *i*^ 

In 1958. cadets were involved in a new 
training schedule in order to improve the 
physical condition of the Cori)s. 

For many years, field exercises were part of 
the standard conditioning program. 




Much of this change is 
attributed to the introduction of 
General John A. Lejeune, for- 
mer Commandant of the United 
States Marine Corps, who re- 
placed General William H. 
Cocke as Superintendant in 
1929. Despite the depression, 
the 1931-32 academic year saw 
the largest enrollment up to 
that time. 

Then as now, push-ups have long been 
one of the most common forms of exer- 
cise at VMI. 

|TH! ' t II II II II II If 

./ i ■■■' ■ -y; .J»r-9 -- .— 



The Lejeune years also saw the 
construction of Nichols Engi- 
neering Hall, Crozet Hall, and 
the renovation of the post's 
facilities. All these projects 
were the result of funds avail- 
able through the New Deal pro- 
grams of the depression era. 

The broadway premiere of 

BROTHER RAT. and it 
subsequent screenplay di 
much to make VMI know 
throughout the United State; 
and beyond. Starring in th 
film were Eddie Albert, Jane 
Wyman, and none other thai 
Ronald Reagan, future Presi 
dent of the United States. 

An aerial view of the 1930's shows how 
VMI looked prior to the rapid expansion of : 
the institute following World War II. 

26/ Anniversary 


Explaining the tradition of the guard tre 
his son, this alumnus and his son sti 
the guard tree monument, dedicated in; 


iin n IT i: 

iiiiii II& 

Removing an Institute landmark, workmen 
prepare to remove the last section of the 
trees trunk. 


28/ Anniversary ^ 

)verlooking the parade ground as it did for 
many years, the guard tree as it looked in 
he I920's. 

lie Lejeune years had revolu- 
ionized the VMI system. At the 
ame time, the Corps seems to 
;ave respected and admired 
General Lejeune as a man. In 
act, the Class of 1933 made 
lim an honorary member of 
heir class. At ring figure, 
General Lejeune started a new 
radition by kissing his wife as 
he presented him with his 
ing. A tradition that has lived 
n. Even when he left, General 
-ejeune broke precedent by 
aitiating a joint change of 
ommand ceremony. It was no 
'me to ponder these changes, 
owever. By this time it was 
lear that war was coming. 

AnniversanV 29 

Even the VMI centennial cele- 
bration of 1939 was over- 
shadowed by the war that was 
beginning in Europe. President 
Roosevelt, who had planned to 
come down for the celebration 
was forced to cancel his visit 
due to the invasion of Poland 
by Germany earlier in the Fall. 
He did, however, speak to the 
Corps by radio from Washing- 
ton stressing the concept of the 
Citizen-Soldier being ready to 
help his nation in times of trou- 
ble. Despite the problems, the 
centennial was a success by all 
accounts. Two thousand guests 
were seated on the parade 
ground as Governor of the 
Commonwealth Price dedicated 
Preston Library. Though few 
may have realized it at the 
time, most everyone sensed that 
America would soon be at war 
and with it would be VMI. 

Located in barracks, the first library' was 
located in rooms above Jackson Arch. 


A Victorian structure in the midst of Gothic 
VMI, the 1907 library stood out among the 
buildings on post. 

The interior of the 1907 library reflects a 
much more formal appearance than the 
library of today. 


A tribute to the alumni who have died, M 
morial Garden has graced the Institute sin 


Built with t'(:(|(;r;.l funds paid to Ihi; Inslitiile 
as reniimerMtion for the dam<if{(; done during 
Hunter's Raid, Jackson Memorial H;jll as ii 
looked during the 1920's. 

The centennial was really the 
last celebration of VMFs peace- 
time role for many years to 
come. With the war, VN4I dras- 
tically changed. More and more 
cadets were called to arms, 
faculty and staff with reserve 
commissions were called to ac- 
tive duty, and the Arm.y set up 
training programs using the 
Institute's facilities. The Corps 
itself was reduced to about 250 
cadets. The Institute had to 
fight in order to keep its identi- 
ty during the disruption in 
routine that the war necessitat- 
ed. It is a credit to all that were 
cadets at this time that the 
traditions were maintained. 

jte Hall as it looked before the fire thai 
the building in the '1930's. 

Needless to say, the BOMB was ad- 
versely affected by these changes. 
In May of 1943, the BOMB pub- 
lished its regular volume and also 
produced a "WAR BOMB," dedi- 
cated to the class of 1944, most of 
whom were inducted into the Army 
that year. After this last gesture 
towards normalcy, the BOMB did 
not publish again until 1947, the 
first normal academic year follow- 
ing the war. 

Workers clear away ruins from the first 
Crozet Hall, destroyed by fire in the 1930's. 

Cadets enjoy a meal in VMI's 1907 mess — ,7" 

hall, built after a fire destroyed the 1868 ''^^iriMJ. jjMJJliiSSijf 

mess hall. 


Located at the same spot as five others, the 
1907 mess hall was the first brick mess hall 
at the Institute. 

Much lighter and more pleasant than the 
1907 mess hall, the first Crozet Hall reflects 
the growth in size of the Corps. 

lii lit* tii tii ii* 

■'• • • ■ - > ■-.'■"^^ 

resent Crozet Hall has served the 
orps since 1935. 

Anniversanv 35 

Although engineering training is not the 
same as it was in the 20's, VMI has long 
been dedicated to providing the hands on 
experience necessary to quality education. 

Despite the fact that 20 years have gone by. 
this classroom scene illustrates that academ- 
ies at VMI have remained the same. 

Practicing tactics on the bayonet course, ca- 
dets participate in the pre-cursor to military 
science lab. 


With the coming of peace, VMI 
again returned to a more nor- 
mal routine. Except for sHght 
disruptions during the post-war 
period when the conflicts in 
Korea and Vietnam cast sha- 
dows over the Institute, VMI 
has kept a fairly constant 
course. This period also saw 
growth in the size of the facili- 
ties as well as the Corps. Fur- 
thermore, the ROTC program 
expanded to include the Air 
Force ROTC in 1946 and the 
Navy ROTC in 1974. For the 
first time ever, VMI was not 
strictly an Army school. 

As it was in the 1960's, labwork has always 
been an integral part of the VMI education- 
al system. 

Although now a part of the past, the Spring 
FTX used to be an annual event at VMI. 



The Corps marches for the 1954 inaugura- 
tion of Governor Stanley, as it has for almost 
every governor in recent historv'. 

The increase in size necessi- 
tated the expansion of bar- 
racks. The result, "new bar- 
racks" was formally 
dedicated on May 15, 1951 
with Marshall Day. George C. 
Marshall was presented with 
the Commonwealth's Distin- 
guished Service medal by the 
Governor. A fitting tribute to 
the Institute's most prominent 

The Corps, contending with snow and slush, 
march in the 1909 inauguration of President 

3 8/ Anniversary 

The Corps executes an "eyes right" as it 
passes the presidential box during the 1969 
inauguration of Richard M. Nixon. 

The notice board has always been used as a 
means of informing the corps of important 



Under the Shell administration of 
the 1960's, a comprehensive build- 
ing plan which is still in effect to- 
day, was developed. In 1966, 
Lejuene Hall was built, fulfilling 
the dream of having a facility for 
cadet activities. It was also during 
the Shell years that Moody Hall, 
Smith Hall, and the Marshall 
Library were built. Following a gift 
by George R. Collins '11 the New 
Market Battlefield Park was estab- 
lished in 1967. 



V ,> 





The Class of 1940. as well as Alumni from 
all over the world, celebrate at the 
Centennial Ball held in November. 1939. 



Peb. 14th 1919 

rnoM C^i.'-i « " Corporal, Third Cl»r>8. 

ivo Thfl SuperlntGr.danJ 'Thru UlllUry Oienr.Lli 

suuicT . -• t-r conflnemonlB. 

The BOMB also changed during 
this period as times changed and 
much more attention was paid to 
layout and design. The BOMBs of 
the post-war era also start question- 
ing the very ideals on which VMI 
was founded. It is fortunate, there- 
fore, that the BOMBs of the 1970's 
and 1980's reflect that the Corps, 
despite the complaints that are 
common, has re-discovered the val- 
ues set forth in 1839. 

As this permit from 1919 reflects, the VMI 
hops have always been a special part of life 
at VMI and a time for the Corps to relax 
from the daily pressures of life at the Insti- 

Conscious of his contributions to the Insli- 
tiite, the Corps honors Sir Moses Ezekiel at 
his memorial service held at Arlington Na- 
tional Cemetery. 


l.Tuinlaalon rc-iUttf ttd -i i.ikt my oonflneae 

ntt poipaned unlll next IPedriesdny In o^(^^! t.hat I may att. i i th 
hopB and lo. with Mlaa "Hzabelh CrTi.ick.n very clot.'^ relative o 
alne.^:l■8 Cornlck la unchaparoned and In 'ny care while In i.ixln 
gton and her parente would not undcretand my not being with her 

2.1 have about four demerlta for the month and 
hare been late to no formatlona. 


K) \ 



ild May 15, 1951, Marshall Day honored 
i man who was VMI's greatest alumnus 
d one of this nation's finest statesmen. 



Nash Dillard, one of VMI's most noteworthy 
professors, is merely representative of the 
dedication shown by VMI instructors 
throughout the Institute's history. 

Among the instructors in 1893 were many 
who were influential in re-building the Insti- 
tute after the Civil War. 



It is hoped that these few pages in 
the front of the Corps oldest and 
most cherished publication have re- 
called memories to those who have 
gone before, given the Corps a 
glimpse of the past, and put the 
traditions of VMI into context for 
all. For it is clear from the photo- 
graphs that as much as VMI has 
changed through the years, it has 
also remained the same. The names 
and faces change but the values of 
VMI will endure as long as the In- 
stitute does. 

Edward West Nichols 

Professor of Mechanics and Mathematics Third Superinten- 
dent of VMI 

Robert A, Marr 

Professor of Civil Engineering 

John M. Brooke 
Professor of Physics 





General Shell, Superintendent during tr 
1960's, brought about many changes during h 


Despite the change, VMI is what it 
has always been — a synthesis of the 
Citizen-Soldier concept into a prac- 
tical institution. Time, change, and 
individuals will not destroy what 
has made VMI what it is for the 
past 145 years, an institution that 
stands alone in its goals and 

The administration of William H. Cocke saw the 
largest building spree in VMI's histon,'. 

General John A. Lejeune VMI's fifth Superinten- 
dent, led the Institute through the centennial cele- 
bration and on into World War II. 


1985 • BOMB 

Virginia Military Institute 

George W. Headley 


Michael A. Steen 

Business Manager 

Steven R. Sinclair 

Managing Editor 

Michael R. Wright 

Photography Editor 

Lexington, Virginia 


ii i^ I III ill ^1 ^1 i 

Parent's Weekend 

Corps Trip 


— Queen and her^ 


Ring Figure '86 

And More . . . 


Greg C. Gooch 
R. Allan Cowan 
J. Michael Collins 


50/Cadet Life, 


Major General James M. Morgan Jr. 
graduated from VMI in March 1946, 
with a B.S. degree in Civil Engineer- 
ing. At graduation he received the two 
highest awards given by the Institute 
to a cadet. The Jackson-Hope Medal, 
for highest academic attainment in the 
graduating class, and the Cincinnati 
Medal, V.M.I.'s top award from the 
faculty for leadership and all-round 
excellence as a cadet. 

Joining the faculty in 1946, he ably 
demonstrated the successful teacher's 
ability to sdmulate the interests of his 
students. As Dean of the Faculty from 
1965 to 1984, he has guided V.M.I.'s 
academic program surely and firmly 
along the route of continuing advance- 
ment, upholding the proven methods 
of the past, but always alert to the 
challenges to the future. 

In honor of General Morgan's retirement pa- 
rade, the sidelines were active with talk rel- 
ative to the evening's affair. 


Beaming as a proud father, General Morgan 
and Cadet Morgan continue the high stan- 
dards of their family and the Institute. Like 
his father, Cadet Morgan triumphantly holds 
his Society of the Cincinnati Medal. 

General Walker presents General Morgan 
with his second star during the Faculty 
Awards Ceremony in the Spring of 1984. 

Relaxing for a moment. General Morgan 
gathers his thoughts during a morning coffee 

Cadet Life/51 

This member of the new rat mass does not 
realize that he has just signed his life away. 

When the new rat mass arrived on 
August 15, a new commandant and 
an eager cadre awaited them. New 
changes in the administration of the 
ratUne were evident, but they did 
not keep the rats from experiencing 
the "cultural shock" that ususally 
comes during the cadre period. 
Worried parents, confused rats, and 
an efficient cadre could be seen 
everywhere on matriculation day. 
.The Class of 1985 was ready to 
take on their rats and mold them 
into a class. The rat mass was 
definitely large, as they filled up 
many rooms on the third stoop. The 
arrival of the rats on matriculation 
day marked the beginning of a long 
period of hard work and dedication 
for the dykes of the class of 1985. 

52/Cadet Life 

One rat seems to be taking things inj 
as he approached matriculation, 
another pre-matriculant looks somewha 



Charlie Company Corporal Brad Chandler leads 
rats with freshly shaven heads to their new pleas- 
ant abode on the fourth stoop. 


at luggage fills the courtyard while the new rats 
"e going through the matriculation process. 

Cadet Life/53 

Alumni Weekend was held on Sep- 
tember 29 this year. The classes of 
'29, '39, '49 A,B,C, '59, '69, and '79 
met this year for their respective 
reunions. Activities in Moody Hall, 
parades, tailgate parties, and the 
football game highlighted a great 
weekend for alumni. 

The Class of '59 made a donation 
of $1,650,000.59 to the Institute at 
the parade on Saturday morning. 
This project was the highlight of 
the Class of '59's reunion. 

The football team contributed to 
the reunion weekend with an excit- 
ing victory over Appalachian State. 

The alumni from these classes 
definitely showed that the VMI 
spirit does not die, but grows. Their 
support and devotion to VMI are 
unsurpassed by any. 

54/Cadet Life 

Red, White And Yellow 


Cadet Life/55 

ents realize that cadets, especially rats, 
look alike during parades when they search 
for their son. 

56/Cadet Life 

Parents' Weekend this year took 
place on October 19,20, and 21. 
The weather was perfect for a 
beautiful weekend, and many ca- 
dets, especially rats, were able to 
be with their parents for the first 
time since the beginning of the 
academic vear. Many activities 
were scheduled for the weekend. 
The superintendent held a recep- 
tion in Moody Hall on Friday 
afternoon. There was a concert 
by the Glee Club in JM Hall and 
the movie "Brother Rat" on Fri- 
day night Saturday morning 
parents were able to watch their 
sons march in a parade. After 
the parade, tailgate parties were 
being enjoyed on the parade 

Sound and parking lot behind 
e stadium. The football team 
suffered a disheartening loss at 
the hands of the University of 
Tennessee at Chatlanooga. All in 
all, both parents and cadets ex- 
perienced an eventful weekend. 

A rat explains to his family some of 
many confusing policies of life at VMI. 


he large version of Old Glory is flown at 
institute on special occasions such as 

^e Honor Guard penonns 
ilftlme of the University of Tennessee- 
hattanooga football game during Parent's 

Founders' Day was held over the 
weekend of November 10, 11, and 
12. The football team traveled to 
JMU and lost a frustratingly close 
game. The actual Founders' Day 
ceremonies took place on Monday 
the twelfth. Classes were canceled 
and a parade was held honoring 
the two men who were awarded 
with the Distinguished Service 
Award. The convocation was held 
in Cameron Hall. Guy Fridell, a 
newspaper columnist, was the guest 
speaker. He spoke about his respect 
and admiration of VMI, and then 
gave the reasons for his feelings of 

James C. Wheat, Jr. '45 and Dr. 
Thomas E. Powell, Jr. were 
honored with Distinguished Service 
Awards. Wheat has given a gener- 
ous amount of financial help to the 
Institute. Dr. Powell had five sons 
who attended VMI. His work with 
the Parents' Council has been 
relentless. Both of these men have 
made incredible contributions to 
VMI and undoubtedly deserve the 
awards they were given. 

58/Cadet Life „„j^i 


Cadet Life/59 




Band Company leads the corps as they 
march down Letcher Avenue on New Mar- 
ket Day. 

New Market Day was a time 
of remembrance antd respect 
for VMI's past heritage. Ten 
VMI cadets were killed in the 
battle of New Market on May 
15, 1984. Every year on May 
15 the corps pays special 
tribute to the brave and hon- 
orable actions taken by the 
corps in the battle of New 
Market. A unique parade and 
ceremony takes place by the 
graves of those who died at 
New Maret at the statue of 
"Virginia Mourning her 
Dead". Each year May 15 
holds special meaning for the 
past at VMI. 

The Regimental Staff stands at attentic 
outside Jackson Memorial Hall before Ne 
Market ceremonies. 

60/Cadet Life 


Alpha Company Staff presents arms during the 
New Market parade. 

Is Color Sargents march in unison as they 
Bry the flags. 

Cadet Life/61 

62/Cadet Life 



Kelly Berkhimer demonstrates why Virginia 
is for Lovers. 

Members of the band anxiously await the fi- 
nal gun, "go clock go." 

Tailgate parties, an integral part of any foot- 
ball game. 

This years' corps trip to the Oyster 
Bowl in Norfolk proved to be 
eventful. Cadets seemed to enjoy 
themselves on their free weekend 
from the "I". 

The football teams' 54-7 loss to Vir- 
ginia Tech did not seem dampen 
the spirit of the corps. VMI's pres- 
ence was evident in the Norfolk 
area as cadets could be found at 
many night spots. The corps and 
alumni were well represented by 
their excellent showing at the Oys- 
ter Bowl. Even after an overwhelm- 
ing defeat the corps showed that 
they could still hold their heads 
high and have a good time. 

Cadet Life/63 


Former West German Chancellor 
Helmut Schmidt spoke at VMI on 
October 16. It was part of the 
ongoing H.B. Johnson '26 lecture 
series. A nearly filled Cameron 
Hall listened as Schmidt spoke on 
United States — European relations. 
He pointed out the fact that we did 
not look at Europe in the right per- 
spective in some respects. The VMI 
Cadet described his message by 
calling it "Friendly Criticism." 

Last year former president Cera' 
Ford spoke. With the sucess of 
Fords' presentation last year and 
Schmidts' this year, the H.B. 
Johnson '26 lecture series will be 
something to look forward to each 
year at VMI. 








Cadet Life/67 




68/Cadet Life 

The 1984 Homecoming Queen 
Golf Company 

Miss Jennifer Stillman is a 17 year 
old senior at West Springfield High 
School in Springfield, Viipnia. She is 
a member of her school's drill team, 
the Spartanettes, and her future plans 
include pursuing a degree in the field 
of advertising. She was crowned 
Homecoming Queen on Saturday, 29 
September 1984. Miss Stillman was 
escorted by Fourth Classman Gregg 

Alpha Company 

Miss Tracy Waddell is an 18 year old 
freshman at Marshall University 
where she majors in Communication, 
and is a member of the Alpha Zeta 
Delta Sorority. She is also a profes- 
sional model and enjoys dancing, wa- 
ter skiing, and snow skiing. Her escort 
was Fourth Classman Chris Bunn. 


70/Cadet Life 

Bravo Company 

Miss Pamela Irving of Buena Vista, 
VA is a 19 year old freshman at 
HoUins College. She is majoring in 
Pre-Law and her escort is First 
Classman Steve Marsh. 

Charlie Company 

Miss Robin Pennington is a 19 year 
old sophomore at Radford Universi- 
ty where she is majoring in Busi- 
ness. She enjoys snow skiing, water 
skiing, and is little sister of the Tau 
Kappa Epsilon Fraternity. She was 
escorted by First Classman Michael 

Cadet Life/71 

Delta Company 

Miss Jill Etheridge is a 21 year old fro 
Salem, Virginia. She graduated frc 
Peace College in Raleigh, NC and 
presently a senior at Radford Universifi 
majoring in nursing. She enjoys water 
skiing and is a member of the Tri Sigma 
Sorority. She was escorted by First 
Classman Glenn Frank. 

Echo Company 

Miss Linda Milton is a 19 year old 
senior at Southern Seminary. A 
Liberal Arts major. Miss Milton is 
from Fairfax, Virginia. She is a resi- 
dent assistant at Sem., enjoys horse- 
back riding, camping, and dancing. 
She was escorted by First Classman 
]im Spellman. 

Foxtrot Company 

iss Amie Redgate is an 18 year old 
reshman at Southern Seminary in 

uena Vista, Virginia, She enjoys 

running, and horseback riding, and is 

ctive in the Drama Club. Her escort 

as First Classman Doug McGowen. 



Hotel Company 

Miss Cathy Luman is a 22 year old from 
Alexandria, Virginia and is a 1984 
graduate of the College of William & 
Mary where she earned a degree in 
Government. Miss Luman's hobbies are 
reading good books, going to the beach, 
and the outdoors. Her escort was First 
Classman Matt Daniel. 


Band Company 

Miss Tammy Wood is a 17 year old sen- 
ior at B.C. Glass High School in Lynch- 
burg, Virginia. Her activities include 
drama, and the National Honor Society. 
She competed in the Lynchburg Jr. Miss 
Beauty Pageant in October. She plans to 
attend the University of Virginia and 
major in Biochemistry. She was escorted 
by Third Classman Scott Jewell. 


74/Cadet Life 

India Company 

Miss Lynda Taylor is a 21 year old sen- 
ior at Virginia Commonwealth Universi- 
ty. She is a Dean's List student whose 
hobbies include aerobic dancing and vis- 
iting VML Her escort was Third 
Classman Dave Furness. 

Cadet Life/75 



marK ineir ballots tor homecraiiii^lohi^Douglas demonstrates a new dance 
during the Friday night dance. step for his date. 

Cadet Life/77 



A group of cadets and female friends have 
wild time on the rocks of Goshen. 

Goshen is one place a VMI cadet 
can always be found during warm 
weather. The beautiful scenery, cool 
water, and relaxing atmosphere 
make Goshen the unique place it is. 
A cooler full of beer, some civilian 
clothes, and a few girls, and you are 

ready for Goshen. A trip to Goshi 
is a way for cadets to get away fro 
VMI and forget about inspectior 
tests, and other minor things f 
awhile. We are lucky to have 
place like Goshen nearby for o 

78/Cadet Life 


le cadet in the Jimmy Buffett shirt takes in 
sne views other than those provided by 
nure while at Goshen. 


Hops at VMI are synonymous with 
"Big-time College Parties." They 
are enjoyed by every cadet because 
they provide the cadet with the op- 
portunity- to become absorbed in a 
social atmosphere, relieving the day 
to day routine he faces. However, 
Hop Preparation Course 201 is nec- 
essary for all cadets to properly 
polish their rusty skills. Step One: 
Procure civihan attire, either NERD 
or PREP. Step Two: Procure neces- 
sary' beverages for evening's enter- 
tainment. Step Three: Become 
aware of who the Officer-in-Charge 
is before returning. Step Four: 
Have a pre-planned route upon en- 
tering barracks to assure 100% 
protection against confinement. 
These steps should be taken with 
the utmost care in order to com- 
plete the hop Weekend with 


80/Cadet Life 

Embracing his date. Cadet Colletti is all Discussing the upcoming evenings schedule, 
3n,iles. these Cadets appreciate the two to one odds. 



In keeping in line with tradition, Bill And 
son is presented his ring by General Walk 

82/Cadet Life 


ce Nickle and his date enjoy themselves 
ling the evening's festivities. 

il Boos and his date pose for one of the 
ny pictures that were taken on a very special 
ht for the Class of 1986. 

The Class of 1986 takes charge of the Corps, a 
pre-cursor of the times to come. 

General Walker presents Ring Figure Chairman. 
George C. Sheild, with the Douglas Carter 
France Award for a job well done! 

Cadet Life/83 

Drifting into his intense study mood, this ca- 
det prepares tor an upcoming examination 
in nuclear electronics 565. 

84/Cadet Life 

Discussing the political crisis inh 
WWI. these cadets compare 191! 

eviewing his notes on Shakespeare, Tom 
EDelaney prepares for an oral presentation. 

'Programming their IBM PC's, these cadets 
tare expanding upon existing software. 


Throughout a cadet's hfe, he has 
been occupied with activities, such 
as inspections, aerobics, and prac- 
tice parades. The cadets main ob- 
jective is the pursuit that leads to 
the uhimate graduate, he must have 
the desire and determination to 
achieve this goal. To be able to 
concentrate on academics amidst 
the constant air of various cadet 
"life functions". To simplify the 
"game plan" each cadet finds 
himself striving to work vdthin the 

tig notes from a recent lecture, Mike 
pen is summarizing chapters 1 through 30 
1 preparation for his next test. 

Cadet Life/85 


86/Cadet Life 

Neal Lowenstein enjoys a cold beer in the 
Palms while on GP. 

Steve Cade gives a casual smile for 
era as he takes a break from his meal. 


Vince Morton enjoys his delicious ice cream 
iweet Things during GP. 

> LaRosa gets set to hit the cash flow at a 






88/Cadet Life 

Intramurals play a major role in 
the life of a cadet. They take place 
every Tuesday and Thursday after- 
noon, and every cadet has to take 
part if he is not on a sports permit. 
Intramurals are a break in the con- 
stant military activities that take 
place on other afternoons during 
the week for cadets. A vast number 
of sports are included in the 
intramural program. Soccer and 
football take place on the parade 
ground. Cocke Hall is the stage for 
basketball and handball, while 
racquetball is played in Cameron 
Hall. The favorite intramural for 
cadets — run for your rack— takes 
place wherever distance can be 
measured. Cadets who sign up for 
"run for your rack" are required to 
earn 12 aerobic points. Once these 
12 points are earned, cadets are 
allowed to "rack". 

Cadet Life/89 

The evening flag and gun detail are set to 
bring down the flags during parade. 

The Officer of the Day gives instructions to 
Sargeant of the Guard Chris Peet. 

90/Cadet Life 






- ^ZZ^^^^^il^ 


The Officer of the Day and the Officer of 
the Guard make their routine checks outside 
of barracks. 


Recorder Todd Tabb works hard at his job 
)f sending status shps and recording bones. 

rhe Sargeant of the Guard listens to ques- 
ions from cadets as leaves to post his sen- 



^--^ ...„. .s 

Cadet Life/91 


Mike Johnson prepares yet another meal in 
a surrounding famiHar to all cadets. 

|im Begley in one of his more lucid 

Crozet Hall, Club Crozet, the Mess 
Hall, whatever you want to call it, 
VMI's place to eat is unique. There 
are over 1,000 cadets all dressed 
alike eating at the same time. The 
rats are eating in the most awkward 
way possible. The second and first 
classmen are trying to get away 
with unfastening the collars on 
their blouses. The third classmen 
are usually yelling at the rats. The 
RDC and staff tables are usually 
disciplining rats who have gone 
astray. Crozet Hall at VMI is in a 
state of mass confusion when one 
tries to feed over 1,000 cadets with 
what is called food in the shortest 
amount of time possible. 

92/Cadet Life 

Rats wait to be seated and to begin eatinj; in 
way unique to VMI. 


lim Harvey eats while enjoying his First 
Class privlege of wandering around the 
"Club Crozet." 

service would not be possible without 
le Kd of the many cadet waiters at VMI. 

Cadet Life/93 

'a perspective intc 



Ii ^1 ill ^, if. i ifi If, ^1 ■'°°*"' il 

M *i *i »i SI *i ^i ^i ^1 Basketball ' ^ 

And More . . . 


Kenneth R. Hirlinger Jr 



Jim Daly sets up behind his Hnemen to pass 
to one of his receivers. 

On the other end of the pass at times was B. 
Tilling. This catch gave VMI one of those 
ever elusive touchdowns. 

The offensive line had much to celebrate 
after Tilling made the TD. as they were the 
trenchfighters providing the QB time to see 

J / 


C ■» 



As the defense closes in James Wright leaps 
in the air for a pass in VMI's only victory. 

After the completion, Steve Pancham gets 
sandwiched betvi^een two defenders. 

Watching impatiently from the sidelines Bri- 
an Lewis would probably like to get his 
hands on the game ball. 

Doing his I can fly imitation Pancham trys 
to elude his opponents. 

With the secondary split John Parrott 
makes a reception look easy. 

Neil Lowenstein has no problems anchoring 
the defensive line as they surge forward to 
hold the opposition. 

In another play VT is able to get a headstart 
against the defense which prepares for 
another running play. 


|unho Chi tries to use his head for this shot. But an alert 
goahe grabs the pass. 

Bob Zoeke shows the ref. and his opponents a little fancy 
footwork as V'MI sets up for a goal shot. 





On or off the field VMI always tries to show the spirit of 
sportsmanlike conduct. 

Even on the field cadets must constantly use their heads to 
meet their objectives. 





s VMI takes its penalty shot, an alert forward moves past his defender for 
chance at a possible rebound. 

ad Szcypanski puts a move on this defender that allows him to slip past 
hile the defender slips down. 

howing his unique style, Kurt Quimby flies through the air to get a new 
igle on this kick. 




This year our team turned in many good per- 
formances that had a lot of opponents wonder- '"" 
ing about how we progressed so quickly. Paul 
larvis and Mark Williams (top) were part of our 
success story. 

This year we gained some needed depth from 
our Rats and Thirds. In freestyle Kevin 
McClung and Matt Koleseki turned into tough 

Our divers ()ack Rose — cpt.. Blair Shelton, Ben 
Griswold and Tommy Roltsch] were consistently 
winning their events to help out the team. 

One of the team's premiere swimmers. Paul Jar- 
vis has time for a short nap before his competi- 
tion finishes. 








Tumbling thru the air Jack Rose turns in 
another crowd pleasing dive. 

In the Richmond Men and Ladies meet 
against VMI and Sweet Briar. "Easy" Wil- 
liams fly in the FLY. 

Our Polo team enjoyed the playing but suf- 
fered some crushing defeats due to lack of 
practice and experience. Cpt. Seline advised 
us and Dinger coached and played goaL 
Eric. Russ. Dan. Ken. Paul. Tom. 2nd Row: 
lim. Tim. Paul. Tim. Chuck Rich. 

Against Richmond we pulled a few surprises 
and almost pulled in the victorj-. Here Gar\- 
McClelland anchors the Medley. 


Blair Shelton is developing into one of the area's top 
divers and the form he shows in this back-dive is the 
reason why. 



Concentration is very important as Eric "Dwight" Whiteman psychs for the 

Placing well against most of our opponents. Tommy Peer's determination did 
the team a lot of credit. 

Mouths open in wonder. Jim Coulter and Paul |arvis listen to Jim Agostini after 
their last race. 


During our most interesting meet 
(UofR) Tommy Peer. Ken Hirlinger, 
and Dan Whalen ready their voices to 
out cheer Richmonds' screaming la- 
dies during the mens' breaststroke 

W i 


Sh^t^ ^ T* -^^ 



m^"^ X 


^? ' 1 


.^r J 


Hamond Urner counts the laps, allowing our distance swimmers the 
opportunity to concentrate on more important subjects (i.e. girls, booze, 

As Sweet Briars Girls watch the ver>- close medley relay. Paul Janis 
prepares to beat UR's flier. 





Then there was Danks Burton to dis- 
prove my concentration theory*. Who 
else but Danks could or would look 
the other way of this shot. Mr. Cascio 
where are you when you're needed 
the most . . . 


The key to golfing must be in the 
concentration as these pictures will 

Will Johnson has a tough shot this 
time. The lay of his ball is between a 
sandtrap and a golftrap. 




The 1984-1985 Tennis Team, under the 
direction of team captain Graham Rose, 
displays their new uniforms. 

Making use of our eight outdoor courts and a good 
day of sunshine, the team practices for their next 

Despite the fact that everyone has his own style, 
the important thing about tennis is the serve. 
Could there be much doubt that with this look of 
agony we have an ace here. 


Tom Struckmeyer, the team's only third, 
gives his utmost concentration to the moving 
ducks down range. 

With the help of a stand Dave Whittaker 
can worry more about the target than trying 
to keep his gun loops — rifle) steady. 




One of the fundamental aspects of rugby is that the ball alwa 
draws a crowd, as this Keydet discovers. 





)iiu)j Mi.dowen shares a few moments with the ladies to prepare himse 
for the match. 

Push Harder is the name of this play. The plan — take the egg from i 
nest with the opposing ruggers. 



? If II 1^ i?i V' n II n \\ n -' 'n i! 
J If n If i 

sing is very important to a planned at- VMI moves in on the attack to the pleasure of their spectators. 
i, so our ruggers practice the technique 
h fierce intensity. 

Mthdugh Rugby does have some of the aspects of football (as shown here) it is ver^" 
much its own sport. 

Doug McGowen, Brent Harder, and "Greek" Halages try to master their opponents in 
attempting to gain control of the ball. 


Although a bit worn out. Senior Matt Henderson can look back to his four > 
on the mats with the satisfaction of knowing he was a champ. 

Often a t>'pical scene was VMI walking away with their arms raised. Once a 
Eric Woodhouse gets the honors. 






With a look of determination, Kenny 
Spain tries to drive his man forward. 

Somewhere in this tangle of arms and 
legs Bob Zoeke works on a reversal. 

Get Back Here!! John Long tries to keep 
his man from scurrying off the mats. 




Victory is barely eluding Craig 
I^larris as his man makes a feeble 
attempt to stay off his shoulders. 

With the ref looking sla-ward Todd 
Harris waits patiently for his oppo- 
nent to ready himself. 

Matt Henderson moves into a bet- 
ter position against a flattened op- 
ponent who is momentarily help- 
ess to resist. 


With a look of determination David Phillips takes off for third. 
Outfielder Tommy McGinnis makes a good play off a bouncing ball. I 

David Tyler takes an infield hit and turns it into an out for the batter. I 

It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's just a fly ball and another out for the opponell 


As Kelly Raber rounds the bases the opponents' outfielder winds up to T 
give Kelly a run for his money. 

This years team gave everyone a few Along with Cedric Wins (above), 
surprises thanks to the firstclassmen who Darwin Sawyer (right) and Milte 
were three of the five starters. Herndon were the other seniors vi- 

tal to the team's success. 


One of the best players around is Gay Elmore, who pro- 
vided the team with a reliable all-around player. Filling out the starting team is the ball control guard Mike Huffman. 

For any team to succeed it must have a strong bench to rely on. This 
year Rat Gardner was one of the few that provided that much needed 

Cedric Wins gave the team a high percentage outside shooter that 
could bust many defensive zones into submission. 

In times of trouble Mark Current was used as a backup for the 
bigmen up front. 

Of course to be good a team needs a coach 
who stands up for his men. Here Mart\- Fletch- 
er shows his displeasure of the refereeing done 
at our games. 



Bruce Hill shows that running isn't always fun and 
games, especially for a Firstclassman. 











^" * 

f •/ A U 


spite possible pain, the end of the run can bring a smile to RAT Hoofnagles 

't in the front of this pack is Henry Loving, who would probably like to 
jckly lose the pack. 




















Davis Estes blows away the opposition to reach the unbroken tape. 

Along with the relay teams, VMI's track team has won many honoi 
on the path to being nationally ranked. 

Henry Sanchez barely leads the pack in this hoof-race. 


In one of his last throws as a Keydet. Sheldon Johnson shows th 
power of a putter. 


Mark "Action" |ackson gets a pep talk 
between rounds from the boxing coach and 
his crew. 

Many times this year the hard fists of our 
team brought the symbol of victory as this 
bout did for lohn Urquhart. 

lackson's gargoyle grin and his aggressive 
style bring smiles to all but his opponents. j^ 





Under pressure, Jim Daly looks dowTifield 
for an open receiver. 


Trent Bridges on the carry makes extra 
yards off a block by Louis Rucker. 

South-paw Scott Bryant fires another down 
the chute. 



Al Comer drops back into the pocket scan- 
ning the secondary. 


Stephan Jones. Jimmy. Walker, and Glen 
Ralston close in for the tackle. 

■mm.»y: mm^='t^!^^^ 


™~— r*| 

'^^^^l9^-:- ■ .jfS^^iiSlJlii;- 

Ben Walker rounds second to take third. 

'^'. .r* -"&!.. 'J'^ 

fii i. I> i^ i^ III ifi ^1 i 

Corps of 




Steven R. Sinclair 
William H. Raid 
John G. Douglas 



).M. Shimotsu 
Regimental S-1 
Regimental S-3 
P.H. Mangerian 
Regimental S-4 
A.G. Shirley II 
Regimental S-6 



G.R. Bessette 
Executive Officer 
J. P. Begley III 
Battalion S-1 
C.P. Chen 
Battalion S-3 



W.M. Sargeant 
Executive Officer 
D.T. Barthol 
Battalion S-1 
J.B. Chartier 
Battalion S-3 



M.B. Hamilton 
Battalion Commander 

D.E. Stinnette 
Executive Officer 
K. Robles 
Battalion S-1 
K.D. Kirk 
Battalion S-3 


M.D. Herndon 

Company Commander 

H.R. Hill 

Executive Officer 

RJ. Tremaglio III 

Platoon Lieutenant 

T.B. Thompson 

Platoon Lieutenant 

J.A. Stuart 

Platoon Lieutenant 

It If F PI 1! 
















L.A. Thomas 

First Sergeant 

J.R. Dixon 

Operations Sergeant 

T.S. Williamson FV 

Supply Sergeant 

J.C. Saunders 

Guidon Bearer 

SJ. Adamus 

Platoon Lieutenant 

M. Hulyo 

Platoon Lieutenant 

M.B. King 

Platoon Lieutenant 

R.H. Speir 
Company Commander 


^ ai cd 
O > 5 


R.R. Williams III 

First Sergeant 

D.G. White 

Operations Sergeant 

M.S. Carroll 

Supply Sergeant 

S.V. Motylinski 

Guidon Bearer 








































>— 1 




































C.A. Touhill 

First Sergeant 

S-I. Cooper 

Operations Sergeant 

D.A. Home 

Supply Sergeant 

M.W. McGraw 

Guidon Bearer 

















M.S. Brown II 

Company Comander 

A.M.P. Smith 

Executive Officer 

K.B. Cade 

Platooon Lieutenant 

).R. Miller 

Platoon Lieutenant 

D.M. Caruso 

Platoon Lieutenant 

G.A. DeGrote 

First Sergeant 

D.S. Hunter 

Operations Sergeant 

K.W. Quimby 

Supply Sergeant 

C.R. Chappell 

Guidon Bearer 







o ;£ 

O Q 
< < 

• C) 

2 ^ 


O ^ 

UJ "^ 

o ^/^ 

CO Uh 

< Q 


5 > 

< o 

_l z. 

> ^ 

^ > 

r O 




> u 

C .) pi 

o s 

o o 

O w 

a: o 



< o 

H 3: 

LU Uw 

D. O 









W.L. Engleson III 

Compny Commander 

AJ. Mock 

Executive Officer 


Bjp ff^. 

P.T. Patterson 

First Sergeant 

T.E. Delaney 

Operations Sergeant 

C.L. McCarthy 

Supply Sergeant 

J.M. Pauley 

Guidon Bearer 

2 ^ 
ffi o 



















JLU *^ 



























R.L. Mclntire, III 

Company Commander 

J.T. Underwood 

Executive Officer 

S.B. Hagan 

Platoon Lieutenant 

T.J. Emerson Jr. 

Platoon Lieutenant 

S.D. Miller 
Platoon Lieutenant 





_ > 


6 ;S 











>— I 










0-. o 



^ Q i^ 

< < 

\z o 

> o 

> 6 
o .^ 

O uj 

o o 

O w 

X o 






( u 

















I— I 














K.J. Caruso 

Company Commander 

R.D. Ellis 

Executive Officer 

S.L. Heflin 

Platoon Lieutenant 

H.W. Bayer 

Platoon Lieutenant 

H.E. Allen III 

Platoon Lieutenant 

R.L. Gardner 

First Sergeant 

W.T. Southard 

Operations Sergeant 

G.A. Halages 

Supply Sergeant 

I.V. Parente 

Guidon Bearer 





▼I Iff m 

^ HI in 



G.D. Moyers 

Platoon Lieutenant 

G.A. Enterline 

Platoon Lieutenant 

M.C. Boswell Jr. 

Platoon Lieutenant 

K. Leary 

Drum Major 

F.K. Berkhimer 

First Sergeant 

C.S. Welch 

Operations Sergeant 

G.A. Hoffman 

Supply Sergeant 

K.R. Hirlinger 

Guidon Bearer 


S.]. Lane 

Company Commander 

M.A. Ceroli 

Executive Officer 













i— I 






> ^ 



1985 Honor Court 
First Glass Representatives 

Barton G. Williams President 

David E. Stinnette. .Vice-President 

Mathew S. Brown, II 

Kyle H. Goldsmith 

Mathew B. Hamilton 

Stephen L. Heflin 

John ]. Lee, III 

Christopher S. Welch 

Second Class Representatives 

Steven K. Anderson 
Christopher S. Ashworth 
Paul W. Burch 
Thomas J. Fitzpatrick 
Smardie D. Podo 




The Executive and General 
Committees are formed of and by 
the corps They are estabHshed to 
maintain the class system and the 
appearence of the corps in the pub- 
he eye The Committees normally 
consist of the officers of the upper 
three classes however, many cadets 
have had stand-in roles thus 
increasing the participation of the 
corps in student discipline activi- 

1984-85 President 


The Rat Disciplinary Committee is a 
group of eleven First Classmen voted 
by their class to insure that the 
highest standards of etiquette, 
appearence, and discipline are upheld 
by the Rat Mass. The RDC presents 
the biggest obstacle the Rat Mass must 
hurtle on their journey to becoming a 
V.M.I. Class. The Committee forces 
the New Cadet to utilize self- 
discipline, perseverance, and 
motivation in an attempt to overcome 
the hardships of the Rat Line, and re- 
quires that all individuality be cast 
aside to be replaced with the concept 
of unity and the Brother Rat Spirit. 

The RDC is a subcommittee of the 
EC/GC and is under the supervision 
of the President of the RDC and the 
First Class. The Committee relies on 
the support of the First Class 
rendered in the form of volunteers at 
weekly meetings, aid at sweat parties, 
and enforcement of policy in bar- 
racks. In addition, the administration 
plays a role in the functioning of the 
RDC by honoring penalties awarded, 
as well as providing a tactical officer 
to insure proper procedures are fol- 
lowed in all cases of RDC business. 

Brenton D. Harder, 
1985 RDC President 


rhe RDC introduces itself to the Class of 

jteve Madeiras teaches some wayward 
?ats the necessity of learning from the 

Rats prepare for ser\'ing Rat Tours, a new 
innovation in the VMI ratline. 

[eff Hill and Mike Ceroli pass judgement on 
a Rat during an afternoon meeting of the 
RDC, another innovation in the s\'stem. 





The Society of Physics Students is a 
national organization which pro- 
motes educational activities related 
to the physical sciences. Academic 
achievement is rewarded by 
membership in the Physics Honor 
Society, Sigma Pi Sigma. The 
V.M.I. Chapter sponsors speakers, 
picnics, and field trips to further 
interest the corps and community in 

Ross Miller 
1984-85 President 

A.S.C.E. _ 

The Student Chapter of the Ameri- 
can Society of Civil Engineers is 
one of the oldest and largest cadet 
organizations at VMI. Through its 
activities, which include seminars, 
field trips, paper competitions, 
branch meetings, and the concrete 
canoe competition, its members are 
given a better understanding of the 
civil engineering profession in addi- 
tion to employment opportunities. 

Greg Renner 
1984-85 President 



The American Society of 
Mechanical Engineers is a club for 
all Mechanical Engineering majors 
that acquaints its members with the 
personnel of mechanical engineer- 
ing. Club members are exposed to 
job opportunities and responsiblities 
in the Mechanical Engineering 

field. Membership alone can be 
beneficial to one's future. Club 
projects include guest speakers, 
field trips, design projects, and con- 

1984-85 President 



The Pre-Law Societ\' is designed to 
aid those cadets desiring to go to 
law school. The society makes 
several trips each year to a variet\' 
of Virginia law schools and also 
hosts speakers from both the legal 
profession and the law' schools. It 
also assists cadets by providing 
them with information concerning 
law school admissions, LSAT's, and 
the legal profession. 

Joseph Spivey IV 
1984-85 President 



The Cadet Battery consists of those 
cadets interested in Field artillery 
and gunnen,'. Members learn the 
operation and maintenance of the 
105-mm Howitzer as well as the 
duties of a gun crew. The Battery 
performs salutes for visiting digni- 
taries and other Institute functions. 
Most of the members in the Cadet 
Batten,' seem to get a real "bang" 
out of the group's activities. 

Robert Chapman 
1984-85 Batterv Commander 

The Association of the United 
States Army is an organization in 
which cadets seeking commissions 
in the U.S. Army may participate in 
service oriented activities. The 
George C. Marshall Company co- 
sponsors the Marshall Awards Con- 
ference each year and sends cadets 
to the A. U.S. A. National Conven- 
tion in Washington, D.C. Other ac- 
tivities include field trips and guest 
speakers in addition to regular 

Peter Mangerian 
1984-85 President 



The VMI Militaria Society' is a club 
dedicated to the playing of 
wargames. These games range from 
the ancient world to the near future 
and are both factual and hypotheti- 
cal. The club members supply the 
games but others are owned by the 
club. Dues are also collected to pay 
for Wargame magazine subscrip- 

Al Miller 
1984-85 President 

he Sport Parachute Club is a very O T") /'"^ "D nP "D A "D A (~^ T TT THPTj' C^'X T T "D 
ctive organization at the VMI OJl LJiV i x/lIv/lLjll U 1 Jlj Lj Li U IJ 

hey sponsor weekly trips, in the 
ill and spring, to the New River 
alley Sport Parachute Center in 
lublin, Va. This year's membership 
onsists of close to 50 cadets. The 
iub has its own Square Canopy, a 
'pe of "chute", and is hoping to 
urchase two more for jumpers 
'ho plan to achieve a status be- 
ond Student, 

Mike Munson 
1984-85 President 





The Society of Young Economists is 
an organization whose purpose is to 
allow students to participate in eco- 
nomic-related activities. These 
objectives are met through various 
field trips and society lectures 
sponsored throughout the year. This 
year many members of the Society 
of Young Economists participated in 
the renewed investment club and 
thus received applied experience in 
the use of the stock market. 

Thomas Manning 
1984-85 President 


The Newman Club's goal is to in- 
crease Christian fellowship among 
the cadets of VMI. Weekly dinners 
are held Saturday nights. Cadets 
are also encouraged to participate 
in one of the "encounters with 
Christ" retreat weekends sponsored 
by the diocese of Richmond for 
Virginia college men and women. 
These weekends are held at several 
different locations in Virginia. As 
we grow in friendship, our hope is 
to grow in faith. 




The purpose of the Young Demo- 
crats is to enable cadets to have the 
opportunity to become active in the 
various political and social aspects 
of the Democratic Party. The 
society frequently invites speakers 
and participates in local Democratic 
Party functions. The organization 
strives to encourage the registration 
of New Voters and to acquire the 
support of the voters in Democratic 

Jeffrey Golembiewski 
1984-85 Chairman 

he Posit Committee has constantly 
ijived to improve cadet life and 
ip overall image of the V.M.I. It 
j'flluates all aspects of cadet life, 
;hducts studies, and makes recom- 
i^ndations to the Superintendent 

'ough the Commandant. Among 
■ i projects we have worked on are 

i instillation of washers and dry- 
-i, a bicycle storage area, a typing 
"Dm for cadet use, and improving 
1; academic atmosphere. 

1985 President 




The Semper Fidelis Society is a na- 
tional organization formed by 
Marines for those college students 
who are actively pursuing a 
commission in the United States 
Marine Corps. The society provides 
for the Marine contingent of the 
Corps of Cadets, Marine-oriented 
activities, and speakers. The society 
provides the Lexington and Buena 
Vista areas with community', civic, 
and charity projects. Such projects 
include; Toys for Tots, United Way 
Charity Run, and the Lexing- 
ton — Buena Vista Roadrace. The 
100 man contingent is under the di- 
rection and supervision of Captain 
George E. Rector. 

Gerald R. Bessette 
1984-85 President 



The Jefferson Scott-Dodson Squad- 
ron and the accompanying Angel 
Flight from Southern Seminary Ju- ^ 

nior College form the Arnold Air 
Society of the Virginia Military In- ^, 

stitute. As a non-profit organization, ''^'' ' " 
the Amies and Angels assist the lo- 
cal community' in service projects 
such as, the Halloween Party spon- 
sored by the Jaycees for the chil- 
dren of Lexington and surrounding 
areas, the collection of cans for 
needy families for Thanksgiving, 
and taking orphans to home foot- 
ball games. The societ>''s purpose is 
to create long lasting and beneficial 
relationships between future Air 
Force officers and the local civilian 
population. Club events include 
weekend visits to other colleges 
with Arnold Air Societies, parachut- 
ing, and attendance at the Area 
and National Conclaves. 

Michael Lakos 
1984-85 Squadron Commander 





Hffdf 1 


le Promaji Club was founded to 
icilitate the lives of the Minority 
iudents at V.M.I. The club has the 
lajor purpose of maintaining an 
xeptable coexistence with the 
jrps of Cadets and the Lexington 
mmunity. The members are in- 
,'lved with projects throughout the 
;:xington community such as, The 
:)ys Club and Churches, and the 
)mmunications Committee within 
3 V.M.I, community. 

Lamont Toliver 
1984-85 President 



The V.M.I. Glee Club is the 
musical ambassador for the Insti- 
tute. Its members participate in 
concerts to entertain the pubHc. 

The concert schedule includes ex- 
change concerts with girls' schools, 
television appearances, and many 
official Institute activities, such as 
Parent's Weekend and the Armv 
R.O.T.C. Marshall Awards. 

Past highlights have included re- 
cording contracts, singing on the 
steps of the Nation's Capitol, and 
performing in the National Cathe- 

The Glee Club is open for 
membership to the entire corps, 
and numbers approximately 60 ca- 

Kelly Berkhimer 



Fully realizing the importance of 
the Centennial edition, the 1985 
BOMB staff has endeavored to 
completely and accurately chronicle 
the events of the 1984-1985 aca- 
demic year to the best of its abili- 
ties. The 1985 BOMB represents an 
untold number of hours of dedi- 
cated and competent work by the 
members of the 1985 BOMB. Each 
section, from the anniversary pages 
to the index, had to be designed, 
laid-out, and organized by the 
various members of the staff. This 
work, however, would not have 
been possible without the photogra- 
phy staff whose efforts in the dark- 
room and all over the post ensured 
that the year would be fully 
covered. In the meantime, the busi- 
ness staff was hard at work selling 
advertisements and books, as well 
as keeping the BOMB within the 
limits of its' budget. It is only 
through the efforts of the entire 
staff that this book, the 1985 
BOMB, is not only a reality but 
also of the highest-quality' that is 

THE 1985 BOMB 


Perhaps the most fitting introduc- 
tion to this work would be an 
apology. The preparation of the 
BOMB, the pioneer of college 
annuals in the South, has been at- 
tended with many difficulties. We 
present the result of our labors to 
the public with little cause for con- 
gratulation, but with the 
consciousness of knowing that what 
little we have performed is the re- 
sult of individual effort. 

To the Faculty we are indebted 
for — well, much moral advice and 
many good wishes; further than 
this, they have shown no interest 
whatever in the success of our pub- 
lication. And right here we would 
like to offer a suggestion. It is a well 

known fact among educational in- 
stitutions that great good can be ac- 
complished by the cooperation of 
the professors, outside as well as in- 
side the recitation rooms. But with 
two exceptions, none of our Faculty 
have ever condescended to attend 
the literary exercises of our soci- 
eties. Why is this? 

By a generous appropriation from 
the Board of Visitors of the Insti- 
tute, we have been able to publish 
an annual, typographically, at least, 
a success; and now the BOMB is 
here with fuse lit and shell charged, 
prepared to assail the walls of the 
vulnerable, one and all, without 
distinction. And if, after the manner 
of bombs, we are destined to termi- 

nate in a "bust," we console our- 
selves with the reflection that we 
have had for our targets those who 
have laid themselves liable to 
assault, be they whom they may, 
and for our aim, the welfare and 
prosperity of our noble Alma Mat- 

To those who have assisted us in 
our work by subscriptions and ad- 
vertisements, we are deeply grate- 
ful; to those whose foibles have af- 
forded us amusement we are also 
greatly indebted, but to those who 
are inclined to resent the exposure 
of their weaknesses, we most re- 
spectfully refer 


Third Class section editors John Lightner 
and Warren Michelsen prepare another 
page for publication. 



Ken Hirlinger chooses the best picture ti 
use in the Sports section. 




1985 BOMB 


Editor in Chief 
Business Manager 
Managing Editor 

George Headley 

Mike Steen : 

Steve Sinclair i 

Cadet Life 

Mike Collins J 

Alan Cowan 

Greg Cooch i 


Ken Hirlinger ; 


John Douglas 

First Class 

Shawn Oliver 
James Tribble 

Second Class 

)ohn McConnell 

Third Class 

John Lightner 
Warren Michelsen 

Fourth Class 

Greg Gooch :i 
C. Clark 


Dave Brennan 


Matt Daniel 


Eric Butner 

Circulation Manager 

Tom Buckley 


Bill Barber 


Ashley Abernathey 
Trip Bowles 
Mike McDaniel 


Stephen Baird 

Systems Analyst 

Brian A. Burton 

Photography Editor 

Mike Wright 

Darkroom Manager 

Ken Devero 

Photo Liaison 

Sean Poremba 

Head Photographer 

Scott Hillier 


Kevin Barker 
, Lap The Chau 
Brent Hashimoto 
Brent McManis 
Joe Pauley 
Tracy Porter 
James L. Sigmon 
David M. Smith 


VMI is located in the center apex 
of many all-girl schools. Each of 
these regions comprise the funda- 
mental fourth leg of the VMI stool: 
The Academic Concentration. The 
below research team is hard at 
work at Hollins. Only after proper 
training and certification is one 
able to do this fype of field work. It 
is due to the efforts of these organ- 
izations that many weekends have 
worked out better than they would 
ha\'e been otherwise. 


Pat Gill, Advertising Manager, contacts a 
possible advertiser for the next issue of the 

Tim Perez relaxes before writing another 





-I '\im]igi\ 

The VMI CADET strove this year 
to inform the Corps about current 
happenings around post and else- 
where that had an effect at VMI. 
Through its' circulation, THE CA- 
DET was able to reach a wide au- 
dience and relate the events that 
were significant to the Corps. The 
thoughtful and insightful editorials 
made "One of America's Last Inde- 
pendent College Newspapers" 
something to be looked forward to 
every week. 

Randy Ward uses the phone quickly, before 
the TCFC can come in to place another piz- 
za order. 

The CADET staff hard at work Thursday 
night, preparing the paper for printing the 
next day. 



The VMI Theater presented two 
productions this year. The Fall 
production was THE NIGHT 
Spring production was GUYS AND 
DOLLS. Both productions were re- 
ceived well after countless hours of 
work by cadets, the VMI and Lex- 
ington communities. Both plays 
were produced by Joellen Bland, to 
whom much of the success is due. 
The Faculty advisor for the VMI 
Theater is Colonel Mike Harris. 

"Henry worships in the woods." 

The cast of The Night Thoreau Spent in |ail 

'*^^ . .^ 


Organizations/l 79 


The V.M.I. Cheerleaders is a group 
of cadets and girls from Southern 
Seminary Junior College that work 
to inspire the "Spirit" within the 
Corps at football and basketball 
games. They also get the cadets and 
teams "fired-up" at pep-rallies, and 
maintain a cheerful attitude 
throughout the games even in the 
event of defeat. 


Circle K Club 


The V.M.I, Circle K Club is one of 
over 700 clubs nationwide that is a 
college level of the Kiwanis Club. 
The club is a communit\' service 
organization that has been extreme- 
ly active in the V.M.I., Lexington, 
and surrounding communities. The 
club also provides fellowship by in- 
teracting with Circle K Clubs at 
other colleges and universities 
throughout the state, holding many 
social events. 

1984-85 President 

The Cadet Program Board is a com- 
mittee of nine cadets whose 
primary purpose is to "improve the 
social, recreational, and cultural of- 
ferings to the Corps." The CPB 
carries out this function each year 
by presenting a series of top notch 
films, lectures, entertainers, 
dinnershows, and more. The CPB 
also serves as the Corps representa- 
tive on the cadet activities commit- 

Row 1: Brad Chandler. Creg Harris. John 
McClain. Tim Armstrong Row 2: Bo 
Johnson. Kern- Kirk. Jeff Lane. Adam Love- 

adet Program Board 


The VMI Religious Council is the ca- 
det organization with the responsibil- 
it>' of helping cadets expand their reli- 
gious lives. Its purpose is to review 
requests for official recognition of reli- 
gious activities at VMI, and requests 
of recognized religious organizations 
to attend retreats or other events, as 
well as coordinate and promote reli- 
gious activities or functions to be held 
at the Institute. It Is the goal of the 
council to provide information about 
what religious opportunities are avail- 
able to the cadet and to encourage ca- 
det participation. An officer from each 
organized religious organization such 
as the Fellowship of Christian Ath- 
letes, the Canterbury Club, the 
Navigators, the Baptist Student Union, 
the Chapel Choir, and the Newman 
Club is on the council as well as 
members at large. The Council wishes 
to represent cadets of all faiths and 
hopes to enrich the religious 
atmosphere of the institute through its 




The Baptist Student Union is a 
non-denominational group which 
promotes inter-collegate relations 
through Christian Fellowship. From 
car washes and canoe trips to 
fellowship suppers and State Con- 
ventions the B.S.U. is geared to- 
ward having good clean fun while 
reaching out to the Corps. a 

Mike Steen 
1985-85 Chairman 



rhe S-5 Staff is that part of the 
:ommand that is in charge of pub- 
ic relations and recruiting, and 
luring Cadre the S-5 assists a great 
leal in the counseling of New Ca- 
iets. The staff is headed by the 
Regimental S-5, Augustus G. 
jhirley. Aiding him are the S-5 
lieutenants from the three 
Battalions, Mark S. Eubank, Tracy 

W. Burke, and Karl W. Marks. The 
rest of the staff consists of almost 
thirty other cadets from all four 
classes who give regularly sched- 
uled tours to the public as well as 
tours for prospective cadets in the 
Spring. The cadets brief the public 
on the lifestyle of a V.M.I. Cadet 
and the history of V.M.I. 


The Fellowship of Christian 
Atheletes has become, over the last 
few years, one of the focal points 
of Christian fellowship here at the 
Institute. To call the group the 
Fellowship of Christians would be 
more exact, for they are made up 
of varsity athletes, former varsity' 
athletes, men who only play 
intramurals, and even girls from 
the neighboring schools. We do 
share one thing in common and 
that Is to increase in our spiritual 
growth, and our faith in Christ. 
FCA is a place to learn about God. 
praise him, and develop a personal 
relationship with Him. FCA is a 
place to see movies, read the Bible, 
pray, share with others, and most 
of all, find a true Friend. 



Thirty Virginia Military Institute 
first classmen have been named to 
the current edition of "Who's Who 
Among Students in American Uni- 
versities and Colleges." The cadets 
selected for recognition in the na- 
tional publication were chosen by a 
faculty — student committee which 
considered individual academic and 
extracurricular achievement and 
general contributions to VMI. 

The selectees are Stanley I- 
Adamus, Linden, N.J.; Adam C. 
Babcock, Cherry Hill, N.J.; Mathew 
S. Brown II, Richmond, Va.; James 

B. Chartier, Grafton, Ma.; Ching Pu 
Chen, Placentia, Ca.; Matthew F. 
Daniel, Richmond, Va.; Thomas ]. 
Emerson, Jr., Siler City, N.C.; Paul 

C. Gragas, S. Farmingdale, N.Y. 
George W. Headley, New Orleans 
La.; Brent Hearn II, Medford, N.J. 
Stephen L. Heflin, Remington, Va. 
Kevin D. Jenkins, Camp Hill, Pa. 
Norbert B. Jocz, Blacksburg, Va. 
John J. Kaplan, Belleville, N.J.; Ker- 
ry D. Kirk, Elliston, Va.; Michael J. 
Lamore, Virginia Beach, Va.; Peter 
H. Mangerian, Fairport, N.Y.; Dan- 
iel W. Murphy, Cincinnati, Oh.; 
Perry T. Patterson, Spartanburg, 
B.C.; Devin S. Roddenburg, 
Longwood, FL; Thomas J. Roltsch, 
Dumfries, Va.; John E. Rose, 
Claysville, Pa.; William M. Ser- 
geant, Millboro, Va.; John M. 
Shimotsu, Culver City, Ca.; A. Gra- 
ham Shirley II. APO N.Y.; Paul M. 
Shoemaker, Blairstown, N.J.; David 
T. Smith, Colonial Heights, Va.; Da- 
vid E. Stinette, Lynchburg, Va.; Da- 
vid A. Twillie, Little Rock, Ar.; Bar- 
ton G. Williams, New Bern, N.C. 

iCATE ■ HEe:i HVNO^ 0^1 


A^^-^ p, The purpose of the American chemists in the nation speak on i 

( . ^ Chemical Society is to expose the wide variety of chemical topics 

* ' * chemistry program by organizing The ACS also aids its members b\ 

guest speakers, and offering stu- providing information or 

dents an opportunity to attend employment and graduate schools, 
chemistry functions outside V.M.I. 

The various lectures organized by GLENN FRANB 

the ACS give students the chance 1984-85 Presiden 

to listen to some of the foremost 



rhe Civil Engineering Society of 
i/MI is a new organization on Post 
hat seeks to encourage academic 
ind social achievement. Its 25 
nembers are all first and second 
:lassmen. The CES is primarily a 
ervice organization, hoping to help 
]ivil Engineers to do better in their 
tudies and to take a more active 
ole in the extracirricular activities 
offered at VMI. 





Phi Kappa Phi is an honor societ\- 
that recognizes superior scholarship 
in all academic disciplines. Admis- 
sion into Phi Kappa Phi is by 
invitation only and requires both 
distinguished scholarship and good 
character and criteria for 
membership. The VMI Chapter of 
Phi Kappa Phi is a fairly recent ad- 
dition to the number of select col- 
leges and universities nationwide 
that have active chapters. 



The purpose of the Officer of the 
Guard Association is to create and 
maintain an environment conducive 
to the success of the cadets and the 
corps at V.M.I. The OGA is an 
agency of the class system and is 
responsible to the first class 
president. The function of the OGA 
is to facilitate communication, 
harmony, and discipline at V.M.I. 
Only First Class privates are 
members of the OGA. 

1984-85 OGA 


he Institute of Electrical and Elec- 
onic Engineers was founded in 1884 
ith Alexander Graham Bell and 
homes Edison among its charter 
embers. Today the IEEE is the lar- 
;st technical professional engineer- 
g society in the world. This interna- 
onal organization is dedicated to 
elping Electrical Engineers keep 
breast with todays rapid growing 

Steve Motylinski 
1984-85 President 



The Civil War Roundtable is a 
group of cadets who demonstrate 
how the Corps of Cadets lived, 
dressed, and drilled during the 
New Market Period (The Civil 
War). It also represents V.M.I, at 
functions which pertain to the role 
of the Institute in the War Between 
the State. The Civil War 
Roundtable is active in the Battle 
of New Market in which the Corps 
of Cadets participated, in 1864. 

John McConnell 
1984-85 President 



The VMI Tanker Platoon allow! 
interested cadets to get hands-or 
training as a member of an armoi 
platoon. The focal point of thf 
platoon is the Army ROTC detacb 
ment's five M48A5 tanks. Cadet' 
train in all aspects of tank warfan 
to include gunnery, tactics, anc 

Chris Smity 
Platoon Commander 



he VMI Pistol Team had a 
'inning season this year, 
ighlighted by many individual tro- 
hies as well as placing at several 
loets. The team, no longer open 
:rictly to Naval ROTC cadets, 
)oks forward to many winning 
aasons to come. 


VMI is located in the center of a 
region of National Parks. The VMI 
firefighters are available to help 
fight the forest fires that occur of- 
ten in these parks. Only after prop- 
er training and certification, is one 
able to fight fires. It is due to the 
efforts of this organization that many 
fires have not been as bad as they 
could have been. 



The Hop and Floor committee 
worked again this year to make 
VMI's social events successful and 
smooth-running. Besides decorating 
Cocke Hall for ever\' hop, the com- 
mittee contracted the bands and 
sold the tickets in order to ensure 
that the VMI Hop was an event to 
be looked forward to and enjoyed 
by the Corps and their dates alike. 


'MI is fortunate enough to be 
seated within close access to many 
ifferent outdoor recreation areas, 
'he Cadet Recreation Committee 
/orked again this year help cadets 
hjoy outdoor activities. By provid- 
^g everything from tents for over- 
ight camping trips to skis for the 
opes, the CRC makes it possible for 
lany cadets to get away from the 
istitute for a while and relax in the 
eautiful Virginia countryside. 



VMI's stage band, the Commanders 
have played this year at various 
functions at the Institute and else- 
where. The Commanders work has 
brought the "big band" sound to 
Homecoming Weekend and Ring 
Figure 1986, to name a couple of 
the many times in which the Corps 
was able to enjoy their perfor- 



Break-out for the Class of 1988 took 
place on February 15, 1985. For the 
first time, the event took place on a 
Friday instead of the traditional 
Wednesday that has characterized 
breakouts in the past. Congratula- 
tions and best of luck to the Class 
of 1988. 


■' V5 




ifl i'i I'l i^l il il i\ il il Firs. Class ,1| 


Second Class 
Third Class 


James A. Tribble 
Sh awn P. O liver 
Joh n E. McC onnell 
Warren W. Michelsen 
Joh n F. Ligh tner 
Greg C. Gooch 
Chris A. Clark 


The flickering flame at the end of 
the tunnel grows more bright as 
each day begins, ends. This tunnel, 
which has been undeniably long 
and dangerously dim, is a hill steep 
course, a dark run filled with 
pushing and panting, even panick- 
ing as a lonely few drop . . . stam- 
peded, some to recover; some never 

The light is not more than the 
spark of a firefly, yet it's magnified 
as each day conquers darkness' 
dungeon. And more than a spark, it 
rages like a star, a burning sun 
that, for the sake of boldness, peers 
no more in this tunnel. 

No, upon reaching the open-ness, 
that cautious sun, whose filtered 
bright light lures men onward, will 
burst open a bathing sea of 
blinding awareness, glorious. 
Sunglasses are recommended 



James B. Chartier 


John J. Lee 


Matthew F. Daniel 


196/First Class 


First Class/197 








"Grit. I.A.. Smiley. Townie, John" 

Lexington. Va. 
Civil Engineering— Special Student 

P\'i; AS. 4,3; Scholarship 3; Special Student; M.S. 2.1. 
MS, Special Student; Commandants List 4,3.2.1; Dead Trip 
3,2.1; Conduct Prob. 2; No. 1 Club 2: Beers; Ghetto 3.2; 
Sinks 1; ASCE 4.3,2.1; Distribution Editor VMI Cadet 1; EC/GC 
Secretan- 1; East Lex. Ranger 

"inlegrir\- ha: 

ed of rules '■ 
Albert Camus 

Well, its been a long 4 years here at the * I ", Everyone always 
said it would go by fast and Im glad I didn't listen to them. 
There were many good times such as Summer, Spring Break, 
Christmas. Roadtrips. Midnight Beer Runs. Grateful Dead Con- 
certs. Amnesty Parties, etc. There were countless bad times: the 
Founder's Day Massacre, confinement. P.T.'s. coming back for 
cadre first class year to get a few extra days furlough only to 
get a 2 month prison sentence. But I have to say the good times 
outweigh the bad times due to the fact that 1 have made many 
lifelong friends here. Stench. Bone, Nuge. Kurt Buckethead. and 
the rest of you guys; you all know the true meaning of the word 
brother rat unlike some of the yes-men in this place of higher 
education. To my parents: Mom thanks for the meals and Dad 
thanks for tr\'ing to understand and Physics wasn't really that 
bad. 1 know 1 have embarassed you all in the past but thanks 
for being there when I needed advice. To my dyke [im. it'll go 
by fast. Finally to my grandfather, even though you never got 
your VMI diploma, my diploma will be for the both of us. 
Goodbye VML 

"There is a road, no simple highway. 

between the dawn and the dark of nighr. 

and if you go, no one may follow; 

that path is for your steps ,Mone ' 

— Hunter-Garcia 

Dykes 1982: Byron Welsh 
Rats: |im Cnttrell 



Linden, New Jersey 

History. German — Marine Corps 

Rat 4; Cpl 3; Msl. Sgt/Sgt 
3.2,1; CWRT 4.2.1; CBC 
Foreign-born Leprech; 

Pit. Lt. 1; Cadre 3.2; Rat Training 
4; Marine Detachment 2.1; MAC's 
4; Member of "The Family" 2,1 

al. Life 

Life here at the Mother T' was definitely less than 
spent here became congested with heartaches, depressions, 
meeting never-ending, and sometimes unfair deadlines. She de- 
manded a lot. I gave her my all. She liked it. and wanted more. 
For that, 1 will always love my Teacher and Disciplinarian 
whom I affectionately call Mother "I". I cannot begin nor put 
into words the love and gratitude I have for my parents. They 
answered my doubts and despair with help and great unspoken 
confidence and pride. To my blood-brother Phil, what can I say 
or where can 1 begin? For your help and love I can only an- 
swer by offering a simple Thank-You Buddy and unresen'ingly 
give my love, happiness and life at the first signalling. To Todd. 
Kevin. "George", and all the other animals 1 affectionately call 
Brother Rats— Thanks for changing my life for the better. 
Semper Fi. Stash Stan is a very complex person. He is a ball of 
incongruities. The person most people saw was the callous. 
street tough, hard guy from )ersey. As a Cpl and Mst Sgt he 
was outstanding When working with the rats, he was at his 
best. But the few he called friends, knew him better Stan let 
his guard down for some of us. Inside was an intelligent, warm. 
and special individual. For good friends, there wasn't anything 
he wouldn't do. VMI taught Slan to roll with the punches. The 
"I" dealt Slan a bad card occassionally but he always bounced 
back. Now it's time to move on and I know Stan will succeed 
at whatever he does because he always has — he's a fighter? Al- 
ways friends! PAG 

D\kes 1982: Ron "Mac" McGovern 

Rats: Mike "Pilsbury" Clegg, Fred "Ferres" Ferares 


"Mule, Elum. TD. Rooster, Mike" 

Petersburg, Virginia 
Mechanical Engineering — Army 

Hop and Floor Rugby 3; 1985 Ring Design Committee 2; 
Ring Construction Comm. 2; QW-|AM 1: Ski Club 3.1: ASME 
2,1: Mini Baja 1985 2.1: The Number One Club 3 

Well I finally made it! This has been the slowest four years of 
my life; but oddly enough the four most memorable. I will nev- 
er forget all the good times we had in 349. 249 and 149: and I 
look forward to more good times with my friends after 
graduation in Moody |or "The Shed"|. 

My co-dyke and roommate for the past 3 years, cool ass. Big 
Ed, it's been real and it's been nice: but it hasn't been real 
nice! Mike, you know the deal! Tag team roommates first class 
year! I'm sure neither of us will forget that match. "Youngster". 
I'm sorr\' you didn't make it back for last year. We got lucky 
though: the "Monkey" took your spot. 1 don't think we could 
have adopted a better 5 year man for a BR! TD's the three of 
us! We'll never learn! 

There just isn't enough room to summarize four long years of 
VMI, I found it hard to bear VMt and wondered if it was 
worth it as a RAT. but now that it's behind me I'm glad I stuck 
it out- All the confinement as a second: Ring Figure what a 
"blast ". huh fellas? Definitely a blast! Quimby. 
Williams-lohnson. .Wkins. Mitchell-Ihe QVV-|AM-How can 
we ever forget jammin' there jafter the checks|! That was the 
only thing that made VMI bearable. All that fun and snapper al 
the QW-IAM is what kept us going. Mom and Dad. Grandma 
and Grandad, what can I ever say or do to ever thank you 
enough for your support, prayers, advice, money, food boxes, 
credit card calls . . . it's a never ending list The most impor- 
tant was your love. I wouldn't have made it without my two 
best friends— Mom and Dad, I love you both! All I can offer is 
my diploma! I made it! 


Dykes 1982: Curtis "Sugar Legs " So 
Rats: Franklin Todd Robinso 






"Sasquatch. A — H — E!, Harr" 

Zachary. Louisiana 
Electrical Engineering — Navy 

jIEEE 2.1: Tanker Pit 2.1: Scouter Club 2.1 (VPres): Timmons (VPresI: Canturbury Club 3.2.1 (VPres); PVT 4.3.2: Sgt 2: 
'U 1; Old Mens Club 58; F CO 4.3.2: I CO 1; NEW MARKET 

I Ham' was born to the genteel life, with fine Old World 
Manners and an eye for fine food, clothing, and women. In 
■ spite of these drawbacks I find I still like the man. He has 
been able to survive 4 years of nose jokes, height jokes, and 
night crawling. The absurdity of barracks life may have bent 
.him. but it could not break him. and the 4 year academic Rat 
(Line may have left him scarred but whole. I will now end this 
:eulog\- by wishing him a long and happy life. CAS 

Harr.' has been an indispensable friend. His confidence build- 
ing and tutoring helped me in considering responsibilities in the 
Corps and sur\nving a year of physics 207-208. A connoisseur of 
classical music, a loyal Eagle Scout, and a staunch Episcopalian. 
Harr\- has furthered the good name of the Corps through his 
communit\' efforts- Despite obstacles in his preferences for ser- 
vice selection. I am confident that his professionallism and 
enthusiasm will ser\'e him wtII wherever he is in the fleet, 
■Godspeed |MS 

These have been four truly unique years and without my many 
friends and roommates I probably would not have made it. This 
lexperience has probably been good for me but I will be glad 
Iwhen it is over, |ohn and Chris I wish you the best. HEA III 

As my lime with Harr>' closes. I find need 
jof our support at all times. D'Artagnan hac 
jihan this man. DPW 

Dykes 1982: W.B. Walker 
Rats: D.B, Copeland 

better friends 


"Aimless. Amesless" 

Richmond, Virginia 

Electrical Engineering— Army 

Pvl. 4.3,2.1; Baseball 4; Projecls Resident 2.1; Rugby 2.1; IEEE 
2.1; VMI Escort Staff 2.1; Circle K Secretan- 2.1; VMI Dive 
Club 2.1 

All My life I have been climbing the Great Pyramids. I began 
with the easy ones of the elementary and middle schools. Each 
time I reached the apex. m\' elation would only last a short 

vould soon be thrust to the base of the next. High 
a tough one. It had so many ups and downs. 

othing has compared to this one I am on now. .^s I 
near the pinnacle I realize it has been worth it It is certainly 
one I wont forget. I respect, cherish, appreciate and love those 
who never pushed me skyward, but would always be around if 
I slipped too much and started to fall. You know who you are. 
There are those who climbed with me and there are those who 
tried to impede my travels. Well. I would like to say something 
to the latter. Nice trj' fellas, I appreciate people like you also, 
because the world is full of people like you. Thank you family 
and friends. I'm off to climh 

time for I 
school was 
However, t 

r pyr 


1982; Dave "Scotch" Sills 
Rats; Steve "Friar" Tuck 


"Tyke. Waymond" 

Roanoke. Virginia 

Electrical Engineering — Air rorce 

Private Softball 4.3: FCA 3.2.1: Religious Council 1: IEEE 
2.1: Garbagemen 1; SCSC 

First of all. I would like to (hank God for giWng me ihe 
strength and courage to get through VMI. for without him I 
never would have made it. Dad and Mom. without your ]a\e. 
prayers and support life would not have been as meaningful at 
VMI. Words cannot express my love and gratitude for you. Mis- 
ty, keep your nose in the books and out of the bedpans- You 
are all a guy could ask for in a sister. Matt. Pete. Todd. Dave. 
Vic. [eff. Steve. Danks and Hayden— Thanks for being great 
roommates and helping ease the pains and pressures. .Mr. and 
Mrs, Dallon. Debbie and Cindi. thanks for the moral support 
which I truly needed— you will always hold a special place in 
my heart. There are so many others who deserve to be 
recognized, but there aren't enough spaces a\'ailable. To all of 
the members at my church — thanks for your prayers and 
I love vou all. 

"We rejoice in our sufferings. 

knowing that suffering produces 

endurance, and endurance produces 

character, and character produces hope" 

Romans 5:3-4 

i 1982: Chad King 
Rats: Bobbv Clark 


•'^ ml 


iT^ ^^. 

^^ ^ 'i 

^iA -^^ 




■'Stretch. T.I.P." 

Newton, New Jersey 

History — Army 

Private; F Company -; GheMo 4; Fierce Fighling 55 
3.2.1; Inlernalional Relalions Club; VMI Firefighters; Ring Fig- 
ure OD; Sport Parachute Club; Cadet Balter>'; Dean's List 3.1 

".Ml hope abandon, ye who enter here" — sometimes it seems a 
more appropriate inscription for Jackson Arch. Instead you'll 
find Jackson's words, "You may be whatever you resolve to 
be. "Resolution is the key to success at VMI where the tempta- 
tions to quit are great. "Up the hill of science"is right; there is 
no down hill stretch at VMI. But there are friends who encour- 
age hope and support your resolutions. To these friends, espe- 
cially Gar\- and Devin (a.k.a. Klein and Roddenberryl. I shall 
always be indebted. Outside of VMI. I wish to thank my family 
for their support these four years. To the one other person who 
has influenced my cadetship. 1 also give my thanks, though it 
will probably never be understood or appreciated. From the In- 
.slitute will soon graduate the class of 1985— the remainder of 
the 443 matriculants of August 1981. the survivors of a real 
ratline and four years of VMI academics, military, and 
athletics— to these, my brother rats. I wish the best of luck and 
hope they find the happiness we all seek. You only go around 
fince— unless it's parade practice then you go around at least 

"But we . , , shall be re 
We few. we happy few. 
For he to-day that sheds 
Shall be mv brother, be 

! band of brothers; 
s blood with me 

This dav sha 

Dykes 1982: Cliff Roc! 
Rats: Doug Wis 

nlle his 

■ V Act IV Scene III 

leral lo Shelby. CSA 
"The Undefeated" 



Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Electrical Engineering — Army 

Private IEEE 1; Baseball; All Southern Co 
ence 3; 2nd Team All Southern Conference. All Slate 2 

I look back and onK' yesterday it seems some corporal 
shouting in my face, calling me "Goldilocks", That hair c 
last for long, but when I look back, neither did the ratlini 
my tenure at VMI. I'll be glad when it's all over, but I' 
member a lot of special friends and good limes that come 
the VMI experience. Only someone from VMI can truly 
what this "experience" really is. Words cannot describe it 
can tell someone all day long about VMI. but he will 
fully understand it unless he goes through VMI himself, 
glad however that I only have to "experience" it once,. 


Last, but not least. 1 would like to thank my Mother and Father 
for their love and support while at the "I " and throughout m\ 
life. I would also like to thank all my relatives and friends for 
everything they have done for me And with this I close. "Bye- 
Bye VMI", 

Dykes 1982: John Friend 
Rats: Rob Mitchell 



Dover, Delaware 

Economics/Spanish — Air Force 

Illegal Car Club 4.3.2; Cpl, 3; Reg- S-4 Sgl, 2: Isl Ball, S-4 
Dive Club Treasurer; Investment Club 1; RMWC Club 4.3 
Commanders 4.3: Porsche Club 1: Illegal Pel Club 4.3.2 
Bahamas Trip 2: 3rd Lt, Program 2: Sigma Delta Pi 2.1; Calcul 
II 3.2.1 

What does a Texan and a Rhode Islander have in comrao 
You're Air Force, I'm Marine Corps, You hate running. I !o 
it- That's what makes us friends though. We both like the ii 
portent things: Beer, Girls. lets. Adam has a lust for the best 
life lie, Porsche 944) and the know-how to g 
them- -GRB 

Babs is a man with goals and the determina 
fulfilled, I've watched him do it and 1 know h< 
do so. Best of luck -KL 



I'll always remember that night in Freeport when Babs reach 
out and sealed a friendship that will last as long as the Virgir 
hills, where it all began back in August '81, We were alwa 
different, but seem to have a good time anyway, "This is r 
the beginning of an end. but the end of a beginning," My D 
once said that Babs is the kinda' guy you visit at his Louisia 
ranch , , - Hey Babs, see you in Louisiana! — B Hard 

It's easy to write about friends, but tough to briefly describe I 
own VMI experience. It has been regulated, it has been diffi 
ent. but VMI has given me the opportunity to pursue and rea 
my goals. If you mix enough Goshen. 4 wheel drive, road (ri 
and friends into the school part— it works out jusi right in t 
end Thanks, everybody, -ACB 

Dykes 1982: Steve Morgan 

Rats: Dave Sullivan. Chris Goerner 


4(i>#» ■f^V 


"Mr. Happy. CPO Frogman" 
; Westlake. Ohio 

I Civil Engineering — Navy 

I Cade! Assistant 3.2. MGR, 1; Circle K Ciub 3.2. Treas. 1: Glee 
I Club 3.2. VP 1: NROTC Pistol TM 4.3; Drill Team 2; ASCE; Red Cross Blood Mobile 4.3.2; Ring Figure Comm 2; 
; Deans List 4: Religious Council 3; Newman Club 4,3; Cpl 3, Sgt 

2; BatI S-4 1: NROTC 

VMI an ambitious Navy man striving [or i 

I heard it would change me and make me a ma 

an. I was. at first disappointed. VMI did not give mt 

integrity' or the courage to approach my goals — my fathe 

I honoi 
; did. VMI did not leach me 

the strength to change what 

you proved to me that I v 
I critic— myself. 
I Mollie. you woke up a love 

left asleep. You put into the otherwise perfunctory pursuit of 

my goals a human element which has made me a much richer 

sincerity to accept my best or 
t right— my mother did, Glenn, 
apable of forgiving my worst 

ne that I thought God wanted 

had Most of all. 

, So what about VMI' Had I not come Y 

, found the beautiful woman who will so 
fellows who are the best true friends I 
VMI taught me to rely on everyth 

, me. I'm on the threshold of a whole new life, and it scares me 

I to death. Knowing I can learn a little from every person I 
know, though, proves to me that I am never alone. I thank the 
Lord for every person I've come to know here, for they have 
made me into what VMI calls the TOTAL MAN, 

; Gene and Tony. I am far from wise enough to offer advice but 

t shake as many hands as you can and your world will get small 

] enough to handle. 

: Dykes 1982; Alan Ewell 

Rats; Gene Davidson and Tony Davila 



'BaWo I, Sloan, Rackerson, Billybo" 

Kinsale, Virginia 

Electrical Engineering — Navy 

Private; IEEE 3.2.1; Hop i 
Member Club "ll" 3.2.1, 

!.l; OGA 1; Chart 


T". I ha 


It is for these bad tin 
they have helped mt 
Among these. I want 
and |OHN We have 
To Mom and Dad. I 

g a mere existence 
bout myself and this great bunch of guys I call 
:s". Reflecting back, it's easy to remember all the 
digging deeper we find the bare essence of our 
'e can all reminisce about our bad experiences, 
tad times that I'm especially thankful for because 
3 to make bonds that will last a lifetime, 
to particularly thank BOB. DARYLE. WES. 
come a long way. Thanks for the support 
want to say I would have never made it 

without you! Thanks for the encouragement when I needed it 
and the tight reigns when I strayed. Thanks for being there. I 
LOVE YOU BOTH. To |ackie and Emmetl. ray thanks for 
putting up with me and my stuff these past two years. To 
Tammy, words cannot express what I really feel for you. I feel 
lucky to have found someone like you. You've had to put up 
with a lot since we met; confinement, cruise, furloughs, ets. You 
took it all with flying colors, I know we will both cherish our 
memories forever. I LOVE YOU! While I've had fun at VMI. I 
want to lastly thank God that its finally over with. 

Dykes 1982; Dave "Scotch" Sills 
Rats: Bob Hildebrand 


"Baldo II. Bob" 

Hanover. Man'land 

B.S. Biolog\' 

Varsity Lacrosse; Cadet Bowling Team Robert P. 
Carroll Scholarship Pvl. 4,3.2.1: Athletic Trainer 4.3: 

Charter Member Club "11" 3.2.1 

Since as long as I can remember. VMI was where I wanted to 
gel my education. Im not sure that I made the right choice, but 
I do know that I didn't make the wrong one. ft was a hard 
struggle to go from a Rat to a 1st Classman, but the climb has 
been ven. prosperous, f have made friends that I will ne\'er 
forget, but none of them are more cherished than my room- 
mates, Chris. Car\'. and John, who have made my experience 
all worth while. I encountered many hardships here at \'ML 
but my Mom and Dad were always just a phone call away 
when I needed them. They have supported me now for a long 
lime, and I love them dearly for all they have done. My Grand- 
father. Dr. Martin D. Delaney. Class of 1928. was also a great 
inspiration for me to follow in his footsteps by getting a \'?.il 
diploma. If it were not for him. I would not be where I am to- 

I would like to thank all my friends from home, mainh- Julie. 
who have kepi my mailbox free of cobwebs, and were alwa\"s 
there when I needed them most. I just hope that someday I can 
return all the love and kindness to all the people whom have 
given me theirs during my time at WM. I would like to wish 
all of my Brother Rats Good Luck, and may God bless and 

"Ive been searchin' so long to find an answer. 
Now I know my life has meaning." — Chicago 

Dykes 1982: Ron Mecredy 

Rats: Frank Del Barto. Ted Wilkinson 


'fs* jBs ^ 




"Stevie, Shortie, Chief, Bard*" 

Kingwood, Texas and Holmdel. New Jersey 

Mechanical Engineering 

Rins ConslrU( 

VMI is pleasure and pain, happy memaries and nightmares and 
one of the hardest undertakings of my hfe. I thank and give all 
my love to my family. Mom. Dad. Stephanie and my Grandpar- 
ents Barcik and Prilchard Thanks for the letters, food boxes, 
encouragement. Parents Weekend, cash, clothes, gas, car. love, 
and being there when 1 needed you. 

To all my friends Daryl. Paul. Mike. Mule. Kurt. Scott. John. 
Kevin. Hanger, and Tommy, These folks don't ever sleep until 
they're passed out in the street, all the luck in the world and 
may you be free of all who hindered you for their own profit. 
Times with you guys have been and will continue to be the 
best, lust like a nine Mile Skid on a Ten Mile Ride, What 1 
want to know is where does the time go? 

■We're standing on the beach and the sea will 
part before me. fire wheel burning in the air. 
You follow me and we will ride to glory way 
up in the middle of the air. And I'll call out 
thunder and speak the same and my work fills 
the sky with flame. And might and glory 


Bob We 

lohn Barlow 

1 must see the New 
enfiircing the ratlin 

Dykes 1982: Rob Robinson F Ro 
Rats: D, Kirk Wade 

d justice gone and the ratline dead, 
nandant at 0900 tomorrow i 


"SpicoUi. Big Dave, Woodstock. Gar>' Larson" 

Fairfax. Virginia 

Civil Engineering — Marine Corps 

Cadre Cpl 3; Mst. Sgt 2; Reg. Color Sgl 2; 2nd Bn S-1 1; Rugby 
3; Scuba Club 2.1; ASCE 2.1; Ring Design Comm; SCSC 2; Vic- 
tor Bernet Fan Club 3.2,1; USMC Maralhon 1; Dean"s List 3.2; 
Academically Undistinguished 4; Cadet Assistant 4; NROTC 
scholarship 2.1 

When I first arrived at VM! m\ favorite material possession 
was lost on the Barber Shop floor. RDC president Russ Stewart 
put things in the right perspective when he said the key word is 
■SACRIFICE". I have grown to realize that four years of Mili- 
lan,' school life is a small price to pay for the best college de- 
gree available. As a second and third classman my sacrifice 
was in the form of free time. That period of my cadetship can 
be summed up in one quote by Davie Bowie— "I don't want to 
go out I just want to stay in - . . and get things done," 1 
foresee my first class year as another year of hard work but 
considerably more social activity. As for adulation I would like 
to thank my roommates for tolerating my horizontal humor and 
stink foot. 

Dykes 1982: Chris Devens 
Rats: Dave Baker 



Richmond. Virginia 

Civil Engineering— Army 

Pvt. 4.2.1; Cpl 3; Firefighters 2.1; Investors Club 2.1; Rugby 1; 
College Republicans 2.1: ASCE 3,2,1; Sport Parachute Club 1 

They say there are harder schools to get into but not many are 
as hard lo endure. Arriving with few convictions four years ago, 
1 have defined my road much more clearly through the exper- 
iences I have encountered here at VMI. I thank my parents, 
Mike C. Kevin F, Schwitter. |S. and my other roommates and 
friends who have given me these experiences. I can't say thai 
i'm not ready to move on but this has undoubtedly been the 
best way that I could have spent these past few years of iny 

A lot of changes in VMI and the ratline have been implemenl- 
ed during my short stay here, I know that this has been an area 
of traditional controversy, but I sincerely hope that "despile" 
these recent changes VMI will continue to be the most chal- 
lenging militar\' school in the nation and maintain it's respect- 
able standing in societj'. 

Dykes 1982: David Gallalec 
Rats: Peter Heisev 



Isak J^ I 


"H, DA Bull" 

I Norfolk. Virginia 

I English-French — Army 

,oxing 3.2.1; Swimming. Tennis 4; head Airborne Librarian 1; 
•nglish Society. Cadet Staff 4; Cpl 3. Sgt. 2; Lt 1 

|i my parting remarks 1 will not do anything but to give thanks 
\ VMI. Whereas some found it hard to deal with the seemingly 
'nhmited rules and restrictions. I felt I was able to progress 
Like no other place. VMI can give those who 
finite possibihties to do so. I am 
to reaUze that while still here. The personal 
,ch I've accomplished here, though not great, 
s self-confidence and determination to take on 
I world" has to offer. 

nd thr 
;ish to better ihemselvi 
lad I was able to real; 
thievemenis which I'vt 

! givei 

whatever the ' 


[would like to tha 
ike advantage of 
nat special person 
-ay. without vou 1 

ik my parents for giving r 
:verything here, I would a 
who has been through it 
Afouldn't have had the desi 

the cha: 


Iso like to thank 

lykes 1982: Buddy Briesmaster 
Rats: Dan Wheeler 


"Bagel Head, Begs, Jimbo" 

Wilmington, Delaware 

History — Army 

Rat 4; Pvl. 3; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; 1st Bn. Adjutant 1; Rifle Team 2,1: 
Karate Club 2; Young Republicans 1: Ranger Platoon 1 

The years one spends at VMI are beyond expression with mere 
words. It seems so long since we, the Class of '85 walked 
through the matriculation line, but it was only four short years 
ago. There have been many good times and bad; many times 
when we felt like Chef and said. ■— - it! Let's gel some 

First. I would like to thank my family, especially my Mother, 
for all their love and support. I would also like to thank all my 
good friends at the local schools for providing the opportunities 
to get away from the "1". Most of all. i thank my Brother Rats 
for all the help and support they have given me. Even now. we 
remember the one word Russ Stewart told us on our first night 
as rats, that was the only way we could make it through 
VMI— sacrifice. I wish the best of luck to all my B R.s in their 
future careers. 

Dykes 1982: Doug Burch 

Rats: Mike Bryant, joe King 


"Franky, Alfie" 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

History — Navy 

Regimental Band Glee Club 3, Depl. Sec. 2. Pres. 1: S-5 
Tour Guide 3.2: Scuba Club 3: Ski Club 3; Trainer 4.3,2: Cadet 
Asst. 2,1; Color Guard 2: Sport Parachute Club 2,1: Commanders 
1; Layreader 3.2: Pvt. 4.3,2; Isl Sgt. 1; Summer School 4.3: Ral 

Training 1 

1 have spent hours thinking about what I can write that will 
seem sentimental, yet educated. But since I'm not having any 
luck, let me just say I'm happy I chose to come to VMI. Bui 
now I'm even happier to be leaving. 


m. Dad. Lee. Tim. Kirk and Leigh. I cant say thank you 
ugh for what you have all done for me in the last four 
rs. so let me just say I love vou all verv much. 

Virginia, we have the rest of our lives 
looking forward to spending my life with ; 

e and Marty. I led you the first year, but now you're on 
ir own )ust because I've graduated doesn't mean I won't be 
unci if >ou need help. Make the class of '88 the best- 

Dykes 1982: John Car\il and room 150 
Rats: Peter Bernstein. Marh Mav 



t ) 


^ >^ 



"Chickenhawk. Wick, Owlman. Pudley" 

Richmond, Virginia 

B.S. Biology— Army ROTC 

Pvl A.\. Cpl 3: Sgl 2: Distinguished in General Merit: Deans 
List: Hop antJ Floor Committee 4.3,2.1: Cadet Asst. 1: SCSC: 
.■\rmy ROTC Scholarship: Carroll Hall Inhabitant: The 
GarbageMen; Drunken Mountain Fan Club 


about this place, but I 

thanks to your initial advice and Neal's guidance my Rat 
:. I was able to have a pretty successful cadetship. Also. I 
■ roommates Dave. Pete and Todd. We had 
ogether. and I'll always cherish your friend- 
porlantly. I thank my parents for supporting 
You were always there for 
Lvndia thanks for those su- 

vvill never forget 

a lot of great timi 

ships. Now, most 

me through these past four 

me, good times and bad. Oh 

per food boxe; 

You're the best sister-i 
like to thank God for watching 
best of luck to all my brothe 


uld have 
me these 

Dykes 1982: Neal Rogers 

Rats: John Rogan Ancona; Tung Phan 


■'Botto. Bentley" 

Elmira, New York 

History— Army 

Pvt 4.3,2.1: Visiting Scholars Program at CCC: Hollins Weekend 

Looking back on the time I've spent at VMI it is clear that I've 
had my share of setbacks and disappointments. Although it 
hasn't been the greatest time I can remember. I can say that 
I've never met better people than those who are my friends. 
There are so many who have made my stay here happy. I want 
to thank Chris and Mac for keeping me out of trouble, and Ski 
for keeping my sense of humor, ft is easy to pick out a few 
times during the 4 years here which can be looked at as memo- 
rable but t would rather think of the future. Four years is a 
short period in comparison to the many years that remain. I 
hope I get the chance to experience the real Army. I hope m\' 
expectations are going to be met Most of all THANKS MOM 
and DAD. I know I've put you through a lot. I LOVE YOU 


I 1982: Jeff Goodv 
Rats: |im Ring 


"Daigo, Immigrant, WOP, Jarbassett" 
Providence, Rhode Island 
Civil Engineering — USMC 

Na\T/Marine Scholarship; Captain— Isl Bn. XO 1: Col. 
Sgt 2: Cpl. 3: Marine Det. 2; Sempre Fidelis Society Pres. 
.^SCE Boxing Club 4.3: Newman Club 4.3: USMC N 
tional PFT 2: 2nd Class Car Club 

The first lime I remember |err>' was when we came back . 
Cpis in '82. His haircut looked like a jet black skull cap. ar 
was the consistencN' of a golf green. How could this Marii 
Corps motivated bundle of energy fit into our room? Very eas 
ly, that's how. Even with his northern accent and "Guidi 
clothes, lerry was a real roommate. — ACB 

lerry is fun loving and serious. We've done wild things. Wi' 
him in the room things have been at an even keel. A P.T. an 
parly stud, always full of life. — KL 

To commit oneself to 4 years of stoic life at the "I" 'cause 1 
liked the uniform, takes quite a man. GRB came to VMI a lot 
Yankee, but leaves with Ihe grade of a linebacker. H 
symbolizes what Ihe Marines call dependable. He senses whal 
to be done and doesn't slop until it's done. — BDH 

I never saw VMI before I showed up. but soon '82 taught n 
whal it was all about. Leaving VMI I take a lot with me, 
came to VMI as a 17 year old kid because I liked the unifom 
and 1 will leave a United Stales Marine Corps 2nd LI. wi' 
honor, responsibility and an education. For that I thank n 
Mom. Dad. and all my family and I love you all for all tl 
support. I couldn't have done it without you. To Brent. Adai 
Kevin: the move was one of my best moves. It look me a whi 
to find the right room, but I finally did. PS. Hey Steve. (. 
Town here we come. We'll be doing some more road trippii 
Oh yeah. "Your . . . !!" We've had a lot of fun and there 
alot more to come also. PS.- "Dad. don't worry about it." 0.1 

Dykes 1982: Steve Checca 

Rats: John Boniface. Chris Starling 


: r/ ij'^k 


Jond-Dog, lames, oozero. Slic" 
)Ots\'lvania, Virginia 
iglish — Marine Corps 

il; Cpl: Sgt; Pre-Law Society: English Society. VMI Theatre- 
jblicity Director; Marine Corps Marathon: PLC-|R. PLC-SR; 
iemational Relations Club: Cadet staff bilHngs manager; Ap- 
i Blossom Festival, The Young Republicans; The Session: 

|:ame to VMI for an education and a challenge and that's 
actly what I gol- During my Rat year I probabK' could have 
lien an A for my spilshines but as for French, well that's 
other stop.'. Besides an education 1 received something that I 
d never received before and that was true friendship- Evtr 
■ce Ihey threw us together Tracy. Chayan. and I have been 
immates. We have been through so much together we are 
w like brothers- Although I will depart VMI the memories 
Jl always be with me. I will never forget Fred Coons trying to 
ke himself out on the 5th stoop at 2 minute call as Tracy, 
ai. and 1 charged down the stairs to inspection. I'll never for- 

the time JB, leff. and I stayed up all night in the theatre 
dying ihe great poems and poets such as Fra Lippo Lippi, or 
•- night Brent. Perr\-, and I discovered the real Poe by pacing 

Ihe tables of 4-13 SSH. Ill never forget the secret meetings 
THE SESSION where Brent, Perr\-. Kurt, and I all found out 
; importance of an education- Along with these I will never 
get Parent's Wkd. those terrible Hops, the Marathon, the 
ivs. parties. Princeton. Anita, [oellen. Dr. Harris. Dr- Fowlic. 

E and yes even the Susan. Thank you Tracy. Chai. Brent, 
irt. Br\on. Fred, Doug. Craig. Wiidman. [B. Brad. )ack. |immy- 
'g. and Billy-Puppy- Finally I would like to thank those who 
;an more to me than anyone else— my family. Dad. Mom. 
'orge. Geoff. Caroline, thank you for your support and love. 
*hout you VMI would only have been a dream. May God 
fess you and keep you. 

ikes 1982: 1st LT. David Shutt 
its; William Mitchell 



Cleveland. Ohio 

Civil Engineering— Army 

Football 4.3.2,1; Monogram Club 2.1; Deans List 3: Deans Oth- 
er List 4,2.1; Birthday Club Chairman 2.1; Almost #1 Club 3.2.1; 
Rm. 218 Cocktail Club: CRC Canoe Trip 3.2.1; Private; 
Monogram Club Treasurer 1 

God how we laughed— militan,' college, a shaved head-, no 
way- Yet here I am in my First Class year, looking towards 
three years in the Army. It seems such a short time ago that we 
sat on the fourth stoop thinking about ways to get in trouble 
and out of the Army, But the good times have outweighed the 
bad many times over. The friends I have made here will never 
be forgotten; without them it would have been a long four 
years. Thanks Mom and Dad for all your support, and visiting 
so often- My roommates also thank you for all the food you 
sent, Ann— What can I say to someone who has spent more 
time waiting in Lejeune and NEB. wailing for checks and sticks 
to run, than many cadets; patience is a great virtue. 

What else is there to ; 

D>'kes 1982: Mike lesen; 
Rats: Kip Mattis. Ray Si 

, but- 

I laughing- 

"Marc. Bos, Frat Rat. Doc. Ozzie Bozzie" 
Keswick. Virginia 
English — Air Force 

Varsity Basketball Manager 4: Commanders 4,3,2.1: Treasurer 2; 
Screwball 4; Cpl 3; Pvi 2: Lt 1; Dean's List 3,2: Haters of 
Charlie Moir Club Forever Honoran' Member of the Harile>''s 
Midnight runners society 2; Ben Salem Wayside SDCiet>' 2; 

Coming to VMI from the Charlottes\ille area. I wish I had a 
dime for all the times that someone asked me. "Why didn't you 
go to UVa?" Now I think I know the answer. \'\n is the 
perfect environment in which to learn how to take the world's 
"hard knocks" without any real long term suffering. To a frattie 
boy at UVa. life's "hard knocks " are felt when the liquor store 
closes before he can pick up his weekend fifth- If that is real 
woHd hardship, then I am Gloria Steinem. I also observed jusi 
how girls shouldn't act when they're tning to impress \'MI 
men- A doctoral thesis on adolescent courtship could be 
formulated simply by standing in (ackson Arch on the night of 
a pep rally- 

When I entered \'MI I was young and naive, and I leave \'MI 
still young yet more realistic about the world and my place in 
it. For this reason I thank my professors and my brother rats, 
and especially my supportive family- Their influence on me be- 
gan on a hot Aug. day in 1981. and ends on a glorious day in 
May of 1985. Fortunately. ! will always have my famih- to count 
on. yet I feel a sense of loss at the parting I make with my 
professors and my brother rats. Your influence will alwa\-s be 
appreciated, though I may never see many of you again. 

My best wishes go to Ross Miller, who hopes to bag his ilrsi 
Commie on a safari just after graduation. 

" . . and I took the road less traveled bv. and it made all the 

Dykes 1982: Bruce "Repeat" Gitchell 
Rats; Phil "Bumphus" Jones 

\m sf 



"Bill, Bo" 

Tazewell. Virginia 

Electrical Engineering— Army 

Foolball; Track -1.3.2; Monogram Club 2.1; FCA; 
IEEE l; Charier Member 330 Club; UTKE Fralernih-; 110 Club, 

experience Ihal I will never forgel. II has 

= a new perspeclive on lite. My rat \ear had 

wns. bul I somehow managed lo 5Ur\'ive, It 

depend on myself and other people as well. 

sr was the start of the academic ratline that 

low. Mv second class year was much better. 

id getting the Ring reaffirmed my belief that it was almost 

•er. Mom and Dad. I want to thank you for your undying 

ipport and behef in me. and all the care packages and phone 

ills that meant so much. Dad. I hope that one day I will be 

id of man that you are. Todd. LIT. MOT. Bob. Matt. Eric. 

Dave, and Mark. I will always cherish all the good times that 

we have had together. I hope that we will always be close. 

Finally, i thank you. God. for all of my abilities and my 

parents. Greg, hang in there. 

Dykes 1982: Darvl Deke 

Rats: Rov Hill. Mike Lamb 

\'MI has been a 
definitely given n 

taught me how tt 
My third class y< 
has continued 





Southwest Houston, Texas 

B.S. Chemistry — Army 

Hop and Floor; Cadet Asst. 3,2.1; Glee Club 3.2.1; TCFC 
3; Sporl Parachute Club 2.1; Karate Club 3; Regimental Band Bomb staff 1; Cadet P\'t.; Deans List 3.2.1; VMI 
Firefighters 2.1 

When I took back on my cadetship. I end up wondering how i 
got here in the first place. It is a strange tale that cannot be 
told in such short space, but the only conclusion I can reach is 
that fate or God brought me here If he played an important 
part in my staying here. I cannot say. 

I made my way through many difficult situations, especially 
those in my third class year, but I could not have done it on 
my own- The VMI community^ was always as quick to help out 
as was my family. I owe those people a great deal more than 
gratitude- If not for Arthur Ginsburg '35. I would not have even 
had the chance to t^^■ VMI. If not for my father. I would not 
have had the patience to endure my first six months here. 
Chaplain Caudill and Doc. Monsour both played key roles in 
my life as a cadet. Maj. Troppoli. with persistent help from the 
beginning, made it possible for me to complete my education. 

At home, the support from my Aunt and Uncle was over- 
whelming. They were always there whenever I needed some- 
thing, and always ready to listen even though they may not 
have understood. A special thanks goes to Kandy and Scott who 
were much more help than I think the\' realize. 

In conclusion. I would like to i 
cate my cadetship to my fathei 
to see me graduate. 

Dykes 1982: Murray Hudson 
Rats: Rob Gowan 

ning space to dedi- 
low I long for him 



Martinsville. Virginia 

Civil Engineering — Air Force 

ASCE 3.2.1; Ring Figure 85 Rock Painting Comm, 2: Pvt. 4.3 
.■\SCE Conoe 2 

\s I look back on the last four years of my life. I still 
vhy I came lo \'MI. The lifestjle at VMI has been tough 


ver\' different. It hi 
prepare me for a ne 
ver\- demanding of i 
that have helped me 
at VMI, My Mom a 
has kept me going s< 
home. Thanks for e 

s taught me discipline and has helped t< 
•v and challenging lifestsle. one that will b. 
ne. Aha as I look back I see all the peopl. 
to keep going through these last four year 
nd Dad who's continuous love and suppor 
) many times when I wanted to quit and g< 
versthing Mom and Dad. I love you boti 
very much. My roommates Scott and Lloyd, thanks fo 
everv'thing especially Structures! I'll miss both of you and 
hope our paths cross many times after Graduation. I also hop* 
our Dykes form such a friendship like the one we have enioyei 
over our four years, one like ours last until we are dead am 
gone. Take care of yourselves I will miss you both! And o 
course to all mv Brother Rats. Thanks and Godo Luck to all o 

Dykes 1982: | |. Nav 

Rats: Hugh "Fly" McGloin. Ruel "Roo. Go 



jiW^ ^WBi 




Tanker Plai 


"Earl, Duke" 

Harrisonburg, Virginia 

History — Army 

oon; Ring Figure Presenlation Commitlee; Airborne 

It is ver\' hard to write about i years of your life in a space as 
limited as this. These past four hold a lot of memories. Things 
like corps trips to West Point. The Citadel, and Virginia Tech. 
Although there were times when I was lonely, I was never 
alone. My Mother and Father were always there when I need- 
ed them. For that I thank them deeply. I also want to thank 
Uncle Al for all of his encouragement when things were not 
going quite right. 1 want to thank Mr. and Mrs. Smith for all 
that they have done for me and all other cadets who have 
spent time at their house. To |im, Marvin, and Steve, What can 
I say? You are the greatest ever. Good luck. When life gets you 
three down al any lime, just think of Earl and smile. 


1982: Gregor>' G. Stump 
Rats; Daniel P. Salyan 


"Garbageman, Matt. Chew. Brownie" 
Richmond, Virginia 
Biology — Air Force 

Baptist Student Union; Va BSU State Council, President 
1; FCA; Religious Council 3.2.1. President 1; Honor Court 
2.1; Cdt. Asst. Sports Info 3; Varsity Basketball 4; Int. Basketball 
Champ Garbagemen 2.1; S-5 3; ROTC Award 3; Cpl. 3; Sgt 2; F 
Co. Comm, 1 

God sent His Son. They called him Jesus. 
He came to love, heal and forgive; 
He lived and died to buy my pardon. 
And life is worth the living just because 
He Lives; 

Because He lives. I can face tomorrow. 
Because He lives. All fear is gone. 
Because I know He holds the future. 
And life is worth the living 
just because He lives! 

As I look back over the last 4 years. I am reminded of all those 
who have helped me along the way. First and foremost. I want 
to thank Almight>' Gad for His love and mercy in guiding me 
through the VMI experience. I also thank God for m\' Grandfa- 
ther, who introduced me to the love of Christ by his lifest>'le. 
Pete. Steve H. Jeff R. Zane. Mark, thanks for the laughs! To 
Woody and Shirley, the Pett\'"s Vesta. Lackeys, folks of Iron 
Gale, Manley. and Glasgo Baptist Churches and Ben Salem. I 
owe a super thank you for making Lexington life a lot more 
bearable. To Terri, Carolyn. Karen P, Beth. Caroline. Karen B. 
and Dana whose letters were the highlight of my cadetship, 
thanks and I love you all! A special thanks to the crew of 172. 
]C. Snoopy, and Tyke for putting up with my ways, Ch'kes. keep 
up the good work! Finally. 1 want to say thank you to two won- 
derful people who I love more than all the world, whose lo\e 
and support I cherish, whose guidance has never let me down 
nor lead me astray; 

Mom and Dad. 1 Love Vo 

Dykes 1982: Dickie lustice 

Rats: Don Calder. Greg Gooch 


■■Billy. Bily Bo. Stank, S.B."" 

Mechanicsville, Virginia 
Civil Engineering — Air Force 

A.F. Vice Commandant Award: fames R. Breckinridge '67 Me- 
morial Baseball Scholarship: AFROTC Scholarship: Dean's Lisi: 
Varsity- Baseball; BSU: ASCE 3.2.1: .-^-F. Small Arms 
Marksmanship Award: Monogram Club. 

My past 4 years at VMI have been filled with many memorable 
experiences. There was straining, push-ups. rifle nms. break 
out. Goshen, baseball trips. Ring Figure, and finally Graduation. 
The "I" has opened many doors for my future and I am sure it 
has prepared me to meet the challenges that await. BarT\' and 
Lloyd. I wish you both much success and happiness. I know 
\ou will go far Coach White and Coach Maini, thanks for be- 
ing there to guide me in baseball, but more importanth- for 
\'our guidance and understanding through \'MI. I wish the team 
the best. To Anita and family, thank you for being the good 
people you are- Vour support and encouragement has helped 
me more than you will ever know. You will always be special 
to me. Finally, to Mama and family, your love and support has 
helped me reach this point in my life Igraduation). For this I 


.ith all of 


I for. 

yihing. I love 

I all. 








Ithaca, New York 

History— Army' 

First of all I would like to thank my father, sister, and Aunt 
Man, for the selfless love and help they have provided over the 
years- Mere thank yous can not suffice for all the generous 
support they have given. To my Aunt Esther: The support you 
and Uncle Paul have provided was more than financial, you 
have given me a fabulous opporlunit\- and I shall not waste it. 
And finally, mother, though I knew you but a short time: your 
love and kindness instilled in me certain moral and ethical val- 
ues that I cherish and deem necessary to become an effective 
and responsible citizen. Many thanks to my relatives and room- 
mates Donald. Ken and Glenn for mak 
Stewart: Thank you for being a friend, you 
to make it through. Even though you m 
please persevere— for you shall reap great 

VMf bearable. 
je what it takes 

.\'ards from 


|ohn W. Burge: 

Dykes 1982: Michael P. Lenno 
RATS: Stewart E. King 


"Trash-Dog, Snake, Tray Puppy, Tausa. Mr. 


Abingdon, Virginia/Boothwyn. Pennsylvania 

Civil Engineering— Marine Corps 

Cadre Cpl 3; Sgt/Regt. S-5 Sgt 2. Batl. S-5 Lt; Rat Training 3. 
Shamrock Marathon: ASCE; Cadet Asst. 2.1; Drill Tm 2: TD 
Club; Marine Detachment/Semper Fi Soc. 


there als( 
k for anv . 


e. And there are n 
recognition, and 


1 lo 

Mom and Dad. Mom, you 
-. Dad. I'll never forget the 
e about my problems and 

averaged a letter/week during rat\'ear. 

time I made excuses over the phone 

you told me that I could always come home and d 

construction for ten dollars a week. Well that pissed me o 

pretf>' bad |do you notice that I haven't said this to your face 

but it made me stick it out. You deserve the Degree as much t 

I do. As for my roommates 

many. Greg. Chayan, and I w 

as rats. Somehow we mana^ 

arguments (which sometimes t 

on to become roommates for 

And how about Shoe. Polish, 

the Px could rei 

refer to ourselv 

and friends. I 

re thrown into a room together 
d to survive through our silly 
ded up as fist fights) and went 
lur entire stay here at the "I". 
nd Lace (the only way [essie in 
Paul, Scottie, and myself). We liked to 
e "trashdogs" anyway! Tommy, thanks 

for waking me up for all those long runs in preparation for the 
marathon. And I mustn't forget SSSnake who actually became 
the first of the dogs when 1 called him a Coondog during a 
practical joke. Remember Fred (I mean jack Flack). To Brian 
and Liz I wish the best of ever\'thing (buddies), leffie and l.D. 
, Puppie. maybe we should have studied a little more instead of 
inventing the "Galsuks"'. but we had fun anyway. To Laurie. I 
give my love and my hardships (remember the 3 months 
confinement, not to mention other things). Well, as Col. Jamison 
would say. "It's been real, and it's been fun. but it hasn't been 
real fun." Good luck to my Dykes, you have chosen one hell of 
a,.. (You'll call this place many things, but always end on a 
good note). 

Dykes 1982: Bill Vickers 

Rats; Eric Batiste. Dan Shrimpton 


"Hal; Whiz-KId; Cycle: Rack-Man" 
Fredericksburg, Virginia 
Economics — Marine Corps 

Liz Appreciation Comm.; Homeward Bound Society; Ban"- 
Staff: Cpl; Sgt; 1st Sgt. Pvt. S-5 Lt,; Marine Detachment/Semp. 
Fi Societ>'; Academically undistinguished; Cadet As: 
Computing; Rat Training Cadre; Cadre; 

Dad and Mom I 
able to repay all 

J ha\ 

J both s 

very much— I will ne 
:. Thank you 1 love yo 

1 would like to thank all those who have helped and support* 
me. my family. Liz. my Brother Rats, and my friends at hoir 
and at the "I". Since coming to VMI in August of '81. I ha\ 
learned a great deal about life, and about myself. I came here 
boy; 1 will leave a man. Bill, your experiences have just begu 

"Three things come not back: the arrow that is flow 
the spoken word— and lost opportunities." 


■■Life ha: 


■ the protected i 

■ kno 

Khe Sanh ' 

We've spent three years together and sometimes we didn't g 
along, but our success is the result of our competitit 
each other. We know each other inside out and have share 
both good and bad times. Who knows where our c 
take us. but one thing is certain. We will always be brolhi 
rats, the ring bonds us together forever. I'm confident that I 
matter where you go you will be successful. Semper Fi— SJN 

Dykes 1982: G,W, Grey 
Rats: G.W. Reagan 


r* J, 

f ^ « f 







"Danks. Doc. Dick, Henr>-. Stick" 

AltaVista. Virginia 

Civil Engineering— Army 

If 4,3.2 Capl. 1; ASCE Seminar Co-Chairman 1; 
nogram Club 3.2 Pres. 1 

Iways knew I would come to VMI, One normally doesn't 
e much choice when his father and two brothers are gradu- 
. But for some reason I thought it would be more fun. Con- 
ment. Pi's, and Academic Probation aren't exactly fun. I do 
k this place has taught me a lot and I have gained from this 

'ant to thank my parents. You have given me great support 
)ugh these four years. Dad can you believe I am almost fin- 
vlom I know you will be relieved. To )eb. Doug, and 
phanie. thanks for being there when I needed someone to 
with and for the great advice you always seemed to give 

we made some great friends here and I hope we all keep in 
;h in our future. I have been thinking of how I will remem- 
all of you and tis is what I came up with; Spencer, are you 
f? Ken. turn down the volume, Tom. wake up! Chuck, 
It's up Doc. Mark, you are still a Willie, 

s drink a beer. Ashley and loe. we missed you this 
r^Keep in touch. Thanks to all the guys who made this 
lerience bearable. Good luck to you all. 

ces 1982: Mitch Heishman 
Rats: Tom O'Buckley 


"Moto. Doc. Henn,'. Dick. Banana" 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Electrical Engineering — Army 

Pv'l. 4.3; Sgl. Z: Lt. 1. Cheerleader 3.2; IEEE 2. Treasurer 1; 
Bloodmobile Comm. 1; Cadet Assl. 2; Army scholarship; 
Dean's List; Roanoke Vacation Sweepstakes Winner. 

I never thought VMI could be so much fun. In that first year 
they called me "rat" (and everything else). I just knew it was a 
great game and I was going to play to win. Through most of my 
cadelship I measured success as not being on confinement and 
making good grades— I guess I was batting .500. Later on I real- 
ized that there was more to gain and that friends and memories 
would be my prize. Id like to think I did it on my own. but the 
support from my families and my love for Michele was what I 
needed to get me over the tough times. I especially want to 
thank you Dad, for setting the standards and all the advice— it 
was worth it. 

Dykes 1982; Keith Bohon 

Rats; Matt McGee. Steve Champion 



"Doc, Chubba Bubba. Dewage " 

Civil Engineering — Special Student 

ite 4.3,2.1; Diving Team 4; Ghetto 3.2 

Sometimes I just lake a step back and look at this place with 
humble disbeliel. The things thai go on here are jus) that unbe- 
lievable. The most difficult thing for me to comprehend is that ! 
actually did this VMI thing. The "Band" told me I was crazy. 
Maybe so. Before I entered the confines at VMI I made a 
promise to myself that the only way I would leave would be 
with a diploma in my hand. I believe that promise kept me go- 
ing, it surely wasn't the good time I had. \'MI is like that para- 
graph on any particular page that you keep reading o\-er and 
over but never truly understand. Now. I gladly turn the page. 

People are moving so quickly. 

Humor's in need of repair. 

Same occupation and same obligation 

They've really got nothing to share. 

Like driving around with no spare. 

The river grows deeper not shallow. 

The further you move down the stream. 

Wondering if I can keep it 

As I race to catch up with my dreams. 

How they shine and glitter and gleam. — I.B. 

To my roommates, jakester. Woo, and Timmy-Tim's. thanks for 
always being there when I needed you. I love you. Mom. Dad I 
know it was hard for you also. I can thank you for the rest of 
my life and that still doesn't seem enough, I love you so much. 
Debbie and Dana. I did it! I hope you make the right decision 
Chris. Lisa, vou know, 


Dykes 1982: Perr\' Knight 
Rats: Frank Musarra 




\ »i- 




"Mugsy. Squatty" 

Richmond. Virginia 

Civil Engineering — Army 

Private 4.3.2; ASCE 4,3.2.1; VVreslling Monogram Club 
2.1: BRF Deans Olher LisI 

Well ils hard lo believe thai its coming to an end Tlie past 
four years have gone by vei^' fast, and I thank God for thai My 
slay could not have been possible if it wasn't for my 
roommates— Art. .Ashley, and Mike, for they made this place 
bearable. Art. calm down before you have a heart-attack, Ash- 
ley, you'll always deserve a good cussin'. There were many oth- 
ers: Doc. Chuck. George. Matt. Neb. Meade, and so on. that 
made the "I" worthwhile. 

My rat year I thought I would like this place, but as the years 
progressed I came to dislike it more and more. Now that I look 
back on this place. I can see that it was worthwhile, and the 
lessons learned will be used vviselv 

Mom. Dad. Brenda. and |udy. I Ihank you for 
understanding, for without you all I could not 

Dykes 1982: Rich Reisch 

Rats: Cloyd Tavenner. Frank deVenoge 

upporl and 


"Sanka. Bulldog. Squidly, Carterage" 
Fairfax, Virginia 
English — Navy 

Lacrosse 2.1: jMU roadtripper 4.3,2.1: Cadet Assistant 2.1; Cpl. 
3: Sgt. 2: Lt. 1; Monogram Club 

Hey. like |im Morrison once said, -keep your eyes on the road 
and your hands upon the wheel", and gel on down the road It 
has finally come lo an end. It wouldn't have been possible 
without the support and help of my parents, brothers and 
sisters, and Doc. Thanks so much to all of you, Lowenski. 
Cheese, and Piason. you guys have been the best roommates I 
could have asked for. Only one other thing has allowed me lo 
keep my sanity, although many would debate that I lost it. and 
that was the numerous roadtrips to |MU. It was great. Dyke 
and Dyke, lake it light and be merry, three more years |Ha. ha|. 
Let's do it! 

Open up Limits Gates, becau 
mirror shot will be great. 

I'm heading ( 

, Tha 

; 1982: Thomas |, Madigan 
Rats: Tim Alger. Andy Andn 



"Francis. Psyco, WOP" 

Tabb, Virginia 

English— United States Air Force 

Pvt 4.3.2: Lt 1; Connie Fan Club 3.2.1: Ring Design Comm; Dr. 
King Run For It Til You Drop Dead Club 

Well here it is. time to look into the noMo-distant future and 
see Buffalo terrorizing Yongu and Noodle. Ken and Glenn, you 
know I won't let it get loo rough. If any of this makes sense in 
ten years. I'll know I've succeeded. When I was down it was 
you two who helped me through it. Oh. well. I'll get you back. 
Outside of my family and Connie. I owe you the most ... no. 
I owe a fortune to the bank. I know I should be thanking the 
royal family, but they never did anything for me. Finally, on 3 
serious note, I'd like to say "I love you" to my family. Connie 
and my BR's (what a bunch guys|. 

Dykes 1982 Paul Anthony D'Antonio 
Rats: |ohn Joseph Keppeler 






*W¥- ^^^ 





Tabb, Virginia 

Math — Air Force 

Dean's List 4.2: VMI Theatre 4.3; Band 4.3.2: Cadet Asst 1; Ral 
4; Col. 3: Sgt. 2; Cpt. 11 

The first thing we remember about Kirby was that his ears 
stuck out "a bit too much". We said to ourselves, "selves, since 
when does Dumbo tr>' to tuck his trunk into his neck!?" We had 
a lot of fun times rooming with Doorknob. We will always re- 
member the late-night raids and water fights with 329- Our con- 
stant sarcastic remarks toward each other seemed to make the 
days pass quicker. We'll especially remember teaching Kirby 
how to play racquetbll and how well he accelerated from those 
stoplights. Third class year seemed to fly by and before we 
knew it, it was Ring Figure. Ring Finger was filled with laugh- 
ter (sometimes directed at Kirby and his quasistupor] After 
Ring Figure we looked forward to our first class year with an- 
ticipation, Kirby would be India Co, Commander and would 
have to show the rest of the corps that he was a "true leader ', 
We, his roommates, knew he would do well jeven if he did 
whine once in a while). We're supposed to be mature now 

e more like the Little 
:hool and fly straight 

more than Rat year, but it seems that we' 
Rascals. We wish Kirby the bet at flight ; 
damn it! You have those hands with nervt 

Dave, Kirby says thanks for being there. 

To learn the perfect model of the good, the use of which i 
all just things and other such become useful and helpful 

Dykes 1982: Bryan P, Glynn 
Rats: lohn A, LaRue 


"Chickarelly. Celery, Herr Cheroli, Wop Itie" 
Mcdonald, Ohio 
History — Army 

Pvl 4: Cpl 3: Sgl 2; Bd Co XO 1; Band; Rat Training 3,2 
Theatre 3.2; Boxing 2.1 AUSA; Rm 300 jungle Division 
A.G Shirley Fan Club; Sinks 1; Rat Disciplinary committee 
Airborne 3.2.1 

Dear Penthouse. I always thought your Forum articles were the 
product of an overactive and undersexed imagination, until last 
Saturday. The lights were dim. the music soft. It was an 
atmosphere made for passion. She entered the room and motion 
stopped. The light caressed each luscious curve of her body. 
She walked as if on air. I watched as she sat next to me. "Hi 
ya big boy. Do ya want to — oops wrong letter. First off I'd like 
to say to my bestest buddies— Thanks for being just that. All 
you guys, Graham 'Party Animal' Shirley, Glen 'Mother' 
Hoffman, and Kenny 'Dingdong' Hirlinger. I'm serious I know a 
guy who got busted for spitting on a rat. Also I'd like to thank 
my family for all their support. Mom. Gram. Uncle Sonny. Dol- 
ly and Randy, Ed and Judy Thank You for the love and 
perserverence. By the way. LIncle Sonny I'm still studying my 
Geography. For those who have gone before us. we shall never 
forget who they were or what they have done. 

De Oppresso Liber 


i 1982; Dan Butler 
Rats: Mike Beye 


"Mick, Palmtree, Mickey-Bear, Pineapple 

Kaneohe. Hawaii 

Mechanical Engineering— Army 

Deans Other List. 1-4: Boxing 3.4; Rugb\' 2: ASME. 2.3.4; Dmng 
C:iub 3.4; SCSC 3; FCSC 4: TCFC 2.3: Boxing Club Treasurer 4: 
1984 leOff Southeastern Coliegiate Boxing Champion; SS 1^3.4 

Anyone who's ever attended VMI has been asked at least once 
"Why'd you come here?" I certainly hear it put to me many a 
time, especially when its revealed that I reside in a wanner 
climate {bikinis and all that junk|. The more "appropo" question 
would be "why do you stay here?" 1 think that is the more in- 
teresting question of the two because a cadet will ask himself 
this many times before he has completed the long walk across 
the parade ground |deck. bulkhead. whatever|. to Moody HalL 
PT's, confinement, sweat parties, the RDC. EC. GC |AC/E>C|. 
AC— Probe, Conduct Probe, (the finger probe}, summer school 
and for me the many miles that separate me from family and 
friends, they keep me and other cadets asking the question 
"Whv-Oh God-whv?!' 

It do 


take long to find the ans\' 

er\'day. In taking that walk to make it to 
,' step to tr\' to return some of the love that 
and last but not least the "tutus" have given 
In this attempt to return the love I take the 

of kindi 

Moody. I lake e 
Mom. Dad. Lian 
me all these yea 
attitude of "no 
unnoticed". Well. "Mahaio 
Martha and Johnny. Way 
opened up their homes to 
Woo who opened up thei 
who managed to open yoi 
BV) , 

less no matter how small will go 
when that walk got too long it was 
: and Linda, and the Scotts who 
e- It was Bart. .^ndy. ]]. and woo- 
ears. and of comse Tammy— you. 
heart to me |even if you are from 
id of course the unique friendships that not even time 
can compete with here. So Charlie Sanger you're remembered 
and Tern.- you're forewarned. So. hey BR's I got my board, the 
surfs up. and the beer is cold so "forward— BOOGIE." 

D>kes 1982: Charles S. Sanger 

Rats: Tern- "Ker" Plunk (Drag-Queen) 


^ '^ ^ \y 



"Nipplehead. Pinhead, Bob" 

Littleton. Colorado (Annandale, Virginia] 

Electrical Engineering — Navy 

Pvl. J.3.2.1: Cadel Ballen' - Firefighters 2.1; IEEE , 
NROTC Academic Board 3.2.1: Whafs Going on Here Anyv 

Wi-II. vvhal do you Ivnow? My four years of incarceration are 
most over. Actually, it was not really that eas>'. It was on t 
hoi day of August 17. 1981 that 1 realized Ihat this place \ 
not all fun and games. V'MI has challenged me ever\' yea 
have been here. The Ratline tested me physically and menta 
while my last three years 1 have struggled with academics. I 
mil that I have not always met the challenge, but I never t 
myself to give up 

1 thank my parents, yrandparen 

s. and the rest of the family for 

encouraging and supporting me 

everv step of the way. I have to 

thank my Brothnr Rats, without 

vhose help and support I never 

cnuld have made it. Yes. there 

vere good times and bad limes. 

But. 1 will remember the humc 

rous ones the most. Thanks to 

the Rod. Stretch. Tern'. Baglehe 

ad. Mac. Screwball. |ocko. and 

many others who have made thi 

s place a lot easier to tolerate. 

To my dyke and this year's Rat mass, never give up. Work to- 
gether for the common good. The system has become easier in 
some aspects and more difficult in others Good Luck! 

Dykes 1982: George Seiferlh 
Rats: Brian Egloff 


"Charlie. Chuck" 
Galax, Virginia 
History— Army 

Pvt. 1.3.4: Civilian 2: F Co. Guidon 1: Bomb Staff 4: Firefighte 
4: Tanker Platoon 4: Paranoid 4.2.1: 

Our life here has been somewhat less than ideal. 

Dykes 1982: |oe McConnell 
Rats: Scott Hurst 


"Road Hawg" 

Grafton. Ma. 

English — Marine Corps 



jn Moose 1.2.3: Posit Comm. 1.2,3.4: Timmon's Music 
.3,4; Parachute Club 2; Orienteering Club 2,3; Sounding 
2.3: Hog Cup Originator. President. Class of "85 

As President of the class. I've had a few headaches, but the 
honor of representing such a diversified, colorful, humorous 
band of merr\' men soothes any pains I've encountered. In 
some respects, bitterness creeps in when I think of those who 
have judged and treated me wrong. Thank God they are few. 
Unfortunately. I've yet to reach a stage of all encompassing for- 
giveness. Overall, the class has provided me with an education 
that books and professors could never provide. The class 
inadvertently highlighted both my weak and strong traits and 
four years of blushing has about done me in. So. yes. I owe ev- 
eryone thanks, even the clowns that irk me. Thanks, my 
warmest regards go to Wayne and Linda Smith who brought me 
into their southern fold and gave me unlimited beer and car 
privileges my entire four years. My indeblness is unlimited. My 
one regret is that i didn't treat those girls who trusted me as 
well as 1 treated my BRs. Sorry, but enough. I feel really cheap 
repaying folks with words, my parents would understand. 

Dvkes 1982; Kevin Wilke 

, Mel Nowlir 






"Break Down, Chen" 

Kaohsiung Taiwan Republic of China 

Electrical Engineering & Mathematics — Marine 


Cpl 3: Sgl 2; 1st Bn S-3: Deans List Dist, in Gen Merit; Sky Diving 3.2; Treasurer ETA Kappa Nu 2.1; Sigma Phi 
Sigma 2.1; SPS 2.1; Phi Kappa Phi 2; V.P. 1; IEEE 3.2.1; Posit 
Comm. 3.2.1; Pres; B.A. and ST. Pendleton Scholarship: Francis 
H. Smith Award 

When I first matriculated at VMl. I was rather disappointed 
with my surroundings. All the sweating, yelling and straining 
didnt help to alleviate my gloom. But slowly I felt that I was 
being molded into a better man. Whoever said "Pain builds 
character" was right! Looking back at the sweat parties, lonely 
Saturday nights and empty mail box. I know I've grown a lot 
from my misfortune. But on the other hand. Break Out. Ring 
Figure, and everlasting friendship and a lot more have also 
made me grow to be a VMI man, VMI has given me many 
things I couldn't have gotten from any other place, I would like 
to express my gratitude to the "I." BR's. teachers and especially 
Mom and Dad, Without their support and encouragement. I 
couldn't wear the Ring. Best wishes to you all and '85, 

Dykes 1982: Frederick C Mock 
Rals: Wan Chi-Hsiang 



"BP. BC, Cole, Tinker Bell" 
Richmond, Virginia 
Biology — Army 

Glee Club 4; BSLl 4: Navigators 3,2,1: Navigator President 1; 
Tanker Platoon 3: Ranger Platoon 3,2; Cadre Cpl 3; Pvt. 2,1: 
Religious Council Rep, 1; SCSC 

August 17. 1981. I shook my Dad's hand and began my VMI 
experience and what an experience it was. I've had many dif- 
ferent attitudes about VMI, I've hated it. loved it. laughed at it 
and believed in it; all in all. I'm glad I went through it. Had it 
not been for |esus Christ and His Holy Word I would have quit 
a long time ago, I thank God for the strength to endure and for 
my family and their support — Mom. Dad. Andy. Nancy. 
Cindy— I love you all I thank God for all the experiences and 
friends; Kurt, what can I say. there were times I wanted to slap 
the daylights out of >'ou. but I love you and would do anything 
for you. You've been my best friend and helped make the 
hellish times bearable. Pete. Greg. Brad. Tom. Mike and all my 
other brother rats— you guys were the reasons I stayed (like it 
or not), maybe we'll meet again, |im Lett— I learned a lot about 
God that I could not have learned on my own. thanks. I firmly 
believe that all things work together for good to those that love 
God. (Romans 8:28| Charlie. Dave; you guys stick it out. God 
has a purpose. 

To VMI— hasta luego. To m\' brothe 
conquer — BPC 

rats— Arise, go forth 


"Its not the size of the dog in the fighL 
It's the size of the fight in the dog" 

Proverbs 3:5-6 

Dykes 1982: Cory Attra 

Philippians 4:6-7 
2nd Peter 5:10 

Rats: Patrick O'Neill 

"I'm growing older, but not up." 

(immy Buffet 

Dykes 1982: Richard Collier 

Rats; Charlie Richardson. Dave Pitts 


"Match Head, Mike" 
Richmond, Virginia 
History— Army 

Rat 4: Cpl. 3; Sgt, 2; Lt, 1; Dean's List 2.5: Bomb-Cadet Life I; 
VMI Firefighters 2.1: Rugby 4 

Throughout my cadetship. I have had many ups and dowiu. I 
think about the good times and not the bad times. It seems like 
yesterday that I first walked through the concourse and said, 
"So. this is VMI? " and had the first real shock of my life. I will 
never forget that first week, it seemed like a bad dream and 1 
never woke up. 

When f look back at my past. I think about what I have 
learned, and that is that desire and determination can not be 
measured in an individual Once you have a goal to accomplish, 
you can achieve it by pure desire and determination. My goal 
before I came to VMI. was to graduate from \'MI. I wouldn't 
have made it without the confidence my Mom and Dad gave 
me. or without my friends: Robert. Brvon. Kurt, and |ohn S. 
Above all. I would have never made it if it wasn't for GOD. I 
know now that my life will be successful as long as I do my 
best, and keep having faith in GOD. I will alwa« cherish the 
memories of \'.M.I.. and may GOD bless the class of 1985. 

, mmmmmtmeme^ 





\ -A 

-> \ 

"•^ .' 



"McGoo. Bull. Bullski" 
Waynesboro, Virginia 
Civil Engineering — SS 

Foalball 3.2.1; Track 4.3.2: Ring Figure Cannonball Co 

Though I have chosen the road less traveled, the education and 
experiences I am receiving will lead me on my journey through 
life. As in most cases, the first step has been the hardest. That 
step is behind me now. and 1 am well on my way. As for my 
parents? They taught me to walk, and were right behind me 
whenever I started to stumble. I love both of you ver\' much, 
and wish that my diploma would have your names on it as 
well. 1 would like to wish you the best of luck as you pursue 
your education. Allen, and to remind you that Mom and Dad 
taught you to walk also. 

Without Beau, Dave. Dorlch. and Tom my first two years at 
VMI would never have been completed. Thank you for the 
continuous support and an always open dnor. 

Hang in there Richard. Everv'body is pulling for you. Your first 
step is almost to the floor. 

Finally, the biggest part of my life. Kaye. With your love, 
support, and encouragement, you have made the past two years 
of my life the happiest and most memorable. It will not be long 
before we reach that second step, i love you very much. 

Dykes 1982; Chip Buehler 

Rats: Chris Clark. Charles Cayce 


"Fred, Coon dog. Snake, Dick Tracy" 

Albany, New York 

Electrical Engineering — Navy 

NROTC Pistol TM. 4.3.2: Glee Club 3.2.1: Pvt, Sgt 2: 
Chapel Choir Newman Club; Honor Guard 2.1; 
Drill Team 2: New Market Firing Party 2: IEEE 1: Circle K 
Club 1: Computer Assistant 1: S-5 Staff 2.1 

I've started this 3 times now. I don't want the floral display of 
tear jerking sentimentality. I don't want a melancholy survey of 
our May '85 parting, I want to tell you why I'm a better man 
having known the "Coon dog". 

Fred is a friend. The kind that tells you when you're on the 
verge of error. The kind that makes it his business to 
understand your feelings, wishes or fears without ever question- 
ing them. He used to have the temper of a dull axe when 
things went less than exactly as he'd hoped, planned or worked 
for What he demands of himself is astronomical. At the same 
time he is understanding of the flaws and shortcomings of oth- 

ers. Coon dog. I knov 
and one day you'll w, 
are- You'll get there c 

has melted away tha 

whose loyalty, persevt 

those who get pushed off their laddi 

you're a climber bound for the top. 

your dream is to become a Navy Officer 
ir a star. If anyone is destined for it. you 
your own accord, too. At first I thought 
ndependent with a cast iron shell- VMI 
shell and revealed to the world a man 
ance and pride are invincible. There are 
d stay off. Coon dog 


SSSSSSlither , Well Fred. I know you didn't expect me to 
strike again, but it goes to show you that our friendship is in- 
r share of fights. probabK due to our 
ith each other and the inability to ad- 
en after all the fun. we have matured 
re buddy. 


separable. We've had o 
continuing competition 
mil defeat. Hopefully, € 
from our actions. Take ( 

Dykes 1982: Larry Peplinski 

Rats: Derek McFarland 


"Coop, Killer Coop" 

West Hartford, Connecticut 

Civil Engineering — Army 

VMI Firefighter: 

operation Sergeant: HOG 

When I thought about attending VMI in high school my two 
older brothers who were presently attending VMI told me it 
would be the biggest mistake of my life. Well I can only say 
that VMI has been the biggest challenge of my life. My first 
challenge was the ratline. It was not only a challenge physically 
but mentally. The next three years were a challenge academi- 
cally, I found that VMI was not like other schools, we had to 
study hard and study hard ever\' night, I can only thank my 
parents and friends at VMI for conquering this challenge, I'd 
like to give special thanks to Wayne and Linda Smith who I 
have considered second parents, I care about them a lot and 1 
will never forget them, |eff. Marvin. Steve. Tate. M. John. Malt, 
Dave, and [imbo. you're what VMI's all about. True friends 
who I would do anything for and never forget, I can only hope 
that later in life when I face greater challenges. I will have 
friends as great as you to get drunk with 

Dykes 1982: |oel Bennefield 
Rats: lim Hassell 


^m ^ 



, \ 





'Trigger, Beastly, Gus" 

Lynchburg, Virginia 

Divil Engineering — Air Force 

<at 4: Cpl 3; Pvt 2,1: Dean's List 2,1: VMI Theaire -1.3.1: The 
jcum of Sports Information 2,1: Karate Club 4: 

vly friends. My life has been a Horatio Alger story. I have seen 
leath. felt hunger and cold, heard pain and suffering, and tast- 
ed tears, I have never experienced the love of a mother or the 
uthoritj' of a father. Yet. through all of my struggles. I have 
een the beauty of God. Brother Rats, the Presbyterian Home, 
nd VMI. No struggle can ever be compared to this beauty. 

wondered what my Mom wool 
Yet. 1 realized that no word: 

"hanks lira and Fred, Yall are the best of friends. Jim. yourt 
loser to me than my brothers. Remember, both of you. they'l 
Iways be a cold beer waiting for you! 

1r. A., thanks for being patient with me. I deeply appreciate 
11 that the Home has done for me. Don't worry. I'll pay y; 

Jon'l worry Capt. Selin! I'll do good boss! 

sheryl, thanks for being patient with me! ILY! 

ilykes 1982: Emmett "Squirm " Heltzel 
ats; Chris A. Clark 


"Scrote. Eddy, Jarvis" 
Richmond. Virginia 
English — Army 

First Sgt A Co.; President English Society. Rappelling 
Instructor: Lacrosse; Number One Club 

I'm not the same guy I was four years ago. but I guess that's 
why I came here. It wasn't fun or eas\- and I wouldn't do it 
again for anything or anyon,e I wouldn't trade it for anything. 
Leaving to play hardball in the midst of a heinous party was 
weird but "when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro," 


' S Thompson 

Thanks Mom, Dad and Zach, and all the guys in the Den. 
1 learned more from you than all my classes combined. 

Dykes 1982: David |a 
Rats: Scott Davila 


"Plastic Man" 

Richmond. Virginia 

Civil Engineering — Marine Corps 

Historian 1985; E.C./G.C. 3.2.1; CADET staff 3.2.1: BOMB staff 
1; Cross Country 4.3.1; Track Captain 1; Monogram Club 
3.2.1; V. Pres. 1; Ring Design Comm.; Private " 02 crew" 
3.2.1: Almost «1 Club 3.2,1: CRC Canoe Trip 1 

I haven't played lacrosse or polo, acey-deucey or Pac-Man, I've 
never taken Micro. Macro, or Bio. I don't surf, skate or play 
flashlight tag ... I never have. I've never lived in Tunisia or 
Swaziland, never in Newark or Toledo. I lived in Germany for 
years: I don't speak German. French. Yiddish or .\rabic ... I en- 
deavor at English. I don't hunt. I don't smoke |I did once, in 
kindergarten) and I went to a public high school. I don't like 
eggplant, okra. broken bones or crutches. I do like Nike running 
shoes and Moosehead beer. I didni Hke the Ratline or bulldog; 
I do like VMI and the Jars. I really don't like blushing ... it 
embarrasses me. then I blush more. I don't like mess\- art I 
love to draw. Howard Cosell really bugs me. So do hangnails 
and gnals. Would you like to know what I really love? 
Coffee— Oreo ice cream (thafs mine and Cathy's favorite]. But 
Black Label beer disgusts me. So does licorice and marzipan. 
Birthdays don't really send me flipping, either. Christmas is 
great but Halloween is for drinks: they took all of the fun out 
of it. Mark and Paul break things: judo, Steve and I dont We 
watch- William Faulkner is great and I gel a kick out of Paul 
Harvey . . . Muhammed Ali slurs. The Redskins irk me and I 
just never liked the Steelers: my cheers go to the Cowboys and 
the Raiders, I hate doing '< mile runs and long hill repeats- 
The Chessie Trail is boring. I don't like rambling, either. I think 
my roommates are unique and I will miss them. Ill miss my 
family. I wont miss Cathy, we'll be together. 
Thanks to you all. esf)ecially you Dad. Mom . . . thanks Ed- 

Dykes 1982: Chris Eichman 
Rats: Bill Cronenberg 





Dover, Delaware 

Electrical Engineering — Army 

Virgin Private -1.3.2; Finally Gol Raped 1; NAM 2.1: Rack Lab i. 
3.2.1; Fond Fighl Commillee 3 

Di^ir Glenn. 

Ynu did not write this! 

This letter has been secretly emplanted in your hislor;' to lake 
lip space. You vvanled to put N/A on it. but we know your 
dirty laundr\' and we're going to tell. We found all the pencil 
leads and calculator batteries in your shirt pocket. "Closet Nerd! 
Closet Nerd!" We also know why they gave you a 
.s,ibre . . . vou're much too hard on rifles! 



Thank you, Glenn, lor what yc 
Vou II always hold a special pla 
■veil like to slarl ,ill over again . 
;o get em TIGEK! 

Dykes 13B2: "I DnnI Ren- 
Rats; lason Dahlquisl 


mean to us We love you. 

quack! baa! gobble, gobble! 

KRW and DMC 


"Tombo. Harticase, September Trickster, Yo!" 
North Springfield, Virginia 
English — Marine Corps 

Rat; Cadre Cpl. Ilerminated 14 Sept '82|: 4lh Stoop Post— Taps 
Phys Fitness Instr; WAR EAGLE! Knights of Malice 3.2.1; Chi 
Upsilon Nu Theta 2.1; Eng NafI Honor Soc; Natl Naval Honor 
Soc: Acad Honors 4.3,2; Ops Sgt 1; Rugby 4,3.2; 
Airborne— Currahee!; Brother Moose! 

vho the 

The six people to whom I i 

I'll spare all the sentimentality, however sincerely it may have 

The Summary 
Nothing ever grows in this rotten hole, and everything is 
stunted and lost, and nothing ever rocks, and nothing ever rolls. 
and nothing is ever worth the lost. 

For Michelle: 

Tell me not Sweet I am unkind 

That from the nunnery 
Of thy chaste breast, and quiel mind. 

To War and Arms I fly. 

True; a new Mistress now I chase. 

The first foe in the field: 
And with a stronger faith embrace 

A sword, a horse, a shield. 

"I'l't this inconstancy is such. 

As you loo shall adore: 
I could not love thee Dear so much. 

Loved I not Honor more 

—Lovelace, to Lucasta, Going 
to the Wars, 1649. 
Boo: The "Mistress" is my vocation; you have been, and are 
now. my life. Remember the Sparlan Ble.ssing; "Go. Warrior, 
and seek your battle— may your )0Urne\' bring you faithful com- 
rades, true love, and eternal peace." 

Dykes 1982: Bill Caulfield 

Rats: Tom "Sir Spaz" Spetz. Mike "TBDS " Leeney 



Cranford, New Jersey 

Civil Engineering — Army 

Cadet Battery; Circle K Club; Sport Parachute Club; Society of 
American Military Engineers; Firefighters American Society of 
Civil Engineers: Association of United States Army; Private 4,3, 

On Aug, 17. 1981. a blonde-haired boy from New jersey walked 
through the doors in Lejeune Hall and registered with the rest 
of the matriculants Although the next seven months would 
seem a blur at times, they would be imprinted in his mind 

Over the \ears r\'e become very close to this man of infinile 
ri^marks: remarks that often brought people to uncontrollable 
Being funny is a gift not given to many, but that's not 
quality. The best qualities a man can have are honesty 
Ity. This man has always been there. It's been with this 
nd loyalty that he's earned friends. Friends that will 
iss his presence. Now this man is ready to embark on a 
enture. 1 have no doubt in mv mind that he will rise lo 

and lovi 


friend. Sla 



Well. Pete's spent four years here. He didn't know what he was 
getting into, but he quickly found out. We were a long way 
from the Jersey shore: no beer: no girls: no civilization. But Pete 
survived the Ratline and succeeded at VMl. Fortunately. Pete is 
a little crazy, which helped me to succeed. Thanks Pete, you've 
been a great friend, — [BL 

I've given a lot iliiring the lasl four years but what VMI has 
given me is counts. I would not have made it without the 
love and support that my lamily and friends have given me. 
Special thanks to Mom and Dad, I love you all. 

Dykes 1982: Ke 

in A. Smilh 

eail. Mike Milligan 


f ^ ^ 



"Charlie, Chai. Desh, Chai-dog" 

Kabin Buri— Prachin Buri. Thailand 

Electrical Engineering — Army 

Ranger Plaloon; Engineering Combat Platoon 

Well Chai. four years of close friendship are at an end. But I 
know that this is not the end. but the beginning of a lifelong 
friendship, II may be years before our lives bring us together 
again as you begin your return to Thailand. Yet. although the 
miles can. the memories cannot seperate us. I don't think you, 
Greg and I could have remained in the same room for four 
years without you as mediator. Always caring and considerate, a 
true humanitarian you are. Remember all the "engineering 
projects" to make our room more comfortable? We are sure 
gonna miss you Chai-dog. 

Tracy Burke 

Chai. I'll never forget what I told my parents on the way to 
VMI on Aug. 17. Mom. Dad; I hope I get a roommate from 
Thailand. Sure enough on Aug. 17th there I was with my 
Brother Rat roommate from where else but Thailand. Chayan. 
you have been a great friend through these years. You were the 
referee when Tracy and I had it out. You were the engineer 
that made our room like home. But most of all, you were my 
caring friend, I hope Tracy and I have shown you the better 
part of our USA and maybe someday you can show us the bet- 
ter part of your Thailand, 

Greg Bond 

Hey! Chayan, tell me what you know about USA after your 
four years over there. I know that everybody is going to ask me 
this question when I get back where f belong. And I am sure to 
have this BOMB open at this page to let them see the answer, 
■■I KNOW VMI," Good luck to my BRs. and friends in CRMA 
'32 and AFAPS '21, 


1982; Ha 
Rats: Erii 

; H Podo 
itiste. Dan Shri 


"Screwball. Motorhead. CD.. D.Z." 

Galax, Virginia 
Electrical Engineering— Air Force 

IEEE 2.1; Sport Parachute Club 3.2,1; Circle K 1; Arnold Air 
Society- 1; Virgin Private 

It has been a long and hard struggle, but now it is finally over. 
I would simply like to thank all the people who helped me get 
through this place. First, I would like to thank all those people 
who are my friends and for always being there when I needed 
you, I would like to thank my instructors for their guidance and 
patience. I would especially like to thank God for answering my 
prayers and getting me through V.M.I., I love you all. Thanks 


Dykes 1982; David Lee Bratton 

Rats; Gregop.' Lyie Connor 


"Cheeseburger. Sarge" 

Salem. Virginia 

Civil Engineering — Navy 

ASCE 3.2,1; The VMI Civil Engineering Society 2.1: Business 
Manager. The VMI Cadet 1; Dean's List 4.3: Pvl. 4: CpL 3: Sgt. 
2; Pvt, 2; Pvt. 1; 1985 Ring Construction Committee 

Ever\' morning I wake up here I seem to say to myself. "I hate 
this place!" Then again I know I do not mean that In fact. I 
guess I really do love it here (as much as I dislike admitting it). 
The one thing that has made this place worth the stay are the 
friends I have made here. I know I will never have friends Hke 
the ones here ever again. But, even though this fact makes me 
ver\- sad. I know that my graduation day will be the happiest 

■ of r 

■ life. 

I want lo thank God for opening the doors lor rather closing the 
other doorsi for me to come here. There must be a plan in aU 
this somewhere. To my Rat roommates, thank you for putting 
up with me during the Ratline. Had it not been for you alL I 
would not have made it through. To my dyke. Jeff, thanks for 
being the best dyke in the world, without your guidance I prob- 
ably would have left in the beginning. Lastly, i want to thank 
my parents (the only real parents I have ever had! especialh" 
m\' mother. I know you wanted me to get a \'MI diploma very- 
much I think I am going to make it. 

Dykes 1982: [eff Etheridge 
Rats; Michael Davis 





\ - 




"Homelite. Ditt" 

Arlington, Virginia 

English — Army 

Private; Boxing -l.S.l; VMI Cadel Copy Edilor 1: 
Inlernational Relations Club Treas.; Newman Club 4.3.2 
Pres.: Religious Council 3.2; Officer of the Guard Association 1 

Four years at VMI has been an experience for this born again 
rebel. II has been an uphill battle to make it through the "I" 
with a strack attitude. From the early days as a rat with an 
unwanted unceasing grin to being a strack First Class private, 
life has always been a little different. The years went by fast, 
sometimes too fast. Third class year with Steve Barcik and 
Brent Hearn made what was an otherwise bad year. good. Sec- 
ond class year with David Ir\-in and Davidson Scott is a blur. It 
had to be one of the best of this cadets life. The after and be- 
fore taps adventures will always bring a smile. First class com- 
pleted the four- It offered a final and complete insight into 
what VMI and life are all about, .Ml rewards must be found in- 
side and success is a self-judgement. VMI has been home to 
this cadel and will always be. one way or another. For as Ted 
Kennedy once said, "the cause continues; the work goes on; the 
hope still lives; and the dreams will never die," 

Thank y( 

to my father for being the gentleman I am trying 

■ hunters: "So we'll go no more 
So late into the night.' 

Dykes 1982: Perry Robert LausUen 
Rats: Kevin C.P. Fitzpatnck 


"P|. Magic, Dick" 
Plainfield. New Jersey 
Civil Engineer — Army 

Football; Track 1; ASCE; Numbei 

One Club; BAR 

I came to VMI to bi 
claim to fame has be( 



s different and ended up a number M\' 
en trouble for the majority of my life, but 
been so scrutinized and blown out of 
It I learned to pay attention to detail no 
ess or trivial, i credit my sanity to those 
i in deeper shit than I, and let everyone 
the I' I've enjoyed the most was. without 
Nick. It was also, 
ve seen a lot of my 
mistakes I've made 
parents for giving 

a doubt, rat year, thanks to Man 
unfortunately, my most unproductive 
friends get the boot for carrying thf 
one step too far, 1 thank God at 
directions. Dad. sorry about the pressure, grey hairs and sum- 
mer school bills; Mom. no one has been more supportive; 
Thank you. I love you both. It's taken me four years, but I 
think I've finally learned to monopolize the opportunity given 
me instead of taking it for granted. I came here with a handful 
of excuses and used VMI to multiply them tenfold, but listening 
to others use the same excuses has helped me to see their use- 
lessness. Good luck Curtis. Ray. Steve and Lars, Thank Unk 
and Co. "Buck ", 

Your prison is walking through 

this world all 

lone"— The Eagles 

Outside the street's on fire in 

a real death 

/laltz between what's flesh and 

A'hat's fantasy. 

nd the poets down here don't 

write nothing 

t all. They just stand back . 

nd let it all 

ae,"— Bruce Springsteen 

B2: Larry Butler. Butch Ho-sletler 

ts: Mark Lamb 


■■|D. )G, The Bear. Doug, [ohnnay, PJ" 

Auburn, New York 

Civil Engineering — Air Force 

Pvl; Almost No. One Club 3; Officer of the Guard Asso- 
ciation; Bomb Staff; M,F Maury Scholarship 1; Parental Schol- 
arship; ASCE 

In all of my infinite wisdom of 18 years I came to VMI. I im- 
mediately wondered if I had made a mistake. But evervlhing is 
now in proper perspective (at least what I perceive at 21 to be 
properl. and I find that it was well worth it. Cadre, sweat 
parties. Rifle Runs RDC meetings, months of confinement, 
Mega-Pl's and Academic Extinction, 

All the times though 
flagrant obnoxism. c 
weekends, hops, and furloughs. This poei 

".^nd those around me" 

I have seen the 

Now I think of 

To me and thos 

ren't bad; Running the Block, Days of 
pagne breakfast in 251. girls schools. 

of things. 



I the c 

Not long froiT 

rse and liked i 
I'll find the e 

Right up ahead, around the bend. 

And those around me then will see. 

L'pon a stage we shall be. 

And those around me then will see. 

The course was fought and now is won. 

But the fight is never done. 

For what was taught and what was learned, 

Far outweigh what we earned. 

And I and those around me find. 

That what we earned is left behind. 
Finally I would like to thank God who in His wisdom gave me 
such wonderful, loving parents and friends, especially Bill who 
has done the most to keep me here. 

Dykes 1982: George Seiferth 
Rats: Clark Mitchell 








\ " 


•Chip. Chipster. Herb. Rack Man" 
Drange. Virginia 
-iistory— Air Force 

i^anger Pll. 4,3: Cpl. 3; D Company Guidon 1; Ring Figure Com- 
Iniltee 2; Ring Figure Magazine Business Manager 2 

n Dedicalion To My Mother 

, And Mv Brother Rats " 

Occasional kind words, you 
lickings when 1 needed the 

I Anybody got a cigarette . . 

/kes 1982: Dewey Martin 
Sats: Chris Hayes 

nding. and your 


"Harley Rider Eckengrunt. Sgt Rock" 
Frederick, Maryland 
History— Marine Corps 

Marine Detachment; Ring Figure Construction 2: Rat 
Training 1: Cadre Cpl. 3: S-5 Staff 3: IHTFP 

VMI meant many things to John when he arrived here four 
years ago First and foremost it meant a commission in the Ma- 
rine Corps. No grade inflation has hindered him in his pursuit 
of his commission, but |ohns character has not let him give up 
hope. Secondly, it meant an education. Whether he c 
mit it or not, |ohn has received a useful educatioi 
VMI. Although it may not tend towards the acadei 
volves something far more important: how to be a rr 
friend. Of all John's assets this is his best. If you 
enough to earn his friendship, he is the most 1 
tolerating friend one could want. He has had his bad 
of VMI, but so has everyone, and in John's case they only ti 
pered and hardened the underlying steel. Fair seas and folk 
ing winds |ohn. No matter what the Marine Corps decides, 
my view you have earned it. Good luck MARINE. RLG 

Dykes 1982: loe Bouchelle 
Rats: Charles |Gus| Shuster 





Natural Bridge, Virginia 

Civil Engineering— Air Force 

is 1982: Danny 
: |ohn VVanat 




^ * 






"Bob (I'll answer to almost anything.)" 
Charlotte. North Carolina 
Mathematics— Air Force 

The \MI Alhlelic Committee; Rat Disciplinan' Committee; VMI 
Boxing -; Roadlrips 4,3.2.1; Cadre 3.2.1; Virgin Company 
XO II Co.l 

.vnte 1 

is upon me). Al first I 
roommate HCM) write 
it. I But I realized that I shi 
the most out of it 


y first class histor\' (the deadUne 
nfused. I felt Id rather have my 
ne. (f'll still have him proofread 
d write it myself in order to get 

There exists within most of us a love/hate relationship with the 
"I". I thoroughly enjoy the friendships I have found here with 
my Brother RaU. Unfortunately, the lifestyle, restrictions and 
administration here sometimes leave a great deal to be desired. 
I think we all realize that one-half of this ■s\stem" cannot live 
without the other ... so be it 

1 wish more than success to Kyle. .«ilton. and Pete. IRFoom Hi 

Thanks and strange things to |oe. Pete. Norb and Drew for ev- 
er\ bit of the good and bad we've shared. The insanity was 
more than enjoyable, guys. 


"Hick, T), Ralph Waldo. Boozer" 

Silver City. North Carolina 

Historv'. Modern Languages— Marine Corps 

Honor Court 2; Prosecutor 1; ROTC Scholarship 3.2.1; Rugby 
4,3; Dean's List 4,3,2.1; Academically Distinguished 3.2.1; Illegal 
Car Club 3,2; Late Study Stud; Marine 

I have not had fun here, but I didn't 

Dykes 1982: Joel McBroom 
Rats; Al Cuellar 

: here to have fun. 

Brother Rats, 
wishes in youi 

Dykes 1982: Steve Varga 

Rats: James Anderson. Tom Dod 


"Wild Bill, Beeeel" 

Woodbridge, Virginia 

Physics — Air Force 

Cpl. 3; A Co. 1st Sgl. 2; Regl. Sgt. Major 2; G Co. Commander 
1; Ring Figure Const. Comm. 2; Air Force Nav. Scholarship 3,4; 
Air Force Pilot Scholarship 2,1; SPS 3,2,1; RMWC Rangers 2, 

I can still clearly remember the day that I rode up to VMI on 
the 171h of August in '81 and having that awful sick feeling in 
my stomach, it was kind of embarrassing to have to ask my 
parents to pull into a station because 1 was sick. Somehow, 
however. I made it through that rat year and I guess the only 
people I have to thank for that are my family and my BR's. 
Now it doesn't even seem real that I am a first classman and 
sometimes I even wish I could go back to rat year. I think for 
right now I'll settle for m\' diploma and a couple of weeks al 
the beach and a few six packs with 

I would like to thank all of those people that helped me 
through the ratline but that would probably be too long of a list 
to fit in here. Instead I would like to just thank my entire fam- 
ily for their constant support and love. I know that without their 
help I would have been lost and unable to make it through the 
first week, I just hope that I can make it up to all of you. I 
would also like to thank my roommates. Hugh, Mike, |eff. Bill 
and |oe, I wish all of you the best of luck and I think thai il 
will definitely be a check formation for us to be al all home 
football games obnoxiously drunk and embarrassing everyone 
that we can. I know that I will be buying a couple of plaid 
sports coats, extra first class privates belts, bright pants, and an 
extra red. white and yellow tie. Thanks again guys. I don t 
think that I could have made it this far without all of you. 1 
guess that 1 have to end it here. All that I have left to say is: 
"It's been real, it's been fun. but it hasn't been real fun. Hey, 
hey bud. let's party." 

Dykes 1982: Bob Bobbit. Mac Spears 

Rats: Tim West. Hugh McMenamin 



"Vid. Capt. Video. Ninja" 

Easton. Maryland 

Electrical Engineering — Air Force 

,M. 4,3.2.1; IEEE 2,1; Young Republ 
Upon arrival at the "I", my mind c 

It the "I", my mind and body were in a state of 
confusion; cadre had me believing I was from planet Ura- 
and it took seven days before 1 could function on a toilet. I 
t fully recover until I'm far away from here. 

tly stay has been both miserable and fun The few times I was 
n confinement sucked, but I got away with infinitely more 

^ings than I can remember, )ohn. Art. Steve, and Lou— I'll 
ever forget those chaotic roadtrips in the immortal "Monster." 

iWheres the mixer? Slow down! Watch that turn! Aaaah!" 

ferry— thanks for the stain; the "Monster" won't forget you ei- 

5uys come to VMI supposedly for that "something extra." I'm 
jot sure what that is yet. I had pride and integrity' long before 1 
patriculated; VM! has merely reinforced those feelings. Hope- 
jlly. the benefits derived from this experience will become ap- 
.arent to me; if not. I will have wasted four years of my life. 

^'oremost on my mind is the fact that I have developed friend- 
|iips of a caliber unknown to me previously. This place is far 
JO intolerable to endure it alone. I would like to end by saying 
lat I definitely would not have made it through if it were not 
jr my parents. Thank you. Mom and Dad. for all your support 
nd encouragement. I know I don't say it much, but I love you. 

'^kes 1982: Chuck Fanshaw 
Rats: Rob Saw^'er 


"Quantico, The Grunt, Grace, G.A." 

Fairfax. Virginia 

Civil Engineering — Marine Corps 

Football 4,3,2,1; Monogram Club 3,2,1: TCFC Bookkeeper: Pvl. 
4,3,3: Li 1: Cymbals 4,3,2,1: ASCE 4,3,2,1 

VMI wasn't my first or second choice for the pursuit of a col- 
lege education, it was my third, however the "I" was the only 
one that wanted me. I honestly believe that fate was kind to 
me, I met during these years of challenge many good people 
that have left a lasting impression on me, they will be in my 
thoughts forever. I thank you all for the chance to know you 
and be your friend. Special thanks to the following: Kelby. Les, 
and Missy for the family support: Duke and Greg for putting up 
with me for two years: Dan, Bill, and Bubba for the last inter- 
esting year in barracks and the pursuit of the diploma and my 
commission. Once again, thank you all. 

"To each his 


"In order to sur\'ive in today's societ\' one must be 

' Stewart "Harvey" 

failure it he has friends" 

Movie It's a Wonderful Life 

t creates more hate.' 

Dykes 1982: Mike Straub 

Rats: Rich Savage and Phil Riggleman 


"Testes. Fusstestes, Constance. Momma Estes" 

Richmond, Virginia 

Economics — Army 

Prumaji Club; Distinguished Mi]i!ar>- Sludenl: 
Distinguished Militar\- Graduate; Varsity Track 4.3^.1: Bodie 
Farm; NCAA Nationals 4.2: Hill Street Blues Club; Wait 
Cormack Memorial Scholarship: Colonel "Son" Read Memorial 

Track Scholarship 

Before coming to VMI. I thought I knew ever\lhing about this 
place that a newcomer could possibly know. It took me all of a 
haircut to realize how wrong and lost I was. Since then I've 
had my moments— both good and bad. TTiese past four years. 
I've really been through some changes. But in the end my true 
personalit\' has finally emerged even through this indi\idualil\' 
robbing place called the "I". Moose. Ed. Sof D. I hope I've 
lived up to the ways that you all taught me. I think I have- 
Thanks for being so cool; no for being my big brothers. Wade 
and Virg or Blip and Biop. I had a great time. You two worked 
my "you know what" off. But Tve known all along that it was 
worth it. You see I love Ainning and you two are winners. To 
all of my roommates, thanks for tolerating my bitchy ways. 
Pops. Huck. Rock, true confessions told it all. Damn Rock! 
Thank you Econ department for challenging ever>- comer of ray 
mind Dr. Chang, what did you say? Pop quiz? Spending four 
years at VMI Ive seen it ail. .\nd surely it has left an 
impression on me. From the first sweat part>' until graduation. 
I've been a VMI man. And surely Ml alwa\-s be one. but most 
of all I'm looking to be my own man. Charade. I've realK" 
enjoyed your company. I think you understand me as well as 
anyone Ring Finger. SBC. NC. etc. etc. we've had a great 
time. Thanks for making your home my 
thanks for loving me. I'd like to thank 
this dream a reality-- You've guided m* 
right! You know. 

home. But most of all 
ny parents for making 
like only you could. 
Ml always appreciate 

Momma. DeAnn 

VMI. but make no bones about it T'd never do i 

again— never"'. Good luck fellows, Duke, dykes. Thank God if 

D\kes 1982: Rick "Moose" McCue. Ed Daniel 
Rats: Terence McMillan. Chris Long 






"Snoopy. Mom" 
Madison Heights, Virginia 
Civil Engineering— Army 

Cadre Cpl. 3; First Sgt, 2; First Battalion S-5 1: FCA 3.2.1: 
Navigators 2; Retired Officers Medal; Distinguished Military' 
Student: SCSC: Army ROTC Scholarship; Engineering Pit. 

I sit here tr\ing to think of words that could express how I feel 
at this moment, but none can really cover it properly. Each day 
here was unique in itself. Highs and lows came and went with 
ever>' hour. The days were long and every semester another up- 
hill climb. I look back and wonder how I was able to make it. 

I made it because of the love that came from family and 
friends. When il came to going back to the "I" Grandma was 
always there ready with the last REAL MEAL before I left, also 
lo Bett>' who always seemed to have lasagna whenever I came 
over on a weekend. For all the hugs. 1 thank Diane. Florence, 
lanel and my sister. For hunting tales and pranks. I can't forget 
Gary. Neal, Reid. and Bob. Tim and Robin for being the best of 
brother and sister. My roommates Matt. leff. Tyke, and BR's 
like Phil. Bill, Dougey. Rich and Stash are all the best of 
friends. We've all shared a great deal together Raeann. 1 thank 
you for making Ring Figure one of the happiest moments of my 
life. And to all my BR's and high school cronies not mentioned: 
1 give a sincere Thanks. 

my Mom and Dad whose support 

:ouraged. You stood behind me but 
■ me your love and never asked for 

The biggest thanks goes ti 

but mainly your faith 

complained but always er 

never led me on. You gav 

anything in return: 1 Love You! And finally. I thank God for 

having all these wonderful people share their love with me. 

You've been there with me from the start. 

D>'kes 1982: Holt "Pearl" Evans 
Rats: lohn Gillespie 


"Cone. Feltyhead, Chief Moe" 

Tabb. Virginia 

Civil Engineering — Air Force 

Football Indoor Track 4.2.1; Outdoor Track 4.2.1: ASCE 

1 would like to thank all the people who helped me make it 
through this place. I especially would like to thank my parents 
and my football big brothers for their help and motivation. 

Good luck to I 
Terry well see 

CKkes 1982; Curtis |ohnstoi 
Rats; Terrence Huffman 

adventures here at VMI and to 


Burke, Virginia 
History — Air Force 

Rat 4: Pvt. 3.2.1: Airborne School: Dean's List 2 

The last four years have been long and tiring, but a( the same 
time they have been full of excitement. There were many times 
that I was ready to bag the whole thing and go lo a real school. 
Fortunately. 1 realized the importance of sticking it out and 
earning the VMI diploma. I would like to thank my family for 
supporting me these last four years. I believe that graduation 
will be a welcome event for them just as it will be for the 
Class of 1985. Good luck to all my Brother Rats in their future 
careers. I also wish the Class of 1988 good luck during their 
next three years as VMI cadets. 

D\'kes 1982: Mike Shea 

Rats. Guy Gormley. Sean Bischoff 





"Rich. Tich. Rick, Flan" 
Richlands, Virginia 

Pistol Team 4.3,2.1: Tanker Platoon 4.3; Baptist Student Union 4, 
3,2. Vice-President 1; English Society 3.2.1; Young Republicans 
1; Parachute Club 2.1: Private VMI Theater 2.1 

Whether I want to admit it or not. VMI h,is been my home 
these past few years. The midnight card games, the hours and 
hours of listening to |eff moan about his lack of female 
companionship. Lou's abnormal interest in Frank Sinatra. Eric's 
lust for backgammon, borrowing the "The Monster" for a brief 
escape from here, and calling Mom for a few seconds at home 
Iwhich kept me from the edge more than once). These little 
things have made this "home " seem a little more tolerable. Yes. 
Mom. I am going to survive out there, and I don't need to tell 
you that I love you. Jeff. I will keep my head where it 

■I do, 1 will " 

— Shakespean 

Dykes 1982: Daniel F. Garcia 
Rats: Thomas Doupnik 


"Flez, Pops, Tony Montana" 

Clearwater, Florida 

Modern Languages— Marine Corps 

Rat 4; Cpl. 3; Pvt. 2.1; Dean's Honor List 3.2.1; Knights of Mal- 
ice 3.2; VMI Firefighters 1; Room 323 Survivor 3; Sink Dwell- 
ers' Society 4,1; Operations Specialist 2,1; Class Birthday Cele- 
bration Comm. 2.1; President Reagan Fan Club 4.3,2.1; 

When I look back at my years here. I'll always gel a mental 
picture of dismal, wet, and windy |anuary mornings. The one 
word that best describes this place in all apsects is "cold". Four 
long winters have left their mark on a boy from the Suncoast, 
The experience hasn't been a generally pleasant one; but It has 
in many ways been valuable, "Mother I" does have her gifts. 
and these are the ones I'll take with me: I have learned a sense 
of personal honor, learned never to surrender, learned to be 
careful in bestowing trust. Most of all. I have learned to chart 
my own course despite what others may think. 

To my roommates: I hope knowing me has been even slightly 
beneficial to you as having known each of you has been to me. 
Neil. lohn. |.|.. Andy, lim. Stan. Phil, |im, Tom. Steve, and es- 
pecially David, thanks for putting up with me and good luck. 
To the Mod. Lang, faculty: dankeschon. gracias. merci. To Lt. 
Hansen. USN. the finest officer I've met at VMI: I'll try to live 
up to the faith you put in me. To Col. Vines, the finest man 
I've met at VMI: Sir, you taught me well and guided me down 
this path. Mark Chadwick. thanks for the craz>- breaks from in- 
sanit>'- Dad and Mom. the diploma is yours. I've done this for 
you, for what it's worth. |ohn and Christian, stick it out. don't 
become bitter, wear the ring well. Vivi. jet'aime. Each time I've 
attempted something difficult, there have been people who said 
I'd never make it. So it was with VMI— they were wrong again. 
I haven't accomplished all my goals at the "I", bul eventually I 
achieve them. For I have always been a survivor. 

Dykes 1982: R. P. Wiggs, Mike Placzek 
Rats: Christian "Grinch" Comberg 

"Flynn-Dog. Papa Smurf. Don Flynn" 
Great Falls. Virginia 
Economics— Navy 

Drug and Alcohol Cadre Counselor 1; S.S.; Naval An- 
ation Club; Concessions 2.1 

Here I am tr>ing to reflect on the ride that I have just complet- 
ed I still remember standing in line on Matriculation Day, It 
was like standing in line for a rollercoaster which I was noi 
sure of. Once I got on there was no way to gel off until the 
ride was over. Well, it's over. Would I ride it again?..- ! prob- 
ably would with the same apprehension. 

I am thankful that I did not have to ride alone. Getting on the 
rollercoaster with me were all the people close to me. The\' 
rode all the ups and downs with me into the unknown and 
challenging darkness. Without the support of my parents, fam- 
ily, and friends I know I would have never made iL I knmv 
that I will never be able to repa\ you all but I want to thank 
you for being there. 

On my journey I was fortunate enough to make new 
relationships and strengthen old ones. My new friends will al- 
ways be close to me. The jersey Boys. Stash; the family and all 
the dons; my partner Willi, thanks. 

II seems like it all went by so fast, but not fast enough. Tve 
changed so much in these four short years. I have to slop and 
wonder if I missed something along the way. Was too much of 
the boy lost in the bringing out of the man? I will never know 
and that is my only regret. I have learned many things on my 
lourney but most important of all is that I learned to trust my- 

Dykes 1982: Richard Muslakos 
Rats: Steve Parks 


'^ lt>l 





Roanoke. Virginia 
Chemistry— Army 

P\i- 4; Cpl- 3; Sgt 2: U. 1; Leslie German Award 2; Tennis 3.2: 
Am- Chem. Soc, 3.2. Pres. 1; Circle K Club 3.2: Pres. 1; Cadet 
Assl. Boxing 3.2.1: Red Cross Blood Mobile 4.3.2. Chmn 1; VMI 
Escort Service 3.2.1; VMI Bldg. Comm. 3.2.1; Projecls Resident 

lique. but < 

Needless to say. the past four years have 
more have bestowed upon me the very best and ver>' worst 
times of my life. The diverse experiences, tning restraints, and 
seemingly pointless demands have inevitably matured in me a 
broader and sturdier character to stand on throughout life- Even 
still the most lasting memories will be of the friendships which 
have developed: and of those my roommates Chuck and Kyle I 
wish to thank the most, because more than just staying together 
throughout our cadetship a bond formed which I will never be 
broken. Also an unexpressable thanks to Andy, for even more 
than being a super dyke has remained a great friend, [ill. you'll 
never know how much you've helped me here and the special 
times we've shared I'll always cherish. Of the ver\' best times I 
earlier spoke, I spent with you. Bob. you've been an inspiration 
to me-GOOD LUCK! To Mom. Dad. and Brian thank you for 
your unending love and support. As unappreciative as I might 
have seemed at times. 1 owe evervthing to you— I LOVE YOU- 


D>'kes 1982: Andy Douthat 
Rats: Bobby Chas^a^ 


"Wabo, Ling-Ling. Panda. Ringleader, Simon" 

Vienna, Virginia 

Electrical Engineering — Air Force 

IEEE 3.2.1; Karate Club 3: Sport Parachute Club 3.2.1: VMI 
Firefighters 3.2.1: Cheerleading 1: Pvt. 4: P\'t.. Cpl. Pvt. Cpl. P\'t. 
3; Sgt. Pvt. 2; Pvt. 1: Club "46" 2.1; Chairman labba Removal 

Well, what can I say here? I'm saving all the mushy stuff for 
when I graduate (which better be next year!] To all my depart- 
ing "Brother Rats": I thank you for sharing al! the times good 
and bad and for helping me see who I really am. As you leave 
and travel to all corners of the globe. I wish you good luck and 
godspeed until we meet again. To the four other guys of Club 
46: Mike "Hutf Hulyo. Graham "Ears'' Rose. Warren H. 
Shindle. and Don "lellybutt ' Monday. 1 will always remember 
the last two years as my very best here at VMI and cherish the 
special bond of friendship we have shared. Let's keep in touch 
and keep the Club 46 open for its traditions to pass on to our 
kids. Ching Pu. you are the greatest little man I know. I'm sure 
you will do great things in your lifetime. And. finally, to the 
rest of the VMI family who have been near to me. I'll see you 
next year . . Check formation at Estelle's Grille!! 

PS, To my loving family, thanks for getting me this far . - - only 
one to go!!! 

Dykes 1982: Ross Rappaport 
Rats: Brian "Buffy" Kieth 



East Hanover, New Jersey 

Economics— Army 

Rat 4. Cpl 3. Reg, S-5 Sgt,, 1st Sgt. B. Co. 2. 2nd Battalion Com- 
mander 1; S-5 Staff; Institute Escorts 2.1; Cadre 
Ring Construction Comm, 2; Drug and Alcohol Comm. 2m.l: 
Army Scholarship; Airborne; Dean's List. DMS. DMG. 

A year of "normal" college proved to me that 1 wanted some- 
thing different- That something was VML Yet. after my first day 
I questioned my decision, and doubt lingered in my mind, I 
decided, however, to press on. I wanted to do well just like my 
cousin, who I have admired so much. Now as graduation 
rapidly approaches. I find myself reflecting on my cadetship 
and In,'ing to put it into words. The Institute forments us. We 
had to experience the worst VMI had to offer in order to recog- 
nize the best of times that awaited us, VMI is one of the few 
things in life in which one has a true love-hate relationship. 
VMI has changed me in so many ways and has taught me so 
many things I could not possibly list them What has made VMI 
worth while are the friends I have made. Andy, Perry and 
)ohn— Buddies like these can never be replaced, they're a 
special breed of people. My roommate Todd has taught me a 
lot about myself and other people. He is a friend few people 
are lucky enough to have Stanley— he is truely my brother. As 
rats Stan and I had nothing in common. Our friendship was 
built on the fact that we were both from jersey. Almost four 
years have passed since we matriculated- Together we exper- 
ienced everything VMI had to offer. Stan and I find it hard to 
believe after four years we will go our separate ways. I love 
you. Stan. You were always there when I needed 
you— THANKS, To my family and friends, thank you for your 
never ending support, I dedicate my cadetship and my success 
to my parents. Mom and Pop. 1 love you more than I can put 
into words. I have always wanted to make you proud. I hope I 
have succeeded. PAG 

D>'kes 1982: Joseph J. McCon 
Rats: Trent Beck. Tobv Hill 



^ ^ 







Woodbridge, Virginia 

Mechanical Engineer — Marine Corps 

Cpl 3; Sgl 2: 1st Sgt 1: Scouters Club 1.2: Scoulers Club Presi- 
Jenl 1: IHTFP Firefighters 1. 3-D Court 1.2.3: ASME 1.2. 
j: ASCE 4: New Barracks Info Sei^ice 1.2.3: Rifle learn 3: 
RFCC 2. 

On 17 August 1981 along with an undisclosed amount of other 
iculants. Rob Gardner arrived at the venerable ■Mother l." 
A/ilhin the first moments on post, over 300 other unluckT col- 
ege freshmen ask of themselves the same question; "What have 
en myself into?" Four years later, the ones who have been 
lersistent enough to weather the storms: ratline, academics, lack 
)f female companionship, are still asking the same question. 

Through it all. this lonesome Keydel kept his honor and head 
leld high, through an engineering curriculum and the 

tibsequent summer school "Tours of duty." third class year be- 
g constantly assaulted with "you suck" when we both knew 
Ivho and what really sucked. 2nd Class year arrived with the 
long awaited and coveted VMI Ring. We finally realized a little 
if the magic that makes the "I". 

[ cla; 

)V last, here we are at the helm. Fi 

luxuries the institute has to offer. Its been a good 4 
,1ie best of our lives, admit it or not. and I'm not sure 1 
done it without you Rob. Thanks. Hope to be i 
with you in the Corps, and however things turn 

rmed with all 

1 the be: 

all ' 

, Semper Fi-jME 

iVE MADE IT! I would like to thank my folks who made it all 

iossible. Uncle Al and the chaplain who gave kicks when 

eeded. and finally my roommates. Reid and Tab. you never let 

he dull and you are the best friends anyone could want. It 

ill always be a Parade Deck to me. 


"Anvilhead, Squidley" 
Middletown, Delaware 
History — Navy 

Rat 4: Col 3: Sgt, 2: Pvt. 1: S-5 Staff 3: VMI Firefighters 3.2: Rat 
Training 4.1. 

Its hard to believe that I shall be leaving the Institute in a few 
minutes. The past three years have passed by rather quickly 
now that I can look back at them. I've had many good times 
while here at the "I" as well as a few bad ones, but I shall 
take all of the memories with me when I walk through Limits 
Gate, It will be a strange but nice feeling to look across the Pa- 
rade Deck at Barracks, 

John. I wish you the best of luck in the future. If I ever saw a 
Marine, you are surely one. May fair winds and following seas 
be with you as you ride your Harley throughout THE CORPS, 

Gary, although your cadetship has just started, time will pass 
quickly and before long you will be preparing for graduation 

Finally. I would like to thank my parents. Mom and Dad. 
thanks a lot for everything. Too many things have happened 
since August 17. 1981 for me to list. Each and every time, I 
knew 1 could count on your being there. Thanks again for all of 
the love and support \'ou gave me, 

A special thanks to The Friskis for making this last i 
special one. 

D>kes 1982: joe Yodz 
RATS: Can Reading 

such a 



Media. Pennsylvania 

History — Marine Corps 

Rat 4: Cpl. 3: M/Sgt. 2: Capt. 1: USMC Scholarship: MC Mars- 
thon: Semper Fi Society: S-5 tour guide: Infl Rel. Club 2.1: 
Histor>- Dept, Cdt Asst, 1: College Rep, 2,1: Circle K 3il: TCFC 
3: Rat training 4.1: Firefighters: CWRT 4.3. \T2: Ranger pit 
Tanker Pit: SCSC 2.1. 

In writing about their experience al VMI. most cadets remark 
that this place cannot begin to be descilbed in just a few short 
paragraphs. Pardon my unoriginality. but it is an injuslice to 
think that VMI may he properly explained in anylhing less than 
several volumes. |ust name the emotion, and you will find it 
here: love, animosity, childish glee, pride, depression fear . . . All 
of these contrasting feelings are experienced with such intensity 
over this four year transformation from child to man. Some- 
times one finds himself cursing his existence al VMI, while oth- 
er times one thanks God for leading him here. 

However, there is one constant. That is the persons you inter- 
act with here are what benefit you the most. I have learned of 
all the important skills a person can possess to get by in life, 
getting along with people reigns supreme. lack. .Andy. Greg. 
Br\on. Scott , , , is just the beginning of a remarkably long list of 
brothers that I have come to love here. Thank You friends, you 
have had an incredible influence on my life. Because of you. 
m\ education al this fascinating college has been only slightly 

cademic and mostly a lesson in life. Laugh and live, appreciate 

nd be forgiving, enjoy life and help others. Believe in yourself. 

our friends, and God the Father. I pray that I will truly be 

ble to live by these guidelines. 

Thank You Mom and family. VMI faculty and staff, brother 
rats and most o( all the Lord \'MI. you are quite an education. 
Eagle, globe, and anchor— here I come. BRG 85 

ji^p ^Ww 




^^m mgmf^r 


"Gutterman. Ski, Denbo the Gnatman" 
Clarksburg, Marv'land 
Engineer — Special Student 

Pvl. J. 3.2.1; Rut;by |Capl.| J. 3.2.1. Blue Whaler 2.1: Gut 

When I came to V.M.I- I thoudhl it was a joke. "Im aclually 
>iointi lo live in this hole for four \ears!" Well I iTlade it and I 
owe it to all my yood friends. Rugby, and most of all my 
■ I got dow 

I or just totally fed up with V.M.I. , 
:e where I could take out my frus- 
140 life here would be unthink- 
the rest of the whalers; 
can't remember. Last — but by no 
thank my mother and father for 
their love and support through the whole ordeal. I LOVE YA! I 
just hope that my alarm will go off on 18 May 1985 and III 

parents. Whene 
the Rugby pitch was one pla 
trotions. Without the boys ir 
able. To leffbo. Bullet. Kelv 
thanks for the memories I c 
means leasl-I would like 

! up! 

D\kes 1982: Wagne: 
Rats: Higgins. R.H 


"Gold, Goldbricker, Mahatmagoldy. Goldburg" 
Leesville, Virginia 
Engineer — Civilian 

Honor Court: Pvt. Softball: Rugby: Int. Bball: Concrete 
Canoe 2.1: FCA 3.1 |V-Pres.|: Religious Council 4.3,2.1 (V-Pres.|: 
Vehicle 3,2.1: ASCE Student Chapter: Projects Resident 2.1: 
Garbagemen 1. 

One day I actually called this place home. I was so awestruck 
that I laughed . . . with glassy eyes of course. Who could ever 
imagine referring to such a jungle as a home. Like a dear 
friend of mine whom once, long ago. had to endure part of his 
life in the wilderness. I too have had to endure part of mine 
within the confines of VMI. His example gave me the strength 
to endure the pressures within the boundaries of this jungle. 
The times I shared both good and bad. with those who became 
my brothers are eternally with me. If it was not for m\ loving 

and understanding family and friends the joui 
been close to impossible. Thanks Dad. Mo 
Glenn, Chuck anu classmates. IThere are man 
owe personal thanks to but. like all things her 
allow for but so much to be said. I 

would have 
Kam. Bruce. 

the regs. don't 


Dear Lord, thank you for yi 
continue to grow with the 
from you. my family and 
abroad. AMEN. 

Dykes 1982: .Andrew W. Douthai 
Rats: Patrick Burke 

irace. I pray that now I ca 
ngth and knowledge give 
>nds from both VMI an 


"Golie, Ski. Golem. Animal. Mentor. Belushi" 
Uniontown. Pennsylvania 
English, Modern Languages — Navy 

Foolball 4: P\l. 4,3.2.1; Rugby 3,2.1: Glee Club 4.3.2; VMI 

Theatre 3.2.1: Dean's List 3,2.?: Young Democrats— Chairman: 

English Societ\-: Sounding Brass. Neuman Club; Foreign Study: 
Pre-Law Societ\'. 

"The days of wine and Roses are alas, slowly fading..." In 
these remaining days here at VMI. 1 can't but reflect meta- 
phorically on my bygone days as a cadet. I saw here for the Isl 
time, spirited and noble contemporaries, tempered by the rigors 
and tribulations of institute ordeals, ratlines. Academics and 
most difficult, self-identity and maturation. Purpose may be (he 
one and only factor which separate us from other educational 
institutions, for the process without a purpose is only an idea 
without an invention. I attribute my successes to my ardent de- 
votion to God. loyal faith in our countr\'. unshakable love of my 

family and my n 
deed. I conside 

nyself a rich 
nan condition 


ie of r 

ard- "The Days of ' 
-leff Golembiewski 

,' brother rats. In- 
rors seem to be 
adequacy. I must 
are alas, already 

"Ad Patrum el matrum-Caude, Amours. 

To my parents — GIor\'. love and honor 

■I am 111 

e eve 

vith which the Universe 


s itself, and knows it i 


All harn 

lony of 

instrument and Verse. 

All prophecy and medicine a 

e min 

All light 

of art 

or nature — to my song 
and praise, in its own 



Peter Bysshe 



1982: Bob 


• Shaeffer 


Doug "mt 


d" lacobson 








"Airborne Dandy Don" 
Reno, Nevada 
History — Army 

ganger Platoon 4.3,2 
jVMl Firefighters 3 
at Training 1 

Duld like to thank my family: especially my mother and 
rather for the support they gave me these last four years. They 
have also felt the joy, pain, hatred and frustrations. Even 
hough they never understood the mother "I" and the hypocrisy 
)f the s\stem and administration they at least tried to. I would 
;ilso like to thank all my roommates and farmer roommates for 
putting up with me, I know I have been difficult |at times] to 
ive with. 

Dykes 1982: Dan Clymore 
.RATS: Andrew Urtiew 


"The Sponge" 
Charlottesville, Virginia 
English — Navy 

Lacrosse 4,3.2. Captain 1; Sports Editor VMI Cadet 2.1; English 
Society 3,2: Historian 1: Monogram Club 2,1; Birthday Comm 
337; Cinema Club; Holiday Inn Window Smashers. 

I feel Ilk 
1 buzzard"; 



I dragged through the desert and be 

As I finish reading (he book about my four years at VMI, I 
feel as though I would like to thumb through the pages again. 
There are some chapters I would like to leave out, but the story 
would not be so unforgettable if I did. No doubt the best part 
of the book is the characters. I came to know them as brothers. 
On the lacrosse field, in the den. the barracks, or wherever 
these characters showed up there was always a laugh to be 
had. The plot excitement or a special kind of tension. The kind 

of the 

characters, they neve 

r quit an 

d they made even the 


ons hilarious, I will m 

iss those characters and know i 


that this book will ne 

er rema 

in on the shelf very Ion 

"You heard 1 r 

un with 

a dangerous crowd. 

We aini too pretty, we 

ain't too proud 

We might be 1 


s bit too loud. 

. . but that ne 

•er hurl 

Billy |oel 


and Dad. I know I n- 

ade the 

right decision. A thank 

is no 

t enough, you hav 

e give 

1 me more support 

understanding than anyone 

could ev 

er ask for. 


1982: Bruce "Repeat' 



Walter Spence 


"Dr. Strange Agent Double Stuff" 
Alburquerque. New Mexico 
Biology — Army 

ar Army ROTC Scholarship. Dean's List 4; Ca- 
of Ushers — Chapel Service 3: Commander of 

Ushers 3.2. 


Lexington, all thi 
have been times where 
would not trade my expei 
dvkes and familv You ha\ 

last four years have been tough, but interesting, to say the 
!east. Academics have been a long uphill struggle. I have come 
o know and become ver>' close friends with several of my BR's 
iver the years. This friendship is what kepi bringing me back to 
from New Mexico. Even though there 
e life at VMI seemed unbearable, i 
here. Thank you BR's. friends, 
e the struggle easier. 

Dykes 1982; Scott VVooddell 
RATS; Tim Hooper. Enc Mi; 



"G.R. Gas. Gas, Both. Pillow" 
S. Farmingdale. New York 
hysics. Modern Language — Navy 

Sociel\- of Physics 4,3.2.1: Dean's LisI 4.3: Distinguished 3: \'MI 
Thnalre 2: Mallon- Militia 4.3.2,1: France— Study .•\broad 2: Ca- 
det .\ssl. 3.2.1: Reg. Color Sgl. 1: Cpl. 3: Rat 4 

Our first impressions of Paul were that he was a ver>- quiet and 
shy BOY. We didn't really know Paul well until we decided to 
room with him third class year. Our room baseball games and 
late-night popcorn parties helped to strengthen the bonds of our 
friendship and we soon discovered the "real man" in him. 
Throughout our first year together we helped ease the pain of 
his seemingly unending women problems. Paul had studied 
hard that year, and even with his women problems, had earned 
the privilege of wearing stars second class year. Second Class 
Year we were all faced with the problem of finding dates for 
Ring Figure. The time had passed so quickly that it was only 
two weeks before Ring Figure when we all finally had "blind 
dates". Ring Figure turned out to be Paul's initiation into the 
world of wine, women, and song. Second semester found Paul 
in France where he used this newly acquired knowledge. Now 
that we're first classmen it seems we are closer than ever. "We 
seem to be having more fun this year since it may be the last 
time we're ever all together. Paul, take care and go get 'em!!! 
WAA!! Signed "Buckwheat" 

Learn the perfect model of the good, the use of which makes 
all just things and other such become useful and helpful. 

Dykes 1982: lohn Reese 
RATS: Mark Snedecor 


"Purcell, Hadwee" 
Washington. North Carolina 
Chemistry — Air Force 

VMI Cadet. Advertising manager-2. Managing editor— 1: 
American Chemical Societ\' 2.1 Treasurer 1: Ski Club 4,3.2.1: 
Firefighters 2.1: Chemistry librarian 2: Cadet Waiter 2: Circle K 
Club 2.1: Rat training Bravo Co XO 1: C.RC. 1: Computer assis- 
tant 1: Rat 4 

With less than ten months of my college carrier left, f am 
called upon to summarize my experiences at the Virginia Mili- 
tar>' Institute. What seemed only yesterday to be August 17. 
1981 is now three years distant and I have aged from eighteen 

to I 


With enough memories to fill this book from cover to cover. I 
find it hard to choose any one place to begin. Therefore. I shall 
start by expressing my never ending gratitude to my Mom and 
Dad for all of their love and understanding-more 
understanding than I could have dreamed of. Secondly, and 
most importantly. I wish to thank all of my friends: Matt. Walt. 
Palmer and Dave — my roommates, my brother rats, and those 
that I have met along the way. Whether we were spending a 
night in the woods with the skunks or on an early morning run 
around the parade deck, we learned to survive and to roll with 
the punches. "We learned to make the best of whatever comes 

Dykes 1982: Bradford A. Burns 
R.its: Cai^ L. Darr 


"Hook. Steppy" 
Newport News. Virginia 
History. English — Army 

Cpl 3: Football 4,3: Sgt. 2; English Society 
Lt 1: Rat Training I: SCSC 2: Red 1 
Distinguished Militan' Student 4. 

Treasurer 1: Cadel 

The VMI experience tries the patience of all who walk through 
limits gates, but the close friends I've met and lived with make 
the experience worth while. I'll never forget my close friends 
who've shared the trials and tribulations that we've overcome 
together. Nor will I forget the wild times we lived. The blue 
whalers, the rugby boys, the Den Crew, Room 233. We had 
some great times. Our paths will cross again. VMI has prepared 
us in such a way that only VMI can. It's time to move on. 
Thanks Mom and Dad for all the love and support you've given 
me the last four years. I hope I've made you proud. I truly love 
you. Fleacon. thanks for making it bearable. 

Dykes 1982: Bilil Grigg 

Rats: Lance Pickering. Carmine Inteso 







If^ -^^ 


■■Greek. BBA" 
Richmond, Virginia 
Mechanical Engineering — Army 

Rugby. ASCE, Co-chairmen of the Pen Trow Coul. Member of 
The Earth Pen. Spanky's Boxing Club. UVA Cartwheel Commit- 

It is ver\' difficult lo sum up my VMI experience in only a few 
words. Perhaps these words will help; conduct probation, con- 
finement, PT's; however, we have weekends, hops, football 
games, rugby matches and parties, road trips and the best 
friends, who will always be. The good and the bad. VMI al- 
ways allows me to see the good times, and make them that 
much better, while the bad times seem to be viewed through a 
rose colored glass. 

Now for all the thank you's that must be said. First, to Mom 
and Dad. Without you this place would have been unbearable. 
To Pronto— not a bad sales job. Marcus, BRF »1 says it all. 
Finally, to the brothers I have found in my roommates. Pig, 
Moose, Bobert and Slo Mo- We have had good and bad times 
together- I thank you for being my friends and allowing me to 
partake and revel in your company. One thing is for certain, 
without your help and support, it would have been impossible- 
May the best of luck follow each and every one of you. Moose, 
twenty years from now we'll still be selling shoes at Shoe Biz. 

Dykes 1982: Mark Durkin 

Rats: Stuart "Stu-Stu. Oompa-Loompa" Norris 


"Hammie, Slammie, Sledge, Hammage" 
Sanford. North Carolina 
Economics — Army 

Honor Court 1; CPB 3.2.1; Cadet escorts. Investment Club 2,1; 
Lejuene Hall Receptionist 2,1; Blue Whaler 2.1; Red Front 
Ranger 3; Airborne 2; Cpl 3; 1st Sgt.-Reg. S-1 Sgt. 2; :3rd Batt- 
Co. 1; SCSC 2 

A sv'nopsis. re 
lines should c 
days dragged. 

retrospect; vei 

lemberance. or thank you? I imagine that these 
ntain all three. The years have flown by. the 
nd hours crept. Yet the garbage at VMI can al- 
d at. Seems the good times outshine the bad in 
special times at MBC. Westmoreland and of 

The most overwhelming feeling that I'll take from here is thai 
of brotherhood. VMI grows bonds of friendship that cannot be 
seen stronger anywhere To experience that, was worth the stay. 

A thank you goes to Chunk who opened my eyes to life after 
graduation- Doc. like many cadets that have proceeded me, 
you've afforded me a much needed piece of mind. 

Finally to "the family" that lives outside of Sanford, thank you 
for all your support to 314 Summitt. To Mom and Mark, when 
the sheepskin finally arrives it will represent something we did 

PS. Picture taken by Great U. jack 

Dykes 1982: Bob Dorsey 

Rats: Thomas Munno. Thomas Schumacher 


"Bulldog. Palmhead. P.H." 
Norfolk, Virginia 
English — Army 

Pvl. 4.3,2.1; Writer VMI Cadet 4.3.2 Assoc. Editor V. Iniemall 
Relations Club Driver 3.2 Pres- 1: Cadet Waiter 2.1: |immy Buf- 
fet/Stonewall Jackson Societ\- of Admiration 

Somehwere I must have missed the boat for the drawing out of 
the man; the whole idea of a three legged stool seems so sim- 
ple, yet I still haven't figured out where to hide a coffee poL 
The effects of the "I" have been positive, but it has been the 
individuals here that have taught me the most about mj-self and 
the life I want to live. My roommates have always been at the 
foundation of my well being and sanit>-. It's involved much 
give-and-take, and I do owe much to my B.R/s: David, Matt 
Matt, and Walt. Along the way I have also had the pleasure to 
share the sink with some other gu\s! Bob. Da\id. Mike, Reid 
and Tucker the Goat. I thank each of you for many smiles and 
memories. To be alone can be the worst feeling in the world: I 
am fortunate that I've made some terrific friends who have 
helped to make the long hours seem worthwhile and the memo- 
ries only fond ones. 

While these ties are a gift I treasure, I could never make it 
without help from the outside. God bless Norfolk and my 
friends there. I'm grateful to so many for their support and lo\-e 
which keeps me going. Two su(>er friends who have been with 
me all the wa\' and always go the extra mile to make my col- 
lege life complete and keep the Rai happ\- are Catharine and 
Michael. I lo\e you both like a sister and a brother. Still para- 
mount to anv success, happiness, or mere survival has been the 
love my family has given me Mom. Dad. Kathleen, and my rel- 
atives have done it all for me. I thank you all for your patience 
and encouragement; 1 love you. I've got so much to look 
forward to; thank the Lord for gi\ing me so much. Wake up 
Sniffin! Philos over. RPH 

D>'kes 1982: John Chandler 

Rats: Andrew Demaio. Da\id Hope 



f ^ its 

-^ *«fi 




Richmond. Virginia 

Civil Engineering— Air Force 

Rat -1: Pvt. 3.2,1: Rifle Team 4: Tanker Plaloon 3: A Co Rep. 
Ring Design Artist 3: ASCE Student Chapter 3.2.1; ASCE Con- 
crele Canoe Team 2 

Entering VMI as a boy 1 had many things to learn, but I never 
knew it could be so much. Experiencing the Ratline and the BR 
spirit, the academics, and especially the Honor Code. I have 
learned more about myself and about others to a point I could 
have never known Through the past four agonizing years of 
learning self-discipline and honor. I am finally glad to be 
leaving the "I", but now leaving as a man ready and willing to 
face the real life (and civilization!) To what I have learned here 
while at VMI. words alone cannot express my gratitude. Special 
thanks to: Barry— for moral support and all the good times; 
Scott— for whose arguing gave me an incredible ego problem: 
Cpt. R. Hartley and the AF Dept. for moral support and for 
initialing my AF career; Doc. Cpt. Kirkley. and Papa Ver>' 
special thanks to Mom. Ken. Mary Beth. Mr. and Mrs. W. No- 
ble "26. Nannie. Mrs Lac\'. The Boswell Clan. The Hayes, and 
|in memor>' of) Grandad. Without these people the past four 
years would have not been possible. 
Good luck in (he future. Brother Rats! 

D\-kes 1982; Mark Dahlinger 
Rats: Mike Lee 




"B Hard. Skipper" 
Potomac. Maryland 
History/Spanish — Marine Corps 

P\'l. 4.3: Cpl. 3; Master Sgt. 2: First Sgt. 2: Reg. XO 1: RDC 
Pres. 1; Dive Club Pres. 2. 1: Rappelling Cadre 3.2: Navigators 
Pres. 2; |inimy Buffett Fan Club Forever: South Of The Border 
Spring Break Club; Illegal 4x4 Club 4.3.2: Bahamas 2 

Brent, fellow jarhead. you've got such a wild and carefree atti- 
tude, yet you always get what you want and manage to come 
out on lop. Youve got a way of smooth talking people into any- 
thing, but ya' know somethin"? You ain't home unless you have 
a beer in your hand, a jeep under your body, and the sky in 
your eyes! G.R.B. 

Brenl is one of a kind . . . he's got his act together, and he's 
holding it in one hand. Basically he's "hard-charging" and "ca- 
sual" rolled into one. K.L. '85 

What can I say' If we knew each other in high school, we'd 
have never spoken: but VMI threw us into the same room, and 
now you're my closest friend. Through the best and the worst, 
we shared it land cut it awfully close too many times!) There's 
always a cold one in the ice box for you and Sandy, but I 
know you won't be strangers. BABS '85 

To jane and Mart . . What can I say but "I lo 
the max!" You've always been at my side ... ai 
turn to stand by your side. Thank > 
important thing in the world, your lo 

1 guys to 

1 for giving me the most 
. guidance, and faith! 

, , - "But there's booze in the blender, and 
that frozen concoction that helps me hang on 

To BABS. lerries. and Kev 
away in margaritaville! B Hard 

Dykes 1982: Mike Gnall 
Rats: Jim Florio, Dave Hickey 

■ you always be wastin' 


"|uan Pardo, Harv, Hank" 
Newport News, Virginia 
Civil Engineering— Air Force 

Cpl, 3: Pvt. 3.2.1: C Company 4.3.: 
Guide on 1; UAV Commander 1 

Well, the road has been long, 
ing to an end it seems as if i' 

H Company 1: H Company 

much 1 can say about my 4 
times, but there have been 
To hell with if and and go somewhere else, 
am just glad I had some good friends to keep 
me over the rough spots. And I am also 

,■ long and now as it is corn- 
only beginning. There is not 
s here. I've had a lot of good 
ber of times I wanted to say 
jwhere else. anN-where else. I 
going and get 
nkful for the 

ipport of my family; Mom. Dad; I hope you are proud of r 
ve done my best. I love you both very much. 

As for my close friends, thanks for everything. Beaks. I hope 
we can do some more urban assaulting and maybe make a few 
calls after it is all over. Linda, what can I say. I'm certainly 
glad to be "the bigger half of your bestist buddies." I hope you 
and lim are happy and I had better be invited! Gerry, well Vm 
sorr>' we couldn't make it three years, but next door was good 
enough. I hope the Marines are what you want; just don't fall 
asleep in your cockpit or foxhole. OK!? And last but not least. 
Sandy, there is not much I can say that I have not said before. 
I just hope ever\'thing goes well for you at W&M and you have 
the best of ever\'thing. I love you and will always be here. 

As for VMI. all I want lo say is Good-bye. 

Dykes 1982: Robert Zins 
Rats: Ed Keesee. Greg Secrist 



"Dago, George. Tyrant-in-Chief, Headwee" 
Somerset. Bermuda 
Chemistry— Special Student 

Private; Dean's List 4,3.2.1: Academically Distinguished 3. 
2; Editor-in-Chief 1985 BOMB; Photography Editor 1983 BOMB; 
Sigma Pi Sigma 2,1: American Chemical Society 3,2.1: Illegal 
Car Club 3,2 Who's Who 1. 

VMI is a culture shock. That is what we have all been told 
lime and time again. Well, it was even more of a culture shock 
for someone straight from high school in England I had 
absolutely no desire to go to university in the "colonies ' But I 
must say that after four years at VMI I have no regrets 
whatsoever. VMI has been very good to me and has offered me 
manv opportunities that I would not have received elsewhere. 
The people at VMI are probably the main reason that I can say 
that the VMI era in my life has been such a rewarding 
experience. CoL Wetmore has my utmost respect and life-long 
friendship for his dedication as a professor and friend. I must 
also thank Col Reithmiller. Evelyn Duff. Kathy Wise. Alie Bu- 
chanan. Col Read. Col Wentz, Col Buchanan and numerous 
others for all the help and support in the many crazy endeavors 
that I have tried to accomplish while I was here. 

Dad. Mary. Uncle Hal. Aunt [ane and Kirk you have all 
offered me invaluable support and advice. Without the ability to 
call you all on the telephone and receive advice and consola- 
tion I would not have made it this far. 

Mike. Alton. Bob, Keith and Steve, you have all been good 
friends of someone who on many occasions has not deserved 
the devotion and friendship that you showed me. Steve, you 
deserve a special mention for persevering through all that the 
"I" has thrown at you and still maintaining a rare, high quality 

Dykes 1982: Ronald P. McGovern 
Rats: |ohn A. Wright 


"Brentilius, B-2" 
Medford, New |ersey 
English— Marine Corps 

Marine Corps Marathon Club 2.1; Marine Detachment 4.3.2,1: 
Editor: Sounding Brass Literary Magazine; Editorial Editor: Ca- 
det Newspaper; VMI Theatre 3,2,1; Ring Figure Magazine; Ca- 
det Pub. Board; Academically Distinguished 3,2.1; Deans Honor 
List 3,2.1 

Although most of my studies have been related to the art of 
written expression, and the degree I have earned attests to the 
fact that I am fairly literate. I find that this has been an 
experience which I cannot adequately convey in any easy man- 
ner. How could 1 possibly explain the relationships I have had 
with true friends— either my brother rats or my dykes— and 
what value could I place on all the sacrifices that have been 
made to insure my success. How can anyone be expected to de- 
scribe their transition from youth to maturit\' 

The worth of my four years— all that has and hasn't been 
accomplished — is evidenced by what 1 am now. and I heartily 
thank my entire family and my dear fiancee for giving up a 
part of themselves in order to make me a whole person. They 
know truly what can never be expressed — I love you all. 

P.S. Special thanks to the "session", my true teachers and the 
"wolfpack". May I never forget to " . . fill the unforgiving 
minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run . . "— R. 

Dykes 1982: Terrence A Belden 
Rats: Robert P. Osgood 



Remington. Virginia 

Civil Engineering — Air Force 

Basketball I. II; ASCE Secretan.': ASCE Officer Corporal: SgL: 
Lt,: Honor Court 1: Air Force Reserve Award; Air Force Award 
Of World Wars: AF Pilot Slot 

As I walked in the arch and put my luggage down I heard 
someone yelling. I looked up high until I saw a bald "RAT' in 
a yellow shirt and red shorts, his chin against his neck and his 
body rigid. The "RAT" then proceeded to fall down the flight 
of stairs with his feet not acting as fast as his brain. When the 
"RAT" reached the bottom, a man in white told him to get up 
and without hesitation the "RAT" jumped up and moved on. As 
I looked with astonishment at my father, I laid my bags down 
and continued on my vvay. 

The journey has been long, hard and demanding. The sacrifices 
have been plent>- and can be only understood by the men who 
wear the ring. The question is. "Was it all worth it?" Let's jusJ 
say that 1 don't regret my decision about going to \'Nn and my 
future rests solely upon my shoulders with a degree from \"MI 
making the load a little lighter. 

As the journey comes to a close thanks must be handed out to 
some ver\" special people. John. Perry, and .Art thanks a billion! 
Darren. Cedric. and Mike: thanks for being aroundl Beth. 
Mitch, and "P": I love you all! Most impwrtantly thanks Mom 
and Dad for you will never know much your suppwrt has meant 
to me the last four years. I love you both! .And to Eric good- 
luck and remember this quote. "YOU CAN" BE WH.^TE\"ER 

Dykes 1982: Scot Barger 
Rats: Eric Lassalle 


f!^ ^"^ 




Oil City, Pennsylvania 

Civil Engineering— Army 

Varsity Wrestling Preside; 
Manager 2: ASCE 2.1; Ski Club 2; 

of the OGA 1: Advertising 
Zircle K Club 2.1 

I feel I've learned much more than engineering over the last 

four years. I've learned to deal with m; 

many different types of people. I hav< 

true friends. Friends that would bend 

Friends that are always there when yoi 

you leave them at Radford at 2:30 AM. | 

; definitely made sc 
over backward for 

need them. Even a 
sorn- Dave) 

By no means am I going to miss the "I'", but Im sure in the 
years to come when I look back on my experiences. I'll remem- 
ber only the good ones. Thanks to some good friends those good 
times are ver>' memorable; Thanks Dave. Walt. Matl. Palmer, 
and lim. 1 wish you guys the best of everything in the future. 

I owe a great deal to my family. They've given me continuous 
support from day one. Thanks Mom and Dad. for being there. I 

D\-kes 1982: Delbert Ertzner 

Rats: Mark Allen. Brent Wilson 


"Hollywood. Doof, Bumph" 

Madison Heights. Virginia 

Economics — Air Force 

Promaji; D Phi D 2.1; Varsit>' Basketball 4.3.2,1: Society 
of Young Economics 3.2 

It is very hard to put four years of the VMI experience into 
words. Trying to explain the "Rat Line" to a recruit is almost 
like trying to explain the concept of love to an adolescent, you 
have to experience it. 1 came to VMI with a blind ambition, i 
dreamed of parties, women and victories. Two minutes after 
matriculating I realized that I was going to be in for a long four 
years. It seems that every time I reach the top of the hill, VMI 
pulls me down and says start again: however there is one thing 
that VMI has given me that I am extremely grateful for. the op- 
portunity' to meet and share friendships with the greatest people 
in the woHd. As I depart I would like to thank my parents for 
their support in my venture. 1 would also like to thank rooms 
141 and 156 for helping me pull through these final years. 
Finally. I would like to leave this bit of advice to those I leave 
behind. Remember, it is not your aptitude which decides your 

Dykes 1982: Darren McDew 

Rats: Steve Dorsev. Dar\'le Carr 


"Cucumber Head, Gen." 

Charlottesville. Virginia 

History— Army 

P\'t VMI Fire Fighters 1; Circle K Club 1: VMI Tanker 
Platoon 3; VMI Ranger Platoon 3: AUSA 2; Ski Club 1; Certi- 
fied Scuba Diver 3: Deans List 

:ame to VMI to obtain an education and a commission. I 
ickly learned that I was to obtain much more than that which 
riginally desired. Even though cadre remains a blur and thfi 
line a fading memory: I have retained forever the lessons of 
,t brief period. If I have learned an\lhing in the last few 
irs it would be that nothing is as valuable as determination. 
man with determination will succeed when all around him 
I in frustration. I am including a letter from a friend that 
nforced my determination when I needed it most. 

"I was just looking back at the times we had together 
at the "\" and I must say, Doug you certainly showed 
me what it takes to get thru the "I". All those extra 
sweat parties you had to attend by yourself; I could not 
believe how well you handled them. You showed ev- 
eryone there that through self-determination one can 

do anything he wishes and I 
plishing that task." G.F.B. "85 
I wrote this in the hope that someone 
experience as I have. One does not ha 
smartest to succeed, just never say die! 

d you for < 

uld benefit from my 
be the strongest or 

Finally, I want to thank those who helped me through VMI. 
Mom. thanks for always being there when I needed you most. 
Thanks Grandmother, without your help I would not be where 
I am today. Thanks roommates. Craig, Steve, and Toom for the 
humor, listening to my many complaints and all your help. I 
would finally like to thank Sher>l and her family. You opened 
your home and your hearis to me. 1 will be forever grateful to 
you. I thank God for giving me all these wonderful people. 

i Ada 

Dykes 1982: Dennii 

Rats: Scott Wyrick 


1^ ^ ▼ 

^- r 





'Happy, Hugh Baby. Huge. Hubert. Harris" 

jebanon. Tennessee 

3ivil Engineering— Special Student 

^ Co. XO 1; Master Sgt. 2: Cpl. 3; Rat 4: Cadre 3.2,1: Rat Train- 
hg Cadre 3,2,1; S-5 Staff 3.2.1; Institute Escort 3.2.1: John Cal- 
!in Club 1; SAME: ASCE; RMWC Rangers: Rock Painting 
;omm,; Hotel Comm- Chairman: The MAM Fan Club: Club 54: 
'arental Scholarship: Tenn. Club 

"here I was on the Zambezi River surrounded by Zambezi 
.Varriors. So I said to myself. "What am I going to do?" So I 
acked my bags and came to VMI. Although this is my senior 
iston.-. I'm not going to tr\ and recap everything. All you BRs 

ill alw 


!ilher doesn 
with weirdne 

nderstand or doesn't care. This place abound; 
ul the great times we've had and the opportunities that have 
een Given " us are beyond measure. I may not have been the 
lost serious cadet here at the "I ". but I have felt the changes 
nd pray that I have gotten all that I could out of this 
xperience. To my firstus and bestus buddies here at the "I": 
larren and Mike. In your own ways the two of you have 
ulled me through this place. I know our friendships will never 
ie. I wish you nothing but the best! Dyke, wherever you are. 
lank you for your wisdom and guidance. Bill and Bill, what 
an I say you part> animals. Thanks for your invaluable friend- 
lips, left, you unique sort of guy you. Thanks for being you |'|. 
nd good luck. |oe Baby— where are you? Pick up the phone, 
ive us a call. There are so many more of you that have been a 
ue source of friendship and happiness to me. Thanks. Above 
II. I must thank my entire family. Your support and love has 
een a real Godsend. Momma and Daddy, thanks for your pa- 
ence and the opportunity to do what 1 wanted. Lastly, to D] 
nd Mark, hang in there you've got what it takes. 

: shall pass through this world but once. If therefore, there be 
ny kindness I can show, or any good thing I can do. let me do 
now . . for I shall not pass this way again" 


"J.C, |ar, Sgt. Carter" 

Fredericksburg, Virginia 

Civil Engineering— Marine Corps Special 


P\'l 3.2: Sgt 2: Pit. Lt. 1: R: 
Canoe 3: Boxing Intramura 

It Disciplinar\ Committee 1: Concrete 

1 3.2.1 

Well, here I am. my last year at VMI. There was a time back 
in May 1981 I was told that I wasn't qualified to attend VMI. 
Well after a few more endorsements from some respected peo- 
ple they let me come to VMI. I wasn't too smart, but I did have 
a love for VMI and a goal of graduating with a BS in CE in 
May 1985. Dad and lane. I know my rat GPA scared you. it 
had ever\' right to. it scared me. Julie. Chris we had our ups 
and downs before. I now realize how important you both are to 
me. I had a great teacher my rat year, my dyke. Randy. You 
have my deepest respect. I only hope I can help my dykes as 

In all of VMI's 146 years I could not have picked a better class 
to belong to. I have gained so much from you. my Brother Rats, 
through thick, thin. fun. sad. confinement. GP: you all are the 
greatest, especially all you D-Studs from Delta Co.. I love ya. 
We are the best class to enter Limits Gates. In this whole crazy- 
world there is only one VMI and I am damned glad I found it! 



you are two 

of the 

finest people 

on this 

earth. You 

made ev 

en' thing possi 

ble and the 

only thing 

I have 

to give to 

you is r 

ny undying re 

pect a 

id 1 

ivefor yo 

u. God 

bless you 

loth. Mom 1 hope I ha 

..e mad 

» yo 

Li proud 

me If 

there is ar 

in talk to. it is 

you. Y 


ill always 

have a 

special pla 

ce in my 


Dykes 198 

2: Randy 


Rats: Rob Campbel 

. Todd Oakes 



Chester, Virginia 
Civil Engineer — Army 

Cross Countp, 4,3.2.1: Track 4.3.1: Monogram Club 4.1; ASCE 2. 

It hardly seems time to be lea\-ing VMI. There were so many 
limes when I thought I would never get out of here. N'ovv it 
seems the time has flown, and all my memories of \'M1 are 
jumbled together in one big blur. \'MI may have its drawbacks, 
but it has many strengths as well. There U no doubt that \"MI 
oilers a special challenge, a challenge which I am glad to have 
finally met. I thank my parents for always being there for me. 
always being supportive and putting up with my shortcomings. I 
consider myself verx fortunate to have parents such as yotl. I 
would also like to extend my gratitude to Dr. Monsour and the 
Hays lamily for showing me that there is some compassion at 
VMI. and lor making this place a little more like home. Da\is 
and Matt, you have been my friends from the beginning, 
through thick and thin. I have alwa>-s been able to confide in 
you and I value our friendship. To my roommates, what can I 
say? We made it through together. We've shared a lot of good 
times and helped each other through the hard Kmes. I'm glad to 
have shared so much with you. .\nd now I offer you my con- 
gratulations for a job well done. Let's pat each other on the 
back and get on with it. I love it when a plan comes together- 
Dykes 1982: Paul Webb. Ed Daniel 
R.ATS: Greg Hoofnagle 




"Dinger. Blondie. Fishlinger, Permit Rat, PW" 

Woodbridge. Virginia 

Civil Engineering— Air Force 

Swim Tm.; Dean's List 3,2; Virgin Pvt.; Guide on 1; OGA 
Sec: Rm. 300 Jungle Division; Arnold Air Society 3.1; 2nd Class 
Bomb Ed.2; Bomb Sports Ed. 1; Water Polo 3.2.1. Pres|; Mono- 
gram Club 1; ASCE 3.2.1 (Project Officer); Concrete Canoe Rac- 
ing Comm. 1; Academic Stars 

VMI has been an experience that can't leave one's life 
untouched. On Aug. 17. 1981. when 450 individuals first felt the 
wrath of the cadre, everyone knew the next four years would 
have many unfavorable moments. But these moments, which in- 
cluded the loss of many 1st Class powers, are not worth writing 
in my hislon,' as who would understand. Despite their initial 
reluclance at me coming to the "I" my parents had a change of 
heart that first Parents Weekend. They saw their son as one of 
the proud 450 kids who were scared witless but were 
accomplishing so much- Thanks Mom and Dad. Throughout 
these years my best friend. Ken Walus. and I had our fights but 
became even better friends. As we graduate it will be 11 years 
where I have had another family. Thanks to the whole Walus 
family. Of course one cant leave out the close friends made 
here. Mike Ceroli. Glenn Hoffman. Graham Shirley and I went 
a little insane being roomed together for so long. But it was 
worth it as we were close and experienced many great times, 
Room 300 lUNGLE DIVISION left many impressions on every- 
one on how sick we were (fishhooks, facerake. eyegouge. 
noseplunge and our teeth, were almighty weapons|. You all 
were the greatest. This last part is dedicated lo Carla. Few peo- 
ple would expect a relationship from AF Camp to be as strong 
as ours. After a bad experience with a Semite a girlfriend was 
almost out of the picture but you captured my heart and we are 
special enough to make a CO.-VA. relationship grow stronger. 
After we are in the Air Force many things can happen but I 
DO LOVE YOU and wish lo spend my LIFE with you YES 

Dykes 1982: Bob Morris(81|. jo 
Rats: Adam Volant 


"H, Hoff, Horf. The H-Bomb. Mom" 
Salem, Virginia 
Physics— Air Force 

P\'t. 4; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; Sgt. 1; Dean's List 4.3; SPS 1; Bomb Staff 
2; VMI Commanders 1; 300th [ungle Division 3; Mallory Militia 
4.3.2,1; A.G. Shirley Fan Club 2.1 

Four years is a long lime, but there are a few people who made 
it possible. Mike and Ken— the only reason we made it four 
years together is that no one else would take us. Then third 
class year Graham joined in and we were stuck again. There 
were others, but not tough enough lo make it all the way We 
did have fun. most of the lime, I guess I'm glad it's over. lis 
been interesting. Thanks to everyone else. PY's especially. How 
about those do or die situations where you didn't quite do nor 
didn't quite die? For those who think VMI was bad. just 
remember— LAB TYD! If there's any credit in getting out of 
here, it goes to Mom and Dad: who've been there always. My 
degree is more yours than mine Finally, to my bestest buddies, 
thanks always. 

Dykes 1982: joe Sciosc 
Rats: Kevin Trzcinski 



Parksley, Virginia 

Civil Engineering— Army 

Pvt; Dean's list; Football 4,3.2; F.C.A. 3.2; ASCE 4. 
3.2.1: Civil Engineering society of VMI (Charter memberl 2,1; 
DMS-CMG; SAME ROTO Engineering Award 2; The Projects 2. 
1; Circle K 2.1; Keenanese Translator 2.1; Dedicated Biker 4.3.2 

I really donl know what to say for my first class history. 1 was 
always told. "If you can't say something good, don't say any- 
thing at all." so I guess I should reserve my comments on VMI. 
I have hated four years of getting screwed and I only treasure 
the memories of a few special friendships. The list goes for 
days, but a few BR's deserve special thanks. Bobby loe, you 
kind of caught me at an all-time low and was there when 1 
needed you after a trying end to 3rd Class year. |ohn: all I can 
say is thanks for everything- You're a special pal. To Alex, 
Larry. Willie. John. Dave A.. Dave O.. and the rest of the 
Projects corner of New Barracks: Thanks for taking in this or- 
phan. It's been real. Cincinnatus Lives. 

A special thanks goes to Danks. Bob. and Ken. Bob: remember 
all the bike rides. Hey. break a leg, an arm. a bike. etc. Good 
Luck in all you do. 'Danks. you gotta hit the ball straight." Ken. 
what can I say man? I'm so sorr*'. it hurts, mostly for the acci- 
dent and secondly for the confinement. Sorr\' Ken and Danks. 
Also, thanks to Todd for ihe help on the night I came closest to 
leaving. Thanks also to Mike at UVA. one of Ihe best friends a 
guy could have (Cindy too). Mom. Dad, what can I say? A 
certain special someone once told me. "Donl speak for yourself, 
let your actions speak for you." All the accomplishments of the 
last four years of my life have been dedicated to you. Thanks 
for the emotional and financial support. It helped a lot. Last but 
not least, the most thanks of all goes to the person responsible 
for my even making it through the Ratline, the toughest time of 
my life: Marietta, if not for your help. I would have never fin- 
ished that first year. Thanks, and I love you. 

Dykes 1982: jim Simmonds 
Rats: Ted Comeau. Trev Davis 



1 w 

f.a» «.T* 




'Delta Head. Homey Toad, Arnie, Shako" 

Savannah, Georgia 

Electrical Engineering — Army 

^ifle 4.3.2,1; iROTCR Champion 2; Co-Cap. 1; IEEE 2.1; 
Sgt 1: Promaji Club 4.3.2,1; RDC 1 

^s I write these words I find myself experiencing feelings 
which I can only lerm as total and uncompromising mixed emo- 
ions; the origin of which is centered around the irony of the 
^hort but ever-so-long period of my life that I have spent at the 
VMI, Looking back on my past it seems totally ironic that I 
A'ould have ended up at VM! to begin with. And how do you 
explain the deep sense of attachment that one feels for a place 
ihal he or she has viewed with hatred and contempt so many 
iimes? Mom. thanks for everything. You have been my biggest 
inspiration and words can never express the love that I feel for 
'ou- You will always be my number one girl, I realize now that 
ID other Institution could have given me the things I have gol- 
en from VMI. The superb education, that deep sense of pride 
hat goes with being a VMI cadet, and the good, good friends 
vith whom I have gone through times both good and bad. Hey 
'eilas. thanks for being there. As we go our separate ways I 
vould like to wish you all the best of luck. Be strong, be cool. 
lut most of all; be proud of what you have achieved. My only 
rue regret is that fate placed me at this great Institution during 
I time in which many of the traditions that we have come to 
:herish are being cast aside. In closing. I'd like to thank God 
or L'i\ing me the strength to endure and overcome the many 
ri.ils ,ind tribulations that go with the struggle to become a 

Xkes 1982: |oey Keyes. Darryl Home 

.^als: Christian Comberg ^ 



Annandale. Virginia 

Economics — Special Student 


ng Team Corporal 3: Ops. Sgl. 1; TCFC 3; Bulldog 
jn 2: 3-D Court 3.2.1; Bal Cave 1. 

First, thanks to all involved, especially my family. It has been a 
rough four years, but we made it, possibly a little worse for 
wear. Rob and Tab, thanks for putting up with me. May none 
of us ever get a "cuff" again. Mac, you don't need me to tell 
you— who's your buddy? To everybody else, "the credit belongs 
to the man in the arena" See you in the arena. 

Dykes 1982: Tracy Henderson 
RATS: lay Miller 


"Mike, Husk" 
Hughesville, Pennsylvania 
English — Air Force 

Varsity Football 1.2,3.4: Mo 
Pre-Law Societ\-. 

logram Club; English Societ)-; 

No on 

e can sur\'ive 

this pla 

ce al 

like to 

thank those v 

■ho have 


at VMI. lulie. what 

can i sa\ 

' You 

of this 

You're love 

and und 


/ife. Mo 

The last four years at VMI have permanently etched in my 
mind the old adage; "Nothing worthwhile comes easy". I can't 
say that my stay here at VMI has been a pleasant one. What I 
can say however, is that no other experience will be as lasting, 
or as influential as my VMI experience. The past four years 
have been filled with a lot of hard work, frustration, and sacri- 
fice. Now that the end is in sight however, all the sacrifice and 
pain becomes worth it. 

one. and because of that I'd 
my crutches during my years 
jve been so great through all 
iding gave me strength babe 
way now tweets. I cant wait to make you my 
id Dad. this diploma is as much yours as mine. I 
love you both very much. Jim and Arlene. thanks for 
everything. I love your daughter and Til take good care of her. 
Uncle Al. you once intimidated a lonely rat. and then look him 
under your wing. Thanks for being there. Just remember that 
youll always have a place in my home. Ringleader. Ears Worm, 
and lellybutt. you took me in and made me a part of the club. 
You're all first class, and may God bless and keep you all. Dan 
and Darrin you've been great dykes: stick this place out it'll be 
worth it. Take what \'MI has to offer you. Just remember to put 
something back for all that you take. \'MI. you've made me 
work and sacrifice more than i ever thought I could. What you 
gave me in return however, is priceless; honor, confidence, and 
a future. What more could anyone ask for? 

D\kes 1982; Tom Trobridge 
Rals: Dan Young. Darrin Simpson 

i _ * 






"Huntski. Cheese" 
Lancaster. Pennsylvania 
Civil Engineer — Marine Corps 

Cadre Cpl. 3; Sgl. 2; Operations Sgt. 1; VMI Firefighters 2,1: 
Boxing Intramural 2; Marine Corps Scholarship winner 3; Scuba 
Club 3; Intramural Basketball — Garbagemen; Bulldog Sur\'ivor; 
ASCE 2.1. 

Well, after four somewhat enjoyable years. I'm ready to take on 
the real world- Thanks to my mother and father: for without 
their support and constant encouragement, to do my best. I 
would have never made it. VMI has been a heck of an 
experience, and 1 know that the ideals and friendships I've ac- 
quired here will last my life time. Also to Matt. John, and 
Neil— thanks for giving me the privilege of being decheesed in 

Dykes 1982: Ashley Burrell 
Rats: Chris Hannum 



Richmond. Virginia 
Mechanical Engineer — Army 

ASME: ASCE: Earth Pen 3.2.1: Co 

iputer Graphics Assistant: 

Summing up the VMI experience in less than 250 words is 
almost impossible. As I look back on my time here, the bad 
times don't come to mind as readily as the good. VMI myself 
and the fact that life isn't always fair, I have no regrets about 
coming here: I missed out on the typical college experience, but 
I gained a lot also. 

To me the people were the most important part of VMI. I 
doubt that I would ever have made it through here with out the 
help of my friends. The "Earth Pen" is like a home to me and I 
love its members like brothers. So thanks goes out to George, 
)oe, Rob and Tom. it has been an experience. I can't leave out 
my short friend )eb. remember, be it next year on the high seas 
or next week on the obstacle course I'm with you in spirit: 
You've been a true friend- 

I would also like to thank my Mom and the rest of my family 
for all of their love and support: I needed it. And to my uncle 
who talked me into going here— the reason that I came to VMI 
was so that I might be lucky enough to turn out a little like you. 

Dykes 1982: 
RATS: Chri 

Neal 1 


"Pig. EP, Earthpig, Joe Tauer, DDD" 

Blackstone, Virginia 


Football mgr, -1.3: Rugby 3.2.1; Rugby Parly Chairman I: 
.'ircheologN' Lab Assl. 1: Poppa Reeves' Boy Trowel Crt. 
Cochairman 3.2,1: Chairman of the Earth Pen 3.2.1: Girls 4.3.2,1; 
Sloe Moe Debate Club 2,1, 

excelled at none of the three legs on the VMI stool but 
ssn't mean that I haven't learned, VMI has taught me 
bout myself and has hopefully prepared me for life. I 
can handle my own and other's emotions because mine 
s have been put to the test since 17 Aug. 1981. Emo- 
deeply at VMI, Fear, humiliation, hate. hope, and es- 
love flow openly and strongly, I've fell all these 
ir with my roommates and I hope they have learned 
from these as I have. You've always been there and somehow 
withstood it all. thank you. Thanks for putting up with me from 
BRC to about 9:00 everyday. Ken. George. Rob. and Tom. I love 
you and I wish the best for you. Rock and WG. thanks for 
keeping me in touch with my rools, 

that do 

and othi 



Daddy, although 
pressing, you never pushed, threatened or demanded. Thank 
you for letting me fumble along, learning the hard way but al- 
ways guiding, feeling and loving, Kelley and Mark, thanks for 
listening and humoring, understanding, and encouraging but 
most of all for bemg there 

It is most certainly evident and thus free from doubt that all 
things which are seen are temporal and things that are not seen 
are eternal. Anglo-Saxon charter 770AD 

Dykes 1982: Mark A Lee 

Rats: Mack Carr. Ron "Qualude" Kindley 






!;iaudville. Virginia 
iistory — Special Student 

rivals 4,3,2.1; Thrown Out 3 

has been an experience. I 

Vhen I fijihl authorit>-. authority always wins. 

|ohn Cougar Mellencamp. 

tnp' I wanna go home, lake off this uniform and leave the 
mu I m waiting in this cell because I have lo know, have I 
.■-■n L^uiltv all this time? 

Pink Floyd 

i-M\)U- living in competition, all I want is to have my peace of 

Fleetwood Ma 

Jefferson Starship 

have become comfortablv 

on'l look back. 

3 cause of enlightened self interest I Will refrain from 
iirther commentary until after graduation. 

jykes 1982: Mike Ewing 
ats; Pat Harvel. lohn Cartwrighr 


"Dave, Turbine" 
Wytheville, Virginia 
Civil Engineer — Army 

Private 4.2.1; Cpl. 3; Rugby 4: Cadel Staff 1: Cadet Waiter 1; 
Ghetto 3,2,1: ASCE; Southwest Virginia Fan Club; 
Dean's Other List; Summer School 84.85 

VMI was a big change from the hub of Southwest Virginia. 
Now it's almost over. I've had good times and bad times here at 
the "I". Rat year was a pain. Thanks Tommy. I couldn't have 
had a better dyke. "Love the one you're with." 

I've made many friends here and without their help. I would 
not have made it. Thanks Mark. Mike. |ohn, )eff. Greg. Kurt, 
Ken. |ohn. and everyone else. I'd like to thank Davidson "You 
Can't Have Nothing" Scott, Thanks for putting up with me (and 
all the girls I once knew| for four years. I'd like to thank Mom 
and Dad for their love and support. Thanks also to my brother. 
Ben. who was my biggest inspiration for getting through this 
Gothic prison. Now that my four year "Vacation" here is nearly 
over. I'm ready to go on. What's next? 


' those chilly 



Dykes 1982: Tommy Spri 
Rats: Ted Cusick 


")oker, Musclebeach" 
Parsippany. New Jersey 
History — Navy 

Private 4.3,2.1; Marine Corps Marathon 3: Layout Editor ZZ. 
Editor-in-Chief VMI CADET 1: Number One Club: Beeres A.-32. 
1: Ghetto 3.2; Sinks 1; Unauthorized Apartment Club. 

I entered VMI in May of 1954. That may seem strange but it 
was the VMI of my father that I came to. 1 was rudely awak- 
ened thai August of 1981. 

lohnny P.. [ohn. and Ken— \ou've kept my interest in VMI thru 
these past 3 years, Ever\'time the inevitable confinement (thanks 
Maj, Maddenl. failing grades, or slam letters came b\'; you got 
me up by partying me out. The road from a 0.8 GPA my first 
semester, to Editor-in-Chief my last year. Some of my best 
friends have left jEd Dickenson and Mike Stent|. but they left 
an impression on me like VMI has; one never lo be forgotten. 

I've learned to really let it all hang-out in my roadtrips with my 
roommates. Benny. Davidson. Doug. Kurt Q.. and all the rest. 
From third class year with the marathon and Ed. Frafs and 
Benny (and 2 months), to second class year with the Founders 
Day Massacre and good limes with Kath. I've enjoyed it all. 

Unlike the bitterness some of us write here, all I can say is I've 
grown up and matured in four years at \'MI like I never would 
anywhere else. Dad. it's you. Mom, and Grandpa I'll be think- 
ing of when I get my diploma. I'll always love you. 

"Commissars and pin-stripe bosses roll the dice. 
An\-way they fall, guess who gets to pay the price? 
Money green or proletarian gray. 
Selling guns instead of food today." — Wler 

"One 1 

: another, this darkness has got to gii 

D\kes 1982; Robert A. McEvo 
Rats; Mark Moss 





"Action. Actio. No Action. Mr. Universal" 

Bozeman. Montana 

Civil Engineering — Naval Aviation 

Boxing; Runner-up 198-1 ECBA Soulti Regional Boxing 
Championships 2; Boxing Team Co-Caplain 1; ASCE 4,3.2.1; 02 
Crew 3.2.1: A-leam 2.1: Radford Raiders 2: L.A. Summer 2.1: 
NEB Demolition Crew He-Man Women Haters Club 4.3. 
2.1: Old Faithful 2. 


Llld jusl like lo start out by saying that VMl produ 
3ig winners than a high school chess team. 

Actually. I shouldn't be so negative because I did \t 
key aspects about life which will help me later oi 
stance, absence makes the heart grow fonder . . , ol 
else, the best trim is another mans, beer bong plus hotel room 
equals a SllO fine, stay away from jack Rose on a hop night, 
don't throw beer on me at Ring Figure, sporting a trench coat at 
Zolloman's can be very revealing, |ud Springer is probably the 
coolest 6- year man you will ever meet. Ken Cade was respon- 
sible for the loss of Spencer's robe, not me! If you plan on 
destroying Institute properly graduate the day after— right lay? 
Chemistry labs can be fun loo. poison Ivy is uncool. put off 
ever\'thing until the last minute— spontaneous thoughts are the 
way to go. finally and mostly. Virge was the best thing to hap- 
pen at VMI. 

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — 

I took the one less traveled by. 

And that has made all the difference. 

If you kno« 
it off and Sii 

an handle the less trodden path, bio 

"Railhack " Hathewa 



Camp Hill. Pennsylvania 

Civil Engineering — Marine Corps 

Corporal; Reg S-1 Sgt.; Regimental Commander: Cadre 3.2.1 
VMI CE Society; ASCE; Hop & Floor 4.3.2; Marine Detachment 
Ring Figure Hotel Committee; Cadet Asst. Computer Center 3.2 
Fluids Lab 1; Rappelling Cadre 3.2. 

Kev, it's hard to express in so many words what could be said 
at this time, the end of our cadetship. For the past 3 years we 
have grown to know each other, but most of all we have 
formed the tight bond of VMI men. The difficulties of rooming 
together can't compare to the good times spent together. Even 
though you have been an old married man. let it not be said 
that you don't do it up right. Remember Columbia (Zacks-BR|, 
Tech iSacketts]. and RF '85. Not to mention the hours of giving 
each other a hard time— especially Strib. You yourself have 
risen to the lop of our ranks here — as you will do in the Ma- 
rine Corps. Indeed they [willj have a few good men. Don't for- 
get it's the team that makes a difference. Its been great. No 
regrets from all of us here in |305. 205. 105|. WMS. TIU. ICH. 

Yes. I do love VMI. but the time has come to press on I feel I 
have made the best of my 4 years, and I wouldn't trade them 
in for anything. No prophetic statements, only thanks: Mom. 
dad, Ya-Va. Poppy, and especially Teri— you helped me more 
than you will ever know. To my roommates— you haven't seen 
the last of me. Keep in touch. You can all get anything you 
want in life— just "Go For It." 

D\'kes 1982: Tom OSullivan 

RATS: Mark Stock. Andrew Barends 


"Mike. Tex. Chamelion Man. The G**''d" 
Richmond. Virginia 
Electrical Engineering — Navy 

VMI Commanders 4.3.2; (Hood Raiders 3|: Treasurer 4.3.2: Pvt 
4.3.2: Frustrated Number Two Club 3; Dean's Other List 4.3.2; 
West-side Window Ornament 3.2: Band Co 4.3.2. 

Oh, would I love to say that it'll all be over in weeks, but 1 
can't. I can only say to my BR's that I missed you while I was 
away, but compared to after you leave, that will have been 

|eff, Phil, and Craig— I'll never forget you or all the laughs and 
good times— or your right wing musical tastes. Nevertheless, 
these times together have been great. Please keep in touch. 

"W.D," Keppel. left-wing partner in crime and other forays. I'll 
see you at the jade, probably over a table littered with "Bart". 

Mom. dad. and Cathy— you all have provided more help than 
you can imagine, and 1 could never begin to repay you. Maybe 
with God's and your continued help, I'll be out of this resort 
soon Thanks so much. 

This wouldn't be complete without a word of thanks to Will 
Schermerhorn, R-MC '85, so thanks, bro! Best of luck. 

Good luck Thomas— see you next year. 

Dykes 1982: David Reynolds 
.RATS: Thomas Bohlmann, Mike Milligan 





m^ ..J. -i- 

^^SPr^-^** 'Ti^. . 

' ( 



f ■ s /- 




'Norb, Mishkoff" 
Blacksburg, Virginia 
Economics — Army 

Jniled Stales Army Air-Assauil, Airborne Ranger 


Dykes 198::: Doug Smith 

iATS; Kriricchai Kloyaroon, Thongvit Noonpaclcdee 


"Big Ed. Spot, Lips, Cocker Spaniel, Mike" 
Lynchburg, Virginia 
Electrical Engineering — Army 

Cpl 3; 1st Sgt. 2: Li 1; Rugby 3.2,1: Hop and Floor 4.3,2.1: Ca- 
det Asst. 3.2.1: Cadre 3.2; IEEE 2.1: Rat Training 3; S-5 Staff 4.3; 
No- 1 Club 2/1. i.e. 2nd class parking lot member: QWIAM 1, 

If I only had four years of my life to live over again, would I 
be here? Sometimes 1 really wonder! I've had a lot of good 
times, but there were bad times too. My heart sways to and fro 
when I think of all that has happened to me and close friends 
throughout our many misfortunes and triumphs. I often contem- 
plate ideas of how I could make the friendships I've made here 
last for an eternity. I wish I could list them all but that would 
fill the page. 

Even though I feel ready to leap out into the world. 1 know I 
will yearn to relive my days here as a VMI cadet, only then 
will I realize that I've climbed the wall and led down the other 
side carefully yet roughl\. This is the one reason why VMI is 
so dear to me. being completely prepared for whatever my 
journey into the future may have to offer. 

Well, now that a short lifetime is coming to an end I look back 
to thank those so ven,- dear to me: I love you Dad— you've 
helped me to see life in a way no one else has; and to you 
Mom — I could never express to anyone my inner thoughts and 
feelings except in those special moments with you. Your loving 
and generosity has guided me through many hardships and I 
could only wish that I have given you just a small portion of 
this in return. Mom, I hope I've made you proud, I couldn't 
bear the thought of ever having let you down. Lastly to Robin, 
only time will tell how our life together will endure, but m>' 
love to you is unending, I guess this is farewell to the "I" but 
its memories to me will be the best of my lifetime. Until we 
meet again, so long guys 

■ Friend Ed! 

Dykes 1982: Ken Yates 
Rats: Robyn "Little Ed ' John 





"Book-em-Dan-O, DJ, Deej" 

Trenton, New lersey 

Mechanical Engineering — Air Force 

Virgin Private: Ring Figure Formal Ceremonies Chainnan; Ar- 
nold Air Society 3,2: Reg. Band 4.3.2: Glee Club: \'MI lo 
Rutgers shuttle service: Official M.E. Guinea Pig: Enlightened 
Band Co, transfer 1; Jello Biafra Fan Club: Football game Bar- 
Why did you come to VMI? 

That was a question I was asked on matriculation day. Being a 
scared and confused rat. I fumbled for an answer but I really 
didn't know. On that day I forgot everylhing. 


Since then I've been asked the 

still have to think about the answ 

after I've been out for a while. I give answers 

discipline, academics, and challenge. Yea— tht 

reasons— I think. 1 know this — I'm not the same 

matriculated on August 17, 1981 — now I can march 

any times. I 
I know until 
like honor, 
y were the 
person who 

O.K.. I admit it! VMI has made me a more disciplined person 
who will jhopefully) reap the benefits of its honor, academics, 
challenges (like some of the mediocre minds running itl, and 
other good stuff. 


I rush out to take < 
mfinished business: 

the ; 

al world. I need to tend to 

Mom. Dad. Kathy. and Karen— I love you all more than I kno 
how to say. Thanks for everT-'thing. Mike — I respected yo 
greatly before coming to \'MI. Now I respect vou even more- 
Dykes 1982: Alex Kuchnia 
Rats: Dan McGarriK- 




"JH, Lobe, |ovan" 
North East, Maryland 
English — Army 

Glee Club 4,3,2,1; English Society 3,2,1: Cadel Waiter 2,1; Post 
Exchange Worker 2,1; International Relations 3,2,1, 

The culture shock thai was experienced by that naive eighteen 
year old who drove through limits gates on 17 August is some- 
thing that is inexplicable. The choice to come to VMI is a 
choice often thought about, but never regreted ... for I am con- 
vinced that failure would have resulted at any other school. 

Without the help and guidance of my dykes in room 108 I 
would not be sitting here writing this right now. From the 
members of that room, I learned the pros and cons, the ins and 
outs, and most importantly, the do's and don'ts lor at least how 
to do the don'ts and not get caught|. 

The many study se.ssions in the Den with Rock, Flea, Mags, 
;e. Sponge, Stevie, and the rest of the denmates reaped 
lore fruits than spoils. Uncle Home, Shortie, Ed, Mule, Snake, 
.lonkey, and the rest of the friends I have here will all be 
emembered. The friendships that are made here at the "I" are 
nes that are never forgotten and I hope and pray that 1 will be 
ble to keep in touch with those whom 1 have grown to love so 


have been 
I Love You! 


than I could ever express to those two people who 
Tiy suslinance while here at the T', Mom and Dad, 

In reference to the changes that have ocnured, "11 is not as it 
h.ilh been of yore-Turn where-Soe'n I may. by night or day, 
the things 1 have seen 1 now can see no more." 


Dyki-s 1982; H,irr\ I Link" Hilzberger 
Rats: Anlhonv Wilson 


"Kap. Flash. H" 

Belleville, New Jersey 

Electrical Engineering — Air Force 

Pvt 4; Cpt 3; Sgt 2; LI 1; S-5 Tour Guil 
dent 1; ETA KAPPA NU 2,1-Vice Pri 
Academically Distinguished 2. 

IEEE 2.1~-Vice Presi 
dent 1; Dean's List 3,2 

VMI — A four year challenge— a place of outrageous regula 
It policing. This is where I spent four 


life. I hated this life and since tl 
to freedom. However when I mai 
I vowed never to quit. And ev 
system— the "I" has turned my li 
livered me from the life I was 
totally separated me from certair 

e first day I wanted to return 
e the decision to attend VMI, 
in though I did not like the 
e around for the better. II de- 
living in my home lown, it 
people of my past and most 

imporlantly it taught i 
Therefore, as the end 
VMI and say goodbye 


appreciate my family and love life. 
; and 1 can now look back — I thank 

Mom. I just want you to know that I obtained the strength and 
courage to excel at VMI from you, I know I made you 
PROUD— I did my best. I love you and thank you with all my 
heart, loan — no one could ask for a better sister — the never 
ending letters of encouragement kept my spirits high throughout 
my cadetship. Art and Steve, both of you are the best friends in 
the world, the constant good times kept me going— May we 
have many more in the future. The support which I received 
from my three aunts will always be remembered. The people of 
V&F who kept me in shape and having fun every summer. The 
Monster Mobile crew which supplied transportation throughout 
my cadetship and to a number of ver>' important people I did 
not mention— I thank you! 

Dykes 1982; |erry A. Walker 
RATS; Frank X. Loughlin 


"Ace. Cabbage-Head, Gus. Flyboy" 
Oceanside, California 
History — Air Force 

1; Acad 

ng Team |Sabre| 4,3,2,1; Co-Captain 1; Ring Figure Public 
ions Committee 3,2; "Twenty-Minute Workout" Watcher 2, 
lly Extinguished 4,3,2,1; Private 4,3,2,1. 

al mother "I"; it went so fast, maybe loo fast, some- 
times not fast enough. It will always be a second home to me 
in that some places and friends will always seem like home 
and family to me. There were times I hated this place and 
times I couldn't wail lo come back to it. VMI has been more 
than a college it's been a goal to be obtained. My four years of 
learning and growing would not have been possible had it not 
been for some very special people. Most importantly my parents 
without them I never could have made it. Sure, there were 
hard times and I may not have shown my full appreciation, but 
you two will always have my undying gratitude for both your 
moral as well as monetary support. 

also like to say thanks lo Colonel and Mrs. Seebode, 
and Mrs, Hays, and Chaplain Caudill. You are the best 
a guy could have. You will always be of great 

To mv rats; a 

1 I cm sav is best of lb 

clean, 1 hope 

see you both graduate 

To Roy. Your 

e like a brother lo me an 

s will be. I know 
there were times you wanted to kill me. but you always stuck 
by me and that friendsdhip and support is the most important 
thing a man can have at VMI. I hope we can meet again in our 
old-age. drink a little beer and remember the wild limes like 
Charleston. California, Ruidoso, and the '93 rooms. Take care 
my friend and may all your dreams become tomorrow's 

Dykes 1982; David C. Fritz 

RATS; Samuel L. T.ite. Mark S, Arboneaux i 



*^3t^ -^ ;\ 


"GQ. Mopped. Big Red. Carrot Top" 
Virginia Beach. Virginia 
Civil Engineering — Air Force 

R,it Ir.uning 3.2,1: Baptist Student Union; Dean's Honor 
[.isi ( ASCE 3.2,1: Concrete Canoe 2: Rugby 3; FCA 2.1; Cadre 
Cpl 1 Private 4.2.1: Chapel Choir 3.2; Arnold Air Societ\'; Self 
Aiilhurized Lale Lights 3.2; The Projects 3.2.1. 

K.u h individual that comes to VMI gets something out of it that 
IS ii.ihl to relay to anyone else. These past four years have been 
.in .Ajif-rience. When we first came here as rats we did not 
^nuu what to expect. Stripped of every individual aspect that 
ve had acquired in the past 18 years. By using our own 
lourage. personality, and strength we who sun.'ived became the 
^MI Class of 1985, 

T one can endure the pressure that VMI continually puts on a 
:adet during his everlasting struggle to build character, then 
hat person has become a whole man. One who knows in his 
leart when it is time to stand up for what he believes in and 
pursue that ambition that separates the men from the men 
ibove men. 

To I 

)m. dad. 
that I c 

nd lack: Thanks for all your support The 
uld have come this far without \out love. 

you all. 

To |im. loanne. and Pal: Be the best you can be. 

To my brother rats; Thanks guys. 

Lard, give me the strength to change the things I can. 
the courage to accept the things that I can not. and the 
wisdom to know the difference. 

Dykes 1982: Christopher S. S 
RATS: Carl Alfred Mitlehner 


"Wedge. Kepplemaggot. Mario Andretli" 
Richmond, Virginia 
Civil Engineering — Army 

Pvt.; VMI Firefighters 3.2,1: Bomb Staff 3; VMI Cadet 2. 
1; ASCE 2.1: Concrete Canoe 2.1; ■"Projects" Resident 2.1: VMI 
Scuba Diving Club 2,1; Cadet Waiter 1; Circle K 1; After Taps 

T. P. Club 1: VMI Summers '83. ■84. 

Well, what a long strange trip it's been! I'd just like to thank 
those who helped me through the last 4 years. Mom and Dad. 
my eternal thanks. Without your and God's help, I never would 
have made it. You have given me much more than I deserve 
and I pray I can repay you. To Chuck "Space " Pace. I owe you 
a lot of the low mischief/penalt>' ratio I have kept |til this year, 
thank you). Thanks for showing me the ropes, dyke! To my 
roommates (Begs. Bobby joe. Michael. Mule. Mikey. John Hen- 
n.', Dave and Tom) thanks for the company and for protecting 
me from myself. To Tex and D.J,, thanks for the good times and 
the good music. To the guys in the '"Projects", thanks for mak- 
ing our corner the best in Barracks. Molly, thank you for mak- 
ing rat year a lot more bearable, chum. Margaret and the girls 
at Sem. keep on having good times and stay happylTo my rat. 
■'Frank " Burns, good luck in y our next 3 years. I hope I've 
been a good example of how to have fun and still get some- 
thing done. Last, but most special to me. Anne I'll always love 
you and I pray we have many happy years ahead of us! |143. 
Skippy] I'd like to leave this austere institute of high learning 
with a <]Uote I have often found appropriate: 

White collar conservatives flashing down the 
Pointing their plastic fingers at me 

ey hope that 
1 going lo wa 

my kind will drop and dif 
■ freak flag high. 

Dykes 1982: Chuck "Wacky 11" Pace 
Rats: Bill "Ferret Face" Burns 


"El Rey, Bennett, Meader. Colonel. Pooh Bear" 
Virginia Beach. Virginia 
Modern Languages — Army 

Pvt. 4; Cpl. 3, PM. 3: Sgt. 2; Pvl. 2: Lt. 1: FCA 3.2.1; Cadel .Asa 
3: Rugby 3.2; USMC Marathon 1; CRC 3,2.1. 

lt'.s not over until the fat lady sings. So while she is wanning 
up I'd like to thank all the people who have helped me through 
the VMI challenge. To the Merediths, your contributions have 
been far greater than words could express. [Doctor Monsour. I 
thank \'ou and hope that I can one day help others who have 
passed through limits gates. I have always been given the 
freedom and support to make my owTi decisions, attending \*M1 
was a major one. thanks Mom and Dad for being behind me all 
the way. |ust how do you thank the people who have made you 
what you are? I love you! Now comes the really tough part, 
thanking Neb. Matt. Giovanni. Neil. Squirrel, and a handflil of 
others, for sharing the laughter and the memories. You guys are 
awesome! Above all else, thanks be to GodI Good luck class of 
1985, lets keep in touch. I almost forgot. 1 owe a great deal of 
thanks to my sixth grade school teacher, who suggested to me, 
while I was her student, that I go to X'MI. I'm glad I did iL 
Linda, thank you! 

Dvkes 1982; Duke Addison 

Rats: Mike Anderson. David Carter 






Salem. Virginia 

Histor\'. English— Marine Corps 

Academically Dislinguished 3.2.1; Deans List 4.3,2.1; Cadel 
Program Board 4,3.2,1; Marine Detach.. Institute Escorts; Cadel 
Activities Comm ; Rat. Corp.. Sgt.. 3rd Batt, S-3 Lt,; Blue Whaler 
2.1: SCSC 2. 

What can 1 say about the VMI experience that hasn't been 
said? Not much, huh? It's easy to say it's been a long, arduous 
four years. What an understatement. Yet I've come to realize 
its the good not the bad times you tend to remember. VMI sur- 
vival rests on a good sense of humor. I will never forget the 
ratline, Goshen, road trips. Zollman's. hotel parties, blue whales. 
Ring Figure. OCS. and my weekly pilgrimages to Mary 
Baldwin. VMI is truly a formative experience and I feel the 
better for it. Despite all its shortcomings and frustrations. I 
wouldn't have gone to any other school. 

To Bush. Hammie. [eb. Flea. Hook. Ralph and all my other 
Brother Rats. I will always cherish the friendships we have. I 
believe we've finally made it. You guys are the best, and I'll 
miss you all. Good luck. I am mostly indebted to those who 
really got me through this place. To Dad. Mom. Bill. Keith. 
Kenneth, and Anne. I am eternally grateful for your love and 
support through the years. 1 love you all more than anything. I 
hope I've made you proud. Goodbye VMI. Godspeed 85. 

"I am grown peaceful as old age tonight. 
I regret little. I would change still less. 
Since there my past life lies, why alter it? ' 

"I am a part of all that I 
Yel all experience is an 
Gleams that untraveied ' 
Forever and forever wh< 

Dykes 1982: Keith |arvis 
Rats: Peter Moore. Eric D'Ann 


se margin fade 



Gloucester, Virginia 

English — Special Student 

P\t- Hop and Floor Comm. 4.3.2,1: English SocieU' 1: La- 
crosse 2: Thai Big ol' No, 1 Club: Copenhagen. Beer, and )immy 
Buffelt 4.3.2,1 , 

The Virginia Mililars Instilule— uhal a differeni and intriguing 
place I opled to call my school. The Institute is certainly not 
your ordinary college and those who choose to enter it are not 
ordinars-- Extraordinary maybe? Yes. some would be classified 
as such. Abnormal perhaps? Without a doubt many would fit in 
this categar>'. I. and the majority of people I call true friends 
however, are the normal people around this place. This brings 
me to the most cherished and memorable aspect of the 
Institute— the friends I have made. I've been fortunate. Meade, 
Sponge, the boys in S-56. W,G.. H. etc., you guys are something 
else. My roommates. Davey Baby. Timmy-Tims. jakester-I 
could not ask for any better. Mike and Alan, my buddies and 
my dykes, stick it out because it is worth it in the long haul. 
Also, you boys and girls back home have helped out a 
bunch — you know who you are, 

"It's those changes in latitudes, changes in 
attitudes, nothing remains quite the same— 
with all of our running and all of our cunning, 
if we couldn't laugh we would all go insane," 

jimmy Buffelt 

Finally, and most importantly. I would like to thank my 
family— Pop-Pop. Bucky. Kap. Gray. Blair, and Tee— for all the 
love and support you all have given me throughout my four 
years. Thanks again. I never would have made it without yall 

VV H,K, 

Dykes 1982: Mel Nowlin 
Rats: Mike Corson, Alan Hurd 



Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

History' — Army 

Boxing Club 2,1: Sport Parachute Club 3: Karate Club 3; Dean's 
List 2; VMI Theater 3. 


I often remember hard times more vividly than the good ones. 
Maybe that's because the good times were less frequent. I'll al- 
ways remember my confinement. PTs. and the thirty-two hour 
weekend VMI grants. But there were fun Hop weekends, a 
great summer in Canada, and a fantastic summer with Su.san. 
As for my roommates. I'll never forget you or the times we had. 
All of these things I will cherish. Without them, barracks life 
would have been unbearable. To my family. I owe more than 
thanks. Each of you listened to my unreasonable complaints 
and still helped me however you could. The sheepskin is yours. 

And even though I i 

Dykes 1982: Bill Burnetle 
R.ils: Ted Wagner 

I lo 

I all. 


^ ^ 



"Ranger Klein" 
Salisbur>'. North Carolina 
Civil Engineering — Army 

Pvl. 4.3.2,1; Dean's List; Academic Distinguished 2: 
Distinguished Military Student 2.1; Ranger Platoon; ASCE; Civil Engineering Society 2.1; ASME ROTC Medal of 
Merit; Airborne Ranger |OOOORAH!|, 

I would like to thank my family, classmates, and instructors for 
all the help and support they have given me over these difficult 
years. Dykes, no matter how hard it may seem just remember to 
keep your head up and "drive on". 

tJykes 1982: Scott Woodell 
Rats; Mike D. Owens 


"Lambchop, Homer. Baba. Baaaaa" 
Falls Church, Virginia 
Engineer — Air Force 

t. 4; Cpl. 3; Pvt. 2.1; IEEE 3.2.1; SAME 3,2; Cadet Battery 4.3. 
sport Parachute Club 3; Abn School 1; VMI Firefighters 1; 
lan's List 2; Dean's Other List 4.3.1 

When I came to VMI, I knew little of its history and 
traditions. I would have been totally lost if it were not for my 
dyke. Tom. you helped me more than you know, and set an 
example for me to follow. I don't think I've let you down. 

These last four years have taught me a lot about myself. I've 
done things I have never dreamed of. Many of these personal 
triumphs would not have been possible without the encourage* 
ment and help of my Brother Rats. Pip. four long years together 
and four more for you on the seven seas, good luck, |eff. too 
bad you spent so much time on the big "C". you never let it get 
you down though, good luck in the Army. Mike, work hard for 
that sheepskin, its worth it. don't give up. 



> told w 

hen w 


Rats that the key to 


[:cess wa 


I can' 

tell yc 

u how 

true that is. but m> 

icrifice i 


part of the 



and Dad. you have 


rificed a 

much as 

1 have 

All of those 

restless nights worp,i 


about mt 

as a 


All the 

time a 

^d mo 

ley you have spent o 

n n 

rie canno 



ured in 


r dollars, 1 know at times I 

m to take 



or gran 

ed. bu 

if it 

weren't for you I wo 


not havt 



ces 1 h 

ave no 

V. As 

long as I live I can 


'er repa\ 



1 don't 


it. but I love you m 


than VOL 

I hope 1 have made 

D\'kes 1982: Thomas "Stonewall" |ackson Ingrarr 
Ralsi Edward Dana VVailenthin 



Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Engineer — Army 

Southern Conference Baseball Freshman of the Year 4: Dean's 
List Breckenridge Memorial Baseball Award 3: Third 
Team Baseball Academic All-American 2: Virginia Pilot- 
Massenburg Baseball Award 2; Academically Distinguished 2: 
Treasurer of VMI CE Societ\' 1. 

After attending VMI for four years I am absoluteh- sure about 
one thing— I'm ready to graduate. I have learned many \-aluable 
lessons during my four years stay and I want to give special 
thanks to these people who helped me along that road. 
First. Coach White and Coach .Maini. you two have been an in- 
spiration on and off the baseball field. I want to say thanks to 
the professors in the CE Department- Richard and |ames good 
luck! Finally Tony. [oe. and jack the memories will never be 
forgotten! i could not have asked for better roommates. 
Another person who has been instrumental during my stay at 
VMI is Christine. Thanks for being so patient and 
understanding. We sure have had many laughs and great times 
together. You are a fantastic person. 

allv. I 

3 made 

. Yc 

■ parents. Without the support and 
; throughout my life I ne\'er would 
ery special. I am grateful- 

In closing, the full VMI experience is truely unique. The Rat 
Line molded us into a class and the last three years molded us 
into \'MI men- Only a \'MI alimini can truely understand this 

"Lifes' battles don't always go 
to the stronger or faster man. 
but sooner or later the man who 
wins is the man who thinks he can." 

D\kes 1982: Mike Eden "THE S\',\KE" 
Rats: Richard Stone. |ames Jannusch 






"leff, [effbo, Hey You" 

Arlington, Virginia 

Mechanical Engineering — Air Force 

Rugby 2,1: Cadel Program Board 4,3.2,1: Presidenl 1: Cadel As- 
sislanl 3,2,1: Firefighter 3,2,1: A.AS 3,2,1: Maggol 4: Corporal 3: 
SergHanl 2: CapUin 1: Busied twice: Blue Whaler 2,1: Homogea 
Club: Gone, 

111 never forgel my first day at VMl. My dad looked around 
and said, "You're going to have a lot of fun here," A few hours 
later I saw my room and figured that either the interior 
decoration wasn't finished yet or that it was some sort of 
storage room. Why there was a mirror and sink 
room I wasn't sure. Well, I soon adjusted to the w, 
sure enough I have had some great times during 
at VMl Isurely not to forget numerous months of 
frustrations of ever>- kind etc, etc, etc.). I'll alvva 
the friends I've made here, especially the dwellt 
room 140: Bullet, Gnalman and Kelvin, Too 
Ihey and evervthing we've done together wil 

a storage 
of life and 


ellers of storage 
nuch for words, 
never be forgot- 


, dad, and brother |ohnny for being 
mine. Even though I don't say it ever^' day you're the most I 
could ever ask for. Thanks for your support of whatever I want- 
ed to do and giving me the responsibility of choosing my own 
way. Thanks for the second chances, and thanks for being 
there, I can't leave out my dyke. Randy Parker, who is probably 
responsible for my still being here. I couldn't have had a better 

Well. I sure hope it was all worth it. It's at least something 111 
never, ever forget. 

tJykes 1982: Randy Parker 
Rats: Bill Oregon, 


"Stan. Scratch. Learge" 

Madison, New [ersey 

Electrical Engineering — Marine Corps 

Pvt. 4,3,2, Drum Major 1: Tanker Pit. 3.2.1: Dive Club 2.1: TCFC 
'85: Cadet Battery 3.2: Pep Band 4.2.1 

Kevin, my co-\'ankee & engineer from club 124. You've got the 
heart and spirit of an LA. who knows how to enjoy college. 
We've had some wild limes and ended up in wild places, like 
in a car speeding around winding roads or on the cliff of a 
in the middle of the night. Lets have some more wild 
P.S. A monlh wasn't that bad. was if? G.R.B. 

What can you say about da kid from jersey, 'cept. "What 
you live at? " Kevin came waltzing into VMl with the grin 

yankee. and the heart of a NY. Giants fan. but 4 
Shenandoah Valley got the best of Kev and now you ain't nev- 
er seen a more southern yankee. or a better friend. A roommate 
of 4 years, but a brother forever. Bound by the trials and tribu- 
lations know only to the VMl man. B. Hard 

Kevin was the only one to stay in Band Co.. but he had a 
reason: He got those stripes and that drum major-ship just like 
he said. At least he kept drum major all year— wanna go out 
Saturday. Kev? We made it through all 4 years as roommates, 
and even though there were distinct conflicts at limes, there 
could never have been another like you. Good luck in the real 
world, ACB 

VMl is an experience. Without Babs. Brent, and jerry it 
wouldn't have been fun. Thank you mom and dad. I learned to 
appreciate the little things in life. I am proud to be a VMl man. 
and to say "I've done it." Good luck to all my friends. "May 
the road rise up to meet you ..." 

Dykes 1982: Robin N. Godshall 
RATS: fames Michael West 


"].]., General" 
Lynchburg, Virginia 
Economics — Army 


ice Presid 
1 Athletes: 

4,3,2,1: Honor Court 1: Fellowship of 
iity Football Lettered 1. 

When I entered Jackson Arch on that hot. humid day (August 
17. 19821 1 fell as if I had lost all the friends I had in this 
world. Little did I know that within the years to come I would 
grow closer to a group of people than I had ever been to any- 
one in my life. People that 1 knew would be beside me if I 
ever needed help. To the class of 1985. you'll always be in my 
fondest of memories. In closing to you I won't say goodbye after 
graduation, but until we meet again. To mom. dad. Mike— I 
can't express how much I love you. If it had not been for your 
love and support. I would have never made it. To Mike. Andy. 
Mick and Bart, Thanks for the times that we've spent together. 
Who could ever forget the midnight excursions or "Spunk." In 
closing always remember. 

"To achieve all that is possible- 
We must attempt the impossible 
To be as much ; 
We must dream 

:an be- 

D\kes 1982: Ton\ Appollo' Edwards 
RATS: Tom Knox 



"George. Bobby Joe, Grenlin" 
Pottstown. Pennsvlvania 
Civil Engineering — Navy 

ASCE 3.2.1: Civil Engineering Societ>' of VMl 2.1 (Sec]; Con- 
crete Canoe 2.1; Deans Lisl; Number 1 Club; TCFC; 
Ring Const. Comm.: Ring Figure Mag.; Rock Painting Comm.; 
Drug and Alcohol Comm.; VMI Theatre 4.3.2; Rugby; Timmins 
Music SocieK 3.2 (Pres). 1; The Project 3.2.1. 

The decision to attend VMI was mine alone, I arrived here 
with ver\- little idea of what was to come Now I know I would 
not do it again, but I have learned much during my stay. The 
things I have been taught will not be forgotten. The friends I 
have now will always be my friends. 

I owe a debt of gratitude to the institute. She is a stern 
taskmaster, but I now feel as though I am ready to face any- 
thing that will come my way because of what she has taught 
me. And to the many Brother Rats who made this place bear- 
able. I offer my sincere thanks. 

To my two greatest mentors. BG Knapp and Capt. Kirkley. I 
can only say that you have taught me more than surveying and 
concrete. You taught me the important and the true meaning of 
"Building Character," Once again. I have blundered into the 
truth: The truth of understanding. 

Stash. Phil, and Todd: Kimmy will be my wife in June. Could 
I ever repay you for that? I'll keep tr>'ing. but in the mean time, 
slay in touch. 

I cannot say enough to my family or to Chaplain Caudill for 
the love and support you gave me. 

Kimberly Christine, we are just now beginning the life for 
which we have waited so long. Your patience and love have 
been my biggest help. I love you. my Honey Lamb- 

Coming to VMI ' 

D>'kes 1982: Rick Kit 
Rats: Brian O'Neel 

I mistake; staying wa 
ter. Doug Burch 


Upper Marlboro, Maryland 
Electrical Engineering — Air Force 

IEEE; Golf 1; AAS. 

Well, its been a long four years. Ones thai will go down in in- 
famy, but we finally made it, I would like to begin by thanking 
every one for their support. To my parents, thank you for your 
love and encouragement you have given me. Without it I know- 
that I would never have had the will to stick with it. To both of 
my sisters, thank you for your patience with me. 1 know how 
much you enjoyed all those letters that I wrote the past four 
years. Finally to the boys in 140, thank you for making this 
place seem a little less routine, and a little more light mud- I 
only hope that we keep in touch in the future. Thank you all 
and God bless 

Dykes 1982: Bill Caulfield 
Rats: Steve Place 


Richmond. Virginia 
Biology — Army 

Football Track Ft. Lauderdale 2: Pi.1 4.3^: SuppK- 
Sgt 1; Monogram Club 3.2,1. 

As I sit and ponder what I will write I am tr>ing lo figure oul 
how to put three years into this shorl space. So many names, so 
many faces, so many good times. \'M! teaches much, but most 
of all I treasure the lesson of friendship. When I've goRen 
down there has always been someone to pull me through, espe- 
cialh John, Matt, and Dave who have put up with me, even be- 
fore seven A.M. 

Mom and dad. I thank 
and tolerance. No one cc 
that has given more. 

for your support comfort ad\ice 
ask for better parents or a family 

though r 

All thats left to 

Ken and Brenda for 
Doc for the advice anc 
i Dolphin fan. 

.■Ml the worlds a stage. 
And all the men and w. 
They have their exits ar 
.And each over time pla; 

Dykes 1982: Charlie Sharp 
Rats: Steve Krickovic, [ohn Kay 

home away from home, 
your personal touch even 

nerely playei 
r entrances: 
y pjarts. 






"Moonbeam. Beamer. Lukus. Lumus" 

Richmond, Virginia 

Civil Engineering — Air Force 

Karate Club. Treasurer 2, President 1; Society' of American 
MititaPi- Engineers 3,2.1: Regimental Band; Dean's Honor List; 
American Societ>' of Civil Engineers 3,2,1; Pep Band 4; Crippled 
2: Highway Cruiser 1; Private 4,3,2,1. 

What can 1 say )ay? You've been a great friend. I feel ver>' for- 
tunate to have had the opportunity to room with you. I will 
never forget your cruelty to insects or your fantastic break 
dancing. You have worked ver\' hard with even'lhing VMI has 
challenged you with. It is with this determination and strength 
that I know you will succeed in all that you do. Good luck al- 
ways. PUD 

lay Lucas dances different, went to Uncle |oe's School of Illogi- 
cal Thought, eats like a horse, runs faster than ME, and even 
has a newer car, but he's my friend anyway. A good friendship 
I cherish. Go for it |ay. DMO 

Well, now its my turn. Time has flown by since August the 
17th 1981 I really had a lot of good times. The bad ones have 
faded as the years roll by Thank you Mom. Dad, |anie, Guy, 
and all of my Brother Rats, I wouldn't have made it without 
you. I came here for the challenge and i got more than I bar- 
gained for. I'll never regret coming to VMI though. I don't 
know what lies ahead, but knowing the future would lake the 
challenge out of life. I appreciate everyone who has made my 
life easier. I hope I can do the same for you. Ill see you on 
down the road Brother Rats, Co for the challenge and take 


[Jykes 1982: Russ Ebersol 

Rats: Glenn Latham. Mike Milligan 


"lay, Malachi. Curious George. Narcoleptic" 
Binghamton. New York 
Historv' — Marine Corps 

P\'t. 4.3.2,1: Rugby 4,3,2.1; Cadet Waiter 1: English SocieU 3,2,1: 
Vice Pres. 1; Sustaining Member VMI Lawn and Tennis Assoc; 
Number One Club: Dyke School 2: Daniels Den Bar and Grill 

VMI, a savage iourney into the heart of the American Dream, 
or was it a nightmare? Sure this place has its ups and downs, 
it's like an emotional roller coaster, but in retrospect I can onl\' 
remember the good times. 

VMI has taught me a lot about myself and others, but most of 
all it has taught me to take on a challenge and come out on 
lop. The people I've met here are the biggest asset of all. GOO. 
MAGS, DAVE and TAYLOE I couldn't have done it without 
you guys: thanks for everything any may our bonds of 
friendship only become stronger with time. 

Mom and dad, you have helped me most of all. None of this 
would have been possible without your support and guidance. 
Thanks. I love you both. 

Dykes 1982: |on K, Molt "Bamboo" 
RATS: [ohn "Zorro" Scarpino 


"Haiker. Foreheadboy. Sandboy. Mango" 
Fairport, New York 
Histor>\ German— Army 

Deans List -; Ranger Pit. 4.3: Acad Disl. 3: International 
Relations Club 3.2.1. V.P.; AUSA Pres.: Cpl 3; Sgl 2; 
Regt S-4 1: Airborne. DMS. International Relation Minor; Who's 

II happened so quickly i can hardh express alt that is impor- 
tant in my four years here. To start with. Virginia proved to 
make it a lot more bearable. Fun and friendliness comes easy 
here and. as a Neu Yorker. I learned a lot to take back home. 

I couldn't have made it alone, of course. Friends and room- 
mates (sometimes there's a difference) help make it a team ef- 
fort, A roadtrip to Goshen or to Florida with the guys put 
ever\thing into the background. 

My dyke, long since departed. I have to thank for setting me on 
the right path I bested his few days of confinement in four 
years by never having had to sign a check. Thanks. Dave. 

If my family at home and all the fa 
Virginia hadn't been here. I would've 
now is to show that the time spent 
lowly third, a fun-loving second and 

ies I came to know in 
en really lost. My goal 
1 a bald-headed rat. a 
aspiring first was not 

vish good luck to i 
u I wouldn't have 

one I came to kn 
ed half as much a 

VMI. Without 

Dykes 1982: David Holzback 
Rats: Hugh Brien 




,w ^\ 


"Peach Stand" 

Pine Mountain, Georgia 

Economics — Army 

Virgin Private: Football 4,3.2,1: Society' of Young Economist 2, 
President 1; Investment Club, President 1: Dean's List 4,3,2,1; 
Pre-Law Societ>' 2,1: Omicron Delta Epsilon; Monogram Club 1: 
President— Tommys Peach Stand: Number 1 Club: C.R.C. Ca- 
noe Club 3,1: Beta Theta 

The dei 

ion to attend V M.I was the toughest of m\ 
'e many emotional hours spent reasoning how 
sre surely the place for me, but when the de 
I knew in V.M.I.. I made the right choice. 

: later, the: 



; certainly been 
are what will 

cherished forever. Through the good and bad, we have neve 
failed to laugh. From Rats to Firsts we have somehow managet 
to make it all fun. As our time together concludes and we an 
finally able to enter the real world, thank you V.M.I, for all thi 
valuable lessons, and the best friends of my life 

Finally, to my family, I owe ever\'thing 
the Lord. Mother and Daddy, there is 
Our Love has made it all special. 

Dykes 1982: Carl Showalter 

Rats: Curren Bowen. Bill McCarrah 




Chester, Virginia 

Economics, Modern Language — Air Force 

VM! Theatre— President 3.2.1: BSU Council 3.2.1; Reli- 
gious Council 4.3.2,1; Rat 4; Cpl. 3; Color Sgl. 2; Sgt. 2; 3rd Btn. 
S-5 1; S-5 Staff 3.2.1; Computer Asst. 1. 

With a lot of anxiety and ven,' little knowledge of my undertak- 
ing I plunged into an endeavor that would capture four long 
and often difficult years of my life. 1 had entered into a world 
that would reshape the experiences of my past and force me 
into a process of maturation that would have gone undeveloped 
if dependent solely upon self- I have truly begun to grasp the 
meaning of faith. The honor for which each cadet stands 
proudly has given me faith in at least a portion of a socieW in 
which honor has seemingly become obsolete. The loyalty of my 
friends and brother rats has given me faith in a brotherhood 
that rarely exists among the generations that we witness today. 
The undying love and patience of my parents has given me 
faith in the wisdom that they have always possessed, though at 
times I have neglected to accept it. The unseparable love of my 
Lord has revived and reiterated my faith in the eternal strength 
without which love, life, and salvation would be impossible. For 
these gifts, and many others. I will always be grateful to VMI. 

To my mother and father I give my love. To Steve, Zane. 
Mark, and Matt |and DCj I owe more than I will ever be 
capable of repaying. To Maj, Robert |ames and Cathy, and es- 
pecially the Pett>''s. I extend my sincerest thanks and love for 
my "homes away from home," Finally. I must congratulate Tom 
for sun.'iving two years as my roommate, and Laura who has 
helped me and blessed me more than she will ever know. 


In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good 
world. — lohn 16;33 

Dykes 1982: Ion A. Roach 

Rats: Garith Palme. David Holland 


"Sammy. Sambo. Slam" 

Manassas. Virginia 

Civil Engineering — Air Force 

Corporal 3; Wrestling Team 4: Alcohol and Dnjg Awa 
Committee 3.2.1; AFROTC Vice Commandant Award: AFROTC 
Cadet Training Officer. Airborne. VMI Firefighters 1. 

rd like to thank my mom and dad for supporting me through 
my years at VMI. Appreciation is also extended to my dyke. 
|im McCrar\- 82 for guidance during my rat year. 

From my rat year until present, I've learned a great deai from 
"Mother I. " My ideals have changed and I no longer take for 
granted certain privileges. Never will I forgo another Friday 
night's festivities 

I sorn. that I can't impress upon an outsider 'The 
VMI experience" by use of words alone. Only we. the men. 
who have become graduated 'Brother Rats" will know the ca- 
maraderies, heartbreaks, worries, thrills, and triumphs of this 
noble institution 

Dykej 1982: |im K McCrar> 
Rats: Peter M, McCran- 

"""^^^f. ...^ 

:^ ^V 


"Slink\'. Grubby. Woodie" 
Oakland. New Jersey (Exit 156b) 
Civil Engineer — Nav>' 

Scub.i Clul) 3,2,1; SoflbdII 3; VValer Polo 1; ASCE; Cadet 
Assisianl 2; Number One Club 3; 02 Crew 3.2.1: Private 

Well. I finally pulled it off. To go through the gor\' dc 

would make even the most casual observer skeptical. Although 
there were many people who contributed to my triumph. Ron- 
nie and Paulas names should be right along side of mine on 
the old sheepskin. Now it is time to move onward and upward. 
but 1 will always remember where I have been. Hopefully the 
hardest part is over, but who knows what evil lurks. By the 
way. I may have done it the hard way, but it sure was a good 
deal more interesting 

Dykes 1982: Fat Man Varga 
Rats: Dizz>> Gillespie 


"Marshman, Redneck Hillbilly, Mush" 
Hazard, Kentucky' 
Biolog>' — Army 

Football 4.3; Athletic Trainer 2; Chapel Choir 4.3; Color Guard 
2: Drug and Alcohol 2,1; Timmins Music Societ\' 3.2. 

Virginia Mililan' Institute!!! Sounds prett>' exciting doesn't it? 
Thafs what I thought when I received my acceptance in "81. 
Matriculation and the next four weeks sure changed my mind. 
Why didnt I quit? Why didn't we all quit? God knows I want- 
ed to! My strength wasn't my own at first it came from home. 
Thanks mom. dad. and Kenny, The past four years are a blur. I 
guess it's because VMI has taught us not to dwell in the past, 
but to keep pushing forward. Sometimes it's painful to look 
back, but I will for a moment. It seems that the good and the 
bad have balanced out over the last four years. The ratline, 
RDC. bones, confinement. PT's. academics: I need not list them 
all. It's all over, finished forever. Hopefully we'll be able to for- 
get all these and remember the Ring Figure. Parent's weekends, 
football games, breakout, graduation and ail the events that 
have help us maintain our sanit>'. Thanks Todd. Dave. Terr\' 
and brother rat Biolog\- majors you have been the best, in the 
future I'm sure I'll long to return to my room in barracks and 
crawl in my rack just to think and sort things out for awhile 
like I have a thousand times before, but goodbye Virginia Mili- 
tan' Inslitute- 

Pam I can't forget 
future. I love vou sv 

Dykes 1982; Gray Scott 
Rats: Steven King 

use you are definitely part of : 
I linger in the past. 


"Timmy-Timms, Too-Tall. Blood" 

Troutville. Virginia 

Electrical Engineering — Air Force 

IEEE 2.1: Corporal 3; Private; Sport Parachute 3: AAS 1: 
Marathon 1; Softball 3; Ghetto 3.2; Ring Figure Comm. 2: 
Dean's List 2; Beer Drinking 

Man\ of my classmates will praise the Institute, proclaiming 
that she has tempered them into that proverbial VMI man. 
They maybe right. Others will vehemently damn this place, 
condemning the falseness of that same man. They may also be 
right. 1 subscribe to neither belief and yet to both. Against what 
is this man measured? I disagree with more than a few Institute 
policies, yet have done little more than nothing to change them. 
And what have I done to maintain those qualities with which I 
agree? Nada. Over the years I have developed a philosophy— a 
mental aloofness of sorts, about the I. It never did and never 
will instigate all of my dreams, but neither has it induced hor- 
rid nightmares. VMI is a single, simple stepping slone in the 
adventures of a solitan.' man. What he lakes from her is what 
he desires from her. She may be a loving wife to some, nurtur- 
ing and passionate, and to others a loathsome whore, vile and 
destructive. What is she to me? Perhaps just one concubine in a 
line of many. Intertwining with little emotion. Somewhere along 
the path I lost many of the qualities I liked in myself and re- 
placetl them with qualities that I am unsure of. but I found 
something that other travelers must have overlooked. A trite 
expression— the trite of life. Every other day brings a new 
adventure— a short stor\' or a novel. A personal antholog>' that 
makes life interesting— a collection of sorrow and triumph, VMI i 
being a single chapter, written with a dedication to and love fc 
Mom and Dad. Dan and Julie. DOC. Wooski and [akeste 
Goodbye VMI. 

Next Chapter . , 

Dykes 1982; Austin "AB" Beckham 
RATS: Calvin "Cai-von" Anderson 




**. / 





Petersburg. Virginia 

Civil Engineering — Army 

VMI Firefighlers 2.1: ASCE 3.2.1. Private; The Projecls 2. 
1: Number 1 Club: Rugby 2: Concrele Canoe 1. 

VMI has been a ver\' different experience, some good, many 
bad. I owe the good time to m\ wonderful girlfriend. Terrie. 
who comforted and consoled me during my rat year and 
showed me the real college life in the years that 'followed. 
Thanks Babe! Special thanks to Mom and Dad who gave me 

unlimited love and encouragement 
than Ihey probably know. I take 

which has helped me more 

close friendships which I hope 
Thanks also (o my dyke. Mel who 

once told me. "You ought to 

leave while you can cause it doe 
right except for maybe now Rich a 

n"t get any better.'" He was 
nd Larrv mv two roommates 

who were consistantly dependable 
lonely nights at the window. Arent 

and kept me company those 
you glad ifs finally over 

Dykes 1982: Melvin Tallev 

Rats: John P. Hesslin 


"Art. Artie. Bulldog" 

CanfieM. Ohio 

Electrical Engineering— Social Student 

Football 4.3,2.1: Wrestling 4.3.2,1: Cadet Cpl.: Sergeant: First Li 
2nd Bat Staff: Deans List 2.1: President Eta Kappa Nu: Secr< 
tar,' IEEE, 

I would first like to thank God for watching over 
long hard years. 

The one thing I will probabh- miss most of all about VMI are 
the sports that I participated in. The comraderj that is built 
between the team members is everlasting. The feelings before 
and during a game are feelings that no person can describe. 
There is nothing like competition- 
Mark, good luck to you in the future. You've been a great 
roommate. Johnny, what can I say' We've been through the last 
three years together gutting it out, I don't think III ever forget 
studying in the machines lab for finals. Remember |ohnv don't 
ever be satisfied! Give'em hell at AFIT! 

Mom and Dad. I could not have done it without you. Thank 
you for your support, your prayers, your guidance and your 
love I love you both very much, Karen, Annie and |udy. I love 
you all! There is no family that loves each other more than the 
Massaro family. Grams thank you ven- much for the ring, it 
really means a lot to me. Grandpa you were right. >ou can do 
anything if you tell yourself you can. ffs all a state of mind, 

"Every person and every job will have its critics: A man must 
live in such a manner, that the criticism is over-shadowed b\ 
the quality of his work " —Arthur P, Massaro. Sr, 


nd whe 

Dykes 1982: |ohn Bie 
RATS: Sam Thorpe 


"Mully. Spunk\'. Ripples. Beachball Head" 
Lynchburg, Virginia 
Civil Engineering 

G Company Supply Sgl,: Football Lacrosse 3.2.1: Capcain 
of Lacrosse Team 1: Monogram Club: .Vuraber One Club: 218 
Cocktail Club: Birthday Coram. 

When I was little, the only college I ever knew anilhing about 
was \'.M.I. IThanks to General )oe| It was the greatest place on 
earth to a little kid at weekend football games, and it was 
where I always thought I wanted to go, .^t least up until mv ju- 
nior year in high school. Then my "natural" playbo>- instincts 
took over and I decided I wanted to go to school at UVA. 
Hampden Sydney, or even W&L. But for some strange reason 
none of them accepted me. So I ended up at \,M,I_ right 
where deep down 1 knew I would end up. Through my foiu- 
years at \',M,I, there hasn't been one dull moment veL Even 
with all the confinement, lack of class pri\ileges. and demerits 
It seems that one's life at \'.M.I, could get right boring, but 
there's always those friends who made the same mistakes and 
are there with you to make even confinement a blast. That's 
really the slorv of my whole cadelship. Being at \'_\LL the 
friendships developed seem to push to the wa\-side all of the 
hassels aside, and have made my stay here one I will never 
forget. But the real mainstay of my acHriUes at \'.M.I. whether 
good or bad. has been my family and my parents. Without their 
support it would have been much more difficult as a cadet. 
Thank you for evervthing. 

Dykes 1982: Gra\' Hagvvood 

Rats: Clones 1 & 2: Ned Hannegan. Graham Hatcher 



'OU if 

GARY F.L. McClelland 


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Economics — Navy 

Swim Team Caplain. Leiterman J,3.2,l; Waler Polo -; Scu- 
ba Cadet Assislant Vice President 2.1; Composite Committee 2.1; 
FCA; Aviators Club 3.2; Monogram Club; New- 
man Club; Squadron Member Blue Whaler 2.1; CC.S.C, 

To finally 

ailed a VMI man is exciting. The VMI 
experience is one 1 never regretted. They look boys and molded 
them into Men of 85. But the road to graduation was not 
smooth. But as usual my family was there to help me. Mommy 
and Pops, your discipline gave me the character to accept VMI 
but your installation of "Never quit. Son!" made me strive for 
the diploma. Folks a thank you isn't enough for how much you 
sacrificed for me. All of my accomplishments. I owe to you! I 
love you! And thanks to my sisters and brother-in-laws. Without 
them and their crazy antics I could never have kept my sanity. 
They taught me to laugh when I felt like cr\'ing. Thank you 

family for your li 
that people do c 
lessons in patieni 
the ABO helped 
tion goes to Maj 
the pressures and smile, 
shaft at Smith Hall but 
drop everything 

But I 

Coach jo 

: at VMI. Thank 
I owe all my swimming 
; to live at VMI. And my deepest apprecia- 
Dan Troppolli, He showed me to accept all 
;mile. You are the man who always got the 
ou were the same man that would 
God bless you. Hey B.R.s we did it!! 

Even though Ihe big 4 star hated 
provements". And finally thanks I 
rip-snortin-good-time together. Boy th( 
bonds and love we formed \ 
a guy could have as brothers. But 
blotter? Well 85 we are out of he: 
turtles! Good luck! God bless the Bli 


Dykes 1982: Nick Roper 

Rats: Evan (T.P.I lones. Ricky IT D I 

ived a lot of "im 

Guys we had i 

hangovers!! But thi 

Your the best animal 

hy did you do that to m 

like a mad herd of will 

Whalers and Rocky!! 


"Magoo, Goo Monster, Goo, Dr. Destructo" 
Meadville, Pennsylvania 
Civil Engineering— Navy 

Rugby 3,2.1 Captain 1; Dyke School 2; A.S.C.E.; S.C.S.C. 
2; Blue Whaleres 2.1; He-Man Woman Haters; Pvt. 4.3.2. 
1; lay Malik's best friend; Sustaining Member. VMl 
Croquet and Lawn Tennis Association 

"We was havin' so much fun. 

1 didn't know it was half past one. 

Turned around to have one more. 

I looked at the clock, it was half past four. " 

Blues Brothers 

I remember the first day I met Goo: he stumbled in the door 
looking like he wasn't sure of where he was. My first thought 
was "Man. this dude does not have his . . . together." After 
Knowing him a while though, how wrong I was. Dug has done 
well at anything he's done, and has excelled at being one of 
the best friends anyone could ever have. |CM 

It seems like I just got here yesterday, yet it also seems I've 
been here forever. They strip you of everything which has 
made me appreciate what I do have. They couldn't lake away 
the friends I've made though, which is what really counts, [ay. 
Dave. Mags. Tayloe and Mac: thanks. It wouldn't have been the 
same without you. Mom and Dawn, what can I say except 
Thanks for the love and support. I love you 

Finally. I would like to thank my father, who has been my 
greatest source of motivation, who has set by example all of the 
standards by which I have tried to live, who was always there 
to pick me up when 1 was down, and who wasn't hesitant to 
remind me who 1 really was when 1 got too cocky. 


"Urgov, Dork, Sepp" 
Norfolk. Virginia 
English— Army 

Academically distinguished. DMG 

Thanks Folks 

Dykes 1982: Andy Burns 
Rats: Chris Beck 

Dad, I only hope that I have 
Dykes 1982: Bob Briggs 

I proud. D.A.M. 





Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Electrical Engineering — Navy 

Echo Company Guideon 1; IEEE 2.1; Hop and Floor 2.1; 1985 
Ring Design Committee; Virgin Private 4.3,2.1. 

I came to VMI in search of two things — an electrical engineer- 
ing degree and a commission in the Naw. I have gained more 
from VMI than what I came here for. First, I would sav that 
my family often pul things in proper perspective and gave the 
drudgen,' a purpose; graduation. Thanks Mom. Dad. Dean, and 
Shelly for not only your support, but for your love and 

Kevin and Fred, the last two years as roommates have been a 
blast. The best of limes catching a few rays at Goshen or just 
blowing off some steam uptown. Kevin, all of the classes we 
were in together seemed to fly by with all the joking around. 
Fred. I really did appreciate your quick at times. - . , but then 
again! Ken, Chris, Ben. Smart\'. Ski. Dave, and Tom— a lot of 
great times at the "I" even when things seemed to drag on. 
Ken. I am glad we both made it together as electrical engineers- 
II seemed as lab partners we finally figured out what a resistor 

The friends I have made here ha 
learned a lot about myself, values. 
Dave, over your next three years, 
seemed to me that I was always ii 
but at the same time it seemed the 
go back to the "I". 

D>'kes 1982; |ohn "Cool' Carvil 
Rats: Dave Williams 

/e made my stay at VMI. I 
and friendships. Good luck. 
You too. Mike and Sam. It 
a hurry to get on furlough, 
•e was a time when I had to 


'"Muffin Head. Muff. Boo-Boo. Punch Face" 
Mechanicsville, Virginia 
History — Army 

Boxing 4.3. Treasurer 2. Captain 1; Sport Parachute Club 2,1; 
Corporal 3; Regimental Sgl. 2; Platoon Sgt. 2; Cadet Captain 1; 
Airborne; Member of booring room 290, 

I have often wondered if I would stick it out here, not because 
it was difficult, but because there seemed to be so many things 
outside of VMI that I was missing out on. Now that I'm a First 
Classman, it is eas\- to begin to put things into their proper per- 
spective- Looking back. I don't think I've missed ver\' much- I 
only hope that someday I will be wise enough to apply what I 
have learned here 

I have mixed emotions about \'MI. some bitter, most good- I 
owe a great deal to many people, almost too numerous to thank. 
One day. I'll repay my debt. Thank you Man.-. Mom. [ohn. Tim. 
Mr. and Mrs. Medley. MeMa. All grandparents, the Allen's the 
Swain's. Virge. Scott C. Scott M., Jer. and anyone else I may 
have carelesslv left out or meet the remainder of mv First Class 

"Far better is it to dare might\' things, to win glorious triumphs, 
even though checkered by failure, than to lake rank with those 
poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because 
they live in the grey twilight that knows not victor\' nor defeat. " 
Theodore Roosevelt 
April 10. 1899 

Dykes 1982; Scott Grumpier 
Rats: ]im Wiecking. Tom Bruffy 



Woodbridge. Virginia 
History — Nav>' 

Marine Corps Marathon 3.2.1: Shamrock Marathon 3: Sgt 2: Ll 
1: Blue Whalers 2.1; SCSC 2: Cadre 2.1 

I had to wait a year before I came to VMI. and sometimes it 
didnt seem worthwhile, but I'm glad I did. The ratline was full 
of adventures like Russ Stewart busting into our room in the 
middle of the night. D\ke wrestling, and Purges. Third class 
year started out great, but ended in a second semester riddled 
with confinement and a ver>- negative attitude. Second class 
year was the year that you finally got lo receive the ring. Ring 
figure was a blast and I was able to find a date t^vo weeks be- 
fore the dance. I was luck\' because she turned out lo be a 
great date even though she picked the worst place to drop my 
ring, down the steps of |.M- Hall, .-\nother big event was the 
founding of the Blue Whalers, with massive parties after the 
hops. Many road trips were also made i.e. the \TI trip. Now 
it's my first class year and it has slaried out very well- The Blue 
Whalers are still around and road trips are being planned. Puke 
has already lived up to one of his nicknames. To my friends 
Feslor. Hammie. Ralph. Colonel. Sanka. Brent |P and The Blue 
Whalers. Thanks. Also to my roommates in rooms 455. 303, 233 
and 144 we had some memorable events. 

I would like to give special thanks to my parents who have al- 
ways been there and always supported me. They also wrote me 
letters which no one else did. Thanks for helping me IK^e this 
experience called \'MI. the place you love to hate. 

D\-kes 1982: Pern.- Knight 

Rats: Rodnev Marks. Kent "The Lunch" Latimer 






"Walt. Skip. Wasm" 
Berryville. Virginia 
Chemistry— Nav>' 

Cpl 3; Sgl 2: Ral Training Cadre 2.1: Library- Assistant 3; Chem- 
istry' Library Assistant 2.1; Circle K Club 2.1: Editor '85 Ring 
Figure Magazine: OCA Vice President. 


I'm not going to. I mean, if you 
about how mom and dad. and 
to make it through the pla 

' VMI experience, so there. 
It to read a real tearjerker 
lend Susy Haybale helped 
well gel outta here ya 

Due to lack of space. I'll omit all the girls whom I've made 
incredibly happy, and their respective schools, because I'm 
wanted by the campus authorities at the majority of them, 

Mallory Hall, you can be glad I never made it into Navy flight 
school: I've got this vision of me flying over with a big grin on 
my face, my hands on the bomb release ... of course. I'd make 
sure not to hit that preppy guy's BMW. 

I guess I'd better say something nice in this history so I can still 
use Moody Hall, Buckwheat would say. "VMI you're OTAY! " A 
lot more otayer I might add. had I been a student of that glam- 
orous goddess of Scottship Hall: funny how so many engineers 
were interested in short story! 

Speaking of stories, this one needs an end. quickly! Thank you 
so much Dr. King. All the chemistry teachers, and everybody 
else who helped me through here. Most of all I give my love 
and thanks to my parents and friends. Hadwee. Matt. David. 
Palmer, and those devil music listeners in the bat cave, I love 
you all. good luck. 

Dykes 1982: |ohn Bangert 
Rats: Charles E. Nelson 


1^ " m — 


"Help Received, Hoot, Mac" 
McConnell, West Virginia 
Electrical Engineering— Air Force 


; VVV Club: 3 ■ 

i of ! 

ichool: Pvt- 

It's finally almost over. The past four years have been long and 
hard, I never would have made it this far without the love, 
support, and encouragement from my parents. Kenneth and 
Sandra McNulty, My grandparents, Mr, and Mrs, Woodrow 
Toney. also gave me a great deal of support and help 
throughout my time here. Thank you all very much for 
everything. I love you all very much. Chris and Ben. you have 
been great roommates. The best of luck to you and to the rest 
of my friends here, 

Dykes 1982: John Matthews 
Rats; Steve Morris 


"focko. Jar. Psycho. Steve, SJ. SKO}" 

Falmouth. Massachusetts 

Electrical Engineering — Marine Corps 

Cpl 3; MS^il. 2. 1st U. C Co. XO 1; Marine Delachmenl/ 
Semper Phi Society Ring Design Comm.. Naval Aviators. 
Rut Training 2A: Cadre 2.1; IEEE 2.1; BULLDOG. 

I sought VMI for the challenge and unique education it offered 
and found the reward worth the work. It took determination, 
perserverance. and a good dyke to survive the ratline, but the 
worst wasn't over, Third class year brought academic pressure 
and increased responsibility and somehow I survived. Things 
seemed to be going down hill until I met the most important 
person of my life With her help i conquered new challenges 
and began a new road of success. No. it hasn't been eas\'. but 
I'd do it again, I owe my success to my parents, for they gave 
me support and encouragement when I needed it most; )enee. 
of course, the girl of my dreams; my future in-laws, for giving 
me a home away from home; my brother Wayne, for being the 
perfect Marine to follow; and my brother rats, whose friend- 
ships will last forever. To my dyke, good luck |oe and to all 
those who've helped me along the way-THANK YOU. 

"For those who fight for 
know. "—An Anonvmous 

life has a flavor Ihe protected never 
arine Khe Sanh "68. To my fellow 
e. always a Marine"— Semper Phi! 

Dykes 1982: William Baron Tyminski 
Rats: Joseph D, Elie 


"Snake, Porch-wop, Blue Leader" 

Seekonk, Massachusetts 
Modern Languages — Marine Corps 

Ral 4; Cpl. 3: Reg. Color Sgt. 2; Master Sgt. 2: XO Company D 
1; Baseball 4; Marine Delachmenl 4.3.3: Bulldog Prep 2.1; 
Semper Fidelis XO 1: Cade! Asst. 3.1: Camp Despair 2.1: Great 
Cape Escape 2.1; Radford Road Trip Crew 2.1. 

It has ended though, only for the 


ed- fr 

ot be to 
m the V 

the f 

t. Why? For 
lings can 

e. the 
ot be 

rt. far fr 

Massachusetts. I knew tl 
than I now even realize 
on the grounds of the 
discipline and self-assur; 
pered where others hav 
rats and continuing now 

idship i 

s school was different, more different 
In all aspects of my education, both 
Institute and off. I have grown in 
ce knowing I have endured and pros- 
fallen. Friendships here, starting as 
are something that I will cherish al- 
id lohn's infectious enthusiasm. I will 
have been together since rat year, and jud. 
comforter in the room The Animals, both 
ho have kept my sanity (believe it or not!| 
and who I care about more than they know. 
My Mom. Dad. and family I love and to whom I cannot 
expresss how greatful I am for their unselfishness and 
understanding- No matter what was said. done, or asked for. 
Ihey were there. A son could not ask for anything more. 
Enough said. 

ways. lerry's frii 
miss Malt, as w 
who has been 
Mark and Paul, 
through the yea; 

"But ' 

begun. Neither v.ind nor tide is always with i 
1 a dark and stormy sea cannot always be cle; 
set sail — and the horizon, however cloudy, is al 

Dykes 1982: Larry Thompson 

Rats: Rick Campbell. Todd Gri 


"Bird, Sleepy, Fast, |esus" 
Chantilly, Virginia 
B.A. History — Army 

Cpl 3: 1st Sgt. 
Training Cadre 

S-3 Sgt. 2. 2nd Lt, 1; Hop and Floor 4.3; Ral 

ito the Ratline, 
ce that fateful 
ly to find how 
:. I didn't walk 
"escaped" by 
3r another has 

Four years ago I walked down a flight of stair 

I have been working my way back up ever 

day. I now feel that I have surpassed myself. 

much work is still left to do in my life. Of coi 

down those stairs alone and I certainly havi 

myself either. Everything at VMI in one w; 

taught me about people: especially myself. Life may appear as 

hard or as easy as one chooses to believe. The hardest way is 

often a reward in itself. 

I would like to thank my Mom and Dad for the years of 
unending support before and during VMI. To my brother. Doug: 
Good luck in all your future endeavors. 

Mike, it was fun. Tug. it was all a joke! Lets go to the X. 
Kevin. The VMI experience would not have been the same 
without you as a roommate for all four years: we shook hands 
in the beginning as strangers and now we are Brother Rats and 
friends forever. Sam. I hope VMI means as much to you in 
four years as it does to me. It's a great feeling to be able to 
leave a place and say ever\thing is "allrighl". 


Past trips. Present trips. Future trips 

Kevin— I'll take the stoop. 

Dykes 1982: Chris Abbott 
Rats: Sam Russell 


"Sausahaid. J.R.'* 

Burke, Virginia 

Physics— Air Force 

Low profile Ral 4: Cpl. 3: Pvt. 2: Lt. l: SPS 4,3^. Pres. 1: TCFC 
food sales manager 3; Karate Club 3. Sec. 2: Py207/8 lab assL 
2; Summer school 3.2; Airborne 2; AAS 1; Rat Training 1: 
Mallory Militia; Mistaken Army ROTO 

Tr\'ing to write something creative for this has been a difficult 
experience. Its hard to describe VMI in words without 
sounding schizophrenic. Feelings of joy and fnistration gel to 
form a reality far beyond anything I've ever known. Bos. wake 
five minute call when it's over . . . 

: up i 

Thank you, Mom and Dad. for supporting i 

, though ; 

that there's a light a 
amnesty. Gov, Robb . 
ure couldn't have coi 
all those who made v 
room 329 wrecking \ 
well, different. Sorry 

i this place- Unk. thanks for showing me 
the end of this tunnel. Thanks for the 
nd Pres. Reagan. The one after Ring Fig- 
le al a better time Chuck. Thanks also to 
eekends the best part of the week. To the 
rew. you helped make third class year. 

told me the hill of ; 
efields and Gaussian pillbox 

ered with mathe 


Dykes 1982: Louis "Corruptor" Rossie 
Rats: Bill -liz' Jasinski 
Rich "You, you. you. banana-head" LaHue 



"Mitch, Eric Bloodaxe, Don Rickles" 
New Port Richy, Florida 
History— Army 

Rat training cadre 3; Ral training Company CO 1; Ranger 
Platoon 4.3.2; USMC Marathon 2.1: Navigators 2.1; The booring 

290 : 



Thank you. Mom and Dad. for giving 
support I needed to stay. Thanlcs as well to the countless others 
who have made my stay bearable. I'm sorr>' I can not mention 
you all. As for VMI. I am in no more mood for thanking you 
than I ever was to my parents for beating me with a wooden 
spoon. Perhaps in time I can better appreciate that which is 
best, is not always the easiest. Whatever VMI is. good or bad. it 
is as much a part of me as four years can be. For me the Insti- 
tute will always hold a lot of memories, both pleasant and 
painful, about what was and what might have been As all who 
have been Keydets understand, but none who has not can. as 
much as 1 hate this place I still love it. 

Dykes 1982: T.K.. 'Cookie" |arvis 
Rats; James ]. Stepnowski 


"Milly. Indy. Iron Man" 

Indianapolis, Indiana 

Civil Engineering — Special Student 

FT A.F, 4.3; S.A.M.E. 3.2.1: Association of Special Students 4.3. 
2.1: Cadet Battery 3; Rat training 2.1'; Combat Engineer Platoon 
2: Dive Club 2.1: Cadet Newspaper Staff 4; Cadet Assistant 1: 
Computer Asst. 1; Weight Room Comedian 2. 

I would like to thank God and everyone who has helped me 
throughout my cadetship and my life— dykes, brother rats, 
roommates, relatives, friends, advisors. |you all know who you 
are) and especially my parents. Looking back. I can see that 
I've done a lot of growing since coming here, but I know I've 
still got some growing left to do. So. here's to you. Scooter, 
you'll get yours some day. Gee. It'll be nice to be human again. 



Dykes 1982: Adrian T, Bogart III. "Bogie 
Rats: Andy "Dizzy" Gillespie 
|oe "The Breeze" Malone 


"Mouse. Minne. Disneyland U.S.A." 
South Holland, Illinois 
English— Air Force 

The Being-able-to-live-wilh-Cole-for-lhree-years Award 

I could have used all this space to write about my dreams, 
goals, and accomplishments, but I am not going lo. Hard to 
believe huh? 

Greg. Brent, and Pern- 
will always live, Mike, y 

hanks for existing guys. 
I match-head, thanks for ; 

Bryon. what can I say? It only look us four years, but we finally 
got a real room. We have gone through a lot together— (naniely 
roommatesi, but I will never forget your Southern humor, your 
animalistic outcries, your rockhard faith, or our mutual love for 
limmy "The Man." We all, ■'rolled with the punches, played out 
all of our hunches, and made the best of whatever came our 

Mom. thank you for your unending drive and my Haley humor 
I must admit, there is a lot of Grammy in me— God bless her! 
And Dad. ihank you for Minne patience and your own unique 
way of loving. I love you both very much. 

To my lovely lady Linda. Well, we have been leaving each oth- 
er now for about four years, and yet. my love for you has never 
been stronger. Thank you for writing, because without the love 
those letters carried I would not have made it. I owe you a lot 
of love and attention for those many absent days— I am jus) 
very happy that 1 have the rest of my life to pay back that debt. 
I will never forget that you are three-times my lady, or the 
promise you made me. 1 love you. 


Dykes 1982: Ron Me 

Rats: Shawn Evans (another I 







"Snake. Mitch, Boomer" 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mechanical Engineering — Army 

, Tennis 4.1; ASME 2.1; Ski Club 3.1: Private 4.3.2,1; QW-jAM 1; 
Number One Club 4. 

"The wheel is lurnin' and you can't slow it down; You cant let 
go and you can't hold on; You can't go back and you cant 
. stand still; If the thunder don't get you then the lightenin' will". 

j I. Garcia B. Krutzmann R. Hunter 

,■ What a three and half years it has been, but then East Lex 
i decided to put 12 packs of Bud on sale and I got to spend a 
. year as a civilian. Fortunately, thanks to many very good peo- 
ple. I was able to return. Much thanks (more than you could 
ever imagine) to all of you. especially my Mom and Dad for 
their unending support, understanding and money, i could have 
never done it without you I love you both very much (you too 
I Mary, but you know that already). 

' The good times I had at VMI with my friends can never be re- 
" placed. Camping trips, Goshen days, the Shed, QW-JAM, the 
parkway, Ben Salem, the mountain, never had such a good 

time . . - Thanks I 
Andy. )eff. Darryl 
long strange trip i 

stop drinking. 

) all of you; "Mule". "Ed". Steve. "Monkey", 
lohn Henry, Quimbo. Waif. etc. "What a 
s been" (G Dead). You guys are the main 
id to get back into this place bad enough to 

"Nothin' left lo do but ; 

Dykes 1982: George "Larry" Tho 
Rats: Tom Kennedy 

. SMILE!!" 
1. Garcia R. Hunle 


"Bobbert, Bobby Ted. Disgrace" 

Winchester, Virginia 
Mechanical Engineering— Army 

Trainer 4,3; Rugby 2: ASME 2,1; Superintendent Sponsored 
Sebatical 3,2; ODU "85 Club; Earth Pen 3.2.1; Spanky's Boxing 
Team 1; Sleep Mentor 2.1; College Republicans. 

After four years, the Class of 1985 is graduating, well at least 
some of us are. It is hard to say what exactly we have gotten 
from VMI, but we have changed, hopefully for the better. VMI. 
more often than not. appears to be one large monument lo 
machismo, bravado, and hypocrisy. Life is not always fair and 
reasonable, maybe that is good. The best part is the friendships. 
the hidden treasure of VML The "Earth Pen' has made these 
years bearable and the reason I ever came back. Pig, Moose. 
Greek and Slo-mo. you are like brothers to me. To my Parents. 
what could I ever say that could even come close to saying 
what you mean lo me and what you have done for me? Your 
infinite patience with me. while I 
unique. You both truely stand aloni 
am glad we are finally close. Keep 

vas finding myself, was 
I love you both Tom, 1 
pushin". be the Cadet 1 
r a great girl, you'll do 

never was. To Amy, my double, 
good. Through the confinement, inspections. PE Department out 
of control, the "Earth Pen" has made it. We've finally got our 
license to wear clashing plaids- Chilarious! Remember all the 
crazy times; I fully intend to do it again the next time we get 
together. Remember, if ain't pen. you ain't , , , ! 

'In the depth of Winter. I finally 
lay an invincible Summer,' 

Dykes 1982: Gary Persinger 

Rats: Brad "The Ghost" Ada 

alized that within 



"AJ., Andy. Danno" 

Carlisle. Pennsylvania 

Mechanical Engineering— Marine Corps 

Rat 4; Cpl. 3: Sgt., Master Sgt. 2: G Company XO 1; Scuba 2.1: 
USMC Detachment 3.2,1; Water Polo 1: SCSC. 

From August 17. 1981 to Graduation. Nowhere else is such a 
long journey made in so seemingly short of a time. I must ad- 
mit that VMI was not very fun. but it's meaning was great 
When I think of my start here my mind's eye sees PauL m>- 
dyke. Never before has anyone tried to point me in the right 
direction Your efforts were endless Paul, and I have come to 
appreciate them greatly in the past 3 years. As a third classman 
I saw another side of the Institute. No longer a Rat, I soon 
found that much of my education came from my mistakes, as 
well as those of others. Much of VMI's meaning came from a 
charismatic group of young men who were the Bravo Co. Rats 
when I was a 2nd. Now I'm a first classman and I'm trying, as 
before, to understand why I did this. 
nd I feel stupid for not realizing 
,■ answer lies deep in the eyes of the men I've 
3 much with, my brother rats. M\ that we didn't 
er outweigh the priceless gift that \'Mi has gh-en 
Woo. Mick, lohn, Bart. Tommy. Ke\in— Brother 
ivill remain Semper Fidelis. You were the reason 
id the reason I stayed. Time will never fade our 
no distance can ever really separate us. At long 
last I have a chance to recognize my family. My parents. Fred. 
Beck\'. Tom. and Granny. Thank you all for your love. Mom 
and Dad, I hope you know that I could never forget the love I 
had at home. 

Well. I now 1 
this sooner. ^ 
been through 
have could nt 
us. Phil. Stan 
Rats— to you 
I came here. 

Dykes 1982: Paul A D'Antonio 

Rats: Tom "Babycakes" Reimann 



44' i^ 


"Don, Virgil" 
Alexandria. Virginia 
English — Army 

Yearbook 1: Tanker Platoon 1: Circle K Club 1: English Socie(\' 
I: P\'l. 4.3.2,1; Club 46 2.1; Hop & Floor Comm, 1. 

Well. I've finally come to the end of a ver\' long road: or have 
1 jusi corned lo Ihe beginning of an even longer road? Was it 
worth itV I think I can finally answer— yes. Il's a thin hne 
between love and hate, and I've ridden that line ever since 
matinculalion. I've met people and made friends here that 1 
never want to forget. 

I especially want to thank m 
have given me. 1 never w 
prayers, letters, and visits. I 

Dykes 1982: Steve Barger 
Rats: Lee Tvh Der 

' parents for all the support the; 
uld have finished without thei 
;ant to thank you. Sheryl, for al 


"Mots. Stosh. Wad. FM185" 
Eastchester, New York 
Electrical Engineering — Air Force 

Virgin Privale; Arnold Air Socieh'; Scuba Club; Young Republi- 
cans; Number One Club; Charlie Co. Guidon; IEEE— President; 
U.T.K.E,; King Confinemenl; 1st Class Grub. 

As Frank Sinatra would say "And now the end is near ... and I 
did it my way. Bui in doing il my way I've spent most of my 
cadetship on confinement. Despite being on confinement I still 
managed to have a few good memories, I can't remember Ring 
Figure so it can't be one of them. In all my memories, good or 
bad. there seems to be one common denominator. U.T.K.E. 
Without Mark this place would have been unbearable, but I 
probably wouldn't have spent so much time on confinement. I 
think rat year my dyke gave me the best advice about VMI "get 
out of this place as often as you can because that's the only 
way you'll stay sane around here " I've tried, but with no avail. 
But somehow, with the support of my family and friends. I've 
made it through the four toughest years of my life. To the 
CLASS of 1985. "This commandment I leave unto you. that ye 
love one another as I have loved you. Greater love hath no 
man than this; that a man lay down his life for his 
friends." — lohn 15:2-3 

Dykes 1982: Clem Zotto 
Rats: Steve Quintavalli 


"Moyersville, Turkey Farmer, Movers" 
Moyers, West Virginia 
Electrical Engineering-Navy 

IM 4.2. Cpl 3; Sgl 2: Lt 1: Deans List 3.2; Cadet .■Ksst. 2,1; 
NROTC Scholarship; Radio Club 2,1: IEEE 2.1; Tanker Pit. 1; 
Cadet Circ. Manager; WV Club 2. Pres. 1: Firefighters 1: Skii 
Club 3.2.1; Karate Club 3: Pep Band 4: Ghetto 

I will always treasure both good and bad memories of VMI as 
they are shared by many of my classmates. I congratulate my 
roommates over the past four years for tolerating my depressive 
moods and I am deeply indebted to them for making life bear- 

The most important driving force in my cadetship has been my 
loving family. Mom and Dad. how could I ever thank you foi 
the support that you have given me? From that night during 
cadre when I called home, through academic difficulties, anc 
all of various escapades, you have been behind me all the way 
Thank You 1 would also like to thank a very special youn^ 
lady who has made my last year more than I ever dreamed i 
could be. 

It's been real . - . goodbye VMI , 

Dykes 1982: Bob Mori 
Rats: Paul Hicks 





"Murph, Smurph. Magilla, Minski, Blackout" 
Cincinnati. Ohio 
Economics — Army 

Virgin Private; Football; Society of Young Economist V.P. 
2.1; Investment Club V,P. 1; OGA Sec. 1; TCFC 2; Pre Law 
Society 1; Deans List 4.3.2; Academically Dist. 2,1; Omicron Del- 
ta Epsilon 2.1; No. 1 Club; Beta Theta P.O.P.; Monogram Club 1 

I came to VMI unsure of what to expect, and found it can 
produce the best and worst of times imaginable- Now with a 
ring on the finger and a diploma on the way. no doubt the 
good times will be remembered, and far more often than the 
bad. VMI has taught me responsibility, integrity, and apprecia- 
tion for the things most people take for granted, such as food, 
sleep, beer, and how to behave in stainA'ells at a hop. If I could 
do it all over again, there are few things I would change. One 
thing I would never change is the friendships. Thanks buddies. 
I would have been lost without you! I promise there will always 
be an extra plate at my table for a few beers, few 
laughs , . and old times. 

Finally, and most importantly. I would like to thank the Al- 
mighty for blessing me with understanding and loving parents. 
Mom and Dad. anything I have ever done I owe to you. You 
have given me more love and opportunity than I know what to 
do with, I hope I can do something with it. 

Dykes 1982: Kyle Weidlich 

Rats: Brian Lewis. Scott Richardson 



Owensboro, Kentucky 

History — Marine Corps 

Simper Fi Fraternity 4; Drill Team 3; Theatre 3.4; Glee Club 1, 

The transition came like a thunderclap on 
wakes you from your sleep. Then came 
washing the sleep from our bewildered eye 

ning thai 


seemed to last only . 
march from Bataan, 

ts- For others it ' 

Man\' fell from the heat, or the pressure, or just from the 
exhaustion, and a few simply stra\ed from the trail of honor 
and were heard from no more. Many were lost, but even more 
stayed, those who had resolved to endure, and to triumph. 

We were all volunteers, and the end of our journey is in sight. 
We all owe many things to many people for our success; our 
parents and family, our BR's. our dykes and friends, our 
country', and to ourselves. More than anything else though, we 
owe our thanks to God, 

We are all stronger than we were before. Lets not allow our- 
selves to not use that strength for what is good and honorable. 
If God gives you something, it's because he expects you to do 
something with it. Let's not let him down after we have re- 
ceived so much 


nd respected friends. 

Tony Neal 85, Delta Co, 

Dykes 1982: Dungee Lee 

Rats: Shawn Dooley. |ohn Wells 


"Neb, Neb's, Biscuit, Muffin. Tube. JC" 
Richmond, Virginia 
Economics — Army 

Pvl 4.3,2,1; FCA 4,3.; 
2.1; Pre-Law Societv 

,1; Young Economist 2.1: Investment Club 
.1 Vice Pres. 1; Ral Football; Rugb>- 3_2.1, 

Why VMI? I slit] don't knou'. but I do know that coming here 
was a correct decision. The benefits and lessons received here 
have been invaluable, but that doesn't mean I like this place. 
Then are we really here for enjoyment? No. I cant say we are. 

and we know that. 

vet we still go on 

I think 

it is rirtualh- 


to beat this place on your ov 

m. and those that did I 

salute you 

- I didn't. 

and the support I 

eceived i 

vas the best I 

know of 

very few 

of my classmates 

vho rece 

ved the same 

support I 

did. My n 

lom and dad were 

there aU 

ays; cheering. 


and help 

ng, I truly believe 

that I a 

m the luckiest 

person in 

the world 

to have the parents 

I have. Mom and Dad. 

I love yo 

u ivith all 

my heart- I want to thank 

3iy friends for 

also beinj 

here for 

me. |.P.. Matt, and Mead, yo 

u guys are the 

best. Ed 

and Krist\ 

I want to thank 

you for 

•our love and 

support. I 

consider n 

lyself to be very lucky to know all of yoiL I 

love you 

11. Keep ir 


Dykes 198 

2: Gan- Pe 


Rats: Opu 





"CD.!. Yee, Yee Monster. Surf Nazi, Goat" 
Virginia Beach. Virginia 
History — Special Student 

Private; Deans Other List Summer School 
Schizophrenic 4.3,2.1: Disconlenled New Wave Fanatic. 
Thrillseeker 1: 311 Bar and Grill 3: Engaged 2. Not Engaged 1 
land having more fun): UA Excursion in Sem Dorm 1. 

The end of all this madness is in sight now. but 1 will never 
forget the long, hard road it has been for me these last three 
years. I have tried lo remain an individual, but a lot of my 
youth was lost in the process of becoming a worldly person, I 
have had many experiences, some good some bad. 
unfortunately my cadelship has generally left me with a strong 
feeling of resentment for this school and the military'. I regret 
the fact that I have spent what was supposed to be the best 
years of my life in an institution that insanely regulates mens 
lives to the point that they have to sneak around like convicts 
in order to do things that everyday people do. Don't get me 
wrong, VMI is a very prestigious school of discipline, high stan- 
dards, and honor. I just feel that I have missed out on a good 
part of my life by tr>'ing to build my character and be disci- 

Now 1 plan to get a job and enter the real world and I see that 
I am only going to starting all over by readjusting my lifest\'le. 
Only time will tell as to whether my college education has been 
beneficial to me or not. Tom. Bert, Opie: Thanks for being there 
these last trying three years, to all of my friends. I wish you 
good luck. There a lot of things that I want to accomplish in my 
an only get on with that when I get out of col- 
learned quite a bit. put up with a lot of things 
nterest in. but what the hell, it didn't kill me. 
n and dad and everyone who has supported my 

lifetime, but I i 
lege. Well I've 
that I had no 
Thank you. mo 
efforts! I love v 


Dykes 1982: Bill Towie 
Rats: Bill Wong 


"Hexaballs. ME, Video Twin. Mr. Ole, Kraut" 
Mountain View, California 
Biology — Air Force 

Fencing 4.3.2. 

: Pvt. CCSC 

2: College Republica 

ns 1: A 

nold Air Society 1 

Only from de 


an life arise. We 

came, we saw, we 


up. Death car 


n the early mor 

ning: sweat parties 

and ri 

runs. Now w 

e a 

ise from our m 

old/prison to face 

the gr 

realities of th 


3l world, BUT, ' 

We will all go dow 

n loget 

er." Face it. 


are a class and 

will continue to be 

so ev 

after we are g 


We made our m 

ark here. 

Room 182: Rob. Reid. Tab. please slay out of jail. OK? Remem- 
ber our limes together! The Bat Cave. Red Front runs and the 
excursions to Rob's house. W.G.. stay away from the little boys 
and upside down margaritas! The Bio-Rals of 85: remember our 
first exams? Over the past four years you all have been good 
friends and associates. 

To those who have helped n 
a general thank you. there ai 
to you a special thanks. You 
years. I hope I will be the 
now M.E.N, (skin) 

Dykes 1982: Jose [. Suarez 
Rats: Brent H. Hashimoto 

throughout the years. 1 must say 
just too many of you. Mom-Dad. 
lave put up with me for 22 long 


"J.D., Mr. Biology. 'Airborne' " 
Chantilly, Virginia 
Biology — Air Force 

Rat 4: Private 3.2.1; Arnold Air Society 3: VMI Firefighters 3.1; 
Rat Training Cadre 1. 

Love, honor and perseverance are the key to life. 

Beyond this. I do not have anything profound or unusual to say. 
I would hke to take this moment to thank and congratulate my 
brother rats jespecially Mike. Bill. Hugh. Bill, and you too loe] 
who have stuck out these past few years. Without each of you, 
this place would not have been the same. It is you all that 
makes this place special. Secondly, I would like to thank my 
family, especially you Mom and Dad. for always offering 
support, encouragement, and love. Finally. I would like to thank 
you. Lord, for without you. I know I would not have made il. 

Dykes 1982: Stuart E, Byrd 
Rats: Edward R. Page 






Salinas, California 

History, Spanish-Air Force 

, Pvl. 4.2.1: Rugby 4,3.2.1; Number One Club; Founder's Day 

■ Massacre; Airborne; Cadel Assistant 1; Posit Committee; Stent's 
Roommate 3.2; Symposium 84; Dean's List 2,1; EC/GC Secre- 

What can you say about this place? It is definitely a different 
j sort of experience. One that can't be described. It has to be 
j lived to be understood. I don't believe that I can pass on any 
I great wisdom about surviving this place. You simply learn the 

■ system as you go. and hope you make it. I am still hoping. But I 
can honestly sa\ that VMI has been a positive experience, at 
least so far. These past four years have been an exciting 
mixture of parties, travel, late nights of cramming, rugby, the 
Founder's Day Massacre, and yes. confinement. And who do I 

: owe it to? My roommates who have kept me partying, and of 
i course my parents who have funded this adventure into the 
, unknown, and have suffered over my worries as much as I 
I have. Thank you. Now I just hope that during these four years. 

I have built a solid foundation on which to build the rest of my 

life. This isn't the end. it is just the beginning! 

Dykes 1982: l.C. Edwards 
Rats; Richard Blocker 


"Stracko, S.P., Preston" 
Mission Viejo, California 
Mechanical Engineering-Navy 

Cadre Coi. 3; Ring Figure Honor Guard Commander; Ski Club 
Pres, 3,2; Homecoming Court 3; Ring Design Comm. 3; Cadet 
Recreation Comm. 3,2. Pres. 1; Posit Comm. 2.1; Cannonball 
Comm. 2; Ring Figure Comm. 2; Mini Baja Project 2.1; First Class 
Editor '85 BOMB: Rugby 4; Parachute Club; Pvt. 2.1. 

Sitting down faced with the task of summarizing my feelings to- 
ward the Institute is possibly one of the most difficult things I 
have ever done. It is a tale of love, respect, perplexity, and 
frustration— but never hale. Looking back over the past four 
years. I can honestly say that I have experienced the very best 
and very worst which the Mother "I" bestows and I cherish each 
extreme equally, as they have provided the basis of many lessons, 
I have learned a great deal about myself and others, and accom- 
i/er before thought possible. I have acquired a 
1 for things which others take for granted— like 
The many sacrifices now seen so small com- 
ays feel and the fabled sheepskin 1 

plished things I 

greater apprecia 

a good nights n 

pared to the pride I will always 

will take with me. Thanks VMI 

To my family— Words cannot express how much each and ever\' 
one of you have meant to me throughout these four trying years. 
Thanks for the prayers, understanding, and love and for standing 
by me when 1 fell I was alone, I hope I have made you proud 

BRs— Without the many friendships I have made here all this 
would be meaningless, as it was been you who really make VMI 
what it is. Best wishes always. 

Dykes 1982: Murray Hudson 

Rats: lames "Fuzz" Tuemler. Mike "After" Smith 


"Molson, Jimmy" 
Staunton. Virginia 
Civil Engineer-Army 

S.A.M.E. 3.2.1; A.S.C.E. Student Chapter 3.2.1: Hop and Floor 4.3. 
2.1; Circle-K Club 1: VMI Fire-Fighters 1: VMI Sports Parachute 
Club 2; Private 

for three years. I can truly say thai he has 
become one of the best friends I have ever had. He is a ver>- gen- 
erous and outgoing person who has become a good friend to all 
those around him. In addition to these qualities, Dave is also a 
ven.' hard worker who always does his best. 

I will always remember the roadtrip to jersey. Taking Dave for a 
walk at Man. Washington, and the numerous after-taps firework 
displays. These are just a few of the good times we have shared. 
Now we will leave VMI behind and step out into the real world. 
Good luck Dave with all that you set out to do. I will miss our 
time together. P.W.D. 

Dave came down the road to VMI and ran smack into the Ratline. 
Even after surviving the Ratline, he had to put up with me for two 
years, which rates him prett\' high. Dave kept patience to my il- 
logical ways, and he even put up with some of my musia Dave is 
someone I can count on. which means a loL Take care Dave. I 
wonder where we will be t\vent\- years from now? lay L. 

W'ell "Molson", it looks like we're finally out of this place. It 
seems like so long ago when we were roommates in the Ratline. 
We had some good times together!! Like that sock fight Russ Stu- 
art walked in on. or that radio we never got caught with. Good 
luck to vou and Dawn and Til see vou at the reunion. Moonhead 

nbers especially 

Dykes 1982: Emmett R. Heltzel 
Rats: Billy D Harper. Mike Milligan 



1^ ^\ 




Alexandria. Virginia 
Civil Engineer — Navy 

Pvl, Number One Club 3; Georgelovvn Bound 4.3.2,1; 
■Lefs Walk Home From Randy-Mac" Club 1 

Steve and Claire— Thanks for vour never-ending support, guid- 

Mom and Dad— I love you lalways have andjalways 
Dvkes 1982: Chris Abbott 


"Eddie, Rosey" 
Arlington. Virginia 
Economics — Army 

Football Monogram Club 3.2.1: Society of Young 
Economists: Investment Club: Video Club 2,1: No. 1 Club: P\'t. 
4,3.2,1: Patchin All-American 4.3,1: South of the Border Club 2, 
1: Roland Tiso Appreciation Society 2,1: Ft, Dragg Club 1: Dyke 
School 2: Truth Serum 4,3,2.1- 

I came here three days early for football, the place seemed 
cool, but three days later a nightmare started and things were 
not so cool. Time just seems to drag by but, now it is finally 
coming to an end. I will always cherish the good times like 
Breakout. Ring Figure, and. of course. Graduation 

A big thanks goes to my dad and brother Darr\l for helping me 
to make it through this place. The friendships formed here are 
the best. Ron. Ben. Russ. and P.W. it was great having you as 
roommates during all the ups and downs that come during a 
cadetship. Lefs get together and part)' at Moody Hall sometime 

Dykes 1982: Curtis |ohnston 

Rats: lohn |Fat| Fiore. Aubrey (Smilesl Walton 


"J.P., Giovanni. Boomboom, Wop, Dego. |ohnny 


Albany, New York 

History — Marine Corps 

Pvt 4,3.2.1: Cpl. 3. Color Sgt. 1; Boxing 3.2; Four Year 
NROTC— Marine Schol. 1: USMC Marathon 1; Cadet Assistant 

2.1: Moe 1 

How does a person successfully put in 250 words the feelings 
and emotions as the ones I have experienced at this institution. 
Well, if VMI has instilled me some qualities, one of them must 
be perseverance. So I will try, 

VMI. you have taken some of the innocence that I had as a boy 
when I came to you. In return you have given me the chance 
to challenge myself to the point of true pride in the things I 
have achieved. With this also comes the knowledge that these 
achievements came about only through the help and support of 
many people. I can't thank you all enough. 

To that special fam.ily in Lynchburg, you've taken me in as one 
of your own and made me feel at home. Thank you. Doc M.. I 
hope that someday I will be able to help others like you've 
helped me. Matt, Neil, and Dave. I couldn't have had better 
roommates. To my friends lohn. Woowoo. Meade. Nebs, and all 
my brother rats, the friendships I've shared with you are my 
most prized treasures of this place. 

Finally to my family-Clem. Connie. Pete. Carmella— you will 
never know how much your support has meant to me. I 
couldn't have made it without you. Mom and Dad. when all 
others doubted, you had faith. You are my strength. 1 love you. 
Years from now 1 will look back with pride and joy and re- 
member that for a brief moment we were ... A Band of Broth- 
ers/A Merry Few |VP 

Dykes 1982: Robert Campione 
Rats; Kelly Alexander 




Spartanburg, South Carolina 

English— Air Force 

Corporal: Sargeant; 1st Sargeant; Cadet Assistant; V.P.O.; Dean's 

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood. 
And sorr>' I could not travel both 
And be one traveler, long I stood 
And looked down one as far as I could 
To where it benl in the undergrowth; 

Then took the other, as just as fair. 
And having perhaps the better claim, 
Because it was grass>' and wanted wear; 
Though as for that, the passing there 
Had worn them really about the same, 

And both that morning equally lay 
In leaves no step had trodden black. 
Oh. I kept the first for another day! 
Yet knowing how way leads on to way. 
I doubted if I should ever come back. 

I shall be telling this with a sigh 
Somewhere ages and ages hence: 
Two road diverged in a wood, and I— 
I took the one less (raveled by. 
And that has made all the difference- 
Robert Frost 

Dykes 1982: Adam Pantaze 
Rats: Mark Doyle 


"General, T.T.. Slim" 

Fairfax, Virginia 

Civil Engineer — Special Student 

Pvt. 4,2,1; Cpl. 3: TCFC 2; Ring Figure Const, Comm.: Dean' 
Other List 2; Run For Your Rack 3.2.1, 

Four long years ago I came to th 
was doing the right thing, I have fii 
made the right decision. The 

Institute not knowing if I 
lly convinced myself that I 
of these past years will 
be with me forever, especially those of the parties at 
Zolloman's, Sem. and all the motels in town, I would like to 
thank all of the friends that I have made, my family, and espe- 
cially Kathy for all of the support |moral and financial) that 
they have given me. Without them I would have never made it 
through my four years at the "I," 

Dykes 1982: Tom "Mad Dog" Madigan 
Rats: Karl Finsterbusch IV 


"Joe, Denny" 

Potomac. Maryland 

Electrical Engineer— Special Student 

Bomb Photographer Equestrian Club 4: Glee Club 2.1: 
Newman Club 4.3,2- 

Well, graduation is finally upon our class. It's been a hard 
struggle, but we've made it. I've had some good times and some 
bad. but overall I think I made out for the better. 

To the nuts in 88. Trac>-. Greg, and Deshom. good luck. To 'Sid 
and Matt, live it up and goodluck. to my roomies in 396 and 
296. Don and Kelly. Thank you for taking me in. Don. good 
luck in the future, may you always prevail. Kelly. G\er the 
course of the past two years we have become good friends. 
We've partied together and argued at each other but still our 
friendship has prevailed. Let's hope this continues on as you go 
into the Nav\' and I sweat out one more year and then continue 

Martha. I met you at Zollomans rat year, 
since. I hope that you will hang on to mc 
to graduate. I would like to say more, but < 

We've been togethe: 
long enough for me 
ant: Love vou. 

Mom. Dad. Cathy. Cecilia, and Grandma, thank you for lo\-e 
and support. The only way I know how to pay you back is to 
graduate. Mom and Dad. I know I'm not the brightest buL I can 
say I did my best. Honestly. 

There's so much to say to sc 
so let this suffice. To all alu 
forget the five year men. 

D\'kes 1982: Floyd Allen 
Rats: Tanh C. Chau 

any. but not enough space for it 
i and old corps, good luck. Don't 




"Phil. Pip. Flipper" 
Coxsackie. New York 
Civil Engineer — Navy 

P\t,; Fencing 3.2,1: Dean' 
One Club; Basselt Club 1- 

List 2; VMI Firefighlers 1; Number 

I could start out writing about my experiences both good 
bad. but there is no way I could relate even my most 
ble experiences without being ver>' lengthy. Instead, I'd like to 
say what I gained most from VMI. There are many things that 
an alumnus walks out limits gates with, an education par 
excellence, a knowledge of responsibility and fair play, and 
respect for tradition and the military life. There are also count- 
less other benefits of having attended the toughest military col- 
lege in the countr\-. but the two most important benefits I will 
walk away with are a great commitment to God and man and 
friendships of the very deepest kind. 

From the ratline one gains not only mental toughness but also a 
very special relationship with God. Also. I would be hard 
pressed to describe the intense, lifelong friendships that develop 
during ones cadelship, I'd just like to say thanks for everything 
Craig, leff. Mike, and evenone else. You guys really helped me 
through here with your understanding and humor Well. Marlla. 
we started out with the odds against us. but as wonderful as 
this last year has been with you. I can tell you it will only get 
will always be ver\' much in love. Special 
, You are primarily responsible for my mak- 

better because we wi 
thanks to you Mom. Y 
ing it through VMI. I i 

, Mo 

Dykes 1982: Ken Ro: 
Rats: Frank Charlon 


"Scott, Scotty. Trashdick. Trashdog. Lifer" 
Rochester, New York 
History— Marine Corps 

Anne 4; Anne and Laura 3; Bughead 2, A Lot 1; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; 
Lt. 1; Delta Epsilon Nu 3; Circle-K; Probation with the Nav>' 
Department 4.3,2.1; Cave 1; Friends of Paul and Fred 

Hey. VMI hasn"t been all that bad. In fact. I'v 

had ! 

fun here. Its a shame space 
why even try! Thanks to a 
We've been tight. |ust for thi 
two very good teachers of i 
you've helped out a Iremendc 


'on't allow for the full story. So 
my friends in Delta company. 
;ake of history-: Id like to thank 
ne. Mr. Turner and Mr, Greet 
. amount. 

First I thank you for putting up with me. Who else could live 
with smelly feet? Or. hay-roll surprises; and worst of all my 
wonderful stories. It has not been eass' living with your late 
night screams, bottle gymnastics, or the girls you've abandoned 
me with. But that's friendship. That's why when you leave here 
you'll not get rid of me. Someday, late at night I'll show up on 
your doorstep with pizza and pop. We'll sit on the floor in the 
dark While we sit there greedily munching down, we'll talk of 
our exploits, femine and ugly. In the meantime have a good 


Dykes U 
Rats: Gu 


"Pitt, little Pitt" 
Houston, Texas 
Civil Engineering — Navy 

Private 4.3,2.1; ASCE 4,3.2.1. Membership Chairman 3; Navy 
Scholarship 4,3.2,1; Cadet Trainer 4.3,2.1; Glee Club 4.3,2.1: 
Chapel Choir 4,3,2,1; Chapel Usher 4.3.2: Scuba Club 1; 
Pseudodyke-X48 43; VMI Firefighters 

The first time I met Craig I was on the training room table our 
rat year, and placed in his capable care. Since then we have 
become good friends. I have no doubt that Craig will be an out- 
standing Naval Officer, but more important, is an outstanding 
human being. Stand tall, walk proud, and never forget the in- 
ternal ties which bond brother rats together. Vaya con dios mi 
amigo! |SG 

When I came to VMI. I thought I knew what I was getting my- 
self into, having heard about it for two years. I was wrong. I 
quickly found out you can't explain VMI. it has to be exper- 
ienced. Shortly before matriculating I was given some ver>' good 
advice; keep your sense of humor and you will have little 
trouble. Although I have had more trouble than I'll admit, I will 
always remember those words. I have had experiences few 
could imagine, good and bad. I would not part with any of 
them. From the road trips rat year to the long hours of studying, 
and all the last minute changes that have showed up along the 
way have helped me grow in innumerable ways. 

would like to th; 

ally all 

;opie in the train 

those who helped along the way, espe- 
-lerry. Harv. Mm. and Todd. Also the 

Most of all I V 
ways being the 

luld like to thank 
. CLP 

Mom and Dad. for al- 

Dykes 1982: Van W. No 
Rats: Bruce Busila 



f1!^ ^€9^, 







West Chester, Pennsylvania 

Civil Engineering 

Private 4.3.2,1; VMI Theatre Tech. Director 3.2.1; Hop & 
Floor 4.3.2; ASCE 3.2.1;; VMI Museum Cadet Assistant 1 

From the day I passsed through limit's gate until the day I 
receive my diploma, the VMI expeiience has afforded me my 
share of trials and triumphs. Memories of such events as the 
VMI theatre. Ring Figure, tunneling and adventures with 
Karyn. Robyn. and Andy will always be with me. Through all 
the MEIs. SNIs. FEIs. parades, and working with the VMI 
Theatre. I have made many friends that will never be forgotten. 
Chris, you have indeed made my life more interesting and. at 
times, more enjoyable You are a good person and I know you 
will make it through this place. Karl, at times when 1 was "liv- 
ing on the edge. " you prevented me from falling- Thanks for 
just being there Mom and Dad. thanks for all your love and 
support. Farewell and thanks VMI. 

Dykes 1982: Trey Phillips 
Rats: Chris Hall 


Glasgow. Virginia 
History— Marine Corps 

Rat; Corporal; Sergeant; Number One Club; First Class Prival 
Founders Day Massacre Survivor 2; I survived Stent 4.3, 
Dean's List — Sometimes; Ghetto Corner 3,2; Sinks Annex 
Ranker Fan club 0. 

In attempting to write my First Class histor>'. I believe it 
impossible to sum up what the VMI experience has meant to 
me in the space alioted, thus, I will leave it to those more elo- 
quent than myself to undertake that task, I find a more impor- 
tant dut>' in thanking those that have made my cadetship bear- 

To Ken, Kurt, and John, thank you for being there, with a dol- 
lar, a beer, or a hop date. Finer friends and roommates I could 
never find. Good Luck. 

To Jake. Tim. Doc, Woo. and Davidson, it's been a hell of a 
party, don't ever sober up. The hangover would kill you. 

To Jim. Rich. lack. lohn. and Quimbo, 

1 the Corps 

Lastly, to n 
Without yoL 
You are the 
hope I have 

C.R.-I knoi 
Good Luck. 

parents and brother, thank you for everN-thin 
love and support I would have never made 

lost important people in my life and I love \'ou. 

lade you proud. 

cks. but ^ 

I be the: 

'. before \ 

"Death is nothing, but to live defeated 
daily." — Napoleon 

Dykes 1982: Willie Funkhouser 
Rats: C.R. Langhorne 


"Otter. Billy Jack, Confinement Kid" 
Suffolk, Virginia 
English & Psychology 

Private 4.3,2.1; Hot & Floor 3.2.1; Delia Sigma Nu 3; (R. Fan 
Club 2.1; Sport Parachute Club 3. 

Reflecting back on my four years at VTvII there's onK- one thing 
Id like to say: It hasn't been as bad as ever>one told me il 
would be. it's been worse. I realized the ratline would be 
tough, that the military- would be a pain, and that making 
grades would be difficult but no one told me that I would be 
spending nearly half of my cadetship on confinement 

I was. however, blessed with hvo wonderful roommates, who. 
after returning from weekends at Randy Mac. Mar>- Baldwin or 
Radford would tell me ever\- detail of their exciting and mar- 
velous weekend. And then say. "Gee Fred, too bad you're on 
confinement," Thanks a lot gm's. you really know how to make 
a guy feel good. 

If there ever was a reason to leave V\fl. Fred 
Now after completing nine years of militarv- school he must 
move on to the civilian world. Can he sur\ive? Yes. because he 
has survived \'MI. For at \'MI Fred was blessed with luck, bad 
luck. If there was only the slimest chance of getting caught, he 
beat the odds. Fred made it through his manv months of con- 
finement and yet still retained a sense of humor. We used to 
joke how he couldn't stand having full class privileges. Fred, 
you've been a good friend and roommate: I thank you. Have a 
good and prosperous life. Shoe 

Dv-kes 1982: Steve Checca 
Rats: Wilson Deppe 



"John-o. Red Leader, J. P." 
Duxbury. Massachusetts 
History — Army 

Cpl.: Pvl. 2; Op. Sgt. 1: Ring Figure Honor Guard 3; Rappel 
Instr. 3.2.1; Sports Wriler 2.1; Great Cape Escape 3,2,1; Young 
Scholar Sabbatical— BSC 3; Camp Despair 2,1; Radford Road 
Crew 2.1; Squaller 2.1; Bill's babysitter 2.1; Club 32 2,1; Key 
Wester 4.1; N. Bounder 1 

would be nearly impos: 
iression of the past four y 
VMI experience- The 
sive. and di 

ible for 

A'ords can aptly descr 
s manv. the criticism 

I uncertain- But I leave satisfied, for 
my education has been a complete one. both on and off post. 
That which I have gained far outweighs that taken, and like 
any Irish Catholic from Massachusetts I have weathered the 
best of blows. I now stand a better person, secure in my beliefs, 
and anxious lo press forth past my cadetship. With me I carrv- 
faith unshakable, confidence restored, and friends inseparable. 
My success at VMI is due to several people. First, that special 
family who have always given of their lime, love, and guidance; 
lo whom I owe my graduation as much as I do my own 
parents: thank you for being there. To Ringo, my cohort in 
crime: we share a bond tempered by trials endured, moreso 
than most of our classmates. Steve, you have endured my cyni- 
cism, sarcasm, and pessimism. Our bond is that of brothers. 
And Doc M.. my deepest thanks. Finally, my entire family: 
Thank you. So now I begin my quest to "follow the gleam," 
leaving behind those words of another stalwart son of 
Massachusetts directed lo those wilh whom I have shared the 
hilarity and the frustration of these past four years: 

"Bui we have begun. Neither ■ 
Our course on a dark and stoi 
But we have set sail— and the 
full of hope." 

Dykes 1982: Rich Meyer 

Rats: Randy Williamson. Mike Grant 

■ tide 

always with i 
always be cle; 
:r cloudy, is al 

-lohn Fitzgerald Ke 


"Pi, Press, Maniac" 
McComb, Mississippi 
Civil Engineering-Army 

I can sum up my years al VMI like this: hard work, loneliness, 
and looking forward to breaks, 1 have had enjoyable times but, 
until First Class year, they were few and not often. Having a 
car First Class year makes things so much belter. 

Thank you, Mom and Dad, for supporting i 
make it through here, 

Dykes 1982: Eric Odde 

nd helping i 



Norristown, Pennsylvania 

Mathematics— Army 

Private; Ski Club 3; Young Republicans 1, 

My tenth grade math teacher once told me that "College will 
be the best four years of your life." Of course, 1 had never 
heard of VMI at the lime, and I'm sure she hadn't either. Al- 
though I feel the ratline did change me for the better, I can't 
help but think thai the remaining three years could have been 
better spent elsewhere. In the years to come, if I can look back 
al my time al VMI and consider it the best years of my life, 
then . , . 

The question ever\'one asks is 'If it is so bad, why do you 
stay?" I still haven't found the right answer to thai question, but 
I must also admit lo them that my time here is not completely 
devoid of fun. Although I spent most of my third class year 
cursing my lack of transportation and enlerlainment, my second 
class year brought a roommate with a car. Vid. the monster 
made this place bearable Flash, Stevo. Art. and of course you 
Vid. our weekly lours of the campuses of Virginia are as close 
to my teacher's words as I could come. 

But by far the most important factor in winning this war of 
trition was the love and support I got from my family. Every 
visit, every food box. every letter let me know someone 
there cared. This goes far above and beyond the financial 
support you gave me when I needed it, and I thank each and 
every one of your for it. 

Dykes 1982: Mark Ha 
Rats: Mike Pannell 



7^ ^f 


— fl 



"T.C., Pellican" 
Richmond. Virginia 
Civil Engineering — Army 

ASCE 4.3,2.1: Baseball 4,2.1; Water Polo 3,1; Monogram Club 2, 
1; Cadet Waiter 2; Private 4.3.2,1, 

From my first day at VMI I knew things would never be the 
same. My old carefree, eas>'-going lifestyle is history. Nobody 
made me attend VMI, It was my own choice and, oh boy, what 
a choice, I cant really say I hated it here, but then again, I 
really can't say I loved it If it hadn't been for the friends and 
good times. I'd hate to think how bad a place this could be, 

I know the limes I've spent at VMI will probably prove to be 
my best, but I'd hate to admit it. The friends I've made have 
been the greatest, I can only wish them the best [ust keep on 


all > 

than . 

My parents, sisters, and brother have givt 
could imagine Their love and support have helped me survive, 
I only hope that I have not driven them crazy with my troubies- 
Don't worry. Mom, "No news is good news." 

Dykes 1982: Bill Burnett 
Rats: |ohn Doyle 


"Q, Quimbo" 

Ojai, California 
History— Marine Corps 

Corporal 3; Sargeant 2: NCO 1; Varsity Soccer Team 
Captain 1. Marine Detachment; Monogram Club; Dean's List 3. 
2.1; QW-)AM Tie Holder 

Variety is the spice of life and that variet>' is limited 
one's imagination. It was my imagination that took m 
from the West Coast and the confines of one society 
thrust me into the confines of the VMI sv'stem, H' 
attempting to see the positive aspects in everything . 
body the time has passed quickly. 

My parents did me right by letting events run their course al- 
though I realize al limes they probably wondered if they still 
had a son. Thank goodness for calling cards! Everyone has an 
effect on everyone else whether good or bad and I believe the 
friendships I have made here at VMI have helped me gain 
invaluable knowledge into the nature of life. 

It won't surprise me a bit if we meet on some stretch of beach 
that runs parallel to the good times— slow down until we meet 
again, ADIOS VMI! 

Dykes 1982; loe Bouchelle 
Rats: Joe Swider 


"Sidewinder, Skunk, Chink, T." 
Sierra Vista, Arizona 
Civil Engineering—Army 

Private; Corporal 3: ASCE 3.2.1: Ranger Platoon 3^1: 
Ring Design Committee 2; Drug and Alcohol Comminee 2.1: 
Rappelling Cadre 1: Alpha Company Guidon. 

Mom, Dad. ]R, and Ida. thank you for your love and support. I 
wouldn't have made it without you. I love you more than I 
have shown, and more than you will ever know. 

Bert, CD,, and Opie. thanks for being more than roommates. 
but also being friends for the past three years. You're the great- 
est. Bill and Burt, the same goes for you. too. Tug. what can I 
say? I couldn't have asked for a better friend. Remember TNT. 
Bill B,. Ron. Shawn, and Steve, thanks for everything, especialh- 
your friendship. Tim and Joe. thanks, and remember "The 
West is Best!" 

The school we leave behind in 1985 is not the same school we 
matriculated to in 1981, But then the men that leave this place 
are not the same boys that came here. A part of me died here, 
and a part of me was bom. I can never replace what I've losL 
but I couldn't have gotten what I gained an\-where else. Ttiere 
have been lots of changes and lots of times, both good and bad. 
Even though it seems there were more bad times than good. I 
leave here with no bitterness for the past only anticipation for 
the future. 

To the rising first class. 1 wish you the best of luck ne-xt year. 
To the class of 1985. good luck and Godspeed, 

Dykes 1982: Michael Ray Ewing 

Rats: Phillip Carl Jones & Edward Lee Wether^U 


▼^^^ ' 19^1 




"Turtle. Turtle Head. PB Kid. Skyler" 
Virginia Beach. Virginia 
Civil Engineering— Navy 

Soccer 3.2: Bomb Staff 1; Pvt.; Cpl. 3; Dean's List 2; 
NROTC Scholarship 3.2.1; Obsessed with |ulie 2.1; ASCE 4.3.2,1 

Well it seems the days have come and the days have gone and 
time has continued to move on bringing the end near. Now that 
the end is near I find myself reflecting on the past years here 
at VMI. A lot has happened in those years, things that will al- 
ways be a part of me; for Ihey formed many of my attitudes 
and greatly influenced my demeanor. Through it all I've met 
some good people, friends I hope to see after it's over. These 
friends helped when it came to dealing with the total negalive- 
ness of the VMI. However, if there is to be one good thing I 
lake from this place it's what my family means to me. This 
place taught me exactly how important a family is— especially 
my parents. My parents have been very supportive, and often 
supplied me with the strength to continue forth. They often had 
to have a great deal of tolerance with me; this they did with 
unyielding amounts of love and support To them I say— Thank 
you. I love you! I'd also like to thank my brother and sisters 
and give them my love— Tom. Kay. and Winn thanks for the 
loving support. WHR 


ularly exciting party at 
tional friend. That be- 

Bill was my co-dyke and after o: 
Sigma Ki 1 realized that 1 had ; 
gan our friendship and we are now very seldom seen around 
barracks one without the other. We have had many good times 
and ver>- few poor ones, which is in itself extraordinary. He is 
a good man and I hope that he will do well in all future en- 
deavors, best of luck. )GD 

To the one man who knew almost everything about me. from 
Julie on— [ohn may the best in life be yours always. 

Dykes 1982: Kevi 
Rats: Steve Wate 

A, Smith 


"Screamin'. Fish" 
Great Falls, Virginia 
Electrical Engineering — Navy 

Pvt 4.2; Cpl 3; Sgt 2; Regt Sgt Major 1; Football 4.3.2,1; Mono- 
gram Club 1: IEEE 3.2,1; Eta Kappa Nu 2,1; Video Club 2.1; 
Computer Head 2,1; Georgetown (Winston's) Boys 4,3.2,1; Navy 
Scholarship; Dyke School 2; Dean's List 4.3.1 

I entered VMI on that hot day in August, saying goodbye lo a 
lot more than my mother and sister. Being a cool, cocky high 
school senior. I knew I could handle this place. Or so I 
thought - . So began the worst of nightmares, but the best of 

I like lo think of Matriculation Day as the blank page 
separating chapters in my life story. Since that time. I have sur- 
vived the ups and downs of cadetship. from Breakout to Ring 
Figure and now Graduation, and those many long days 
between, I thank God for seeing me through the worst. But 
mostly I thank Mom. Dad. Tim. Tom. Carolyn. John, and Matt, 
whose constant love and support helped me to make it to the 
finish line when it seemed so unachievable and distant. One 
couldn't ask for a more understanding family. 

To Steve. Ben. and PW. I give my thanks for sharing [and cre- 
ating] all the good times, and support during the bad; you've 
been great roomies, friends, confidants, and cohorts. No doubt 
we will continue to make the rounds in G-towne bars or wher- 
ever we end up, 

II won't be difficult to leave barracks, although our room had 
most of the creature comforts of home. But it's time to move on 

In '. 


Now it's lime to join the fleet and answer my patriotic 
hopefully in some of the better ports of the world , 
Australia . , Monte Carlo. Monaco , , San Diego , , , or 
Pearl Harbor, 

Who said that your college years are the best 
life? , - , Mine are just about to start, 

tJykes 1982: Steven P, Dobler 
Rats: William "Bill the Cat" Powers 


"Troy. Tore, Dobie. Walley" 
Rockville. Maryland 
Civil Engineering— Navy 

ASCE 3. Vice-Pres 2. Pres 1; CE Honor Societ>' 1; Dean's List 3, 
2; Academically Distinguished 3; Rugby Club 2; Ski Club 3.2.1 

I'd like to start off by saying that this has been the best 
experience that I've never had. It's been a long time since we 
first arrived, and since that time 1 have long since forgotten 
why I came here, or why I stayed for that matter. It has just 
been the place where I have gone to school for the last four 
years, and it has taken me that long to convince my friends 
back home that not ever>'one here is a blood crazed war 
monger or a complete geek (at least not everyone). I've gone 
through many changes since I've been here and I guess I can 
honestly say that not all of them have been for the worse. Seri- 
ously. I've met a lot of good people during these past four years 
both on and off post, I'm ven' grateful to all of the relatives 
around the area for the Sunday suppers and the weekend visits. 
Oh yeah, my parents helped too. I'd like to say that I couldn't 
have made it without their help, but I probably could have (I'm 
in big trouble now|. Before I finish. I would like to extend my 
deepest appreciation to all of the roommates from the 04 series, 
without whom I would have never turned out to be the warm 
tolerant person that I am today. Now. I'll always remember "H 
ain't why. why. why, why , , , it just is."— Van Morrison. 

Dykes 1982: Mike Eden 
Rats: lohn Bordelon 





Strasburg, Virginia 

Civil Engineering— Army 

Number One Club— Dean's 0th 
4.3; Foxtrot 2; India 1; 10 times t 

■ List Pvt,; Band 

1 Dav 

VMI has certainly been an experience, but not a ver>' pleasant 
one. I can only hope and pray that it will one day be worth all 
of the effort. And as my final days appraoch 1 fee! as if my 
four years here have finally produced something other than 
confinement and penalt\- tours. I shall leave with a commission 
and a degree- 

1 never would have tolerated my stay here if it were not for my 
wonderful parents- By their loving support throughout my stay. 
they have given me my future, a debt 1 can never repay. I 
would also like to take this opportunity to thank my roommates 
Craig, Phil, and Mike; they made my bad times just a little bit 

I hope to see 
you will not i 

Good Luck KYLE- 

■ of you along the 

Dykes 1982: Robert Klenke 
Rats: Kyle Holtzman. Mike Mil 


"Moonhead, Duke, Paducah" 
Paducah, Kentucky 
Electrical Engineering — Army 

Band 4.3,2.1; Pep Band 4; Pvt 4.3.2,1; Cpl 3; IEEE 3.2.1; Scuba 
Club 3.2.1 Treas 2; Amateur Radio Club 3.2.1 Treas 2; Sky Div- 
ing Club 3.2; SAME 3.2.1; Ski Club 3; Cadet Waiter 1; Cadet 
Battery 2; Tanker Platoon 2: Fire Fighters 1; Summer School 
Club 3 

My four years at VMI have certainly been an experience. I 
didn't really know what I was getting into when I got here but 
I have no doubt I made the right choice. The ratline was a 
tough challenge but the memories and friendship will last a 

I had great roommates every year. Dave. jim. Boz and I kept 
our corporals busy during the ratline. For their help I would 
like to thank: Greg "Moyersville" a roommate of three years 
and also Davidson. Dave. Brent. Greg. Chris. Adam. Kelly and 
about everyone else in Band Company. 

Most of all I want to thank my parents, grandparents and the 
rest of my family for their love and support without which I 
would never have made it this far!!! 

No Dad it's not a "Country Club" yet! 

Dykes 1982: |ohn Hargreaves 
Rats: Victor Sredl 


Mollusk, Virginia 

Economics — Army 

Rat 4; Cpl 3; Pvt 2.1; VMI- Commanders Vice-Pres 1; Rat 
Training 3.2.1; Young Economists 2.1; Investment Club 2.1: Pres. 
VMI Theatre 3; Boxing 4; Visiting Scholars Program 3: Dean's 
Other List; William & Mary Na\1gator 1. 

I do not ask to walk smooth paths 
Nor bear an eas\' load. 
I pray for strength and fortitude 
To climb the rock strewn road. 

Give me such courage I can scale 
The hardest peaks alone. 
And transform ever\' stumbling-stone 
Into a stepping-stone. 

A great deal of thanks goes to my family for their midjing 
support. To my Mom and Dad I owe everything. Their 
understanding and steadfast love pulled me through. Thanks! 
Thanks goes to a special lady who made this year great Well 
lohno we beat them all. God bless you and thanks- 
Dykes 1982: lim Cosby 
Rats: Bob Davis. Robert Draper 



"Barney. Clint, Stoneface. god" 
Tabernacle, New Jersey 
Civil Engineering — Navy 

Cpl 3: Msl. Sgt/ Reg S-4 Sgt 2; Battalion S-1 1; ASCE; Treasur- 
er. Vice President Hop & Floor 4.3: Concrete Canoe Team 4,1; 
Ral Training Cadre 3.2 

Has it really been four years? How time flies when you are 
having fun! There were things I disliked about my "character 
building" at VMl but there were far more things that I liked 
and wouldn't trade for anything in the world. All of the good 
limes thai I have shared with friends that could never be for- 
gotten is at the top of the list. The people I have met here are 
great and 1 have learned many lessons from dealing with the 
different personalities. Especially my roommates over the 
years — Tim and Mike— you gave me many laughs. Tug. what 
can I say: we were never serious but we did what we had to. 
And oh yes. Fred, ! started my cadetship with you and roomed 
with you all the way through. We made a strange pair, but we 
were always a pair. I owe many of my best memories to you 
because we did it all together. 

LasI but not least. I want lo Ihank all of those outside of the "I" 
who had lo live with il. Dau. thanks for all of those words of 
wisdom. Mom. I'll never forget thos<; food boxes! Theresa, how 
can I repay you for all of (he letters and attempts to cheer up a 
bad day, like putting hacksaw blades in a food box white I was 
on confinement. 

A few reminders for years to come: 
Smiling at the ogar. the Philmont mug. workouts, breakout, 
the flaming duo. road trips, |im Beam. Rabbit vs. Honda. Fred 
and Barney, pre-ring parties. Ring Figure. Hob-n-Hob. Hop-n- 
Go runs. Sacco. and dykes. 

! wish all my BR's the best of luck in all you do! 

D>-kes 1982: Dave Kohle: 
Rats: Mike Malerba 


"Rodentbelly. The Rod. Chesty. Puff" 

Vero Beach. Florida 

Civil Engineering — Marine Corps 

ASCE. SAME. VMI Firefighters. CES-VP. Dean's List. 
Distinguished— 2. The Class of 1941 Award, Pvt, Four 
year Marine Corps Scholarship, Scuba Club 

To me VMI was the best choice because of the friends on the 
inside and the support of the people I love on the outside. The 
number 55 will always have special meaning because it in- 
volves where I put up with my best friends for life: W.K. Ar- 
thur and G.W. Klein, I would like to thank Dad. Granny, Mom. 
Clint, and especially Stephen for all of their efforts and atten- 
tion, I am ver>' proud of all of you. 

If I tr\- to 

nber only the 


4 yeai 
and Mindy 
Rod's hous. 

here, il will include breakout, graduation. Mo 
road trips, my summers in Florida especially 
Dad and Betty's visit. Klein's wrestling inabilih,'. 

As to the Institute, well, it's been real. See \ 

There are two things to aim at in life: first to get what 
want: and after that, to enjoy il. Only the wisest achieve 


A gem is not polished without rubbing, 
without trials. 

Dykes 1982: Rob Rambo 
Rats: Michael Sevffert 

-Logan Pearsall Smith 

ir a man made perfect 

—Chinese proverb 


"Rockhead, The Rock, SACMF. Chuckie" 
Dinwiddie. Virginia 
English — Army 

Football Walk-On 4.3 

Promaji Club 4,3 

1: OGA 1: P\'t 4.3,2.1: Ced and Da 

II i,j, txcvdet Club Expense Account 2,1; 
i,l; English Society 4.3,2.1; Monogram Club 2. 
,2.1: Ced and Darren's most ardent B-ball fan 

VMI— Why? Because I thought I could. Mom and Dad it would 
never have been possible without your undying love and 
support. Through the years of struggles, triumphs, defeats, 
sweat, blood, tears, and the never ending battle with life. WE 
made it!! 

Darren and Cedric. two men who Have taught me the most ba- 
sic rule of being a man. You feltas taught me lo accept faults. 
You taught me to respect others and mostly to respect myself. 
Darren and Ced taught me the true meaning of the word 
"Brother." Without their constant "cuts," the late night B.S. ses- 
sions, the soul-searching heart to heart talks, and a couple good 
kicks in the butt I wouldn't be here now. My only regret is thai 
we only had four shori years together, THANKS BROTHERS! 
Coach Harmy — sorr>- about all the grey hairs. You saw me 
through the thick and thin I wish I knew how to say THANK 
YOU but it is difficult to say something when no words are 
necessary, Mrs. Johnson, the Reeves'. Doc and Juice. I'm 
forever grateful. Ralphie. Flea. WG. IH). Davis, Todd. Tayloe. 
Greenie. Dave. |1. Woo K.. Big Woo, Lamont and all the rest of 
the boys, thanks for seeing me through this hell. I hope life 
doesn't suck as bad as the last four years have. 
Tina— Thanks Babe!! VMI did give me one thing in the form of 
a beautiful, warm, caring lady that has been by my side 
through it all. Without your love, patience, and understanding 
all would have been in vain. 1 made it!!! 

Dykes 1982; Phillip "Doc" Davis 

Rats: Erich Diehl. John -A.!.' Williams 


m w 

•^ fi 


"Weasel, Little Weas, Rolchy, Clark Kent" 
Dumfries, Virginia 
Physics — Army 

Soccer 1. Swimming Team 4. SocieW of Physics Sludenls. Sigma 
Pi Sigma: Timmins Music Society 2: 400 Club; Bat Cave Club. 
,Amitjville Club. Raslaman Award for Best Writing 1984 

Well I haled every day I wa 
|was not at the "I " I'll always 
incredibly ostentatious. Barracks 
member as the most insane, lud 
Jve ever lived. Id like to thank s 

at the "I" and I loved every day I 
ir the ring even if it's 
place I will always re- 
5. even dangerous place 
of my teachers for mak- 
Dssible: Dr. Monsour. Col 
Col Minnix, and Maj 

Sauder. Col Peters. Maj B 
Richarde. Id like to thank Cloudy for my only D. I'd also like 
to thank Cadet Bruce Nichol for leaving my car in 
Greenville— Thanks Bruce you're a heck of a guy. My room- 
mates here at VMI added a spontaneity that often filled my 
jays with too much excitement. They were; Mark Williams, |oe 
Rose. Stuart Taylor. Tayloe Dameron. Hunter Elliot. Lou Wertz. 
Shane Sullivan and David Morgan. Finally. I'd like to say 
goodbye to the Class of 85. Later, 

'Dykes 1982: Michael Burt 
Rats: Todd Freiwald 


"Ears, Cracker, Dante, Man Rat" 
Midlothian, Virginia 
Chemistry— Army 

Varsity Tennis 4.3.2— Captain 1; Deans list 4.2; Ciub 46 3.2.1: 
American Chemical Society— P.R, 2.1; Edwin B. |ones Scholar- 
ship 1: Circle K 2.1: Private 

The past four years of my Hfe at VMI have been enjoyable, 
painful, and profitable. Looking back, the good times have 
outweighed the bad and they will remain that way forever. Two 
years ago Club 46 was established and each moment with the 
members of this club has been exciting and priceless, 

Don "Jellybutf Monday and the ■'Worm" Shindle always had 
the best wrestling matches. "Ringleader" Fraser was always a 
spark when he would light his farts. The latest member "Husk" 
Hulvo would always enter the room with a new helmit mark on 
his body after a practice. Good luck to all of you. it's been real! 

My greatest thanks go to those that I love and cherish! Les. 
without you being there, my rat year would have been mean- 
ingless. Grandmom. your many letters have greatly supported 
me. Then there is Andrew who didn't write, but I knew he 
cared. Mom and Dad. I can't blame either of you for VMI. but 
you have been super rents and I can't explain how much I've 
appreciated your love. 

Although it has been long and hard. I'r 
ways keep VMI in my heart! 

Dykes 1982: Mark Kempsell 
Rats: Tommy Carroll 

1 went and I'll al- 


"Guess Work" 
Claysville, Pennsylvania 
Civil Engineering — Navy 

Swim Team; Elected Co-Capt 1: Monogram club: Deans 
List; Academically Distinguished 2; Militar>- Award of 
World Wars 3: VMI Civil Engineering Honor Socieh' 2.1: A- 

There is an old and often heard sa>ing "You get what you pay 
for." I think this is especially true of the education one receh-es 
al VMI, Attending four years and finally graduating from V\n 
costs more than just tuition. Initially the cost was low, in the 
form of weekly hair cuts. As the length of my stay increased, so 
did the price I paid. I have spent much of my time and effort 
on academics, athletics and military bearing. Still, at other 
times. I have had to pay the price for having too much fun with 
Confinement and Penalt>- Tours. For me the price of \'MI has 
been high, but upon graduating I can easily say I receK'ed more 
than an education 

I would like to first thank my parents for keeping me steered in 
the right direction. Grandma and Grandpa thank you for 

Arn. thanks for keeping me smihng. 

To my roommates. Mike. Joe. Tony its been something else 
hasn't it. Thanks guys. 

Thanks goes to all my friends for all the fun and good times. 
It's lime for some more' 

D>-kes 1982: Chris Ronon 
Rats: Greg Hall 



"Gerbil. Tolc>o. Eddie. Hascal. Little Buddy" 
Norfolk. Virginia 
Civil Engineering 

Howling. Swim Team manager, 
Can Hit Team. TCFC Patron 

Bat Cave Club. Inlercollegiale 

What can you say about the above mutant and give him enough 
credit for all the squallors he's provided his friends at the 
■Roof. He and the one and only "Hant\' Hunt" single handidly 
changed the barracks lingo and the personality- of the Corps in 
general. Rooming with the "Gerb" was an incredible howl, I 
was constantly clipped from behind by this madman pulling 
something I never saw out of the blue. Down for the count. It's 
terrible that you had to leave so unexpectedly our 1st Class 
year, but I see nothing but success for you in the future, 
MWW 85 

There is only one Gerbil-Ioe and that's the one with all the 
curly blond hair and thought of as "Buddy-Rock". If there was 
ever a man qualified to sail his father's vessel during our own 
squallor. then Joe would be the skipper fearless of all lightning. 
One could not ask for a better road trip partner (while he is 
awake) nor an all-around "pal" with a dynamite gal we know 
as Sue-Hamster. To think of \oe brings to mind a fantastic fam- 
ily with Barbera and Warreen always there to push us forward. 
We will always be around and in the spirit as our "little 
Buddy", SST 

Yes. Ihi 

s boy wa 

s a howler 

til the 


Now he' 

living in r 



in my bed. partying 

with my 

friends, a 


with m\ 

toys. And 



at the " 

" and it s 

sucks, i 

hope h 

s's having < 



. Gerbil. 

was looki 


10 graduating wilh \ 


but that was 

not to be h 


for a ye 

ar then next year 

■11 c 

ome back 

o visit you 

an alum 

nus in n- 

y Porsche, 

A:hat c 

n I 

jay. do it up buddy, a 

do one 

for me w 

hile you're 

at it— Bark. 

Bark The 


D>'kes 1982: I-C. Edwards. Honey Hunt 
Rats: Adam Phillips. Marsh Robertson 



Clifton Forge. Virginia 

History— Army 

Indoor-Outdoor Track 1982-85. Promaji Club 1981-85. D.P.D, 

My four years at VMI can be summed up as different. Thrust 
into a world of military and academia. I had to reevaluate all 
of my priorities, I have asked myself: why did I stay? The one 
reason that reoccurs is it was for you. I have been given so 
much of your time, not to forget financial assistance, 1 want to 
take this lime to laud you mother. You were there when the 
tunnel began to close. When I needed a soft hand you were 
there. No matter the situation you were there to supply 
confidence and rekindle my pride, I have accomplished four 
years, but. you given me much more, God bless for the 
understanding and strength, I love you. Without your constant 
support, who knows. I may have ended up at USC. 

I haven't forgotten you. Pete. We all know the good that you 
possess and the silent pride that you maintain. At least I have 
the satisfaction to know that I've given you another reason to 
hold your head high. I thank and love you all. I love you, 

D\'kes 1982: Clem Zotto. Rich Myer, Dave Fritz 
Rats B.|- Barnes. M.O, Castillo 


"Wilfredo. W.G., Duck" 
Matoaca. Virginia 
B.S, Biology — Army 

Boxing Team RDC V-Pres 1; No. 1 Club; Cpl 3 Sgt 2 B 
Co XO 1; Hop and Floor Comm. 4.3.2,1; Sport Parachute Club 
2,1 Circle K Club 3.2.1; Writer VMI Cadet 2,1; 337 CC; CCSC 2. 
1: Scuba Club 1; AUSA 2,1; Young Republicans 2.1; BUM 3; 
Blue Whalers 2.1; AC. Scars 

Riing! What? Four 

talk about it 
no. I find it 

m'l make 

ally hard, 
who have 

Q way man. No Dad yo 
me go. I don't want to go to VMI, Get your chir 
Riing! What? Four years, no way man. I just got here, you can't 
make me leave. Sometimes you just have to say "What the - — ". 
Heck I just learned the rules, maybe if I fail physics 
again , , . Well folks the long hard road has been travelled and 
the end is in sight but believe it or not it is hard to say good- 
bye. VMI is one of those places you love to hate, you curse it 
'er\' minute of confinement but let : 
ow that's a different story. I find it ri 
ipossible to compile thanks to all those 
to whom 1 am greatful. Think of it. seems just 
like last week I signed that big book and became a cadet. I 
have endured that rarely travelled path and reached my goals, 
but not alone. If it were not for my family, brother rats, and 
you Hope. I would have surely fallen short. It was my family 
that raised me in a proper way and taught me right from 
wrong. You instilled in me an endurance to finish what I have 
started. It was my BRs that brought me to realize that blood is 
not thicker than water. You acted as true brothers when I was 
down and out. t|ess. Dave. H. Mac, John. Matt, and Greenie). 
And finally it was you Hope that was the highlight of every 
day. You have sacrificed much, as have all of you, these past 
four years. For this I am eternally grateful. Thanks, and all I 
could ever say to you Mr. Irvin. "If you don't like the way I'm 
living you can just leave this long-haired country boy alone." 

Dykes 1982: David Shutt 

Rats: Brian Durham. |ohn Ryman 





"Martian Man, Woodstock, Spock" 
Midlothian. Virginia 
Mathematics — Air Force 

Pvt. PFT 3. S-2 Societ\' 2. Guido 
publicans 1. 

Bearer 1: College Re 

I find it quite difficult to express my experiences al VMI in so 
many words. I honestly feel that I would not have made it if 
was not for the care and support of some very special people. I 
would first like to thank my parents, which their love and 
support helped me through the difficult times. You all have 
been there when I needed you whether it was to take me home 
for a few hours or send money to make life more bearable. I 
would also like to thank my roommates for putting up with me. 
I realize that I was sometimes hard to get along with and some- 
times down right stubborn. We have shared both good times 
and bad. Finally. I would like to thank the other special people 
who gave me support, whether it was support on a run or help 
in academics, you helped to make the VMI experience bear- 

' Dykes 1982; Thane Durey 
Rals: Eric Faison. Scott McCumber 


"Sam; Hippy Rat; Booger." 
Rattanaburi Surin, Thailand 
Civil Engineering — Army 

Pvt. 4,3.2,1: Dean's List: VMI Civil Engineering Honor Socieh'; 
Tanker Platoon 

What can you say about a kid like this? He came into m\ room 
only because one of my roommates turned out to be a dean"s 
other list student. Two years later when he left my room I al- 
most cried. How he put up with me and my rowdy friends I'll 
never know. As long as I live I will never forget him. 

Sumonchai has done very well here at VMI. He has attained a 
very good GPA and made a great number of friends. I hope he 
has enjoyed his stay in the States and has learned how Ameri- 

Bv the 

I am a drunk redneck Sanusun will probably be i 
Iheir Army I wish him a great deal of happines 
Good luck brother rat. RTY 85 

I would like to express my sincere thank to Nanlana and 
Thongkham Somsanuk, Kranokporn and Preecha Mapunya and 
Exchai Triamsritong. Their support, kindness and concern has 
helped sustain me in the Uniled States. It has been a pleasure 
to have known them and shared good times with them, I will 
miss their company and support. I love them all. SSS 

Dykes 1982. Chri 
Rals: Kultawal V 



"Mart. Sarge" 

Millboro Springs, Virginia 

Economics/Spanish — Air Force 

Varsity Swimming, Water Polo-YP 2. Treas 3. CpL Sgt Captain- 
BATXO. Dean's List 3.2.1 Academically DisL 1; ROA Bronze 
Medal 3; ROTC Scholarship 3.2.1: Omicron Delta Epsilon 2.1; 
Simga Delta Pi 2.1: See. of Young Economists. AAS. Ring De- 
sign Comm. S-5 Tour— Escort 

Well, we are finally here. The first thing I want to say is thank 
you Mom. Dad and friends. If it were not for your support and 
understanding- Its hard to tell where I would be today. My 
dyke was mvaluable to me in my understanding of the "1'. I 
hope I will be equally as invaluable to mine. Rust>-. it said in 
your first class histon,- that if 1 took after you I would make the 
best of my years here and I surely have. These four years have 
been quite a testing period. Even though it meant falling down 
some. I think I have passed and my respect lies here for my 
BRs and \'MI. To the roommates of 305-205-105 you all are the 
best friends a guy can have. You helped a great deal in my 
self-underslanding-Guys (Tom-Kev-Ieff-Strib) Take care and 
keep in touch. To my dykes, do not let the negati\-e aspects bog 
you down— If you want something, go for iL but have respect 
for others. Enough of the philosophy — I made iL Thanks to 
God-Family-and friends, and until later— Adios Amigos! 

D\'kes 1982: Rusty Wood 

Rats: Kirk Dew\ea. Rucker Slater 




"PVV. Elmo. Fudpucker" 
Strasburg. Virginia 
Economics— Army 

Football 4,3.2.1; Monogram Club 2.1: DMS 1; Society of Young 
Econ.; Investors Club; Rat Daddy Club 3.2.1; Other Deans List 
3.2.1; Pre-Law Club 3.2.1; Pvt (Who Caresll Patchin All- 
American 4.3; Bob Thalman Imiliation Club; Roland Tiso 
Appreciation Club 2.1 

I remembered the first time I saw VMl. I woke up in the 
backseat of my father's car. and there was VMI! I rolled over 
and told Dad to drive on! I was wondering what the HELL I 
was doing here! Dickie Moore, thanks for helping through that 
year, .^s much as I was in trouble. Dickie was there! After my 
rat year. I was on my own. At first, 1 disliked VMI, but I 
learned what VMI meant. But when I was marching in a pa- 
rade, I was proud to be at VMI, Ron, Steve, and Benny Tm 
glad I moved in with you. You are also like brotheres to me. 
.Mom and Dad, Thanks for being there! You gave me much ad- 
vice that has helped through VMI, I am glad that I attended 
VMI, IT WAS THE RIGHT CHOICE. Of course, I cannot for- 
get you, Susan -lou were there when I needed you! I LOVE 

DYKES. Good Luck 
goats high! I will be v 

the future!! Studv hard and set 

Dykes 1982: Dickie Moore 
Rats: Eric Woodhouse, Walte 


"Bert, Fax. Se'um" 
Halifax, Virginia 
English — Air Force 

I came to VMI not knowing exactly what to expect when I 
arrived. I was leaving family and friends and it seemed as 
though it would be years until I saw them again. As the days 
went by. many of my brother rats were leaving. Believe me, I 
thought about leaving myself. But I told myself I was going to 
make it. It never would have been possible without the help 
and understanding of all my friends, especially you Opie. Tom. 
and CD. There is a deep friendship there that can never be 
taken away. Coach White, what can I say. None of this would 
have been possible without your help, concern, and most of all 
your friendship. I cannot thank you enough. Coach Maini and 
Mrs. Maini, thank you both for all your support. 

I want to thank you, Mom, most of all. Your love, support, and 
understanding has meant so much to me. I will never be able 
to repay you for everything you've done for me. I know there 
have been trv'ing times but we've made it through together. 
Thank you Melanie. Annette, and Spencer for all your love and 
encouragement. You've made these hard four years a little 
brighter. Grandmother. I hope I have made you proud. Thank 
d support throughout the 

I lo 

Dykes 1982: John Friend 

Rats: Criss Finwood, Thorpe Whitehe< 


"Derwood, The Claw, Sawyer" 
Winston-Salem. North Carolina 
Economics — Navy 

The Franklin Wright 69 Memorial Basketball Scholarship; Tht 
Giles H, Miller. ]r '2i "Most Outstanding Sophomore" Award 
Varsity Basketball 4.3.2,1; Monogram Club 3.2.1: Promaji Club -1 
3.2.1; Society of Young Economists 2.1; Sgt 2; Battalion Sgt. Maj 


VMI Who, what, where? Those were the questions that weni 
through my mind when I was first confronted with the opportu- 
nit>' to visit VMI. Now I know. Many thanks go to Mr, Marl 
"Coach " Sandy for having strong faith in my ability to worl 
hard on and off the court. He always told me to "hang in then 
Darren " And I did. I came here unsure of my future yet I was 
still a confident and responsible young man. My experiences 
more like strange encounters, here at the Institute has given me 
a new perspective on life. I can now see a glimpse of what lie: 
ahead of me and it is upward. I have grown to be even mort 
confident in my capabilities as a resposible, respectful and re- 
spectable man, There has been some changes within mysell 
emotionally, physically and ps\'chologically never the less it wa; 
all for the better I still must overcome my impatience for lift 
and learn to steady my harried pace; "Slow me down hard, anc 
inspire me to send my roots deep into the soil of Life's endur- 
ing values that I may grow toward the stars of my greater 
destiny.,," I honestly believe time is with me. Cedric anc 
Chuck, you two guys, what more could one ask for in room- 
mates? We have become close only because we are men. Mer 
who understand, men who knows what it is like to struggle ai 
one and then pull together as a whole. We do understand eacl 
other's ways, we are major engines in the machine callec 
brotherhood. Hugh, yes we are the same. You are the friend i 
person needs through thick and thin. Let's keep it that way 
Thanks so much Barb anc 
you. You are true parents 
if onl; 

"Brothers of 156 ad 141" we 

Ben for being there when I 

Donald. Wayne. Pam and Kevan. Hey its finally ( 

you knew! God Bless 

Dykes 1982: Ozzie Belchei 
Rats: Kevin Everhart 



,^ "-' 



Norfolk, Virginia 

Civil Engineering— Air Force 

|PnvaIe 4.3.2,1: VMl Theater Staff 2.1; Set Conslniclion Director 
12.1; Soflball 4.3; A.SC.E, 1; A.S.C.E. Project Committee 

iwhen we first came to VMl ever>one told me how quickly four 
I years would pass. 1 told them that they were crazy. After the 
I first day as a rat. lime seemed to have stopped. Since that time 
I have gone from a scared boy to a quick-tempered, sadistic, 
man. I have also become an academic stud. All of these 
changes brought about more and more responsibility until I 
finally had my own rat to teach. What a headache I hope lime 
will pass quickly for him too and I wish him the best of luck. 

To my family goes the biggest applause- Without them I would 
not have survived. Thanks Mom for all of the time spent sew- 
ing and writing. Thanks Dad for making sure that I knew my 
grades were lousy. Thanks Nan for everything. Sue. Deb. Dave, 
jrhanks for making the home life a little easier, and of course 

i Bryan and Bobby who will make your hair turn grey real fast. I 
love all of you verv much. 

ITo my friends I also sa\' thanks. You guys made me at least 
'Slay sane, Tom. who always lets me abuse him. Danny. Kirby. 
;Dave and Paul who helped make this place a little less 
impossible, thanks guys The room was always full of happy 
tini'.s and weird sayings. Who can forget pet names such as 
8h-i[.r* or "Fuke" or sayings such as "What a bargain " To 


f)ykrs 1982: Chuck Ka 
Rats: Geoffrev Sklar 



Naeiels Glarus Schweiz CH 

Physics — Panzergrenadier 

Sigma Pi Sigma Honor Society. Vice President SPS. RDC 
Officer. Dean's Honor List 4.3.2,1; Boxing 

Der einzige Grenadier ist ein Panzergrenadif 

Dykes 1982: |ames B Hicke; 
Rals: Russell S. Sloane 



Lexington. Virginia 

Electrical Engineering — Air Force 

No. 1 Club: Private 
Brown Fan Club 4.3.^ 

From rat to first cla; 
changed while you j 
you. Everyone had tc 
wait to finish but th 
you had four hotels i 
up with a mortgage i 
lail I tried to make 
emerged with a smi 
coming back, I've le; 
the game (some by th 
by your side playing 
passed Go. Thanks N 
Dave. John. |ohn. 
Thanks to my Dyke 
live and special th; 

maleur Radio Club John 
M; Nowhere 

s it was all a big game 
ilayed and the deck wa 
play but no one could 
; majority did. Sometimes it 
m Boardwalk and Park Place 
>n Baltic Avenue. While I did 

!pl the rules 
eked against 
Some didn't 
seemed like 
only to end 

ice it seem like Free Parking and 
lile that, no matter how they yelled, kept 
earned that it's not so much how you play 
the rules, some noij its more who you have 
ig with you. I only wish we could have all 
Mom and Dad and Family. More thanks to 
Kurt. Ken. Greg. Jeff. Mike and the rest, 
s who got me started in the proper perspec- 
inks to Dianne. Now I'm readv for the Big 

Dykes 1982: Todd Mir 



"ScroggV'. Donny. Kilroy. Moe. Roo, Kangaroo" 
Fairfax. Virginia 
Bioiog>'— Air Force 

Virgin P\'i: Trainer; Monogram Cluh l; Run Shit Afler Taps 
Club 3.2.1; Glee Club 4.3: Almosr »! Club 3.2,1; Almosl all-pro 
4.3; Nn Demos 2; WIB Club 4.1; DIB Club 4,3.2.1; Acad. Exlin- 
nuishml: VPr RNGR. Chase Team 1; 69 Love Brokers 1; Ps\ch 
Ass"I 2,1; Projects Resident 1 

I write this histon,' as a 1st classman confined to barracks. How 
\'Ml. Some things never change. It's always a pain to be here, 
hnl you survive through internal strength and the laughter of 
friends. The saving graces of VMI; The friends you make here; 
your family. |2nd only because they're so far away); The knowl- 
edge you gain about yourself here. Others include distractions 
like; athletics, craziness in barracks, the women woven into 
your cadetship. roadtrips, parlies, and weekends. [The salvation 
nf a cadet.) VMI isn't so bad afler awhile because you acquire 
immunit\' to it's pitfalls. VMI will always be the uncollege. but 
its home. As craz\ as it sounds, you learn to love this place. 

I mirst mention ihtiwr v 
Thanks. Mom and Dad. T' 
hmits I shouldn't have. I i 
tuition would show. 1 love 

ho h, 

helped i 
etched your patience and love t 
ou so much more than time an 
both so very much. Kelly, your 

a great friend, thanks for the good times! [oe. keep on plugging. 
You'll win. Kevin and Greg, thanks for cracking me up. Felicia. 
ours is a special friendship; Thank.s for a fun Ring Figure! |en. 
you're a blast: have faith, you'll always be successful. Shana. 
thanks for putting up with me; you're a special lady. |ack and 
Sharon, stick together! Karen. I hope our friendship grows; 
You're sweet! Thanks for the Prat parties |ohn! I thank the 
Fairfax gang for their support. Craig. Charlie, Vince. and 
George. You're super people. To those unrecognized, my 
<leepest apologies. Thank you all. Lastly thank God. 

D\kes I9»2: Guy Lewis Marangnni 
Rats: Robb "Scare" Crow 


"Kamikaze Rat, Shimotski, Su" 

Culver City. California 

History. International Stutdies— Navy 

Marshall Scholar 2.1; Truman Scholarship Nominee 3; Method- 
ist Men 3.2.1; VMI Museum 2; Timmons Society 4.3.2,1; Ring 
Figure Honor Guard 3; New Market Death March 43; Old 
Mens Club 58; Pvt 4; Cpl 3; Sgt-Color Sgt 2; Cpt Regt .^dj 1 

lohn has been a most difficult man to live with. His attention to 
detail, self discipline, and gentlemanly bearing have been most 
maddening. Not to mention things like getting ac-stars and rank 
after I'd convinced my parents that a 2.0 was superior achieve- 
ment, and 54 demerits a semester wasn't excessive in the big 
scheme of things. Never the less I've grown to admire lohn for 
these qualities and his moral courage, I wish him peace and a 
happy life. 



Ihe one who had Ihe 

rank anc 

the gra 

des. The 


he e 

ver struggled through 

vas phys 

cs. I thi 

nk by the 

he had re 

copied the book, twice. 

Even so 

at the e 

nd of the 

he w 

as th 

e Regt. S-1 and had ac 

-stars. H 

s sense 

of humor 


e an 

d time delayed. He w 

as active 

throughout his c 


n h 

s church, the commun 

ty. and 

Ihe VM 

. II is a 



lohn. Chris, and I n 

et becal 

se we 

.vere the 



to room with each other for 3 

years. I 

wish hiiT 


if lu 

k with the Navy and h 

is other 


Many friends and lessons have come from my years at VMI. I 
am graleful to my family, my roommates. Rev, Draper. Col Wil- 
son, and my friends for their support, I am also grateful to the 
Smith's Gardner's. Allen's. Chappell's, and Wolfs for their hos- 
pitalit\' during furlough. 

Grant me the abilil 
Not tasks to m 

Dikes 1982: Underwood. R. 
Rats: Phillip.s. |,S; Moore. l,r 



Vienna, Virginia 

Mechanical Engineering — Army 

Private 4,3.2,1; ASME; Dean's List 2; Cross Countr\' 3.2.1; Wade 
Williams Fun Runner Program; Club 46 3.2.1; Road Warrior 2; 
Club 46 Purple Heart; 

My stay at the Institute the last four years has been the most 
enjoyable and memorable years of my life. The price which 
was paid was well worth it. I am eternally indebted to my 
parents whose support made the life at VMI bearable. 

To all my roommates at the I. (all 11 of them|— Thanks for all 
Ihe great times in 407 and ghetto 46. From wrestling the missing 
link to being stabbed by a bayonet. I had a blast. 

To Coach Williams and Virge — I appreciate the chance you 
gave me to run at the college level. The memories of the heat, 
the hills, the pit. the pain, and the coaching will always be 
remembered and cherished. 


other Rats of 85— Good Luck 

path you 

Dykes 1982: Richard Keiste 
Rats: Michael Mock 



r -^ 






"Sugar Bear, A.G.. Moosehips. Chucky Bear" 
Pearisburg. Virginia 
History — Army 

Dean's List 4.3,2.1: DMG: VMI Theatre; Marine Corps 
Marathon 3; BOMB 4.3.2. Managing Ed, 3,2; Pub, Board 3; Ral 
Bible Slud: VMI Softball 4. Pvl. 4; Cpl, 3; 1st Sgt./M Sgt. 2; Cdt, 
Gapt. Reg. S-5 1: Rm. 300 |ungle Div.; |ohn Ryd Bush Award. 4; 
Nat- Sojc 

■ to VMI 3 ^ 

;ith ; 

I idealis 

During theJ 
many frustn 

; about 
: to learr 

tic attitude has been the ca 
ny ways this idealistic attitude remains. I v 
ling to VMI for in many ways it has been 
joys and fond memories, I will always belit 
nly give you what you put into her. She I 
icher and a strict parent, VMI has taught 
elf and others, yet I know there is so mi 

Of all the things VMI has gi\ 

the things I will always 

i the relationships that I have developed with 
would like to call them friends but they are 
In the past two years they have become part 
ire importantly part of me. They have become 

:true Brothei 

uld never have done 
support of many people 
members of faculty- who ) 

/ithout the 

11 at VMI as 

of all there are one or two 
lore than was required of them- 
thanks. respect, admiration and 
love will always be theirs. More than any group of people I 
wish to thank my entire family for their love and support. Most 
'pi all I want to thank Mom and Dad for just being there. These 
.past four years have made me realize just how lucky I am to 
fhave 2 parents like they are. I will always respect and especial- 
ly love them for all they have given my brothers and sister 
Granddaddy I just wish you were here 18 May. 

fDykes 1982: Doug Burdetle 
Rats; Nick Lovelace. Chuck Sei 


"Shoe, Trash Dog. Sweet Shoe. Onion Head" 
Blairstown. New Jersey 
Mechanical Engineering— Navy 

Corporal/Private 3; Private 2.1; Cadet Asst. 3.2.1; Delta-Sigma- 
Nu 3; Moofus-Doofus Award 2.1; Bat Cave 1. 

What has VMI been for me? Best described: a love-hate rela- 
tionship. There were many times when leaving was foremost on 
my mind. Yet. I sur\'ived and even prospered, VMI has given 
me two very dear gifts. The first, surprisingly enough, is reality. 
Those far-fetched dreams of youth have been replaced with the 
realistic ambitions of a young man on the threshold of his ca- 
reer. The second and most precious, is friendship. I am blessed 
with a set of true friends. Despite arguments, jealousies, and the 
other plagues of friendship you guys proved your character time 
and time again. Thank you, I will always remember \ou. Shoe 

Old Shoe has been around all four years. From ihrowing-up out 
his Rat window, to Chicken woman, to Oscar, roadtrips. girls. 
and after taps talks. We've hated, loved and drank together 
You'll be able to see us twent\' years from now at sc 
buying cokes in the PX-looklng for girls, of c 
wouldn't want it any other way Scott Pearson 

Dykes 1982: |eb Snider 

Rats: Bill Nixon, Mike Schenstrnm 


"Maxwell, ].].. MighU' John" 

Princeton. New Jersey 

Civil Engineering — Marine Corps 

P\T i.3: Sgl 2; Color Sgt- 1: Deans List 3.2,1: .,\cademically 
Distinguished 3: V'Ml Faculty' Awartls Comm. 2.1; C.E. SocieU- 
2. IPres.l 1; Softball i: Briefcase Full Of Brews 3 J: Hog Football 
3.2.1: Bulldog P.T- Stud 

VMI has been 
times would be impossib 
it would be impossible tc 
me in some way. 1 feel 
other lime and place- So 
good luck and thanks- 

great adventure. To try to recount all the good 

mpossible. I have gained so many true friends 

issible to name them all. You have all touched 

e will all meet again in some 

than saying goodbye I will say 

Dykes 1982; .Andy Burns 
Rals: Ben Semmes 






"Drew. Hick. Sloneface" 
Richmond. Virginia 
Civil Engineering — Army 

.VSCE; Rdl Training Ciclre 3.2.1: Engineer Platoon; Airborne 
B,iilgi:: Ring Figure Honor Guard: Corporal 3: IST/Msl. Sgl.: F 
Co. .\0: RDC 

Sacrifice and Frustration. The road to becoming a man is more 
difficult than I ever imagined. The turns and potholes occur of- 
ten, making it difficult to keep positive. The setbacks keep com- 
ing, hut the mi.-n keep marching ahead reaching for their 
dreams while the rest scatter and settle for less. My time at 
\'M1 wasn't always my favorite, but it may gel me a little bit 
further along that difficult road. 

.•\ spi:cial thanks to my family, mom. dad. sisters, brothers, and 
b<ilh gr.indmothers for lending an ear now and then. I couldn't 
h.ive gone this far without Parrish. my partner, and his family. I 
just lo siiy you be beautiful! 

i;oi>d luck lo the 

1511 Ho 

Dykes 1982: Robert Page Louthan 
Ral.s: Carlos jllnio Lofstrom 


"Der Schmit, Smitty" 
Fairfax, Virginia 
History— Army 

Tanker Platoon 3.2.1|CIC|; Sport Par 
Club 58 

chute Club 2; Old Me 

Chris has been a Brother Rat in the true sense of the title for 
the past four years. He was a gentleman, and encouraging 
friend, a man that always did more than his share of the work. 
and the exerciser of a humor that brought cheer when it most 
needed. During furloughs he opened his home and made me 
feel like a member of his family. Few have worked as 
resolutely towards achieving a commission. I pray for his con- 
tinued strength in the faith and the blessings that will flow 
from it. IMS 

Chris was always the calm, easy going member of the room. He 
survived all the special programs set up for him. He was 
forever playing practical jokes on somebody, and the after taps 
expounding on ".vorld Smithism." Smitty made things much 
more interesting in the room, |ohn and I will always be able to 
thank him for encouraging us lo "see" the countryside between 
the I and New Market, t am glad I got to know him because he 
has been a good friend and roommate for the duration HE.^i 

What are the facls'f' Again and again and again— What are the 
facts? Shun wishful thinking, forget what "the stars foretell." 
and what the neighbors think, never mind the unguessable 
"verdict of Histor\'" what are the facts! Dig beneath surface ap- 
pearances, what you find won't always be prett\'. but knowl- 
edge is power and the truth will set you free. You i)ilnt aKva>s 
into an unknown future, facts are your single clue. 

My friend works hard and 
laughter is the saving grace c 

Dykes 1982; Richard "Moose 
Rats; Richard Wargacki 

inly laughs hard. At 
all. DPW 

McQue. Teil Hiiffm.i 


"E.T., Toddrick, Smitty" 
Colonial Heights. Virginia 
Electrical Engineering — Air Force 

H.iiul Co 4.3.2,1; Giee Club; Chapel Choir 2.1: 
Commanders 3; Deans List; Academically Dislinguished 
3,2.1; NECA Meritorious Scholarship for Academic Excellence 
3.2; Member Col. Nichols Work Ethic Crew Regimenlal 
Sgt. Pvt. 2; First Class Pvt. 1 

The time is quickly approaching where i will finally achieve 
m\ VMI diploma Do I have any regrets for attending the finest 
militao' school in the nation? . . . Not really. VMI has taught me 
many lessons during my brief stay in Lexington. Honor, integri- 
ty, and duty are the first that come to mind. But as I stop and 
ponder my VMI experience, several deeper ideals come to 
mind which transcend all the characteristics and knowledge 
that I have acquired at VMI. These themselves are simple In 
their composition and easy to explain. An individual must sel 
goals in order for life to have meaning and purpose. The reason 
that goals have such importance is that sacrifices must be made 
in order to achieve results. Hopefully, with a little luck, 
determination, the grace of God, and a great deal of persis- 
tence, performance can be achieved. Notice that 1 said perfor- 
mance and not goals should be the desired result. For it is how 
one performs in attempting to achieve that makes up the man's 
character. Dykes, the of luck in your trials at VMI. Brother 
Rats, we have finally made it. Rol. thanks for your enthusiasm 
toward VMI and life- And finally thank you Mom and Dad for 

Dykes 19H2: Mel Tnlley 
R.its: Rob Cantanio 

i '4K If 



% r^ ^ 






Lexington, Virginia 
: Civil Engineering— Air Force 

Paul D Camp 05 Scholarship: Member CE Society at VMI; 
; ASCE: Chm. TCFC "85; Douglas Carter France 70 Memorial 
1 Award Rec. Q3: Treas College Republicans: Football; WrestHng; 

Ru^by; Reg. Color Sgt,; Reigning -HAWG CUP AWARD" Win- 

■ Histoiy- is an emphasis on tragedies. 

Nostalgia is a longing for something that never was. 

The Institute has often been a historical place for me: howe 
my reflections will always be nostalgic. The people that I 
have made the difference. 

The greatest challenge of VMI was the struggle to ren 

Dykes 1982: Mike Hall 
RATS: lim Kiker 


"Pete. Philo. Sniff 
Fredricksburg. Virginia 
English — Army 

Fellowship Of Christian Athletes 4,3. Pres, 2.1; Religious 
Council Officer of The Guard Association 1: The CA- 
DET 2.1; The BOMB 1; Basketball 4; The Garbagemen 1; SCSC 
2: Victor Bernet Fan Club 3.2.1. 

Throughout the long four years that we all go through here at 
the Institute. I find that what I cherish most in the end is the 
appreciation of life's smaller things that these years have given 
me. A call to my family, a letter from a friend, a smile on the 
stoop, and the laughter of my roommates are all worth a million 
dollars to me. What I have learned to appreciate most are the 
people God has introduced to me here. Kyle. Tyke. Br\on. 
Palmer. Kelley. Tim. Chris. Ian. Zane. |eff. Mark, the Steves 
and all the other guys I've met. thank you for your friendship 
and help. Duff Green, thank you for personifying the VMI Spir- 
it for me. Matt, all I can say is that you are a great friend and ! 
treasure all our times together. Chaplain and Mrs. Caudill. 
thank you for your motivating and comforting smiles and hugs. 
Mr. and Mrs Leech and my sister Tish. thank you for taking 
me in and sharing the emotions of four years with me. I love 
you. To my roommates. Todd. Dave, and Vic you all win the 
world heavyweight championstiip of friendship and it has been 
an honor to say you were my roommates. God bless you. Mom, 
Dad. Chip, and Ted. no one could have a greater and more lov- 
ing family, I love you more than I could ever express. Thank 
you! Finally, thank you Lord for walking with me and carr\'ing 
me when I needed to be carried. These people are the greatest 
blessings of my life and when the rest of m 
Institute fade, they will always remain brilli 
love you all greatly and you will always be i 

that great seat Duff 

;rs. And 


Dykes 1982: Timmy Digna 
Rats: Ted Prvor 


"Hollywood. Todo. Toddles. Caveman" 
Fort Collins, Colordao 
English — Air Force 

Cpl. 3; Sgt, 2: operations Sgt, 1: Fellowship of Chrisiian Ath- 
letes: Navigators; AFROTC Vice Commandant's Award: Football 
4.3; Rugby 2.1: Scuba 2.1: Blue Whalers 2.1: SCSC 2: Ring De- 
sign Committee 2; Victor Bemet Fan Club 3^1: AcademicalK' 

i at \^II I have experienced many 
xperiences are priceless and have 

0\er the four trving 
different things. The 
created images of laughter and sorrow which will entertain my 
thoughts for years to come. I credit my joyful experiences to my 
friends whom I thank for making the rough road to graduation 
less difficult to endure. A single smile from a friend has often 
proved more than enough to allexiate the pressures and aggra- 
vation we too readily associate with \'MI. Many thanks to my 
roommates for suffering sleepless nights so that I may lie 
happily snoring in my bed. To my mother and father I give ihe 
most thanks of all. Without your encouragement, support and 

love. I would 

never have been able to get 

this far- Thank 

you ... I love yc 

u both. 

, . . make my jc 

y complete by 

jeing of the s= 


mind, m 


taining the 

same love, u 

lited in spirit 


ent on 



Do nothing 

from selfishness 

or empt\' conceit 

3Ut with hu- 

milit>- of m 

nd let each of \ 

ou regard one 

another as n 


important than himself: 

do not mer 

ly look out for 

your own persona! 



also for the 

interests of othe 



ippians : 


Dykes 1982: job 

n Bangarl 

Rats: Greg Bow 




^ ^ 






"Albert. Elmer Fudd" 

Frostburg. Marv'land 

Civil Engineering — Air Force 

Baselwll 4; VMI Firetijhlers 2.1; ASCE 3.2.1: Concrete Canoe Cnmm. 1; The Projecis 2,1; Deans Lisl 3,2.1; Private 3; 
Corporal 3; Sgl, 2; Bravo Co, Commander 1; .^FROTC Scholar- 

I would like to thank my mom and all of my family tor their 
great understanding during this tr>ing four year period. Without 

[ think I ■ 

! and support 1 d 
thank you for being there when I n 
warmth have been a ray of sunshine 
way ol life, I cant say that Im lei 
From my trials ind tribulations I ha 
sacrifice, of dedication, of enduranci 
have come here before me f can hon 
a great lime while I wa 
person than when I cam< 
like it?, are you glad yo 
these people, and there 
goes beyond words. It's s 
your soul, It"s something 

it. Lis 

Id have 

!ded you. Your care and 

1 this gloomy and dismal 

ing VMI empty handed, 

learned the meaning of 

endurance. Like so many men who 

I can honestly say that I didn't have 

here. But I'm leaving VMI a better 

Many people have asked me, do you 

stayed?, why did you go there?. To 

re many. I say that the explanation 

nething you feel in your heart and in 

3U have to experience to understand. 


finished. To Ale 
everything. Reme 

:r. that I'm glad 1 Ci 
; did it together! 

nd all 

Tie. but I'm g 
Rats, thank 

Dykes 1982: Chuck Fansha 
Rats: Paul Best 


"Beaker, Beaks" 
Eastchester, New York 
History — Marines 

Pit Lt, 1; Sgt 2; Firefighters 1: Tanker Pit. 3,2; Marine Det 4.3,2. 
1; Minor in summer school 4.3,2; VMI-UVA Navigator 2,1; 
President of the Mayor Ed Koch Fan Club— Virginia Chapter 1; 
Dean's Other List 4,3,2.1 

"I remember hearing a stor\' of a young man who left his small 
town to seek fame and fortune in a large city. He said that hap- 
piness would be the sight of that little town in his rearview 
mirror. Yet. once in the city, he longed for the friendliness of 
home, so he travelled back there. But even going home didn't 
help. Finally his mother sat him down and told him to try once 
again to make it for surely he would find fame and fortune. 
Don't worry so much, said his mother, in time you'll make 
friends and everything new will be old hat. Remember, she told 
him, it is impossible to drive forward if you're always looking 

I guess I did find that fortune after all in the friends I've made 
here, Harv, lerry. Todd, Mags. Dug. |ay. Dave, and Sol. you've 
kept me going, Linda, you're the best girlfriend a guy could 
ever hope for. Many good times await us. thanks for those so 
far You know I love you. Katie. Megan, and Amie, I'll miss 
you three very much. Please take care. Finally to you Mom and 
Dad. your support has always been there and I'll never be able 
to say thank you enough. Only God loves you more and one 
day I hope he'll allow me to be as great a person as each of 

"Now this same day must end the work that it begun. And 
whether we shall meet again I know not. Therefore our ever- 
lasting farewell take. If we do meet again, why. we shall smile; 
if not. why. then this parting was well made." [ulius Ceasar 
Act V Scl 

Dykes 1982; Frank Bell 
Rats: |eff Barralt 


"Jake the Snake, [akester, Frank, Skinny Doc" 
Richmond, Virginia 
History — Navy 

Pvt, 4,3,2.1; Football 4; Water Polo 3; Lacrosse 2.1; Pre-Law 
Society 4,3.2, Pres. 1; No, 1 Club 2; Co-Sports Editor CADET 1. 

In retrospect, these have been four trying years. I have enjoyed 
some good but put up with much more bad, VMI is an alluring 
place. Nowhere else is there a place, in which men spend four 
crucial years of their lives, abhoring yet submitting to the inces- 
sant and prodigal attempts of a certain few seeking to make the 
Corps and Institute belter. Yet after they have graduated they 
become zealots, unlike those of any other college or university. 
Fortunately, I find myself devoid of the anticipation of becom- 
ing an alumnus so that I may acclaim the loftiness of VMI, I do 
maintain that there is a great deal of something within a "VMI 
Man" but I would have a hard time finding out what that might 
be apart from his honor. Without a doubt 1 am thankful for the 
friendships I have made here. I know they will last forever. 
But, mv distaste for the people who hold the positions which 
dictate the direction the school is to pursue shall not soon end. 
If I did not write what I have written above. I would not be 
being true to myself nor would I be being fair to those who I 
feel are knowingly or unknowingly destroying VMI. That de- 
struction is what I find a terrible shame. 

Thanks: Mom & Dad, Budda and CBEB&C. and Dr. Burgess. 
Special Thanks: Aunt Sis. the Warners, and Dr. Monsour, 
Good Luck: Room S-56, Tim. Dave, and Woo. Dan and Tim. 

If you don't have dreams you've got nightmares. 

If \ou fight authority, authority always wins. 

lohn Cougar 
If you don't have something good to say. say it anyway. 

Dykes 1982: Stu Wan 
Rats: Dan Wilson 


'"•*»(*, y 


^^ ^^s. \ 


Annapolis, Maryland 

History/International Studies— Special Student 

Art Editor Sounding Brass: Chapel Choir Pres. 1: Religious 
: Council: Glee Club: Timmons Society: Civil War Round Table 
I Pres. 1; BSD Pres. 1: Advertising/Promotions Manager Bomb 1: 
i Business Manager Bomb 1: Theatre Staff 

The training is over now and the quest 

Footworn steps guide perilous rails 

Dimming lights and dust swept halls 

While forgotten faces line the walls. 
, Agedead candles light the cross 

As shadowed flags flit in a stagnant bree 
i The dull aching throb of a distant bell 

1 Echoes from the rolling night. 

I Pounding out it's quiet cadence 

To shadow files shifting slow 

Through the ranks of dimming stars. 

The end of an ageless code 

Trodden long on a darkling field. 

One less shadow midst itself - . . 

A harp string sounds an echoed call, 

The dust resettles as images fade. 

Who will be heard from . , 

Who will remember the price that 
VMI must be experienced, it can't bi 
memories and molds our dreams. She has left her 
, and 1 will never be the same 

I Have a good one Brother Rats, this furlough may I 
1 is time for the quest to begin. The road to the Grs 
{ upward. 
1 Theirig Le Gab. Mo Braither. 

I Dykes 1982: [ohn Boyd 
Rats: Daniel Haynes 

. Ancestral 

: paid. 

plained. It twists \ 


"Stonefarmer, Stiny, Son of Buttermaker" 
Eaton Rapids, Michigan 
History/International Studies — Navy 

Rat Training 3.2.1. CIC 1: Hop and Floor 3.2.1; Rank: Private 4. 
3.2.1; Lt. Richard P, Hansen Appreciation Society 

It's hard to sum up my four years at VMI. They say that these 
years are supposed to be the best years of your life and at 
times they seem to be. but more often then seemed to be the 
worst. The things that you looked forward to were usually a 
disappointment, its the things that you never expected that are 
remembered as the good times, 

I came to VMI for an education and received an excellent one. 
but the things that I learned in Barracks and from other people 
far exceeds anything I learned in the classroom. Nothing can 
compare to what I've gained while at VMI, even the bad times. 
and there were many, taught me so much about myself and life 
that I wouldn't trade my years here for anything. 

Dykes 1982: Bill Kulas 

Rats: Paul Brolzen. Chris Start 


"Stinnetsoo. Beetle" 
Lynchburg, Virginia 
Civil Engineering — Navy 

Honor Court Vice President 1; Honor Court Representative 2; 
Pvt. 4; Cpi. 3: Pvl./Sgl./MSgl. 2: Third Battalion XO 1: .^SCE i 
3.2.1; Ring Figure P,R. Comm. 3,2; Concrete Canoe 1: 337 Cine- 
ma Club; Blue Whaler 2,1; Hogs Flag Football Team 21. 

After three years and two summer schools at \'MI; of long 
nights of late study, lillle sleep, and general worr>- and 
depression I hate to see the final year pass so quickly, I thought 
I would never say that, but it's true. Besides the fact that \'MI 
instills in each cadet a deep sense of individual pride and in- 
tegrity, it also incorporates a strong bond of friendship and 
brotherhood. Since Rat year I've roomed with some great guys 
I'll ". "DOTS ", -WG", -MAC", and ■■GREEN'IE-|. these animals 
of room 137 I owe a lot. Not only did we usually help each 
other out. we almost made the 'T' bearable and ever more in- 
teresting. From day one of Cadre through graduation, I owe my 
brother Wade Iclass of 801 many thanks. I always looked up to 
him for his achievement, and thus strived to be such an 
achiever myself as well. I will always be in debt to my mother, 
father, uncle Owen and family for their individual support and 
encouragement through the four long years, I sincerely love and 
thank them all. Someday down the road, the class of 'te vsill 
somehow pay back the Institute for all she gave us; and when 
we do look out! 


IS 1982: Scott P White 
John D. McCray. |ohn L. MacMichael 







"•" ' r' *~! 




Civil Engineering— Army 

Cpl. 3: Sgl. 2. P\'l, 2: Li 1; RDC 1: Cadre 2,1: Ral Training 3.2: 
Hop and Floor Commitlee 3.2: Ring Figure 1985 Roclt Painting 
Comm- 2: Hog Football 1. 

"4/3/1868: In Minole. Hawaii, a surfer named Halua 
rides a 50-fooI wave, the biggest anyone has ever 
ridden. Holua later admits that he wasn't tr\'ing to 
break any records— he rode the wave to avoid being 
crushed by it.'" 


A wave, the continuous tide of life. VMI and 
life itself are analogous to surfing. Ride the gargantuan wave of 
life devoid of pressure and necessity. Ride for the thrill and 
, feelings of destitution and epicurianism. Yet if you 


will be subdued. 

If you ask a cadet why he came to VMI more 
than likely he will answer. 1 don't know, f have to admit there 
wasn't a specific reason why I came here, i know it wasn't for 
the confinement. This is a steppingslone for an adventurous fu- 
ture. To all friends, excluding geeks, be prolific and happy with 
whatever you do. and h3\e an exciting and enterprising life. 


Thank you mother and father 
for all that you have done, 

D>-kes 1982: Kevin Sharp 
Rnts: Matt "Ps>cho" Koloseike 


"Rick, Rich, Dick" 

Stanardsville, Virginia 

Civil Engineering — Air Force 

Pvt,: Permit Rider; Football: Swimming; Boxing: ASCE: Dean's 
List: Firefighters: AFROTC Scholarship; Cadet Assistant: Water 

of lo 

reams died along with the innocence 
jnce so firm. Emptiness was left, alo 
; for the bo\' who could once laugh a 

But years have passed; experience has made me a man proud, 
confident, f have witnessed and experienced many things: I 
have met many challenges. I leave the Institute now with noble 
concepts of integrity, devotion and knowledge. With the 
strengths I have festered at VMI. I am not only comfortable in 
the face of lifes challenges— 1 welcome the chance they provide 
me to excell. 

Dykes 1982; Larry Williams 
Rats: Al I Bergh 


"joe Rockhead, Sully, Big Head" 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 
Economics — Navy 

Baseball 4.3.2; Society of Young Economists 3.2,1: Investment 
Club 1: TCFC Treas.: Class Treas.: Dean's List 3,2: Private 4,3,2. 


When people ask me why I came to VMI, I usually say it was 
because I wanted to do something different. The reaspn I've 
stayed was to fulfill a dream that my father and mother had 
and that f also had. This prose by Dean Alfrance is dedicated 
to the memory of my father George M, Sullivan |r. 


f do not choose to be a common man, ft is my right to be 
uncommon— if f can, I seek opportunity-- not security, f do not 
wish to be a kept citizen, humbled and dulled by having a state 
look after me, I want to lake the calculated risk: to dream, to 
build, to fail, and to succeed f refuse to barter incentive for a 
dole. I prefer the challenge of life to the guaranteed existence; 
the thrill of fulfillment lo the stale calm of Utopia. I will not 
trade freedom for beneficence nor my dignit>' for a handout. I 
will never cower before any master nor bend to any threat, ft is 
my heritage to stand erect, proud and unafraid: to think and act 
for myself, enjoy the benefit of my creations and to face the 
world boldly and say. this I have done! All this is what il 
means to be an American 

Dykes 1982; Mike Hall 

Rats; jim Buddo. Brian Demers 

w ^ ^T. 








'Stuby. Magilla" 

Norfolk. Virginia 

3ivil Engineering— Special Student 


Boccer 4.3.1: Rugby 3: Lacrosse 4; Ski Club; No, 1 Club; Team 
jlingo: Quarter Century Club; Raslaman: Amiltyville Club; 
patcave Club, 

Uost of us did not know any better, but I had to transfer here 
fter 2 years of normal education. What an underestimation of 
lovv terribly heinous certain societies may actually be. But once 
he commitment was made, we all realized the future was our 
oal and there was no kicking out. This place was one massive 
!rop-in to a long tube of confusion, anxiety, uncertainty and 
inalK astonishment that we might just shoot out and graduate. 

j"he rewards have yet to become remotely apparent but the 
Tiendships shared are certainly an encouraging start. Unlimited 
Dve and appreciation go to Mom and Dad for never quitting on 
;ie even when long-ago they had ever>' reason to. As for rank, 
jvery family needs at least one private. And to Kaytren. words 
'ould not encompass my feelings for someone who has taught 
!ie the meaning of love, dedication, and unselfishness through 
*er own example. Without her support. V.M.I, would have been 
■ut a short visit and I love her for being the babe she is. 

" go : 

and III go I 

nd I hope yo 

! happy 

ykes 1982: Duke Addi; 
ats: David Gibbings 


"Larrv'. Ranger Rick, Woodsy" 
Martinsville, Virginia 
Electrical Engineering — Army 

."Kirborne/Ranger; ROTC Scholarship 4,3,2.1; Corporal 3; Sgl, 2: 
First Sgl. 1: Firefighters 2.1: Ranger Platoon IEEE 3.2.1: 
Dean's List 2.1: Rock Painting Coinm.: The Projects Resident 2. 
1: Voyager into The Skutt Zone 4.2.1. 

Time and time again I've been asked if I really like VMI. and 
I've never been able to explain my feelings. I hate the work. I 
hate the rules. I hale the lack of freedom. Bui. I still love it. 
VMI isn't rules or buildings. It's people. With very few 
exceptions I can say that I like ever^'one I go to school with. 
My best friends are in the corps and corps community. This in- 
cludes the faculty, staff, and especially the families. Nowhere 
else is there a finer group of people and I'll always be proud to 
be associated with them. Years from now even if the Institute 
changes beyond recognition on the outside I hope that the spirit 
will remain unchanged. 

Thanks so 

much to m\ 


they were 


e than 




n't ha 

ve made it w 

ithout the 


I wa 


fortunate to 

have the v 

vorld's best roommates 





pportunity to 


e life in 



s" w 



of the most unusu 

al yet greatest guys i 




s 1982 

Mark Dahl 




Thomas. Tho 

mas Taylo 




Claiton, Pennsylvania 

Civil Engineering — Army 

Football Fellowship of Chrislis 



Four years may seem like a lifetime and \'MI makes sure thai 
it is Being the new infant (rail in ihe world and not having the 
slightest idea of what was going on. our mother Icadrel had to 
lake us b\' the hand and show us how to survive in this nev, 
world. Once we had proved that we could sur\ive on our o^sll. 
or mother freed us to go on or quit! I think we ail decided to 
go on and, we also decided that it would be our .ATTITUDE 
and not our AMPLITUDE that would gel us to that .ALTTTUDE 

Fellows, believe me, it definitely has been a real experience 
and I love all of you. I wish you the best of spirits, heallli. and 
wealth in Ihe years to come. 

Dykes 1881. just remember lo have a good .AITII'UDE about 
e\er>lhing and if you do. the problem is already half solved. 
Also remember. Do unto others as you would have done 10 
yourself and may peace be with you always. 

Dykes 1982: Leslie "Dink " Dunnaville 
Rats: Kevin Washington, Mike Mayo 


3^ «r 




"The Assassin" 

Woodbridge. Virginia 

Mechanical Engineering— Air Force 

Foolball - AFROTC 3 V: year Scholarship Co-Caplain 
Football 84-85: Keydel Club -1 year Scholarship Promaji; 
Corporal 1982: Sergeant 1983; ASME— Vice President 84-85; 
Lieutenant 1984: Recipient of George S. Phillips Sr. Memorial 

During my senior year in high school. I really didn't know what 
I was getting myself into when I decided to attend VMI. Now 
that I'm here and have put up with almost 4 years of this place. 
1 would just like to say thank you. 

I would like first to thank the most important one of all— God. 
for without my faith in him I would have never made it. Next. 
1 would like to thank my family. Thanks Mom & Dad for 
putting up with my complaining and griping whenever I was 
upset with VMI I surely can't forget to thank my girlfriend 
lamie. and her family. For 4 years, they have put up with more 
complaining from me than my parents have. I'd like to thank 
my roommates. Dave Twillie. Steve Marsh, and Todd Smith. 
Thanks for being the best roommates a guy could ask for. All I 
have to say to you three is keep your — off my desk. Thank 
you's go out to the footiiall coaches and to Mr. Sun for always 
being there to brighten up my day. Thanks Frank Ladson for 
being a great, understanding friend from "The Bridge."— I love 
you all. 

I would like to say that being at VMI hasn't been a piece of 
cake. There have been many times that I wanted to throw in 
the towel and quit, but the longer 1 stayed, the more I realized 
what the Virginia Militan.- Institute was doing for me. Thank 
you VMI for helping me to be what I resolved to be. 

Dykes 1982: Floyd Allen 

Rats: James Wright. Calvin Williams 


"Father Todd. ToddiHngus. Psuedo" 

Parksley, Virginia 

Mechanical Engineering — Air Force 

American Society of Mechanical Engineers 3.2,1; V.M.I. Sport 
Parachute Club 2; V.M.I. Ski Club 2.1; Corporal 3; Second Bat- 
talion Sergeant-Major 1; Arnold Air Society I, 

Some people have different roommates ever\' year due to their 
character [or lack thereof). In my case. I had different room- 
mates due to living arrangements, but this became an advan- 
tage. Fifteen different roommates over four years — fifteen dif- 
ferent personalities and fifteen great people. I want to thank 
these fifteen roomies for helping me through the "I" and mak- 
ing me the better person that I feel that I have become. Brother 
Rats, I'm going to miss you dearly. Thanks Mom. Dad, Allan, 
and the rest of my family and friends for giving me the love 
and support to get through VMI. Without each and every one of 
you I never would have made it: I love you all, 


"You know there is this feeling I like— w 

of spring 
tfeeiing in the 
can feel it nc 
sound of the \ 
by a sweet br( 
Well. iCs a ni 
able to dream 


just the beginning 
too hot or too cold, but a good 
;eze. A nice walk at the beach perhaps: yes, I 
the damp sand I would walk over with the 
es breaking on the beach and being overcome 
I- I guess you think I have a good imagination, 
thought to have and it feels good just to be 

' routine." — M. 

Good luck Lance. Ed. Bruce, Greg, and |eff! VMI is that long 
hard road that we've all talked about, but it is the different and 
it is worth it, 

D\kes 1982: Alan Hale 
Rats: Lance Gilman 


"Bubba, Chubba, Hubba Bubba" 
Winchester, Virginia 
Economics — Army 

Society of Young Economists 3,2.1; Investment Club 3,2.1; 
Monogram Club 3,2.1; Pre-Law Society Sec-Treas.; College Re- 
publicans 2.1; Football Corporal 3; Private 4,2.1; Yacht 
Club Pledge. 

Short term pain for long term gain. That's what I figured when 
1 decided to come here. I hope it is working. I never pictured 
myself in a militan,- atmosphere, and still can't. It's been a 
quick 4 years — too quick. The party's over! I'm out in the real 
world now. baby! I've had some good and bad times in this 
joint, and got a lot of memories out of it. But Ml mostly remem- 
ber the things I learned in this place. The most important is 
that Im made of a little more than I thought I was. This of 
course is because of my parents, who are tops in their field. 
Also. Sybil and Murph. you guys are always welcome in my 

I must thank all of the guys who have gone through it with me: 
Bill. Dan. Tommy. Neil. Mat. I. P.. Borny. Chuck. Scotty. etc. It's 

been great. And of 
cially for thei 

nt to thank Mom and Dad e 
nd support. And thank God! 

Dykes 1982: Charlie Sharpe 
Rats: Sam Nelson. )oey Swin 




'McTingley, Barney" 

5toneboro, Pennsylvania 

electrical Engineering — Coast Guard 

'?ugby 2.1: Wrestling 4.3; IEEE; Eta Wappa Nu 2.1; SCSC 
t Cadet Assistant 2.1; Dyke School 2; Blue Whalers 2.1; He 
Man Women Haters Club; Pvt. 


could talk about the hard times, yes they were tough. I 
[ibout the confinement, yes it was long. I could talk about any 
flf the various difficulties we suffered together, but I think I 
Tiy history to record some of the good times: the 
Estelle's with good chile and bad beer, the 'Blue 
es at Westmoreland, the road trips. Sunday parties, 
on the stoop in "Ghetto"' corner, the rugby games 

^ould like 
evenings at 
A'hale" part 
Hanging out 

vith appropriate post-game festivities, and many others- VMI is 
)nly what you make of it. and I would like to thank my room- 
fnates and brother rats who made it worthwhile for me. I love 
)11 of you and though I may not miss the hard times I will 
iearly miss those who made them bearable. Thank you VMI 
ior making friendships strong enough to last beyond vour cold 
Itone walls, 

fThere is a great difference betwee: 
iust growing older." 

gammg experience 

-Col. William |. Buchana 

pykes 1982: Mark Sofia 
jiats: Eddie Armstrong 



"King Nut, Sugarpig, Hollywood, Lonnie T" 
Duquesne, Pennsylvania 
History, Psychology — Air Force 

Football; Pre-Law Society; Promaji. Vice Presidt 
President 84; Dog Phi Dog 84.85. 

1 would like to take this time to thank all those who have been 


tial in helping me to pursue my academic aspirations. 

Bui most importantly. I would like to thank those who have 


me realize those aspirations. Space does not allow me to 


each of you individually. However. I am sure you know 

who y 

QU are. so from the depths of my heart I thank you, but 

far mo 

re important is the fact that I love you, I came here as a 


man. full of my own ideas of what a college man should 

be. Ur 

fortunately, so did VMI, I now depart, not a VMI man 

lind ' 

but still i 

;ith I 

none was worth my strife; 
Natuie I loved, and next to nature, art; 
I warmed both hands before the fire of life; 

It sinks; and now I am ready to depart," 
To those of my friends I leave behind I can only suggest the 
following: find the beauty of all things and the hours of your 
life shall be filled. And most of all remember; 

"All nature is but art. unknown to thee 

All chance, but direction, which thou cannot See 

Alt discord, harmony not understood. 



And spite of pride. In erring reason's spite; 
One truth is clear, whatever is. is right," 

By the way. "No deja de ser verdad el hecho/du 

Dykes 1982: Leslie "Dink" Du 
Rats: Mike Wood. Charles "C 



Krungtep. Thailand 

Electrical Engineering— Army 

Pvi,; IEEE; Eta Kappa Nu: Sigma Pi Sigma: Dean's Hon- 
or List; Academically Distinguished. 

Sontichai came to VMI from the rigorous life of a cadet at the 
Royal Thai Militan,- Academy. After jusi completing a rigorous 
life there, he came here to begin another. Sontichai did ver\' 
well and soon distinguished himself, especially in academics. 

Life at VMI is not eas\- for any of us. It has been especially 
hard for someone who has not returned to his nati\e land since 
matriculation. I salute Sontichai for his perseverance and cheer- 
ful outlook- I would hope that I would do so well under similar 

I hope that Sontichai has teamed from us as we have from 
him. I believe life here has given him an understanding of 
Americans and the wa\' we live. I hope that you achieve the 
success >ou desen.e and I wish you iuck, my friend. 

.AKI '85 

Dykes 1982: Handie Han Podo 
Rats: Yong K Hong 


y ^ 




'■Chris. Two. Cheezie" 
History— Army 

Ra( 4; Pvl. 3; Sgt 2: FirsI Sergeant 1; AUSA 3.2.1 Treasurer 1; 
Sport Parachute Ctub 2.1; Airborne School 3: CTLT 1: Rifle 
Team 3,2.2, Capliiin 1: Apple Blossum Escort 2; Kuipers and 
Kuipers Inc. 4.3 

I came to VMI with many immature thoughts of what the fu- 
ture would hold in store for me, I beUeve that I am leaving 
here with a much more mature and realistic attitude of what I 
would like to do with my life. I think this change occurred 
because of the uniqueness of the school and the experiences I 
have had here. I have had many experiences at VMI: many 
good, many bad. but no matter whether they were good or bad 
I learned from them. I learned about myself and 1 learned to 
appreciate many of the things I took for granted before I came 
here- I never would have made it through VMI without the 
help of many people. Mom and Dad thank you for your love 
and understanding, I love you both. Aunt loan. Greg. Steve. 
Kalhy. Maureen and Colleen thank you for your support. Ben 
and Ken thank you for being the best room mates I could have 
had. You guys made life here bearable. Kuips. I wouldn't have 
made it without your help too, 

"The VMI wa.^ the best thing that ever happened to 

GSP )r. 

Dykes 1982: Mik« Frailer 
Rats: Phil Roberts 


"Purpose Man, Wop. Puke. Trig, Smeg" 
Meriden. Connecticut 
Economics — Army 


4,3; Sgt, 2; Ll, I: Hop Comm, 4.3.2. V,P. 1; S.CS.C, 
iier 2.1; Bermuda Trip 1; Cadre 1. 

When it"s time for a party who do you think of? Any good 
"Blue Whaler" thinks of Ralph, There is however, a side of 
Purpose Man I have come to know and admire. This man has a 
solid heart of gold The range of his loyalty and sensitivity is as 
vast as his desire to start a part>'. Anyone who has spent time 
that the comparison is accurate and no one 

^ith him kn 
;ould imagin 

,* othe 


It's hard to believe that my four years are up. The good 
outweighs the bad by far. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the 
world. The friends Ive made here are the best you could ask 
for. Thanks to all of my roommates for making life here both 
liveable and enjoyable. Of course thanks to all the "Blue 
Whalers': there's no other partiers in the world that can 
compare. Thanks especially to Hammy, Fester. Bush. 
Bullethead. Gutterman. leff. Kelvin, and Rockhead. The 
roadtrips we took are gone but the effects will linger on, Gordy 
and Choke, thanks for everything. It's been great having two of 
your dykes in Lexington for your entire cadetship- Most of all. 
thanks to my family who put up with me through the rag time. 
You all are the best anyone could ask for, I may not have said 
it. but I consider myself the luckiest guy around, Mom and 
Dad. the support that you've given me makes the diploma yours 
as well as mine. I love you all. 

'So much of what is best in us is bound up in our love of 
family, that it remains the measure of our stability because it 
measures our sense of loyalty. All other pacts of love or fear 
derive from it and are modeled upon it." Haniel Long 

Dykes 1982: loel McBroom 
Rats: Scott "Ogre" Stuchelet 

, Chris Demmons 


'■Jim, Trib-man. Trip, Trouble. SC" 
Pembroke. Massachusetts 
Mechanical Engineering — Air Force 

Rat 4; Pvt 3: Pvt. Sgt 2; Operation Sgt.. First Sgt 1; Parental 
Scholarship; "85 Ring Figure Committee Chairman; 1985 
BOMB: First Class Section Editor; ASME; Mini-Baja '85: D, 
Company 4.3,2.1; "Men with Ring Figure Dates" Society 2; 
Graphics Lab Cadet Asst, -Manager 1. 

This is my chance to tell all, about my cadetship. Those who 
need to know, already know how I feel about VMI. Instead I 
will take this opportunity to inscribe in print |forever| some 
well deserved THANK YOUs. 

Mom. Dad. and Con: What can I say? I have never shown the 
thanks that you both deserve. Without your gratitude and pa- 
tience I would not be writing this. I love you both. THANKS!! 

Audrey: Hey babe, how are . . , well I guess you know how that 
goes. On matriculation day I never expected us to go this far to- 
gether. As a new found friend, you provided the spark that put 
me through rat year. To all of you who think marriage soon 
after graduation is foolish, obviously you don't have someone 
like Audrey to share your days and nights with. Believe me, 
there is no better way. I L M N W Y, 18-15-2 

Love always and forever XOXOX 

NTs: Friendships like ours are few and far between. Our bond' 
was formed in the summer of '81 and will remain unbroken for' 
eternit>'. Now as we go our separate ways, we will see how 
strong our friendship has grown and watch it grow stronger. 
Keep in touch-LLTNT 

BR s: What can be said about a group of fuzz heads that have 
grown under such adverse conditions with such a strong bond 
of friendship. BR spirit is the only thing that keeps the "I" op- 
erating. Live long and prosperous. Lets do it!! 

Dykes 1982: ICRAIDC 

RATS: Gregg Lavangie. lim Maggelel 

? ^\yC 



■■Howy, Twils, Rat Twillie, Dah. D.A." 
Little Rock, Arkansas 
B.S. Biology— Army 

jFoolball; Chapel Choir Glee club Timroin; 
" ■ ty 4.3.1: S-5 4: Cpl, 3: Sgt. 2: Sgm. 2: Cpt. 1: VMI Theate 


il believe I came to VMI because of the people here, and T am 
hot at all sorn.- that I came. I would Hke to have pages to list 
all the people who have meant so much to me. but since I only 
have this small space I can only pray you all realize who you 
^re. I am heav\ when I reflect upon my many brothers at VMI 
^rom many classes that have really taken the time to know the 
^eal David Twillie. to receive and return the love I gave, and to 
^■ecognize and accept my shortcomings and my strengths. I must 
Ihank Darren for direction, my roommates for my sanity. 
Shelton for making me proud. Chaplain and Mrs. Caudill for 
understanding me. and the entire VMI family for making me a 
^ember. To Dad. Mom. Malt, and Carmen, words cannot 
express what you all have done for me all my life. As my life 
Inoves on my most sincere desire is that we grow closer togeth- 
er throughout our lives 
regrets. I earnestly belii 

elv blessed- VMI. I ha 


Dykes 1982: Darren Wayr 
^als: Shelton Davis 

iit>' that shapes c 



Smithfield, Virginia 
History — Marine Corps 

Third Class-Cpl.: Firefighters dub: Shamrock Marathon, 
ond Class— Master Sgt: First Sgt: Boxing Club, 1 
Class— Hotel Co. XO: C.W.R.T. 

To all my friends, my family, and God: All 1 can sa 
"Thanks." It seems thai there are times when words ca 
adequately express our feelings and. this being one of I 
times, all we can do is sit back and share the peace of i 
that comes with such silence. 

Dykes 1982: Grey Hagwood 
Rats: Bob Clay. Ross Eggleston 


"Ut. U'Man. Tut" 
Moorestown, New Jersey 
Economics— Army 

Virgin Sleeve Private 4.3.2,1: Marshall Museum Wrecking Crew 
2: US, Marine Corps Marathon 2.1; Scuba Club Z^A: Sport 
Parachute club 3.2.1: Lacrosse 4; AFROTC Schol.: Ranger 
Platoon 2.1: Cond. Pro. Team 2: U.T.K.E. Fralemir>-— President 
45,3.2,1; O.G.A- Representative 1. 

It is difficult to put one's cadetship into words. One of the 
greatest memories I will possess of V\U will be the friendships 
I have made here in the past four years. MOTS |FM 1851. 
we've been through a lot together and although you. I. or both 
of us have been on confinement for the better part of oiir 
cadetships — we stuck together and managed to give this place a 
run for our money. Our trip to the 0>3ter Bowl was a highlight 
of my cadetship. "Who won the toss?" I wish all the 
roommmates I've had in the past the best of luck, and I would 
also like to thank them lor putting up with me and placing all 
the games by Utke's rules. Club 110 is looking strong this year 
and should have a strong team to send to the parties (if lhe>- 
ever get off confinement!|. Just remember our motto bo>-s. 'GO 
ALL OUT. OR DON'T GO OLIT!" Looks like we have just one 
more stretch of track to cover. BILL. BOBiBILLl. and MOTS. 
Let's do it right and move on to bigger and better challenges. 

Thanks Mom. Dad. Suzi. Brian. L\Tin "O. 
have made it through the last four years 
agement and support. 

Come back RUSTi!! 

Dykes 1982: Mike Gnall. Quick. Mel B.K. 
Rats: Ben Griswold 

' and Mike. I couldn't 
without your encour- 






"Big |im. Flex" 

Manassas. Virginia 

Mechanical Engineering— Air Force 

Dean's List 4: Azalea Festival 2: Drug and Alcohol Abuse Com- 
mittee 2.1: AFROTC Scholarship 2.1; First Sgt. H Co. 1; 
Weighllifting Club President. 

Four years ago I left the University- of Georgia against ever\'- 
one's advice, including my parents'. I left behind a champion- 
ship football team, lots of girls, and many good times 1 will 
never forget but. I needed something more out of college and I 
chose VMI because it looked like more of a challenge. I have 
learned some valuable lessons and the most important— not to 
give up. Sure ever\'one gets knocked down, but the loser is the 
one who stays down, and this place has taught me to always get 
up. There is a lot to get here, but nobody is going to give it to 
you. At VMI you get out of it what you put in it. I would like 
to thank Mom and Dad for their love and support. Dr. Monsour 
for his helpful advice, and my dyke. Sandy, who showed me 
the ropes and helped in my transition from UGA because he 
too was once a "Bulldog." Now. with an M.E. degree at my 
fingertips and a military' commitment ahead, a poem by Bob 
Dylan slicks in my mind: 

I've learned 'o hale Russians 

All through my whole life 

If another war'slarts 

It's them we must fight 

And accept il a\\ bravely 

With God on my side... 

So I 

: Vm le, 

Im wear>- as hell 
The confusion I'm feelin 
Ain't no tongue can tell 
The words fill my head 
And fail to the floor 
If God's on our side 
He'l! stop the next war 

Dykes 1982: Sandy Sanders 
R.its: Kevin "Roscoe" Davis 


"Spic, Wetback, Who-Ha" 
Clifton Forge, Virginia 
History — Air Force 

Rat 4: Cpl, 3; Sgl, 2: Cdl, Cpl, 1: Honor Court 2, Prosecutor 1; 
CE 4. EN 3. EC 2. HI 1: Firefighters 3.2,1; The Zoo 3.2,1: Rat 
Training 3; Cadre 3.2.1: Barrack RappelUng Club 2: Blue Whale 
Club: Cadet Assl. 2.1: Newman Club 1. 

Of all the re 

asons to come 

to VMI. I came 

because il 

A'as in 

Virginia and 

close to home 

—my Rat year made it seem 

like a 

thousand mi 

es. Thanksgiving. Christmas. 

nd then my first 

weekend aft 

r 17 February 

82— what a de 

usion. But 

ow. I 

wouldn't trad 

e the time IV 

e spent here fo 

equal time 


anywhere els 

e. When I wa 

s a Rat I alway 

s thought th 


Classmen loo 

ked so much 

alder and more 

mature than 


people their 

age. Now I'm 

in their shoes a 

nd I wonde 

r how 

much different I act and appear to my co 

T temporaries 

I re- 

member my 

Rat year— it w 

as the golden v 

iew of 493; 


Class year it 

was the same 

three in 373. a 

nd as Second and 

First Class ye 

ars have showr 

, it is ironic that 

we three ar 


we are today. We've had a heck of a time these past three 
years, the last not unlike the others— BGEE, SPIC, 
HICK-remember the golden rain at the end of Cadre week? 
I'll never forget il. And then during Second Class year I met 
my Jewish friend from Hymen, PA., and life took on a brighter 
aspect. Leave some air for me Hebe, pinch your snoozits. Mom, 
Dad—! cant believe I've made it— it has always seemed so far 
away. Thanks for believing in me and giving me all the support 
and love a person could ask for. You are the greatest. The guid- 
ance you have given me has helped me keep my priorities 
straight and because of this, I made it. Thanks for being there 
and listening, I love you both and I wilt always be grateful. 

D\kes 1982: Scott Fairburn 
Rat: Andv MacAllister 



Newport News, Virginia 

Electrical Engineering— Army 

Pvt. 4.3,2.1; Football 4.3,2.1; I,E.E.E. 1; Monogram Club 2.1; 
Number One Club. 

It seems like only yesterday I was writing my first letter home 
describing all the horrors of the Ratline and now here I atn 
writing my histon.'. This could almost sound like that first letter, 
without a doubt the "I" has been difficult, but it sure has been 
an everlasting experience. An experience that I know will make 
every day spent here worth it. Also, I can never forget all the 
great limes and especially the great friends. Hard work and 
hard limes (especially confinement) are a trademark of VMI. 
but most of all. so are the friends. Mark, it's been you and me 
for four years, thanks for everything |except for the two 
months), I would like to give special thanks to my family for all 
of their love and support. Without them I never would have 
made il. 

Good luck to 1 

Dyke 1982: Joey Keyes 

Rats: Scott Sandlin. Tonv Amrr 



^^SSP^ IW^ 


^ V ^ 




iunbury, Pennsylvania 

^ivil Engineering 

Vrestling Team Captain, Letterman 4,3.2,1; Monogram Club 4,3, 
,1; Drug and Alcohol Committee 2,1; C.C.S.C, 3,2,1; T.D 4,3,2,1; 
llue Whalers 2,1; 337 Cinema Club, 

Ihen I first came to VMI I knew nothing about everything and 
thought I would never make it. Well, now that I am almost 
irough with VMI, I find that I have learned one very impor- 

mt thing. That one thing 
dthout the help of some ve 
/ould like to thank are 
ellmates. Well whatever, I 

that I never could have made it 
special people. The first people I 
y roommates, or should I say 
ish all of you my best. Uncle Al, 
II I can say is thanks for all the help. Coach Sherlock. Ben 
nd everyone else on the wrestling team— Good Luck! Doc 
-lonsour. thanks for all of your time and advice. Mom and 
lad-what can I say? I finally made it! But I never could have 
one it without all of your love and support. I thank and love 
oth of you ver>' much for it! 1 hope I have made both of you 
roud! To the rest of my family, thank you also for all of your 
ncouragement. To my Brother Rats. I thank you for some 
nforgettable times! I wish all of you the best and hope to see 
ou al the reunions. To my dykes of '82. thanks for all of your 
Jidance. I miss you Pete! To my dyke of '88, thanks for doing 
11 of my housework! Tony hang in there, because it will be a 
ary happv and rewarding time, I wish you the best of luck 
pur next three years! 

} all of my four years here. I think this was by far my tough- 
st assignment. I never thought this lime would come, but here 
is and. believe it or not. [ am going to miss this piace. Well, I 
jesss I would like to end this with a saying that has become 
:y nickname— "Oots." And just remember; "Tough Times Nev- 
r Last. Tough People Do!" 

jykes 1982: Pete Piotrowski 
ats: Tony Panza 


"Whale-Ass, Walrus, Monk" 
Woodbridge. Virginia 
Civil Engineering— Army 

Rat 4: Cadre Cpl 3; Pvt, 2.1; Dean's List 3.2.1; NAM 2.1; Ring 
Design Comm, 3; Rat Training Cadre 3.1; Karate Club 3; 
Distinguished Military Student 1; A.S.C.E. Project Comm. Chair- 
man 1; A.S.C.E, Report Comm.; Last Surviving Member of the 



e past four years have gone by faster than 1 ever imagined 
would. 1 remember walking down that "LONG" flight of 
) in Lejuene Hall thai ver>' first day of Cadre and asking 
•If "What have I gotten myself into?" But I latched onto 
iv's shirt tail and DROVE ON 

VMI has provided me with many challenges and new exper- 
iences! It has given me an excellent chance lo meet two ver\' 
special people. I thank you very much Dave Caruso and Glenn 
Degrote for being my best friends. I love you both ver\' much. 

Kenny, you are the brother I never had. I look up to you in so 
many ways. I hope I have given you as much help and support 
as you have given me these past four years. I am confident that 
you will succeed in life and I hope and pray that I will do as 
well. We have been the best of friends for ten years and I 
know we will be the best of friends when we are old and grey. 
Thank you for everything— I love you very much. 

My deepest love and appreciation goes to Mom. Dad and Kris. 
Without your love and support I would have had a terrible time 
getting through this place. I cannot begin to express my love for 
all of you. Mom, thank you for the shoulder lo cr\- on and all 
the support you gave to me. Dad. if it weren't for all of those 
cartoons, food boxes and words of advice that you ga\e me. I 
don't think I would have survived. 

Mom and Dad. I hope I i 

Dykes 1982: John Chadwick King 
Rats; Dan Riley 

I proud of I 


"Uncle Fester, Asshole" 

Covington, Virginia 

Mechanical Engineering — Air Force 

Pvt,; Cadel Batten 4; A.S.C.E. 4.3. A.S.M.E. 2.1: Rugb>- 3; 
Firefighters 1; Blow Go. 4.3.2; A.H. Gang: 3-D Court 3.2.1. 

It's hard to believe that w 
AUG 17. 1981. as we ran 
the thought of being a Fin 
Even though it was hard, 
along the way. During o 
wanted to go home ever\' 
■Glass Clowr 


finally here. During the week of 
nd in "Idiot Dyke." with no hair. 
> not even imaginable, 
id we've learned a lot 
as did many others, 
lere after being voted 
y people said I would 
} it alone. One of the 
could not live here as 

ny H.S. class and m£ 
never last. They were wrong. I didn't i 
first things we learned here was that w 
individuals, but would have to pull together as Brother Rats, 
and we did. For that. I would like to thank my Brother Rats. I 
would especially like to thank my roommates and Sam for 
putting up with me and making VMI a lot more enjoy-able. 
Thanks Sam for loaning me your ear. I also want to mention 
Mark, Glenn and Carlton jA.H. Gang) for making my time away 
from VMI fun. It wouldn't have been the same without you. 
Mostly I would like to thank my family: Mom. Dad. Todd and 
Tarie, but especially my parents. I think I have the best pjarents 
anywhere. Thanks for all of the trips you made over the moun- 
tain to bring me things. I hope I can be as patient and 
understanding with my kids as you've been with me. i jusl 
hope I can turn out to be like my childhood hero, my Dad. If I 
do, 1 will consider myself successful. I also hope to marn,- a 
woman who will do as much for me and my kids as my Mother 
has done for my famih. To ail those people lo whom I owe so 
much. I would like to say thanks and I love you alL Tab 

P.S. Never get too : 
act a little crazw vol 

D\'kes 1982: Tracy He 
Rats: Rick'\- Luther 

about life. Remember, if ■ 

m m 





-/' ^ 

ff ^ «^f 

\ -^ 



"Bill. Bob-Bill" 
Mar>'ville. Tennessee 
Economics — Navy 

Hop and Floor Comm. — Business Manager. PresidenI: 
Rugby 4: Marshall Awards 3; Cadel AssLslant; Pvl MBC 
Appreciation SocieI>'; Halchmobile Aulo Club 

The slOR- of my life while at VMI: Hardships turn into lessons 
and good times turn into memories. Thank you for the support, 
parents, friends, and Madeline- 
Dykes 1382: Frank Horner 
Rats; Sean Cantrell. Drew McKone 



"Bullet-head, Shank, Uba, 07" 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mechanical Engineering — Air Force 

Honor Court 1; American Society of Mechanical Engineers 
President 2.1; Rugby 2.1; Private; Op. Sgt. 1: Arnold Air 
SocietN' 3.2 Deputy Commander 2; Band Blue Whalers 2. 

"Greek. wh\' did we do it? Foolish high school kids. I guess." A 
friend got me into this mess, and many new friends, who 1 
learned to call Brother Rats, showed me that I "had what it 
takes" to finish what 1 had set out to do— become a "VMI 
Man." Now I am forced to answer the question that has re- 
mained unanswered for the past four years — "Yes. it's been 
worth it." But this victory I do not claim as my own. because I 
could not have done it without the love and support of my fam- 
ily, the hoys in 140 (Jeff. Gutter-man. and Kelvinl. the Blue 
Whalers, and many others who believed in me even when f 
didn't. I love you all: God bless you. Thanks also to Russ. for 
the truth in your words: our sacrifice has been our gain. Thanks 
also to "Hammie" (who is on the others side of the camera in 
the picture below|— for listening. And finally. To All Who Wear 
The Ring— GODSPEED, 

If I 

ept the sunshine and 
and the lightening. 

The belter part of ( 

I can do all things through Chri 

nth. I must also 

! of his friendship! 

.vhich strengtheneth mi 

ept the 

Dykes 1982: Thomas E. Fa 
Rats: Tom "Smiley " Bleds( 

Mark "Dirlball" Dllrkin 



Lighthouse Point, Florida 

History — Army 

Pvt Softball 4: Pre Law Society 2.1; Young Republican 
2.1; Airborne 1: Cadet Assistant 1: Sport Parachute Club : 
Deans List 2; Brews Brothers (KuipersI 3: Cadet Lt. 1. 

Well its finally coming to an end; my stay at VMI. It has bee 
a long and difficult journey and my cadetship has certainly ha 
its ups and downs. But I would never change it for the worlc 
It is hard to believe I am graduating. I will never forget RA' 
year and never forget John Brown. I would never have made l 
without the help of my family. My patient family had to endur 
numerous phone calls telling them how I wanted out of mothe 
"I," They were behind me one-hundred percent and for that 
will always be grateful, 1 am extremely fortunate to have such 
special family, I will always be grateful for the support of m 
Brother Rats; especially |ohn. Mac. Chris. Ben. Tate will 
Spanish and all the others in Tiger Echo who could make eve) 
a military school fun. To all my Brother Rats and the ones tha 
left who I was fortunate to know— Thanks for all the fin 

Dykes 1982: Neal Fortney 
Rats; Lew Sigmond 

% I % ' 



. %■ 


"Wes, Weshead, Boo. Tin" 


English— Army 

Cpl. 3: Sgt- 2; Isl Sgl. 2: Echo Company Commander 1: Ranger 
Pll 4.3.2; Deans List 2; New Market Honor Guard Commander 
2: Undercoffer Award 2; Chapter Member Club 11; Redfront 
Ranger 3.2; Undefeated Ultimate Team 2 Member T.C.F.C. 3. 

I Quite a bit can be said about a four year stay at V.M.I. There 
were many lessons to be learned, both good and bad. It has 
I been constantly stated that the system builds character and 
t molds men into fine leaders; is it really worthwhile? Excusing 
i the trivially of some aspects of V.M.I,, I really think that it has 
I been a worthwhile experience. The quality of friends, 
j discipline, honor, academic, and Institute pressure, but most of 
j all, pride, are things that one could not possibly experience as a 
j whole at a regular college, I thank the Lord for giving me an 
I opportunity to come here for four years 

I lohn. Chris. Bob. you were excellent roommates We really did 
( have a lot of memorable times together. One could not possibly 
', ask for a better room than Club 11, Mom. Dad. your continual 
^ support and love is something that I will always cherish and re- 
member. You have given me the optimism and determination to 
push forward through both success and failure. I love you very 
much and I hope that I have made you proud. Laurie. I am the 
luckiest guy in the world to have you as my fiancee. |une 1st is 
right around the corner, and then we will share evervthing to- 

gether I love you. 

Dykes 1982; Gordy H 

Rat; Tom Ustach. Brir 

John, you are my best friend and I will truly miss you. I hope 

that we always keep in touch. When I was down, you always 

found a way to lift my spirits. We laughed and cried together. 

making everything seem a little more bearable. Give your fam- 

ily m\ love, and . , , see ya at the wedding Whit. 



"White Boy" 

Keeling, Virginia 

Civil Engineering — Army 

American Societ\- of Civil Engineers; Rugby Club; V.M.I. Fire 
Fighters; Libran.- Assistanl. 

Now that the time for graduation has drawn near, the task of 
reflerting the past three years of V.M.I, experiences is suddenly 
difficult. V.M.I, reminds me of the many hours making that 
"sacrifice". But I also recall the many times when my ever 
close roommates and friends managed to find those loopholes 
in the system. As if it were only last weekend that we made a 
road trip to [MU. Hollins. or—yes— Radford. From being a ral 
to having a rat. V.M.I, has taught me to always look forward to 

Through the past 3 years. I have become closer to my famih' 
than I ever considered possible. I can onl\' hope that the future 
will keep us close because I owe them so much. 

1 look forward to the future when I can truly begin to enjoy an 
everchanging life. I hope to keep my close bonds of friendship 
with the greatest collection of guys even though they may be 
spread out over Conn.. Penn., Va.. N. Carolina and everywhere 
between. I will be glad to see the walls fade in the distance 
but. I hate to depart from friends. 

Dave White 


"Whit. jT. Childless. Whithead, Trasher" 
Wicomico Church, Virginia 
Civil Engineering— Nav>' 

Charter member "Club ll" 3.2.1; Redfront Ranger 3j;: BSU 4; 
Navigators 3.2; A.S.C.E.; Color Guard 2; D Co. Master 
Sgl. 1; Football 2: Water Polo 3: Ring Figure Band Comra. 
Chairman 2; Ranger Platoon 3.2: Undefeated Uliimaie team 2: 
T.C FC, 85 3.2. 

1 took me a while to compile a series of thoughts which would 
ultimately depict the past four years of my life. The Virginia 
Miliiar\' Institute is quite a unique experience. It instills in each 
cadet virtues and traits which differentiate him from his 
contemporaries and for that I am extremely proud. Many will 
never know what transpires behind these four historic walls, for 
VMI is not for evenone. When we. the class of 1985 matricu- 
lated in the summer of 1981 we were over four hundred strong. 
As the \ears progressed, many fell to the \va\3ide. onh- to leave 
the system. What's left now is the backbone of our class. We 
will cross the stage in May together and finally, our once insur- 
mountable mountain will be conquered. It just goes to show 
that here at VMI: only the strong survive. To my brother rats. I 
wish you all the best of everything in your future lives. Youve 
paid your dues, now it's time lo collect the dividends. You will 
alwass live on in my heart, and our memories together will 
never be forgotten. I love you all. Bob. Baldo. an,^ '.v^. . -:■ 
guys have been great roommates. Each one of 
special place in my heart. Together we all exemp'i 

er ending conception known as "Brother Rats'. N;__t : _ 

family; What can I sa\? Without you guys I never wouid ha\e 
made it here. Your love, guidance, and understanding really 
Ligh some rough seas. I love you with all my 
;ed not say too much because you know how I 
Lord, lesus Christ. You are the Lord of my life. 
■ side I will never fear. Farewell \"ML lomor- 

piloted me 
heart. Cary. 
feel. Thank 
With you by my 
row is another d. 

Dykes 1982: Les Rose 

Rats: Grant "Gremlin" Kiehl 


Oi ^ 

^ ^^ 

-^ ^ 



*. / 


"Sybil. Wienie, Ho! Dog. Husk" 

Braintree. Massachusetts 

Civil Engineering — Special Student 

Foolball 4.3: Coach Ha 
S.P.s: A.S.CE 

Fan Club: Number 1 Club DFC; 

. I Iried and I'm slill 12 hours behind!? 

ll's been a four year siruggle Ihal I will never forget. The good 
times will always be remembered while the bad ones fade 
away. I'll miss all the madmen whove made my cadetship 
bearable, especially my friends who are what VMl is all about! 
Later. Murph and Bubba. and thanks for being my friends 
while putting your life in danger for the past three (plus! years. 

It seems a little premature to be talking about finally graduating 
with August anil 42 hours so far off. After three years nothing 
short of .Armaggeddon is gonna keep me from thai beautiful 
piece of sheepskin, (well at least that's what I heard). 

Well Man.- and Al its all-most over and without your help an( 
vould never have made it this far. I love ya ant 
uldn't trade you in for all the mega-bucks in Massachusetts. 

Knough Siiid: God willing! I'm outta here!! 

North bound traffic-only! 

The few. the proud, the Special Students! 

When in doubt— PUNT! "Musla got lost "— 1, Ceils Band 

■All my life my heart has .sought a thing 1 c. 
name" . . . "Deeds not words"— Eisenhower 

Dykes 1982: L.-irr\ Curtain 

Rats: Kevin Warren. Scott Turlington 


"Colonel, Judge, Jeb" 
Richmond, Virginia 
History — Navy 

Survived 4: Pvt./Cpl. 3: Pvt. 2: Sgt. 1: 
Alalea Festival 2.1: Member of boring 

President Navigators; 
Ti 290. 

.After four short years I have learned to call this place home 
and when I leave in May I will be homesick. Two valuable 
lessons which I've learned here: Your integrity is something 
which can't be compromised, and with God and good friends to 
help you. nothing can keep you from 

To my dykes of room 156 and roommates throughout. 1 owe the 
world, 'i'ou all have taught me a lot about life. God bless you 
all. Most of all I would like to thank my Dad. Whatever I be- 
come I owe it to you. And for VMI. "for the moment all 
discipline seems painful, later it yields the peaceful fruit of 
righteousness to those who have been trained by it." — Heb 

D\-kes 1982: Wil 
Rats: Steve Peai 

i ha\' hodiea. 

am W. McCathern III 


"Bart. B.C., Bark" 
Wilson, North Carolina 
B.S. Biology — Army 

Honor Court 2.1: President 1: Soccer 4.3.2,1: Phi Kappa Phi; 
Acad Distinguished; Hubbard Scholarship: English Dept. 
Award; Paul Meyer Award: Killey Award: [ohn Carmichael 
Award: Superior Cadet Award; William Brent Bell Award; 
DMS; Illegal Car Club 2: Bermuda Trip 1. 



like it? 

t know why 1 i 

"Why did you go?" I think if i 
cream. I love it yet hate it am 
! to VMl instead of Chapel Hill. 

VMI defies all words that attempt to describe it — so I won't tiy. 
I just want to thank some of the people who made the long 
road a little smoother. To my parents — thanks for your supporl 
and encouragement. I have tried to make you proud and I love 
you both so verv- much. To my roomies in Rm. -21. your the 
greatest! To Doc Monsour. your advice and friendship made my 
life here bearable at unbearable times. A big thank vou to all 
the people who helped me out 2nd class year. And finally to 
my Brother Rats who gave me the opportunity to serve on Olir 
Honor Court. I only hope I lived up to your expectations. 

Looking back 

1 the bad 

limes get mor 

e and n 



cult to remem 

ser anc 

only the 

good remain. 

I woulc 


er go 

through it aga 

n but 

must con 

fess I am glad 

I did a 


fs all 

behind me no 

li. Ifs 

kind of like Ihal old line 

. "VMI 

is a 


ble place to bt 

but a 

great plac 

e to be from." 

Only a 

cadet can 

truly understa 

d this 

And we 

are finally on 

the better e 

nd of 

that "85! 

"Two roads di 


n a wood 

and I- 

I took the one 

less traveled by 

.\nd that made 

all the difference." 

Robert Frost 

D\kes 1982: W 

II Cou 


Rats: |im "Mm 







"Cool Breeze Rat, Breezy. Slam-Dunk, Willi" 

Hampton, Virginia 

Civil Engineer — Special Student 

Promaii Club 4,3.2.1: Track All-Pro 2. 69 Lnvebroker 3,2. 
1: Projecls Landlord 3.2.1: Privale 3.2,1 

Thanks lo God, (or my mother's love. With her love I am 
ever\'thing. without . . . I'm nothing. Thank you Mother, thank 
you God. Covas, E.B., and Auntie Sylvia, thank you for your 
care, support, and encouragement. Your son also loves you. 



been here trying t 
bad situation for 
lot about myself 
some things I'll us 
one great uphill 


have al« 

Carla. leanette. et( 
about this whole 
and I had the chc 
great book which 

Spring tr 
enemy — lo 

you do 

id about lo add one. The lasl four years I've 
I make a good time out of what's known as a 
substantial education. I feel I've learned a 
nd others, some bad. some good, and even 
; in the real world. In general VMI has been 
limb, with some ver\' "butt-smashing" falls, 
s been a lot of folks (Pop. Ed, Kel. Cathy. 
I behind me to keep me going, the bad thing 
leal, however, is if it were August 17. 1981 
ce, I again would be signing m\' name lo the 
,0 Rat has ever read. 

Chief. Hotstuff. Cheeks, we've had some 
u chicks get married send me an invite. If 
nyway and squash the wedding cake 

Well Kevii 

al! this shall be over. Four years, plu 
both stuck it out together. I'm not going ti 
l.S- here or gel soft— I just want to say thanks from oni 
ilumnus to another. Wash, save your money. West Coast loo! 
your best 'cause here we come. Wash and Willi on Ih. 
CALIFORNIA roadtrip!!! 

Dykes 1982; Darr\l Toad" Home 

Rats: Ray "Lunch" Lynch. Bob "Bullet-head" Harris 


"Willie. EZ, Fat Chuck" 
Richmond, Virginia 
Modern Languages — Army 


mming 4.3.1: Hogs 2 

Squallers 2. 

: Co-Capt. Sq 


Tiber One Club Ras 

aman 2: Am 

hville Club 1 


) 1: 400 Club 

I was born and raised a Virginia Cavalier and it appeared to 
me that I would be going there until early August 1981 when I 
received a letter of deferral. I was accepted to VMI primarily 
because of my uncle Tommy Inge, I came to VMI only because 
of my inability' to pursuade other schools in the slate to accept 
me. But VMI has been a trip. The mental and physical training 
has made me more appreciative of the little things in Hfe and 
has hopefully prepared me better for the "real world". Since 
my disastrous first two years al the "I", it's still a toss up if I'll 
get out of here on time, but if I do I wish to extend my sincere 
thanks to several people. Foremost, thank you Mom and Dad 
for the everlasting support and thanks "Pika". especially Robert 
Barnes, for helping me maintain my saniti,'. And thanks for the 
crew at both VMI and W&L because I never would have made 
it without yall: Gerbil. Hawk, Sweet. Wese. DK. Bum. Stuart. 
Tayloe. George. Scotch. Hunty-Hunt. Butty-Butt. Turtleman. 
Thornton, Doc. Pelchit Head. Spence, Curt\-Curt. Cubby. Linko. 
R.B,. Dogbone Marsh. Lehman. Gevo. Maurie, Dego. and the 
list goes on These guys are the real BR's. Good luck and God 

Dykes 1982: leff Modisel 
Rats: Ted Anderson 


"Flea-Con. Dick\'" 
Natick, Massachusetts 
English — Marine Corps 

. 3: Cpl. 2: Ll, 4: RDC 4: English Socielx 3.4- SCSC 3; N'um- 
1 Club 2.3.4- 

F.\en though the Commandant told me that he thought I had a 
bad attitude about \'MI. I think that he was wrong. Luckily, he 
gave me a chance to stay after f received my third .Mumtier 
One and I proved that I was worthy of a VMI diploma. 

There is no 
through four i 
and money. I 

that I could take full credit for making it 
of VMI though. Without your love, support 
r would have made it. Mom and .Vf^ I love 
u both very much! I also owe thanks to all of my Brother 
Us. and Whit and Willy. This place would have been 
bearable without you all. And to Hook. I thank you for 
enthing! I would have left if it wasn't for you. 


than I 



d a ton 

of demeri 

s. and ev 

en lost my rank 

a few rimes 



no way 

that I wo 

uld trade 

this experienct 

for anvlhin 

e. The 

bonds I 

Tiade her 

e are un 

breakable an 

i Ih.. laui 



beatable. 1 also le 

arned mo 

re about lif. . 

. _ -, _.. 




than I e 

ver thought possible - 


VMI has 

llowed m 

to realiz 

e that no g.?..; 

e. and 


will car 

rv that les 

son with 

me as I enter 

the Marine 



J any other venture that I 

nay undertake. 

Dykes 1982: Harrv 
Rats: Mark Reilly 

T. Bitzberger 






"Spencer, Bus\'. Dick. Sonar" 
Richmond, Virginia 
Civil Engineering— Navy 

ASCE: Monogra 

n Cluh \'arsit\ S 


er 4.3. 

2. Co Captain 

1; Cildel Assislar 

1 1: Vc 

ung Economist In 



Club: Deans 

Lisli Cadel-Pholn 

. No. 1 


lis hard lo bel 

eve thai I am finally 



ny first class 

hislon-. To my 


Ihe past four y 


s have flown b>' 

Ihoughl ll)eing a 


generation of my 


mily 1 

attend VMI 

Ihal I knew vvhal I was 

getting into; I wa 


From day one 

it has been an 


different "ballga 


■ than 

I had antici- 

paled. Mv VMI 


ence has taught 



things: lo a] 

ways sirive Tor 

he top 

when things are 


id "su 

ck it up" and 

ep ^oing. 

Ill Uislly In appreciate ihe litlle things in lifu, 


Above all. 1 have made some of the best frit 
m.ike. Withoul these GREAT friends I never would have made 
it: the ■people" made the whole ordeal worthwhile. I would 
lik.; to Ihiink all the guys jyou know who you arej that made 
my four years memorable. Most importantly I want to thank 
Mom. Dad. Pam. Pop-Pop. Grandmother and Grandfather, and 
A) for Iheir continuing support. I hope I've made you all proud! 
Todd, il has been great having you here the past two years. 
Good luck! 

(Xkes 1982: Paul Webb. Ed Daniel 
Rats: Tommy Towers. Mark Wilson 


"Hanger Head, Scooter, Styles Bitchly. Rocky" 
Elyria, Ohio 
Physics— Army 

Karate Club; Commanders 4.3.2: Bugler; Room 147 
Funk Associated— Commander of Funkified Footwork 4.3; Band 
Co, Disrespect Team Randy Mac Let's Walk Home Club 
l: SPS; PY or DIE Chapter 13 Club; Pres. Mallon* 
Hall Hit List, 

As long as I live III always re 
parents' face as I said good-bye 
had the look of pain and fear i 
stomach. My father, well . . , his ' 

mber the expression on 
matriculation day. My i 
big as the butterflies in 
; the look of "good luck 

I'm proud of you but don't you dare screw up." As the door 
slammed shut behind me. I felt instantly stripped of personality' 
and past accomplishments. In the following few moments 1 be- 
came just another bald head in the mass. Now I have been al- 
located 1.736 spaces to sum up the past four of the most de- 
manding years of my life. To the many men. who have been 
here before me I need only three letters. VMI. But. to those ca- 
sual observers who have never experienced this universe I will 
elaborate. I guess my rat year was one of much attention. My 
name echoed throughout the mess hall as if I were the main 
dish. I did frequently get fried. My third class year was set to 
ease with the friendship of three of the greatest guys i 
know . . . Mike D.. Whittny W.. and Bob Z. Thanks always. Sec- 
ond class year equals Ring Figure, equals part\'. equals a month 
of recover\'. My second and first class years gave me a new 
meaning to the word friendship. Here. I pay tribute to Kevin F.. 
Greg W.. and Bill Bowman. Those of who you count on one 
hand. Of course I will always be thankful to my family ... my 
brother, Greg, and my sister. Heidi, and most of all to my 
parents. My mother is the sun which warms a cold heart and 
my father is the rock of integrity by which I have modeled my 
very soul. Keep in mind, this was only the good side. The most 
endearing qualit>' of a VMI man is his ability to endure. 

Dykes 1982: Dickie Moore 

Rats: Sevren Maynard. limmy Wealherford 


"Cornbread. Pops. Ced, Pops-Wins" 
Hyattsvilie, Maryland 
Economics — Army 

Basketball Promaji Societj' for Young Economists 
2.1: Pvt. 

Four N'ears of this, what can 1 say? Thanks Mom and Dad for 
your love and encouragement through the lasl four years 
because without your support 1 couldn't have endured "THE 

To "my boys". Chuck and Darren, we were different in a lot of 
ways but we had that certain chemistry and could understand 
each other, but not this place. Thanks for the lale night confes- 
sions and putting up with my jokes. We knew who we were 
and never had to warr\* about playing a role. To Ihe people I 
considered my friends, thanks I'm glad I met you: Big Mike 
Herndon. Thunderman. Moe. Geek Ross. Davis— don't take il so 
personally— Estes. |im |Flexl and "Q" etc. 

VMI— well thanks for challenging me academically. 1 can hon- 
estly say il was tough |In some depl. more than othersl I know 
\'au didn't teach me to be a man. because that can't be taught, 
and even if you could I doubt I'd become your type of man. I 
think I've learned that I am a man because I could put up with 
your unique way of doing things. I think you can learn from 
any siluation good |or Bad!|: I've learned a lot. 

Thanks Coach Sandy and Mrs. Sandy. Coach Canlafio and 
Coach Fletcher for being people 1 could trust and who helped 
me get through this. 

Dykes 1982: |ernme Williams 

Rats: Stephen Dorsey. Bobby Gardner 

*«• fl^ 

''^^ '^ry 



"Monkey, Ape Man, Bamm-Bamm, 
Cornwall, New York 
Chemistry. Navy 

Deans LisI 4.3: Debale Team 4.3: BSU 4: Chapel Choir 
NROTC Pistol Team 4.3. Co-Caplain 2.1: Rat Training Cadre 2. 
1; No. 1 Club: Regimental Band VIRGIN PRIVATE: 
Foreign Exchange Midshipman jltalian Naw]: American Chemi- 
cal Society 4: Cadet Assistant 1, 

Yeah, a history. The diploma, ring, and BOMB portrait dont 
even scratch the surface. Where do they mention the jock raids, 
the drinking festivals ( and getting caught), playing Stairway To 
Heaven backwards, the long nights wondering what two brain 
cells you can rub together to solve the Physical Chemistry 
problem that's due in 3 minutes. It's all very simple— nobody 
and nothing can ever describe it. People ask me what I've 
learned from VMI. and I think to myself about what I have un- 
learned. I ignore turnouts. I don't ignore God. Power may equal 
I-R, but it means never having to answer to others for your 
actions. Stonewall [ackson had a good quote that every VMI 
man has heard so often, but there's a better one— "Only those 
who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible." Having 
come through VMI I can say I've done both. Time is like 
money — the belter you manage it the more likely the 
government is going to use it for you. I can hear you 
now . . . "With that kind of optimism, how'd he last?" I had my 
family. God. Chaplain Caudill, prog rock. Rheingold Beer, and 
time on my side, I'd like to thank my Brother Rats for being 
real and putting up with my form of craziness. and two very 
special ladies: Kathy. for making the past worth looking back on 
and Dee. who makes the future worth looking forward to 


"If \ 




I Dykes 1982: Bill "The 
Rats: Chris Arvans 


"Wiz Ski" 

Moscow, Pennsylvania 

Electrical Engineering— Navy 

Dean's List 3.2: Distinguished 3: Rat 4: Cpl 3: Pvt 2.1: IEEE 2.1: 
Illegal Car Club 4.3.2. 

Danny. Danny. Danny! What can we say? A lot. so let' 
started. We thought to ourselves when we first saw Fatstick 
"Great, a Pole from Moscow, He probably wears red un 
wear," Well, we haven't seen any white ones yet! Well lad 
year wasn't easy, especially for you and English, Oh, and d 
ever forget Herman, But enough about Rat year already, let's 
visit Danny in Third Class year. The year the popcorn popper 
was introduced into 331, and the hot pot, and the coffee maker, 
and , , , You pleased a lot of hungry BR's. Danny, Enough about 
Third Class year naw. Huh!. C'mon. C'mon, Let's go to Ring fig- 
ure, boy what fun! You and good 'ole J.D, really knew how to 
party. Do you remember? That's OK. we don't either. But let's 
not forget the "ghetto blaster," That was one helluva stereo sys- 
tem. If only it could have cooked our morning pop tarts, bacon, 
eggs (or did it?) Well lad. its been cold and now. after 3 years, 
we think we're ready for some warm nights with closed 
windows and operational radiators. Well Danny, as we ap- 
proach the end of our cadetship. we'd like to sa\' thanks for 
everything. Take care of yourself an' keep in touch. All we 
have left to say is "WAAA!!!"" 


, , for you have often heard that the greatest task is to learn 
the perfect model of the good, the use of which makes all just 
things and other such become useful and helpful 


Dykes 1982: Robert Clark 
Rats: Richard Pitts 


"Splinter, Drift, Wo, Jim. Richard. Holtz" 

Oregon, Ohio 

Mechanical Engineering— Navy 

Pvl Cpl 3: Fencing Team 4.3.2. Captain 1: Abused .Air 
Force 4.3: Molo Naval Flight 2.1: Color Guard I: CWRT Sec- 
Treas 4.3: Cadet Batten, 4.3,2: Guidon 2: Rotating Scholarship 
Club 3.2: Theatre Lighting Design 3.2.1: .^cad. Extinguished 4.3: 
RAT Mandatory Study— CIC 

In a time where all good things come to an end. this mixture of 
good. bad. and indifferent seems also to be closing more swifth- 
than once seemed possible, .All manners of fellowship are to be 
found within these dreary walls that are now our home. Ob\i- 
ously I've found friends here that cannot be forgotten lor forgi\-- 
en for some|- 

Gentlemen. to cease my haught\- ramblings. I do not wish you 
luck, for you have it. I do not wish you will to do as you desire 
or the instinct for hard sur\ival. You have all this and more 
from a better man than I, Y'ou. yourselves, and as a collectr.'e 


I go I 

all the wortis of Chauo 

In all his life, unto no manner wighL 
He was a very parfit gentle knight." 

Totis \'iribus— With All One's Might. This describes Dave welL 
Never have I met so diversified an in-ga-neer. Steadfast and 
faithful. Dave will be a success at whatever course he 





able to fit in 
have another t 
in the fleet. 

a long line of roommates. That he w- 
oom says a lot for him. It was good 
to commiserate with. Best of luck to vc 

Dykes 1982: William Lindquisl 

Rats: Clifford Healhcote, Christopher Goff 


f;^ ^T, 



' \ ^" 


Richmond. Virginia 
Economics — Navy 

Promaji -1.3,2.1; Fencing -; Firefighters 1; Cadel P\t, 


From the first da\ f have not been able to answer the question 
"Why did I come lo V,M,1,?" Now. four years later I still can- 
not answer it. but I have never regretted my decision. My years 
here have been filled with mixed experiences, some good and 
some bad, I did nol come here with any expectations and I'm 
leaving with no judgements, I hope 1 have learned something 
from my experiences here, but only time will tell. My time here 
al V,M.!. has been special to me: special in the same way a 
feeling tells me 1 made the right choice, 

1 would like to thank my family who have alw.ys been there 
for me it I needed them. To Phil. Stan and the friends I have 
made. THANKS for making V,M,I, bearable for me. Now most 
importantly. I want to thank Linda for her unwavering love that 
has seen me through all of my times here at V.M.I, 1 will never 
be able lo repay you and I'll always be in your debt, I just 
hope my love in return offers some consolation, because I will 

Dykes 1982; Richard VVoolwine. Louis Rolan 
Rats; Scotl Griffin, Michael Humes 


"Woo Woo, Tater Head" 
Princeton. North Carohna 
Economics — Army 

Football; Track; Monogram; Football Co- 
Captain 1; H.V, Shipley '21 Football Scholarship, Senator 
Garland Gray Memorial Football Scholarship, 

"VMI, "-VVheres that? Thats the first thing I said when I was 
first introduced to the Institute by Coach Freeman, I've always 
dreamed of going to college on a football scholarship, but never 
thought I would face a challenge like this, I came to a place 
where 1 thought I had left friends and would have to do things 
as an individual. Boy, was I wrong! I met a challenge that no 
one could get through without having someone pushing and 
supporting all the time. The friendships I have made I will al- 
ways cherish deep down inside. From the guys on the team to 
the guys in Rm, 121, John. Andy, Mick, and Bart, thanks for all 
the wild times we've had al the "I" and elsewhere. And I'm 
looking for many great times to come, thats what life is all 
about. Without these guys life at the "I " would have been so 
much of a drag, I would also like to thank the Lee's who were 
always so sincere, supportive, and helpful at my home away 
from home. The people I have to thank the most are my famih'. 
During seasons of good and bad you were always there making 
those long trips to see 4 quarters of a football game. You don't 
know how it makes me feel lo see the famiK always there 
supporting me on and off the field. Well Mom and Dad the 
\' MI, road has finally come lo an end 


Dykes 1982; |oel Bodner 
Rats; Chris Bunn, John ParrotI 


"M.. Toaster Head. T.H." 
Lynchburg. Virginia 
Civil Engineering — Army 

Boxing Team 4: Lacrosse Team 2.1; RDC Member 1; Corporal 3: 
Segreant 2; Battalion Sergeant Major 1; Color Guard 1; Ring 
Figure PR, Committee. Circle K Club; Concrete Canoe 1: Blue 
Whaler 1; ASCE, 4,3.2,1, 

Man\' significant events in one's life at 

until they are reflected upon. The few short 

spent here at V.M,I. are no exception. 


s that I've 

Entering this Institute on that hot August afternoon, still sick 
from the night before, was a decision I had made on my own. 
My Rat year was one of fear and loneliness, yet when it was 
over. I had learned a great deal about myself. Being an 
upperclassmen helped me to grow, mature, and even have an 
occasional good time. My memories from the Hops, Zollman's, 
"Econo-Rack ", M,B,C,. Rhema Lake. Ring Figure, etc. will last 
a lifetime. Bonds of friendship were also established that would 
not soon be broken, Dave. "Mac". "Oots". W.G,. and "Sponge", 
thanks for always being there when I needed you! 

My most special thanks goes out to my famiK' Linda. Missy, 
and Patty, don't ever change, you're great!! Mom and Dad. I 
know I've had you worried more than once, but your constant 
love and support has been my very inspiration, I hope I've 

made ^ 

J proud Thank you a 
id Robert. I love all of 

rock and my salvation, 
shall nol be greatly mo 



Dykes 1982; Laron D. Shannon III 

Rats: William B. Butler. Edward L, Evans Jr, 


f^ «^w 




"Bill-Bop, Beanhead" 
Annandale, Virginia 
Economics — Navy 

Pvt 4.3,2.1: Hop and Floor Committee 3.2 (Business Manager). 1 
1 (Treasurer): Sports Parachute Club 2.1: Cadet computer assistant 
1: Room 110 Religion. 

August 17, 1981- I first entered VMI. not knowing what was 

■ ahead of me. It has been a long hard road these past four 
j years. Nothing has come eas>'. but now it all seems worth 
! while. But all this would not have come about if not for a few 
; people. 1 would like to thank my mother and her everlasting 
I love. care, and devotion: which without my life would not have 

■ much meaning. To my older brother. Chris, whose guidance 
! was always there, even though he never knew he was giving it. 
! To my uncle who set me on this path. And to the two men I 
' only wish I knew better, to my grandfather: may I someday 
i reach the goals you did. And to my father, who I lost when I 

was one. may I reach the goals you expected of me and much 
; more. Thanks for the support and love you have given me. I 
j love you all. 

To those I 
Someday yc 

behind at VMI. work hard and don't give up, 
ay find it was all worth while Maybe!! GOOD 

Dykes 1982: |eff "Whirly Bird" Worle 
Rats; Wayne Sinclair. Matt Martir 


Upper Marlboro, Maryland 
Mechanical Engineering 

Pvt. 4: Cp 3: Sgt/Pvt. 2: E. Co. .XO |U.| 1: Cadre 4,3.2.1: Cadet 
Assistant 3.1: Secretary ASME 2: Shamrock Marathon 4: Hop 
and Floor Comm. 4.3: Hog Cup Points Champion 3: Hook Lane 

I'm glad that I did it. but I wouldn't want to do it again 

Marvin: Your undemanding and sincere friendship has been 
the biggest factor in my sticking it out when 
things got bad. 

|im: Hugs and kisses. I know that you don't want it 
to get around, but you really are a good guy. 

lerry: Fate works in mysterious ways. I'm glad that fate 
brought you into our pleasant abode. 

Dykes 1982: Allen Ewell 
Rats: Dan Zaweski. Rav Dve 


"Road Hog, Leg Breaker, Tater, Tate" 
Falls Church, Virginia 
History — Marine Corps 

Chairman: College Republicans; Orienteering Club: Hog Fool- 
ball: Hog Messhall: Cpl. 3. Sgt. 2. PM. 2. Ll. 1 

This is usually a place for thank you's and this is no exception. 
For without these people I would have been either a vegetable 
or a fat lazy redneck by now. Ever>lhing that I know wonh 
mentioning is owed to my parents. I would take ever>- page in 
this publication to say ever\thing that I want to thank them for. 
Mom and Dad. I love you. Ann. you are the greatest. Son>- 
about Busch Cardens. Wayne and Linda. I'll never forget yoU- 
You put up with more than your share of crap. Vou both 
deserve a vacation from the Hogs. I love you both- Chump and 
McClave. I don't know whether to thank you or kill you both 
for telling me about this place. You both made for a tough 
example to follow Merrie and [oan. the only women who knew 
me and didn't slap me in the face. I love you both. All of you 
have turned a boy into a man. 

Lord, if I live a da\ past 30. just give me a hound dog. a friend 
like the Hogs, and a woman like my mother- 
Semper Fi and Coors to you all 

Dykes 1982; Pat McCIa 
Rats: Steve Nean' 


f ^ 




■Rex, Z, Z Man. Cuddy" 

Tehran, Iran 

Civil Engineering — Special Student 

Football 4.3. 
Civil Engine 

:.l: Track J. 3. 2.1: Scuba Club : 
•rs Privale 


jr six and a half eagerly awaited years. I am on 
my way home. In a very short time I will probably go through 
one of the most tr\'ing times of my life. I feel ready and pre- 
pared, and just hope that at the end. with God's help and guid- 
ance. I will emerge a proud winner. 

Before I go. I wish to thank the many that I owe so much to. 
First and foremost my loving Parents who have truly sacrificed 
so much for th^ir sons, I am proud to be your son and you 
have and shall make all my endeavors worthwhile- The Joneses 
for all their support and friendship at VMI- The Diehls. John- 
sons. Morrises, and Wickens whose kindness I shall never for- 
get. Finally my roommates who have been the greatest of 
friends. I hope to see all of you again someday. 

has I 

"Once again the t 
learned and done much 
more that must be learnei 

the yeai 
nd done.' 

though I have 

Dykes 1982: Willie Funkhouser 
Rats: Delanv Williams. Oscar Willii 


"The Kid, Steve-O. The Freeze, Shaft" 
Gaithersburg, Maryland 
Histoiy— Marine Corps 

Rat 4: Cadre Corporal 3: Privale 2.1: Operations Specialist 2.1: 
VMI Boxing Team 3.2.1: Class Birthday Celebration 2.1: Knight 
of Malice 3.2.1: Family 2.1: VMI Firefighters 2.1: Egomanic 4.3. 


1 was going to start this by saying that I've roomed with Stevo 
longer than with anyone else at VMI and it hasn't been easy. 
Well, that's not true, amazingly I mean, most people have to 
pay for entertainment like that! It has been unique, though, and 
I've learned some things. I've learned from Steve not to care 
what others think, to go ahead and do what you have to do. 
That has always been his attitude and he has always practiced 
what he preached. Steve has his own set of rules, and although 
they might be different from what is considered normal, he 
lives up to these self-standards. He's an egomanicac. he's psy- 
chotic, he's a good friend- But most of all. he's a man. 

Stevo. fellow hockey champione and tolerator of Irishmen, 
thanks for the laughs and some good advice. Hang tough for the 
extra time, see you in the Green Machine. Steve: I really am 
sorry about the EWF tape. 



I'ou family, dykes of 82. Mark. Tom. Big Dave 
nd the Big Dons of 85 A special thanks to Dad 

in the Bible. "Hey. VMI " 

Dykes 1982: Mark Shifflelte 
Rats: lav "Shorts'" Smaalade 



"JD. JR. Blur" 
Bedford, Virginia 
Electrical Engineering- 


Cpl. 3; Pvl 2\ Oper. Sgt. 1; Cadet Lt. 1; Dean's List 2.1; Acad. 
Dist- 1; Naw Scholarship 2.1: Nava! Aviators 3.2. Pres. 1: Circle 
K Club 2.1; IEEE 4.3.2,1; Navigators 3.2.1; Rat Training 3; Head 
Cadet Waiter 1: Ring Figure Hotel Comm 2; Pente Round Ta- 

If inlensit\' were alive and on two legs you"d probably name it 
|ohn Dixon, Hailing from the backwoods of Bedford. Virginia, 
|ohn came to VMI with a number of goals. Uppermost in his 
mind had to be his desire to become a pilot. I know he'll do it. 
and I'd be proud to be in the same cockpit, As a roommate, 
friend, and brother rat. I know John would do anything for 
anyone and expect nothing in return- But for those of you who 
find that there is something you can do better than him. you'd 
better look alive. |R wont be out done, and he'll catch you. 
wait and see. Good luck to you Intensih,-, there is not a man in 
'85 that won't miss you. 


To Chuck. Tom. Stony. Shawn. Gerr\', room 137. and barracks 

neighbors. \'ou are all ver\' special friends each in your own 

way. Thank you for all the advice, support, and good times you 

gave me. Good luck to all of you down the road. 

Mom. Dad. and Sis. thank you for all the love and support. I 

have learned much from you. I never would have made it 

through here without you. I love you all. 

"If God is for us, who can be against 

Romans 8:31 

God Bless All. 

Dykes 1982: lim Thrasher 
R.ils: The Mass 



^ -i 


"Pfeff, Bannana Monster, Chris' Pet Ape'" 
Everywhere. U.S.A. 
Biology-Air Force 

Cade Waiter 2.1.0: Promaji Club 1: Pvt; Ral Training 3; 
Football Permit Rider 2; Track 0; VVimpbuster 0; Concourse 
Dweller 0: One of the last five members of the Class of 1983, 

VMI, why did I ever come here? I've had alot of bad times, 
and a few good times, but those good times are the best times I 
could have ever had in my life. One thing VMI does give you 
is true friends. I know that I have made friends here that will 
j last me a lifetime, Dave Ronneberg. thanks for putting up with 
I me for two years. Chris Davidson. Pele Marsenison. and Curtis 
1 Hinlon. we are the wimpbuslers! I love you guys! Boy did we 
I have fun terrorizing the concourse and the weightroom. Re- 
member our great parties we put on and ScotI Horan's bachelor 
part\-. Remember the raid for the Tech football and how two of 
, you didn't make it, I'll never forget you guys. See you in jail 
; someday- Mom and Dad. all this couldn't have been possible 
without your love and support. Thank you for being (here 
.whenever I needed you. I love you both very much, Mr. and 
.Mrs, Hall, thank you for all you've done for me. I won't forget 
it, Alice, without you I couldn't have finished here, I never 
thought I would fall in love with a cheerleader from Southern 
Sem. but I did. We've been together for a long lime and always 
will be. Thank you for understanding me. and always being 
(there. I love you. Fritz, good luck with football and 
bodybuilding. You have a lot of potential. Besides being a good 
dyke, you were a good friend and like a brother to me. Guys, 
take the bullseye off my dog and my mom off the roof, leave 
iour cats alone and cheeze Lurch, Uncle Al. where are you 

Dykes 1980: Bob Boyer 

R.ils Fritz "Grossburger" Braunlich 87 



Virginia Beach. Virginia 

History- Army 

Pvt 4.3.1; West Coast Surf 2; Monogram Club 4.3.1: RBC 4; Soc. 
of Young Economists 3; VMI Drama 3; Football 4.3: Wrestling 4. 
3. Conference Tournament 4: Track 3, State and Conf. 
Championships, javelin: Stay Tuned, 

I came to VMI in August of 1981 as a high energ\-. intense, and 
psyched young man without the slightest idea of what I was 
getting myself into. If matriculating with a mohawk didn't put 
an end to my low profile, then getting nailed in the Beta House 
that first Saturday night did. As a rat, I was fortunate to have 
had .so many upperclassmen take such an interest in my devel- 
opment as a cadet. If not for these individuals I may not have 
become as adamant on being graduated a VMI man. Thanks to 
the decision makers. I was allowed to return after my sabbatical 
on the West Coast, second class year. This experience gained 
for me a greater appreciation of what VMI has to offer, and 
what it all means to me. There have been many good times. 
What a great group of guys to have shared "the experience" 
with Beginning with D-Dog Delta's RBC parties for BRFs. to 
our pep-rally rampages and confinement punch parlies- 

From the habitual frat calls to our stick sprints back Hawk. 
Willi. Pulley, thanks for the mega time checks and shoulders 
home. Murph. Clyde. Olen. Curtis, this place just aint the same. 
Hey Ike. thanks for the ride. Moon. Floyd. Tro. ]C. the best 
dykes a rat like me could ask for! RB, and the crew at Pika . . . 
what can we say? Special (hanks to |.A. Hagan and Vincent 
Thomas for getting me here, and thanks to my class, the class 
of '85 for their support. Shawn. I owe you a big one!!! Finally. 
thank you Mom and Dad and all of m\' brothers and sisters for 
their love, prayers, guidance, and support throughout these past 
five years. I hope that's all it takes! SALUD! 




The Class of 1986 returned to the 
rigors of the VMI system in August 
of 1984 with the usual groans and 
moans about once again putting our 
noses to the proverbial grindstone. 
When we arrived we immediately 
noticed a few pleasant differences. 
The climb from ground level to our 
rooms had been reduced due to our 
new position on the 2nd stoop. It 
was also nice to be able to turn our 
heads and talk in ranks, and have 
G.P. during our free afternoon class 

This year had been looked forward 
to by all of us for many reasons, 
but one stood above the rest: RING 
FIGURE! That glorious occasion, 
when we would all receive a beau- 
tifully impressive symbol of our 
common bond as a class, and have 
one hell of a party in the process. 

Thoughts of Ring Figure filled our 

heads like those of young children 
thinking of Christmas. On many oc- 
casions these reflections aided us in 
thwarting anxiety over our academ- 
ics, as well as helping us to live 
under the strict "rules of the game" 
here at VMI. 

With Ring Figure came the realiza- 
tion that we had reached yet 
another "rung on the ladder of 
achievement," and were approach- 
ing the next: our first class year. 
We observed the first class, 
attempting to learn from both their 
mistakes and successes, in order 
that we might be better prepared 
for running barracks. 

Very much alive, well, and ready 
to meet these challanges, the Class 
of 1986 continued on in its "VMI 

Dave Moore — '86 

Dave Spears. President |Center| Tim Keilh,', 
Vice President (Left) Dave Moore. Historian 

298/Second Class 

Second Class/299 



Silver Spring, Mandand 
Spanish — Special Student 

Mink 5.4; Echo private 3.2.1; Tanke 
Academically Distinguished 1- 

Platoon 2; BOMB Staff 1; 

After doing time at VMI. yu will readily see that the Institute's 
goal of "instilling respect for authority" is dubious, because it is 
not auIhorit\' per se but the man who exercises it who may or 
may not be worthy of respect. There is nothing as effective as 
the granting of authoritV' for exposing a man's true mettle — and 
the Edsets will out. 

Given that I will walk across the stage at graduation, an '86 ring 
on one hand and that genuine sheep's hide in the other. I can 
safely say that this is the best possible ending to (he insanity of 
the preceeding years. I will summarize the closing credits by 
saying that 1 will never forget the many to whom I owe grati- 
tude, those to whom I owe apologies and can never make it up 
to, and the five whom I would bludgeon mercilessly with a 
blunt instrument if I could get away with it- — TSB 

Ignore the above— it is only the posings of a young man thumb- 
ing his note at "The Establishment." Seriously, what can one 
write about someone who has been a friend, except for that 
nast\' habit of yours. Tom. Other than that. I've had a good 
time. Discussions about God or the lack thereof; the third stage 
of empire; and joining the French Foreign Legion, Tom. being a 
special student has its advantages, if the Army is too blind to 
see what it is losing, there is always someone out there who 
can use your many talents [like the guy down the street who 
owns the bait shopl. — MPE 

Hey. Tom. put the shades up. it's a prett\' day. — RML 

Dykes 1983: Kevin Caulfield 

1988: Tim Hooper— Ring Figure 



Shepherdstown, West Virginia 

Civil Engineering — Navy 

Cpl 2; Sgl 1; NROTC Scholarship 3.2.1; ASCE 3.2.1; Cadet Com- 
puter Assistant 1; Varsity Lacrosse 3.2,1; Monogram Club 2.1; 
West Virginia Club 2.1; Orienteering Team 3.2. Treasurer 1; 
Glee Club 3.2; Ghetto 3,2,1: WMC 1. 

It is funny how a change in circumstances alter the way we at- 
tain our goals. After graduating from high school, my goal was 
to obtain a commission in the US, Nav7 by way of the Naval 
Academy, After faltering at Annapolis. I entered V.M.I. Need- 
less to say. I was in for a rude awakening at the "I", even with 
all of the experience (?) I previously had gained. I will always 
treasure the many fond experiences that have offset the rough 
times here, i.e. Breakout, lacrosse games, and Ring Figure. 
Upon graduating. I will have attained my first goal-a 
commission. More importantly, however. I will have reached it 
through the "VMI Experience." 

One of the most cherished things VMI has given me is many 

friendships, 1 am indebted to both the Civil Engineering De^ 

partment's Facult\' and the NROTC's Staff for their constan 

guidance and occasional kick in the 

mates during the past three years: Bob. Kenni 

vid. and Chris, thanks for putting up with m 

year. To Hammond. I wish you all the best 

deal of encouragement has come from my fan 

to whom I am grateful. Finally, to my Mother and Father, 

without whose undying support and understanding, during the 

past few years, I would not have made it. I love you. 

Mike. Phil. Da 

of luck, A grea 
lily and relatives. 


1983: Gary Dronen 
1988: Hammond Un 


Basking Ridge, New Jersey 
Economics — Army 


Rat 4; Cpl 3; Sgt 2; Cadrt 
2; Young Economists. 

: Boxing Club 4.3; Investment Club 

I would like to use this space in order to express my many 
thanks to all of those, both family and friends, who have pro- 
vided support and counseling to me. prior to. and throughout 
my experience here at V.M.I, I wish the best of luck to my 
friends in the class of 1986. 

Dykes 1983: C.M.A. Rogers IV 







Newport-News, Virginia 

Mechanical Engineer — Special Student 

frack-Rat. 3rd. 2nd Class Year; Recipient Colonel H M. ' 
^^ead '16 Trophy: Track All American 

I'd like to thank my family and friends for all the encourage- 
■nent and support. Special thanks goes to 
':a!vin. Sandy, and Johnnie Ditl. The 

d\kes. Russell. way I can describe 
state of shock. Also I'd 

ny cadetship is by saying that it was a state ol stiock. Als 
ike to believe the proverb: "A bird in the hand is better 


the bush 
lave you honev- 

'ind for Coach Williams. Coach Virgets. 
till the man. they don't like me anymo 
nould say thanks for tolerating me or if 
br tolerating you, 

i)ne of the most important people of all. 
hip. Coach Nuttycombe. thanks a millit 
'^adership, and teachings, 

)ykes 19831 Russell C. Rosedale ■Pops" 
1988: |eff Dixon 

nd Capt. Rector: I'm 
e. 1 don't know if I 
au should say thanks 



Beaufort. South Carolina 

History — Air Force 

Varsity Football; Track; Monogram Club; Promaji Club 

Coming to VMI for me has been to say the least an eye 
opening experience. There are several things that I have liked 
and others that I have not liked, but since I'm leaving I will 
only comment on the positive things. First I have learned quite 
a bit about myself, my capabilities and my faults. I have tried 
to enhance my abilities and have tried to dispose of my faults. 
Secondly the thing I like most about the "I" is the many friend- 
ships I have made, and which 1 hope to continue throughout 
the course of my life. I'll never forget the great times I have 
spent with my roommates; David Tyler. Mike Necessary and 
Ambrose Phillips. Also the wild times I spent with Terry 
Thompson and Mike Huffman are unforgettable. Mike, always 
remember Hilton Head. S.C. Next I would Hke to thank the two 
most important people in my life, my parents. For without their 
love and understanding my success at VMI would not have 
been possible. For that Mom and Dad 1 love you more than 
you will ever know Kathy, with whom I spent three years of 
my life. I thank very dearly. You were the light at the end of 
the tunnel. Although our lives might be moving in different 
directions, the times we have spent together were the best of 
my life. To my friends graduating I wish the best of luck in all 
of your future endeavors, and to those of you not as Iuck\'. hang 
in there, you'll be there soon. Last but not least, to my dyke. 
Tim White; hang in there, your day will come. To the "I" all I 
have to say is "Bye!!!". 

Always remember: "The failure to achieve is more often 
thwarted by the failure to attempt than the failure to excel" 

Dykes 1983: Melvin Rucker 
1988: Tim White 



McComb, Mississippi 

Civil Engineering — Army. Engineers 

Private 3.2.1: VMI Firefighlers 1; Army ROTC Scholarship 32.V. 
The Chowder Society- 2.1. 

This final year is definitely my best. Ha%ing a car and being 
able to cruise to the girls' schools or wherever on the weekend 
has made a big difference. My other years at \'ML I just sat 
around wishing I had a car. 


an't say these were the best years of my life 
because of the frustration VMI is responsible for in me. But 
people keep telling me "After you graduate you'll be proud you 
went to VMI " I'm sure that it's true. 

Of course I must thank my parents for their encouragement and 
support. When it looked impossible they told me to "hang in 

Dykes 1983: Mike Dieter 
1988: Glenn Hall 







Richmond, Virginia 


Wrestling 4.3.2: Wrestling Captain 3: Wrestling Asst- Coach 2; 
Monogram Club 4.3.2: Corporal 3; "Club 246'" 2; Rat Daddy 3.2; 
Chauffeur for Club 246 2. 

After 4': years of college I thought I would have come upon 
some profound revelation that would unlock the door to my fu- 
ture; unfortunately this has not happened. \'MI has been quite 
an experience for me. The ratline gave me volumes of memo- 
ries; most of which are humorous. (Builds character?] My third 
class year was tough academically, but at least no ratline. This 
year has been great! Going out every weekend, having 4 good 
roomies, and taking 19': hours AND getting better grades is the 
way it should be at VMI. Thanks Craig. Dave, Kenny, and 

Wrestliing has been very good to me (except for destroying 
grades and body|. I have learned many lessons and met m 
people. Thanks Coach, for your support in all aspects of 
life. You can count on a lifetime of support of the wrestling 
team from me, It's always good to have someone to pour your 
troubles out on. and I'm luck\' to have had a few Ash and 
Craig, thanks for being there when I needed you. I'll always lis- 
ten to your problems if you need me. Mom and Dad. y'all are 
the best! Thanks for ever\'thing. I love you. The best parts of 
my cadetship were/will be breakout, wrestling, weekends, road 
trips, good roomies, and Ring Figure followed QUICKLY by 
graduation. The lowest point of my cadetship was the loss of 
mv roommate and our BR. Meade. 

Finally. Brother Rats. I ha 
and I am saddened we a 

: become ver>' close to some of you 
; parting. Have a great First Class 
see y'all at graduation in 1986!! 

D>'kes 1983; Chris K. Caudill 
198S: Bobbv Zoeke 



"Art, Rye" 

Richmond, Virginia 

Economics — Army. Infantrj' 

A.'kS 4: AUSA 3.2: S-5 Tour Guides 3.2: BOMB Staff Assl. Pholo 
Ed, 3: Cadet Ushers 3: society of Young Economists 3.2: Econ. 
Tutors 3: Newman Club 4. VP 3.2: Pre-Law Soc. 4.2: Ring Fig- 
ure Magazine '86 Business Mgr 2; .'\lcohol & Drug Comm. 2: 
Cadre 2: Oxford 2, 

I left W&M. I left a lot of fun. superficiality, and anguish 
d. I'd made a mistake— W&M wasn't for me. When I 
to VMI. I found anguish again, but of a productive sort. 

for coupled with it 

From this 
VMI. I can 


substantialit>' of pride, confidence. 

;n fun, I found the place for me. 
of having gone to both a "real college" and 
that the "VMI System " does work, if you let it. 
Sure we miss a lot here, but success is found in effort: I hope 
I've succeeded because I've tried to take part in what VMI has 
to offer VMI is here to serve you in and out of the classroom, 
so let it. Mom and Dad. you knew I'd end up at VMI. but I 
listen before. You've supported me and were there to 
e. The failures are mine: the successes are ours, I hope 
I've made you proud, I love you. Col, Claiborn has been ray 
advisor, guide, and father-figure academically at VMI, Thanks 
for always being concerned, Kath & Scott, you've shown me 
what I can get after VMI, I can't wait! Kath. thanks for being 
my confidant: Scott. I thank you for a different view of VMI, 
To those who've been my closest friends, especially Lou & Rich, 
we've shared much in such a short time, I'll never forget you. 
You guys are the best friends I'll ever have. Stay close. To all 
of 1986. come May '86. I'll be in the stands cheering the 
loudest! Finally. Beth, you've shared my joy and sorrow, and 
have been there when I needed you. There'll be much more 
for us to share. For all of this and more. I love you. Farewell 

Dykes 1983: Bruce Thomas. Mike Reed. Kyle Ellis 



Accomac, Virginia 

Physics — Navy 

Baseball: Football; Monogram 


"This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the ena 
But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning." 

Winston Churchill 

Dykes 1983: Richie Seymore 
1988: Jason Dudjak 





Richmond. Virginia 

English — Army 

Deans list; Virginia Program at Oxford: Pre-Law Society; 
English Societ>': Ring Figure Committee: Number One Cluli, 
Football: The MBC Index: Private 3.2,1. 

[Trying to write this class history has become extremely tedious, 
and for the potential reader I can assume the final product 
[would only be monotonous and boring. Therefore. I would like 
jto show my gratitude to a few people and then close. 

Mom and Dad. without your time and assistance I would not 
have made it through here. Robin and Randy, thanks for the 
emergency funds and a place to stay on my road trips to UVA 
Dr. Davis, thank you for your recommendations and your 
support— the trip to England was easily the greatest ( 
'jf my cadetship. Max. Big Al, and Howie it has definitely be 
an interesting year, and hopefully you can make it without r 
Finally, Brent I hope you do not hold any grudges for my n 
ding the "I", but in two years you will be on your w 
but also. Good Luck! 

With Lacrosse practice minutes away. Tim 
Spivey prepares himself for drills in the hot 

When visiting VMI. the girls from local 
schools often enjoy the company of cadets: 
in this case John Kiefer. 

SOG Chris Poage changes the Sentinel as 
part of his many chores. 

Helping the RDC, and getting rid of his 
penalty tours. Wayne Fuller insures that this 
Rat walks the ratline properly. 


David Earl Adams. II 

Latrobe. PA 

Darryl Floyd Agee 


James Stuart Agostini 


Frederick Ronald Albrecht 

Annapolis. MD 

Bryan Edward Amsel 

Westminster, MD 

[ohn Matthew Anderson 


Steven King Anderson 

Falls Church 

William Warner Anderson 

Chambersburg. PA 

Timothy John Armstrong 

Louisville. KY 

Christopher Sean Ashworth 


John Frederick Ax 


Jonathan Eric Aycock 


Matthew Edmund Baker 

Westlake, OH 

James Churchill Ball 


William Miner Barber 

Walden. NY 

r^ (Pi O ^ 

E^ ^Sf vy 


After intramurals. John Kicfer makes his 
way along the second stoop towards a nice, 
long shower. 

I'f^ few' 

I 1 ... 

c- — V 

V ic- — V 

Stewart Lee Bames 


Christopher \Va\Tie Bass 

South Boston 

Da\id Alan Benhoff 


James \'an Allen Bickford. I\' 


Marcus Charles Black. Jr. 

FavetteNille. NC 

Mark Edward Black 
Culloden. \\A" 
Jeffrey Robert Boobar 
Flossmoor. IL 
Paul Minor Boos 

DaN-id Daniel Brackett 
Baltimore, MD 
Scott Ernest Bradley 
Linthicum. MD 

Gerald Sage Bradshaw. Jr. 

\irginia Beach 

lames Paul Breckeruidge 

Cedar\-ille. OH 

Douglas Walter Brennan 

West Palm Beach. FL 

Anthon\' Jerome Brown 


Samuel X'ictor Browne 

Falls Church 


Therodore Edward Buczacki, Jr. 

Springfield, PA 

Paul William Burch 


John Winston Butler 


Eric Allen Butner 

Cleveland, OH 

Robert Sheridan Cabell 


Michael Gavin Calkins 


Vincent Daquial Carag. Jr. 

Grand Island. NB 

Kerr>' Thomas Cassell 

Glade Hill 

Michael Raymond Castaldi 

Bel Air, MD 

James Richard Chambers 

Atlanta, GA 

Michael David Chapman 

Littleton, CO 

Benjamin Ping Chen 

Placentia, CA 

John Bradley Chesson 

Columbia. MD 

Byron Lee Childress 


Michael Alan Chipley 

Frederick, MD 

d). ^Hp CJ^, ^ 

Penalty Tours, a common sight this year, 
are led by Terrence McCartney in front 
of barracks. 

306/Second Class 


<r L J ■ 

f-*«T I =» ^1 

Bernard Jos'jph Colacicco 

Blackworxl, N| 

Anthony Michael Colletti 


jarnes Alvin Comer 


("Jharlfes Bryant Cook 


Michael Allen Corwin 

■ .'ewport News 

James Lee Coulter. Jr. 

McKees Rock. PA 

Andre [ohn Creel 

Westmount, Quebec. Canada 

Brian Edward Crowson 


James Michael Daly 


Patrick John D'Antonio 

'.loscow. PA 

Thomas Edward Darb\'. Ill 


Michael William Davis 


Joseph Scott Dekeyrel 

Newport News 

Charles Anthony Depasquale 


Thomas Peter Devenoge 


A sleepy-eyed Dion Scaglione enjoys some 
much needed "rack time." 

Taking advantage of his free afternoon. 
Chris Kolditz catches up on his studies. 

Second Class/307 

Opening Hops finds Paul Burch and his date 
enjoying the lively atmosphere that marks 
these occasions at VMI. 

A motivated [eff Morgan puts some polish to 
his boots in preparation for Morning 

-^ K 





Donald Adam Dickerson 


James Earl Dickenson 


Scott Alden Diehl 

Muncy, PA 

James Timothy Dillon 

Ledyard. CT 

Samuel Hardy Duerson, III 

Raleigh, NC 

Mark Reid Ellington 

Montreat. NC 

Michael Patrick Ellis 


Otmer Gay Elmore, Jr. 

South Charleston, WV 

Patrick William Farrell 


Thomas James Fitzpatrick 


Louis Anthony Florio, Jr. 

Yarmouth, MA 

James Allen Frazier 

Washington. PA 

Ralph Adelbert Frye. Ill 

Beaver, PA 

Gerald Wayne Fuller. Jr. 


Calvin Breading Furlow 


a I jj^ MK^ tm 
l»^ fTn), ^«T' l!^ 1^4 

Leaning out on the second stoop rail, Patrick 
D'Antonio and |on Moody enjoy the specta- 
cle of a Thursday night Pep Rally. 

Emmet Stone Gathright 


Patrick McGuire Gill 

Mrginia Beach 

Carl Leigh GitcheU 


Robert Scott GitcheU 


Steven Gilbert Gray 


Da\id Kidd G rimm 


Ernest Michael Grochowski. Jr. 

Sarasota. FL 

Stephen Paul Grzeszczat in 

Bayonne. N] 

John Thomas Hairr. n 

Fayette\-ille. NC 

Stephen Francis Hall 


Scott Robert Harbula 

West Mifflin. PA 

James Thomas Harcarik. TTT 

Mechanicsburg. PA 

Lawrence Dean Harrington 


Craig Dyer Harris 

Marietta. GA 

John Stanley Hart. Jr. 


Second Class/309 

Samuel White Hayes 


William Brett Hayes 


Kurt Ernest Hedberg 

Pound Ridge. NY 

Stuart Newland Heishman 


Troy Vincent Heskett 


Robert Walter Hess, Jr. 


[ohn Marcus Hicks 

Great Falls 

Richard George Hill. IV 


Scot Patrick Hillier 


Anthony Douglas Hirtz 


Samuel Andrew Holmes 

Oxford. PA 

Philip Roper Howard 


Robert Clinton Hubbard. Jr. 


Michael Conway Huffman 


Scott Carleton Hunter 

New Cumberland. PA 

J'-Pl V 


f^icl ,(^ J ! - -^ f 

.l^*rv I'm jrJ 



'f"^ «^! 


:^j X~t^/ 4j 

V^ ^' ^"^ 

■. _/to^ 


Sharing some "Brother Rat spirit." Tim 
Young and Bruce Tolley help each other 

Taking it eas>' at Goshen comes naturally to 
Bobbv Rainer. 

310/Second Class 

ffl o (^ ^ 

Hcnr>' Bernard Ingram 

High Point, NC 

Phillip Scott Ingram 


James Patrick Inman 

Lehonon. TN 

Paul Francis Jarvis 

Pittsburg, PA 

Anthony Thomas jasinslci 

Erie, PA 

Ronald Orest jaworowski 


James Michael Jenkins 

Fairport, NY 

Robert Evan Johnson 


Lawrence Stephone Jones 


Christopher Kanter 


Michael James Karabasz 

Holland. MI 

Thomas Joseph Kardos 

Stamford. CT 

Timothy Michael Keilty 


Dale Kennedy 


John Francis Kiefer 


Assisting with Cadre, Cliff Tinsley sits at the 
H Co. table waiting for the new Rats to ar- 

Using his leadership abilities to the utmost. 
John Pitcock acts as "SOG-for-a-day." 


Second Class/311 

Acting as the second stoop package inspec- 
tor, |im Urie checks this Rat's cargo. 

Exhausted from his hard intramural workout. 
"Stew" Barnes tries to avoid falHng off the 
second stoop into Jackson Arch. 


Jimmy Waltus Kilbourne. 


Daniel Edward Kirby 

Virginia Beach 

Christopher Paul Kolditz 

Houston, TX 

William Karl Kuhrman 


Cyrus Scott Kump, 11 

Newport News 

Michael Richard Laban 

Zimbabwe, Africa 

James Rene LaForest. Jr. 


Richard Viktor LaHue 


Michael Leslie Lakos 

Waleska, GA 

Troy Vernon Lanier 

Waianae. HI 

Robert Henr>' LaRosa 
Mark Alan Laughon 

William Alan Leatherwood 

Gerald George Leffers. Jr. 

Rumsev Joseph Smithson Light, III 
312 Aldie ' 

I 1 

Wearing that "all-nighter" look, Paul 
"Smurf" Simroth plods away at his work. 

f^ ^ ^m «3, !^m} 

Tsu-Kuang Liu 

Washington. DC 

Kent Andrew Long 


Ra\-mond Matthew Longabaugh 

Clinton. MS 

Adam Andrew Loveless 

Leonia. NJ 

Timothy Isaac Macaulay 

Saugus, MA 

Jeffrey Donald Maclay 
Brookfield. CT 
Roman Francis Malavet 
Swiftwater. PA 
Robert Blair Mason 
Lakeland. FL 
Wa\Tie Leslie Mason 
Gaithersburg. MD 
Jeffrey Leonard Massie 
New York. NT 

Ronald O'Connor Mays. Jr. 

Buena \'ista 

'ames Patrick McCabe 


David Joseph McCarthy 

W atertown. XY 

Thomas Daniel McCarthy 

Deptford. NJ 

Terrence Eugene McCartney 

Grafton Second Class/313 

-rt i^.-^ 

Joseph August McCloskey, IV 

Fayetteville, NC 

John Edward McConnell 


Todd William McCullough 


James Augustus McDonald, III 


Thomas Daren McGinnis 


Thomas Enrique McHugh. Jr. 

Takoma Park. MD 

James Keith McKenzie 


James Gordon McKinley, III 


Robert Brent McManis 


Robert Carey Meador 


Scott Crissman Miles 


Albert Bernard Miller 

Dover, DE 

David Albert Miller, III 


Daniel Patrick Monahan 


Jonathan Turner Moody 


Down in the barrack's study room for late 
study, Tom Devenoge wades through the 
steam tables in his "Thermo" book. 

Awaiting 10-minute call for 5th CP, Dave 
Miller and Chris Poage pass the time posing 
for our camera. 

314/Second Class 

K^ '^, ^ O ^ 

i'-^l ^rA^-^li ^ V 

^T^ I ^^ r*«T v^ if^ 


iS^> . °<=^?^, \F— ^ 


David Carter Moore 


Marc Duane Moquin 


Max Conrad Morehead, |r. 


Eric Dean Morehouse 

Berwyn, PA 

Martrin Jeffrey Morgan 


lonathan Bruce Morrison 

Mineral Wells. WV 

'/ince Alan Morton 

Stella, NC 

Michael Charles Munson 


Michael Eugene \'ecessar>' 


Peter Dirck Needham 

Kitty Hawk, NC 

Robert Joseph Kentuig 

Boxford. MA 

Glenn Douglas Newcomb 


Bruce Edward Nickle 


Michael Cecil Northrop 

Albany, GA 

James Harrison Nowlin 

Hot Springs 

Preparing to usher dignitaries during a pa- 
rade, second classmen Br\'an Amsel. Tim 
Armstrong, and George Shield are part of a 
group about to be briefed by Maj. Gleason. 

Second Class/315 

Down by the river with a friend. 
Bruce Nickle enjoys the warmth of 
the sun's rays. 

Relishing some "refreshment." Scott 
Hilher and his girlfriend/wife relax at 


Robert Trafton Nussey. ]r. 


Ernest James Oversen 


Robert Neal Padgett 


Stephen Richard Pancham 


Timothy |ohn Panoff 


David Leroy Parker 


Christopher Howard Peet 

N. Kingstown. RI 

Timothy James Perez 


Ambrose Rossini Phillips, III 

Landover. MD 

Glenn Paul Phillips 


George Deets Pickett 
Daytona Beach, FL 
James Lewis Pingree 
Portsmouth, NH 
Joseph Ernest Pinhak 
Boothwyn, PA 
John Thomas Pitcock 
Granville. OH 
Christopher Carl Planeta 
Hamden, CT 

-fi^fSijI, kjf^^* 


^ ^ 5^^' >^^\ '^«^| 1^^ 





Preparing to "dig in," Jim Agostini gets some 
use out of the concourse vending machines. 

Edward Matthew Plucinski 

Ahquippa. PA 

Christopher Columbus Poage. 11 


Smardie Didiek Podo 


Gordon Wallace Poindexter. HI 


Sean Eric Stanley Poremba 


Kenneth Dale Powell 


Paul Rader Pruitt Jr. 


James Louis Radle 
Glen Alan Ralston 
Colonial Heights 
Robert Troy Ramos 
Favette\ille. NC 

John Charles Rapacki 

Southuick. XLA 

Robert Da\id Re\Tiolds 


Phillip Jordan Ridderhof 


Michael Da\id Rivenbark 

\'irginia Beach 

William George Rogers 

Richmond Second Class/317 

Louis Gene Rucker 

Bluefield, WV 

Joseph Ruf, III 

Berlin, WI 

Thomas Wellington Russell 


Dion Scaglione 

Brentwood, NY 

Robert Joseph Scaglione 

Virginia Beach 

Joseph Howard Schinstock, |r. 

Sierra Vista, AZ 

Charles Carroll Schoen. IV 

Atlanta, GA 

Frederick George Scott, II 


Jimmie Wayne Seeley. II 

Orange Park, FL 

Henry Edward Selnau, Jr. 


James David Shanley 

Rolling Meadows, IL 

David Bradley Sheckells 

Mobile. AL 

George Cabell Sheild 

Newport News 

David Woo Shin 


Charles Gregory Simpson 


Marching the new Rats up from Cameron 
Hall, Robert Nussey leads the way. 

Pitching in for TCFC '86, Al Comer tries to 
convince Gay Elmore to buy a "sub." 

f^ O 


.y^* ^^> p» «f 

ill'' izS 


Paul Alan Sirnroth 

Charleston, WV 

Steven Robert Sinclair 


Karl |osf;ph Sjolund 

Virginia Beach 

Jeffrey Allen Smiley 


Minor Botts Smith 

Charleston, WV 

Luke Edward Sossi 

New Windsor, NY 

Kenneth Byron Spain 


David Vandeursen Spears 


Timothy Andrew Woodland Spivey 


Russell Burrus Spriggs 


John David Stanek 


Charles Joseph Steenburgh, Jr. 

Virginia Beach 

Cameron Mosteller Stephens 

Mobile, AL 

John Albert Stevens 


Todd Anthony Tabb 


Stressing the need for improvement, Lou 
Florio helps to create a "challenging 
atmosphere" for this Rat on his first day of 

Putting it all together. Ring Construction 
Committee members worked long hours to 
complete The Ring. 

Second Class/319 

With Ring Figure several days away, only 
the finishing touches are needed before the 
ring is completed. 

Working together at the refreshment stand 
during football games. Sean Poremba and 
Matt Anderson form an efficient team. 

Henry Tabur 

Harvard, MA 

Jimmy Lee Taggart 


Edgar Franklin Talbott. Ill 


Stephen Lloyd Thacker 

Lutherville. MD 

Clayton Malcolm Thomas, IV 


Joseph June Thompson. Ill 

Fayetteville, NC 

Mark Alexander Thompson 

Des Moines, lA 

Redmond John Thompson. Ji 

Virginia Beach 

Robert Talley Thompson 


James Clifton Tinsley 


Bruce Edward Tolley 

Bay City. TX 

Thuan Hieu Tran 

Falls Church 

Franklin Alexander Trice. Ill 


John Randolph Tucker. Jr. 


James Hugh Urie, Jr. 


John Roderick Urquhart 

Jefferson. LA 

Geroge Ted Varlas 

Westchester. IL 

David Scott Wagner 


Benjamin Dewayne Walker 


,fVT' f^^' -f^*^ v^ 1^1 

- - j - . , "9^ J '- s^ - ■ 

320/Second Class 

Diving for hiis "rack." Rob f^rosa does hi« 
impfirsonation of a birrJ landing out of 


Working hard on an assignment, Kerry 
Cassel sweats it out as Dave Grimm looks 

P^ v»*^l L»-^ fm^ 

f**-!' fj»^ ^ 

f ^ ^^ f^ «^\ rj^^ 



lames Sidney Walker 

Pasadena. MD 

David Caplan Wallace, [r. 


Kenneth Keegan Walpole 

Ringwood. N] 

Eugene Marion Walton, I\' 


Edward Randolph Ward 


Gregon,- Wayde Weddle 
South Boston 
Richard Hunt Weede 
Brandon. FL 
Steven Paul Weiss 
Highland. NY 
Daniel William Whalen 
Allison Park. PA 
Eric Scott Whiteman 
Wilmington. DE 

.Arthur Da\is Whittaker. Jr. 


Darrell Gerard Winfield 


William Putnam Wolcott 


Ro>' Franklin Woolwine 


Gap.-Iohn Gilbert Yap 


Roy Da\id Young. Jr. 


Timothy Scott Young 

Skygusty, \\A' 

Anthony Todd Zimmer 


Second Class/321 

NOVEMBER 16-17 1984 

Ring Figure weekend was a truly 
memorable one for the Class of 
1986. As is customary, the festivities 
began with a formal ring presenta- 
tion in Jackson Memorial Hall. This 
was an exciting time as we all re- 
ceived our rings together. William 
A. Hallet, Jr., class of 1947 gave the 
class and others a humorous speech 
about his thoughts on VMI. Mr. 
Hallet had much to say about our 
"sister school, Washington & Lisa" 
and about issues closer to us. The 
formalities ended on a serious note 
about the intangible meanings be- 
hind wearing a VMI ring. The 
Class left J.M. Hall happy with the 
beautiful ceremony, and excited 
about the upcoming events. 



Friday night the Class assembled 
(at different times) in J.M. Hall for 
our formal pictures. As the 
procession through the ring began, 
the excitement in the class reached 
a high. Some dates began to check 
over their dresses and worry about 
their make-up, while others won- 
dered how they would hold up 
their dates as they went through 
the ring. Everyone managed to 
make it through just fine. The 
Commanders provided the music 
for the class waltz, and thanks to 
Mrs. Seebode the girls' feet were 
left relatively unscathed. Jack 
Diamond helped us swing the night 
away with their mix of big band 
music and contemporary dance mu- 
sic. At 2330 hours the long awaited 
dance came to a close as the Class 
of '86 left in "mass exodus," with 
Hop privileges until BRC. This con- 
cluded the official part of Friday 
night while the unofficial activities 
continued into the early hours of 
the morning. 

324/Second Class 

Second Class/325 

326/Second Class 

Saturday's events began with a Sec- 
ond Class Parade at 1115 hours. 
The Class definitely impressed the 
assembled families and guests with 
their performance. Military Duty 
that afternoon for the Corps was 
the football game against Boston 
University. It seemed to last forever 
as everyone had their mind set on 
the trip to Richmond. The Hyatt 
was "rocking" after the Class of 
1986 descended upon it. The 
Granduers established themselves 
as the ultimate in party bands as 
they jammed until 3 o'clock in the 
morning. The food and service 
were top flight and the tables were 
sturdy enough to hold a group of 
five (we only broke 4 or 5). The 
weekend was topped off with an 
elegant buffet breakfast in the 
Hyatt's Monticello Room. Ring Fig- 
ure far exceeded everyone's expec- 
tations and as soon as the damages 
are paid for, we'll be ready to have 
an awesome anniversary' part\'! 

George Cabell Sheild 
Ring Figure Chairman 
Class of 1986 

Second Class/327 


If sweat is what binds us together 
as a class, then the coming three 
years will draw us together all the 
more. Last year we sweated 
through Cadre and sweat parties; 
this year we sweated over tests, 
more tests and Ring Figure prep- 

With an extremely efficient team 
consisting of our class officers and 
the Ring Figure Committee elected 
by companies under the direction 
of Brad Chandler, RFC Chairman, 
'87's Ring Figure preparations ac- 
celerated far ahead of schedule 
with incredible success. 

As of November 1, 1984, we took 
over operation of the TCFC under 
the leadership of Paul Russo. Run 
on the strength of the class dues of 
$10.00 a month, the TCFC repre- 
sentatives of each company, 
launched into several capitalistic 
"good deals" in search of funds for 

Ring Figure including selling 
traditional pizzas, subs, cakes, 
shirts and mugs. 


Finally, to some degree, the Third 
Class took part in the affairs of 
Barracks. Our corporals trained the 
Rats and performed the usual slave 
labor assigned to those with the 
lowest rank in the system. As a re- 
sult of a minor restructuring of the 
EC/GC, only our President voted 
on cases that went before the Com- 
mittee, however this allowed our 
other two officers to objectively 
observe the mechanics of the two 
Committees each time they met and 
thus be able to make better deci- 
sions next year when they will also 
be able to vote. 

All in all, there was a lot of posi- 
tive momentum generated in this 
year's Third Class which will con- 
tinue over the next two years. 

328/Third Class 

Walter "Rat" Via tries to pass incogni- 
to in the ratline! 

The third stoop keeps a close 
watch on the rats. 


Ashley Abernathy 


Charles Allgood 


Kellam Ames 

Gloucester Point 

Michael Andersen 


Luis Arce 

St. Georges, Grenada 

Scott Armstrong 
Lebanon, TN 
Jeremy Arnaiz 
Riverside, CA 
Todd Arris 
Virginia Beach 
John Avis 
Steven Baird 
Olympia, WA 

Kevin Barker 
Tokyo, Japan 
John Barnard 
William Barnes 
Dean Barr 
Unionville, PA 

Bill Callahan's rats seek revenge for all of 
his yelling during cadre. 

330/Third Class 


Mark Barth 
Mark Bartholf 
James Bean 

Scott Berger 
William Bemeski 
Wilkes-Barre. PA 

Hugh Bettendorf 
William Beyer 
Brookfield, WI 
James Bierman 
Trumbull, CT 
John Blackwell 
Baltimore. MD 
William Blanton 
White Post 

Steven Blinn 
Cherry Hill, NJ 
Thomas Bones 
John Boughton 
Dallas, TX 
Bowlman Bowles 


Third Class/331 

Dave Furness. Neal Naff. Bob Eckhoff and 
John Nolan displaying their prowess with 
the 3x5 card. 

Tracy Porter and fellow third display that 
"Brother Rat Spirit" still exists. 

•M^ ^S^^H 

Anthony Brads 
Buena Vista 
Paul Brannigan 
Ashvilla. PA 
Fritz Braunlich 
Wheeling. WV 
Trent Bridges 
Rochester. NY 
James Bright 
Muenster. TX 

Jeffrey Brown 
Wilson Brown 
Raleigh. NC 
Bradley Brzozinski 
West Islip. NY 
James Bunn 
Louis Buonpane 
North Haven. CT 

f%i5f. f^^ ^^i f^stm 

Todd Burdette 
Stewartsville. NJ 
Robert Burns 
Gary. NC 
Daniel Butler 

Robert Buxton 
Exter. NH 


i'^ 1^ 

332/Third Class 

John Poast enjoys all the benefits of 

Harold Byrne 
Weston, CT 
Steven Cade 

William Callahan 
Atlanta, GA 
Andrew Campi 
West Long Branch. NJ 
Ronald Carr 
Austin, MN 

Peter Carty 
Williamsport, PA 
Michael Cestaro 

Bradford Chandler 
West Redding, CT 
The Chau 
Timothy Chester 

unho Chi 
lohn Chicoli 
South Fork. PA 
David Cochran 
Clifton Coger 
Rock\' Mount 

i^di^^i lo: 

Third Class/333 

Brian Cornwell 
Mark Corrice 
Ogdensburg, NY 
Joseph Coughlin 
Craig Covert 
Michael Cowan 

Raymond Cowan 


James Cranford 

Holden, MA 

Richard Cruze 


Joseph Curley 


Edward Dandar 



:>; -^^^iii^ 

*«» ii*§ y^' «=^ 

Eric Davis 
Pittsburgh. PA 
Raymond Davis 
Haddonfield, NJ 
William Davis 
Aston, PA 
Michael Dawson 
Aaronsburg, PA 

334/Third Class 

JV «^ lt» «»^ 'ill*" 


Charles Edgar 
Gregory Ellis 
Colin Elster 
Jonathan Eubank 

Edward Df-vens 
Huntington, WV 

Ki ■ 

f-t, ,'.../,.'.. ,A 

Matthew Dick 
Front Royal 
Robert Dionisio 
Seaside Heights. NJ 

Charles Dozier 
Lanham, MD 
Paul Duray 
Westwood, MA 
Charles Early 
Robert Eaton 
Robert Eckhoff 
East Setauket, NY 


Clark Barnes ensures a successful career at 
V.M.I, with the Commandant's daughter. 

Third Class/335 

George Tolley involved in a hop conversa- 

Building character are Dave Cochran and 
Steve Cade. 

Michael Evans 
Tampa, FL 
Martin Ewald 
Savona. NY 
Thomas Farleigh 
Carl Feddeler 
Palm Harbor, FL 
David Ferguson 

John Ferguson 
Belleville, IL 
Monte Ferguson 
Rocky Mount 
John Ficarro 
Bowie. MD 
Edward Fishback 
Denis Fitzpatrick 

%Z^^ f ^ ^ }'^ ^\ J^ ^] 




Douglas Flynn 
Terry Fortune 
Greensboro, NC 
Jonathan Freeman 
Randolph Friend 
Mobile, AL 

336/Third Class 

Somkiak Sampan executing his cadre duties 
during D.R.C. 

^ IP? 1 

7 ^ ipJ! 

r-^ LJt' 

oie a 

William Fuller 
Erwin, NC 
David Furness 
Mechanicsburg. PA 
Adrian Garcia 
Reid Garst 

Fanandus Gayle 
Newport News 

Steven Glenn 
Victor Gonzalez 
Metairie. L-\ 
Robert Goodwin 

James Greenburg 
Black-\nlle. SC 
Alan Greene 

James Greene 
Milford. MA 
Scott Gruber 
Sherborn. MA 
Timothy Guck 
Stony Brook, NY 
Stuart Halasz 

Third Class/337 

Daniel Hall 
Beltsville, MD 
William Hancock 
Pater Hansen 
Bethesda. MD 
Carl Hardee 
Kurt Hauk 
Sunbury, PA 

Rick Heine 
Virginia Beach 
Michael Hinckle 
Robert Hinson 
Newport News 
Vernon Hoke 
Michael Hooper 

Michael Houck 
Matthew Howard 
Charlotte. NC 
Ralph Hudson 
Thomas Hurrell 

<^-1"^;, % 

338/Third Class 

Paul Munson teaches a rat the proper way 
to strain on the third stoop! 

Timothy |ackson 
Roberto Jacquez 
Prescott, AZ 
Randy janey 
Charles Jewel 
Derrick Johnson 
Prince George 

lames Johnson 
John Johnson 
Mark Johnson 
Colonial Heights 
William Johnson 
Perry Jones 

Scott Jones 
Kelly Jordon 
Fort Collins. CO 
Michael Jussila 
North Harwich, MA 
Bradford Keller 
Indianapolis, IN 

iT^s youR 

Clark Barnes having morning inspection 
room orderly plight. 

The third classes idea of Tic-Tac-Toe was 
slightly slanted. 

Third Class/339 

lunho Chi suprises Denis Fitzpatrick in an 
evening slumber. 

"Whose date is this anyway?" questions Matt 
Sutton as Chinawat Noiwan looks on in in- 

Andrew Kestner 
Denis Kiely 
Robert Kinn 
|ohn Klassen 
Fishkill. NY 
Andrew Korol 
Rochester. NY 

Dean Kratzenberg 
Rocky Mount, NC 
Payne Lannom 
Lebanon. TN 
Edward Ledford 
Asheville, NC 
Gerald Ledlow 
Jean Lemaire 
The Hauge. Netherlands 

Richard Lemay 
|ohn Lightner 
Marion. OH 
Henry Loving 
Mark Lund 
Berkeley Heights, NJ 




340/Third Class 

|«^ *^ P, '^ ^T 'f-mTirf 

Kevin McClung 
Michael McDaniel 
James McGlasson 
Mark McHugh 
Leitchfield. KY 

Bradley Maak 
Westfield. NJ 
James Mallis 
Kenneth Marsh 
Hazard. KY 
Joseph Massie 
Ivan Mattox 

Michael Maxwell 
Suitland, MD 
King Mayse 
Marion. OH 
Felix McCain 
John McCarthy 
William McCarthy 


Third Class/341 

Jonathan McLean 
Newnan, GA 
Manuel Melendez 
San Salvador, El Salvador 
Robert Merkel 
Virginia Beach 
Douglass Messner 
Allison Park, PA 
Warren Michelsen 
Montclair. NJ 

Bryan Miller 
Buena Vista 
Sean Miller 
Atlanta, GA 
Russell Mitchell 
Thomas Mitchell 
Michael Moore 

Hiram Morales 
Santurce. P.R. 
Matthew Morgan 
Paul Munson 
Roanoke Rapids. NO 
Thomas Murray 

At Homecoming Hops Dave Furness and 
Scott [ewell escort their Homecoming Queen 

Third Class year finds an "Academic Rat- 
line" as demonstrated by Cliff Bunn. 

342/Third Class 





:{y^ — > 

faiie^l W "^ V 

r-'^ — -^ — <^ \^^j — > 


Gregory Otey 
Stephen Owens 
Pakdi Pannorit 
Kennsington, MD 
Alfred Pantano 
Milford. MA 

N<>al Naff 
Boones Mill 
John Nagle 
Wilmington, NC 
Manley Nelson 
Richard Nelson 
Samuel Nelson 

Parisam Ngarmwongwan 

Kensington, MD 

Chinawat Noiwan 


[ohn Nolan 

Yuba City, CA 

John Olinger 

Ashville, NC 

Kyle Oliver 


[Jenis Kftily and Tom Struckmeyer stand as 
guardians of the Institute. 

Third Class/343 

A mob of revenge driven rats grab Cpl. Bill 
Callahan at the rat picnic. 

Christopher Peckham 
Rye, NH 
Thomas Peer 
South Boston 
Nathaniel Pendleton 
James Pennington 
John Phillips 
Decatur. GA 

Robert Phillips 
Medford, NY 
John Pilloni 
Glen Ridge. NJ 
John Poast 
Thomas Politano 
Wilmington. VT 
Tracy Porter 
King William 

Kevin Price 
Titusville. FLA 
Kevin Reardon 
David Redman 
Vernie Reichling 
Merriam. KN 


Tracy Porter checking out the scene. 


r-^i ^ 

^^^V f»«^;l ^SS*^ 


Reynolds Renshaw 
Neal Robinson 
Ronald Robinson 
Steve Robinson 
Matthew Rowe 
Binghampton. NY 

Paul Russo 
Johnstown. PA 
Ernest Sacco 
\'oorhees\ille. NY 
[on Sachrison 
Clearwater. FL.-\ 
Jeffrey Sadler 
Somkiat Sampan 
Kensington. MD 

Somsak Sawangsak 
Kensington. MD 
Curtis Schoonmaker 
Great Falls 
Charles Schwarz 
Savanna. GA 
Scott Sciaretta 
Fairfax Station 



Clarence Scott 
Wilmington. NC 
William Seiferth 
Clifton Park. NY 
John Shelton 
Bon Air 
Brett Shepard 
Miami, FLA 
Jason Shepard 
Georgetown. KY 

Kevin Sincavage 
Clifton. NJ 
David Smith 
Holtwood, PA 
Gar\' Smith 
Macon Snowden 

Timothy Snyder 
Appleton. Wl 

U^' f^m, V*^l^ f^i^ 




Kent Sparks 
Dayton, TN 
George Spence 

Robert Sprinkle 
Christopher Stathis 

346/Third Class 

Maj. Tiso. No Bones Please! 



i#Bik Jtt^ 4i^ itfSii^ 

rJ«»lP^| Vp^^ -^T^, r^#l 


Gerald Tertychny 
Bowie. MD 
Scott Toler 
George Tolley 
Bay City, TX 
Stephen Tooker 

Christopher Steams 

Thomas Struckrneyer 
Sarasota. FL 
Rennie SulHvan 
Riverside. RI 
Robert Siisnar 
Pasadena. CA 
Terrance Sutherland 

Matthew Sutton 


Robert Sweaney 


Radoslaw Szczepanski 

Newark. NJ 

John Taylor 


Jeffrey Temple 

Amherst. OH 

■ ■ '^l^ I ^ 

)ave Furness and his date enjoy a football 

Third Class/347 

Kevin Price is dazed by the computer. 

Practicing for Airborne School are 
"Rennie" Renshaw and Andy Kestner on 
a midnight recondo! 

Wilfred Trammell 

Rome, GA 

Hung Tran 


Michael Upton 


Walter Via 


Kurt Vogan 

Washington Grove, MD 

Thomas Voytko 
Pittsburgh, PA 
Craig Walker 
Timothy Walrod 
Glendale, AZ 
Kenneth Walsh 
William Wanovich 
Library, PA 

Mitchel Ward 
Rex Warnert 
Rensselaer, NY 
Keith Washington 
La Plata, MD 
Michael Weiss 
Warren Weiss 
Greensburg, PA 

!^>«-», x^^l f^l^ ^•'^ !^^ 



Stwart Wharton 
Ranson. WV 
Richard Whith- 
Wicomico Church 
Michael Williamson 
Hockessin. DE 
William Williamson 
Steven Wilson 
Virginia Beach 

Donald Wood 
Moody Wooten 
Michael Wright 

Seonghoon Yimi 
Falls Church 
Richard Zgol 

William Zins 
N'e\\T)ort News 
Andrew Zolper 
Glen Rock. NJ 
Thomas Brooks 
Mark Current 
Middletown. OH 
leffen.' Gines 
Spring .\rbor. MI 


Sleepy Dan Hall escapes the pres- 
sures of V.M.I, for a few hours. 

Mike Williamson checks out the 

Perry |ones and Scott [ackson go 
for full credit in Physics Lab. 

Worldly Bill Wanovich keeps up on 
the news. 


s / 7 *i 


"Grandpa. Old man" 
Rockbridge Co., Virginia 
Biology — Special Student 

jYou can't look at the "I" from the outside and understand it, 
I You must became part of it before it is clear and what happens 
inside Limits Gates. V.M.I, refines in us the qualities of 
Honestj'. Self-discipline, and the will to succeed and overcome 

I "He was oppressed and He was afflicted. 
Yet he did not open his mouth; 
Like a lamb that is led to slaughter. 
And like a sheep that is silent before its shearers. 
He did not open His mouth. 

By oppression and judgment He was taken away; 
(And as for His generation, who considered 
That He was cut off out of the land of the living. . . , " 
^Isaiah 53:7-8) 

Thanks Mom and Dad for all the support and encouragement. 
And to the Class of "87, don't forget all of our "parties" with the 
:lass of "84. K.S.C. 





' -^'^^H^^^l 


^^ »^^^^i^^^^^H 


Brad Chandler finally received the rat sabre 
promised us at the beginning of our rat year. 

Richard Whitty showing his date the V.M.L 
style of dancing. 

Kevin Barker and Scott Berger invoKt 
their "favorite" pastime! 

Third Class/351 


We arrived on 15 August, 1984 to a 
place that was vague and strange to 
us all. Matriculation brought fear 
and a sense of unknowing upon all 
452 of us. After saying good-bye to 
our parents and stepping into the 
processing line, we became the 
property of the Institute. We were 
the largest mass to matriculate at 
the "I" ever. We were told that our 
number would be cut in half by 
the time we graduated. 

Then we were introduced to the 
ratline by the RDC and its presi- 
dent, Mr. Harder. The introduction 

to the honor code, which is a sa- 
cred part of every VMI man, came 
next. The code showed us that a 
true gentleman lives by his honor. 
Academics started on 21 August, 
1984 with all of us having heavy 
loads to shoulder. 

All of these things combined to put 
us into local hysteria. But, the night 
we met our dykes, we realized that 
they cared for us and that they 
wanted us to pull together and 
succeed as a mass to become the 
Class of 1988. To them, we owe a 
lifetime of respect and gratitude. 

Chris Demmons checks out the rumor board 
on the 4th stoop for anything of importance. 

"Put it between your knees, 
you're up." 

if it drops. 

Learning how to march during cadre, these 
rats still have a long way to go before their 
first parade. 



Would vou let this man marry your sisterVV? 

First class president [im Chartier escorts 
Chris Baumstark, the first rat sentinel of 
1985 to walk post number 1 after his "rap- 


"^ -^-^ 


]ames B. Adams 
Kelly P. Alexander 
Olympia, WA 
Timotny A. Alger 
Mark W. Allen 
Dover, PA 
Kevin L, Alvis 
Tony L. Ammons 
Virginia Beach 

|ohn R. Ancona 
Ted T. Andersen 
Wichita. KS 
Calvin N, Anderson 
James D. Anderson 
Louisville. KY 
Michael S. Anderson 
Virginia Beach 
T. L. Anderson 
Rockbridge Baths 

Francis D. Andres Jr. 
Mark S. Arboneaux 
Fallbrook. CA 
Edward R. Armstrong 
Bay Shore. NY 
Bo H Baik 
Falls Church 
David F, Baker 
Acton. MD 
Andrew F. Barends 
Camp Hill. PA 


•r^, u4 

('»_«? J^m^ f j^ m\ 


A new cadet gets a final hug from his moth- 
er before he goes off into the unknown 
world of VMI. 

Saying good-bye to his girlfriend, Mark 
Arboneaux gives her a last hug for a long 
time to come. 

Something a "Rat" should never leave home 
without, his "Idiot Tag." 


^: :0 

'-»«' \-» '5^ », 

Brian K. Barnes 


Beatt>' M. Barnes Jr. 


|effer>- S. Barratt 


Eric W, Batiste 

Oakland. CA 

Chrislopher ). Baumstark 

\'irginia Beach 

Chrislopher T. Beck 

\Vells\ille. N"i' 

Trent H. Beck 
Alberto J. Bergh 
Mcallen. TX 
Peter H. Bernstein 
Atlantis. FL 
Paul I. Best II 

Michael A. Beyer 
Sean M. Bischoff 

]ulio A. Blanco Jr. 


Benjamain T. Bledsoe 


Richard D. Blocker III 


Thomas E. Bohlman 


lohn Boniface III 


lohn K. Boderlton 

Bowie. MD 


[ames C. D. Bowen 
Allanta, GA 
Greg S. Bowman 
New Tazewell 
Christopher |. Breadv 
lohnson Cit>-. TN 
Jonathan M. Bristol 
Kingsport, TN 
Paul C. Brotzen 
Santa Monica. CA 
Thomas M. Bruffy 

Michael S. Br\ant 
Elkton. MD 
lames S. Buddo III 
Virginia Beach 
Christopher N. Bunn 
Zebulon. NC 
Patrick C, Burke 
Dayton, OH 
William E. Burns 
Belmont. MA 
Bruce A. Busila 

William B. Butler 

West Point 

Donald W, Calder [r. 

Virginia Beach 

Richard Campbell 

Harwich. MA 

Robert W. Campbell III 


Robert ]. Cantanio Jr. 


Sean P. Cantrell 

Bardstown, KY 

Noted for his fine hair styling, Wendel 
creates another classic. 

Finally, it's 11:15. time for hay down. 




Dairell I,. Cair 


W, Matkey Can ]r. 


William T. Carroll 


David S. Carter 

Virginia B^ach 

|ohn P. Cartwright 

Dallas. TX 

Martin O. Castillo 

Jersey City 

Charles C, Cayce III 

Atlanta, CA 

Stephen T. Champion 


P'rancis VV, Charlonis 

Yorktov.n Heights. .N'Y 

Robert A. Chaszar |r, 


Thanh C. Chau 


Chul A. Chung 


Christopher A. Clark 
Lvnhurst. OH 
Christopher |. Clark 
Wyoming. OH 
Robert [. Clark 
Robert E. Clay III 
Michael VV. Clegg 
Newark. K] 
Michael C. Coleman 
Frankfort. KY 

In that ever so popular VMI pose, rat Zoeke 
demonstrates "the VMI strain" 

This Rat is enjoying the break from the \'MI 
grind at Opening Hops. 


A new cadet says farewell to his mother 
and prepares to face the challenges that 
the upcoming year represent. 

You can only make one trip up with your 
Be so make the most of it! 

Chris Comberg entertains upperclassmen on 
the stoops. 

Walter VV. Coleman 


Christian A. Comberg 

St. Petersburg, FL 

Theodore E. Comeau 

Perr>' Hall. MD 

Gregor\' L. Connor 

Lenox. MA 

David M. Copeland 


Michael E. Corson 


James M. Cottrell 


C. E. Craig 

Marietta, GA 

William H. Cronenberg III 

Ozone Park. NY 

Robert S. Crow 

Severna Park, MD 

Alvaro F. Cuellar 


Neal [. Culiner 


Theodore ). Cusick 
Towson. MD 
Jason M. Dahlquist 
Bemidji. MN 
Eric D. Danna 
Shrewsbury. PA 
Gar>' L, Darr Jr. 
Kevin R. Davis 
Athens. GA 
Michael J. Davis 


r^ f^ ^ 

•d 0.> O 


Gene G- Da\idsori 
Rome. GA 
.Antonio S. Davila 
Scott R. Da\ila 
Shelton A. Da\TS 
Tern- H. Da\is 

Frank ]. Delbarto 
Mystic Island, X] 

Brian A. Demers 


Christopher M. Demmons 

Framingham. NLA 

Wikon R. Deppe 


Donald J. Derenzo 

Delray Beach. FL 

Francis .X. Devenoge 


Kirk I. Dewyea 

Broad Run 

Erich W. Diehl 
jeffei^' B. Dixon 
Berr^Aille. \".A 
William T. Dod 

Patrick B. Donovan 
Pittsburg. P.-\ 
Shawn C. Dooley 
.\e\v Orleans. L.A 
Stephen J. Dorsey 
Randallstow-n. MD 


^- - 

Stephen T. Dorsey 

New Orleans. LA 

Thomas C. Doupnik 


lohn L. Doyle, [r. 


Mark G. Doyle 

Saudi Arabia 

Robert L. Draper 


[ason Dudjak. Ill 

Clearwater. FL 

Brian K. Durham 
William R. Dyer 

Wayne R. Eggleston 
Brian P, Egloff 
Commack. NY 
Joseph D. Elie 
Marlboro, MA 
Edward L. Evans 

Shawn P. Evans 
Homewood. IL 
Eric D. Faison 
Frederick G. Ferart-.' 
Miller Place. NY 
K. Finsterbusch. I\' 
James F. Fiore 
Haddon Heights. N| 
Michael C. Fisher 
Pittsburgh. PA 

O ,Q 

'.-^ml |*»nJ J«**'J 

An RDC member teaches a Rat the fine 
points of straining their first night of 



(^ (^ »!^ 




Kevin C. Filzpalrick 


|am<;» F. Florio 


TwI'l I FreiwalfJ 

Polornar;. MfJ 

P'lberl A. Gardner 

South Charleston, WV 

((avid R. Cibbling* 

. irtfinia Beach 

.'.alter A. Ciller 

'nhohoth. MA 

Andrew M. Cillespie 


John M. Gillespie 


Ronald V. Cillespie 

Old Tappan, N| 

Lance Gilman 

Bangor, ME 

Christopher T. Goemer 

Doylestown. PA 

Jonathan C. Goff 

Oregon. OH 

Gregorv C. Gooch 


Eugene T. Gormlev 

Phoenicia, NY 

Robert E. L. Gowan. Ill 

Houston, TX 

Erwin V. Grabisna, [r. 

Parma. OH 

Michael S. Grant, jr. 

Saugus, MA 

■ T. Gregory-, III 

Kultawa Vaijai fills out special forms on the 
first day of cadre. 

Darrell Carr nervously awaits the first sweat 
party of the year. 

Colonel Vines helps a new cadet map out 
his academic future at the Institute, 


The first step at VMI, signing the 
matriculation book. 

The RDC spreads out to teach Rats to strain. 


BOMB Editor George Headley questions 
new cadets trying to find future staff 

Jimm\' S. Griffea 
Noelle K. Gring 
Boiling Springs. PA 
Todd A. Grissom 
Virginia Beach 
George B. Griswold, III 

Christopher G. Hall 
Warren, OH 
Gregor)' |. Hall 
Rockville. MD 

Glenn W. Hall 

Nevato. CA 

Edward A. Hannegan 


Christopher M. Hannum 

Oley. PA 

William D. Harper 

Ft. Defiance 

Robert D. Harris 

Greensboro, NC 

Nathan P. D, Harvel 

Wilkesboro, NC 

Brent H. Hashimoto 

Ft. Leavenworth. KS 

lames B. Hassell 

Atlanta. GA 

Brian A. Hathewav 

Rolla. MD 

Christopher T. Hayes. IV 


Daniel L. Haynes 


Clifford Heathcote 

Brick, N] 


Martin Castillo learns how to properly wear 
a belt. 

(^ i^ 1^ 

.'•-.1 '^^1 '■:si^' 

fy^ f^ 


'7* ^ 


Peter H. Heisey 

Spring. TX 

John P. Heslin 


Da\id T. Hickey 

Falls Church 

Paul F. Hicks. Jr. 

\'alley Grove. \V\' 

Robert H- Higgins 

Rve. N'Y 

Robert L. Hildebrand 


Roy Hill. Ill 
Toby ). Hill 
East Hanover. NJ 
David .A. Holland 
Rocky Mount 
K. W- Holtzman 
Vong K. Hong 
Falls Church 
Gregory C. Hoofnagle 

Timothy J. Hooper. IV 
.Annapolis. MD 
Ke\"in .A. Hoover 
Hollidavs. PA 
David B. Hope 

Terence R. Huffman 
Buena \'ista 
Michael M. Humes 
Kehohoth. MA 
Alan R, Hurd 
Lipelika. .AL 



Lewis S. Hurst 

A First Classman introduces a Rat to his 
new home on the fourth stoop. 

Rats make their first attempts at rifle man- 



























V •» >»:i 




' -*- 


[am<« W. Kik«r 

Myron R. Kindl<>y, Jr. 
South Hill 
|o«;ph B. KinK 
VVallinjjford. PA 
Slephem E. King 
Bui:na Vista 
Ste[)h<:n G, Kina 
Wifminglon. NC 
Krirkchai Kh/yarrmn 
Kensington. MD 

Thomas P. Knox 


Matthew B. Koloseike 

Audubon, PA 

Stephen P. Krickovic 


Mark D. Lamb 

Milford. NH 

Michael L. Lamb 


Charles R. Langhome. Ill 


John A. Larue 

Steubenville. OH 

Eric D. Lassajle 


Glenn A. Latham, jr. 


Kent V. Latimer 

Wilmington. N'C 

David G. Lavalle 


Gregg M. Lavangie 

Bemardston. PA 


A new Rat sentinel team prepares to go on 

A Rat and his date enjoy a pleasant walk 
around the post. 

The first impressions of VMI are given to 
this new cadet. 

Jyh-Der Lee 
Washington. DC 
Michael W. Lee 
Colonial Heights 
Michael ]. Leeney 
Bridgeport, CT 
Brian A, Lewis 
Mount Union. PA 
C. ). Lofstrom 

Timothy ). Logan 
Marshall, WI 

Christopher R. Long 
Francis X. Loughlin 
Esopus, NY 
Nicholas |. Lovelace 
APO New York, NY 
Robert S. Luther 
Clifton Forge 
Raynard B. Lynch 
Harlan R. Maass 
Claremont, CA 

Frank R. Machuga. Jr. 

Rome, GA 

John L, MacMichael. I 


[ames T. Maggelet 

Plymouth, MA 

Rodney T. Marks 


Raymond W. Marsh 


Matthew ]. Martin, 11 

Cutchogue, NY 


Sean M. Marlin 

West Indies 

fames D. Massie. Jr. 


Kip A. Mattis 

Glen Campbell. P.\ 

Martin C. May 


Severen D. Ma\Tiaiti 

.\kron. OH 

Andrew S. McMlister 

N'eunan. G.\ 

Peter M. McCrary 


|ohn D. McCi^y 


Scott P. McCumber 


C. \V. McDonald 


Dereck C. McFarland 

West Friendship. MD 

William M. McCarrah. Ill 

Morrow. GA 

Daniel 1- McGarrity 

Trenton. N"I 

Matthew W. McGhee 


Hugh M. McGloin 

Bronwille. NT 

Michael E. McCraw 

Baltimore. MD 

Steven D. Mckone 

Poolesville, MD 

Hugh I McMenamin. | 



Terence W. McMillian 
Columbia. MD 
lay S. Miller 
Clark D. Mitchell 
Sewickey. PA 
Robert W. Mitchell 
Virginia Beach 
William |. Mitchell, III 
Bakersfield. CA 
Carl A. Mitlehner 
Frederick, MD 

Eric K. Mize 
Plymouth, MA 
James M. Mock 
|ohn P. Moore 
Metuchen, N| 
Peter W. Moore, |r. 
Atlanta, GA 
Stephen M. Morris 
Bridgeport, WV 
Mark S. Moss 

lames M. Mumma 


Thomas S. Munno 

West Islip, NY 

Paul C. Murray 

Great Falls 

Frank V. Musarra 

Cleveland, OH 

Stephen M. Neary 


Earl C. Nelson 

Palma D. Mallrc, Spain 

TJ' ■•-J ',0 ^4> 

(f?\ o. 

|im Keays pauses to pose with two Rats 
studying their rat bibles. 

Two rats try to learn rifle manual during 
cadre week. 


r^ ^ 

O C':- .f^, ^1. 

Samuel G. NftUon 


P. S. M<:m<:lh 

AohlantJ, KY 

Jerry R, Nicely 


William F. Nixon 


ITionj^/it Noonpackiiee 

Kensington, MD 

f>:rald T. OBuckley 

Jamaica. NV 

T. K. Oaltes 
Davif) A. Omstead 
Old Tappan. NJ 
Brian N. ONeel 
Westminster. iMD 
Palrick R. ONeill 
Sumter. SC 
Robert P. Osgood 
Brewster, NY 
'vlichael D. Owen 

Edward R. Page 
Pittsburgh. PA 
Garith C. Palme 

Michael V. Pannell 
Olive Branch, MA 
Anthony j. Panza 
Stephen D. Parks, Jr, 
Great Falls 
John V. Parrott 

After the first RDC meeting on matriculation 
night, an upperclassman gives a rat a re- 
fresher course on straining. 

A Rat is caught in a bad position as an 
upperclassman enters the room. 

iS,9'»>- SB&'fl*!? 


The Rats make their first eyes right in | 

Stephen C- Pearson 
Don H. Pham 
Washington, DC 
Tung T. Phan 
Lance F. Picltering 
Atlanta. GA 
Rue! B. Pile 
Virginia Beach 
David A. Pitts 

Richard B. Pitts 

Erie, PA 

Steve Place 

Falls Church 

Terry L. Plunk 


William T. Powers 


David [. Previs 

King William 

William T, Prvor 

Ft. Walton Beach. FL 

Tony A, Putre 
Essex junction. VT 
Stephen Quintavalli 
Garv I- Reading 
Kinnelon. N] 
George W. Reagan. |r 
Montgomery'. AL 
Bradley S. Reed 
Mark Reilly 
Coraopolis. PA 

<£■!< • -* « 

i^: o o D 

O O Of „ft 

'■» mrl 


Straining, this Rat waits to see what his cad- 
re corporal has to say, 

A Ral anxiously awaits the chance to call 

The shocking reality of being a Rat hits 


■5* ■mtr ^ 







im imr- 








Thomas F. Reiman 

Aledo. TX 

Charles V. Richardson. Jr. 


Ronald S. Richardson 


Philip D. Riggleman 

Be\erlv. \V\' 

Dann\' \V. Riley 


Philip G. Roberts. Ill 

State College. PA 

Charles S. Robertson 

F.T. Robinson 
Gregor\" E. Rollins 
.-Mbemarle, \C 
Samuel L. Russell 
Ft. Sam Houston. TX 
[ohn F. Ryman 
.■\spers. PA 
Daniel P. Salyan 

[effery S. Sandlin 
Uilmington. NC 
Rakesh Saluja 
Richard J. Savage 

Robert B. Sawyer 
Tacoma. W'A 
I ohn ]. Scarpino 
Garden Citw M\' 
Micheal Schenstrom 
Malaga. Spain 


fames T. Schumacher 
Fayetleville. NC 
Gregors' B. Secrist 
Buena Vista 
Andrew E. SeUga 
iacksonville. AR 
Benjamin W. L. Semmes. |r. 
Garden Git\'. NY 
Gunther M. Seyffert 
Thunder Bay. Ontario 
Daniel M. Shrimpton 
Holmdel. N} 

Charles I. Shuster. [r. 

Falls Church 

James VV. Ring 


James L. Sigmon 

Cornelius. NC 

Thomas R. Simmons 

Fort Spring. WV 

Emmet D, Simpson 

White Sulphur Spring. WV 

Wayne A. Sinclair 

Phoenix. AZ 

Geoffrey S. Sklar 


Robert R. Slater, [r. 

Paeonian Springs 

Russell S. Sloane 


Dennis [. Smaaladen 

Annandale. Nj 

Michael E, Smith 

Scotch Plains. NJ 

Mark A. Snedecor 

Richardson. TX 

Sean C- South 
Virginia Beach 
Walter F. Spence 
Thomas F. Spetz 
Sheffield, PA 
Douglas C. Spitz 
Long Branch. NJ 
Victor [. Sredl 
Paducah. KY 
Dennis S. Stachelek 
Middletown. CT 

t. L - 

""X. i'^ ^ i"*") "^ 

A new cadet moves in. 
Rat Simmons demonstrates the "strain," 

Rats take a break from a busy day to pose 
for the camera. 


Chriutopher C Starling 

ChrisJophftr L. Start 
Grand Blanr.. MI 
jarnfts |. Slcpnowski 

Andrfcw C. Stewart 
Washingtrjn. DC 
Kftnntln A. Stewart 
Mark A. Stock 
Stone Mountain. GA 

Richard L. Stone 


David C. Sullivan 

Wilmington. DE 

Joseph A. Swider. |r, 

Oakdale. PA 

[oey B. Swink 


Samuel L. Tate 

Goldsboro. NC 

Cloyd T. Tavenner. IV 

Audubon. PA 

Robert A. Tavlor 


Thomas P. Tavlor 


Gregg A. Thomas 


Samuel R. Thorpe 

Gibbstown. N'J 

Thomas T. Towers. Jr. 


Kevin S. Trzcinski 

Lambertville. MI 

Steven G. Tuck 


James P. Tuemler 

Culloden. U'V 

Joseph S. Turlington 


Bobby N. Tumage. jr. 


John H. Umer. Jr. 

Haeerstown. MD 

Andrei P. Urtiew 

Livennore. CA 

A Rat learns that VMI table etiquette is a 
ittle different from the social norm. 




Thomas [. Ustach 
Modesto, CA 
Kultawat Vaijai 
Kensington, MD 
Michael L. Vitulano 
Secaucus. NJ 
Adam C. Volant 
Bartlett, IL 
David K, Wade 
APO New York, NY 
Edward D. Wagner 
New Cannon, CT 

Edward D. Wallenthin. |r. 
Attleboro, MA 
|, W. Wanat 
Locust Grove, GA 
Chi-Hsiang Wan 
Washington, DG 
Richard I. Wargacki 
Staten Island, NY 
Kevin G. Warren 

Kevin N. Washington 
Harrisburg. PA 

Stephen W- Waters 

Martinsburg, WV 

William M. Wauben, III 


limmie Weatherford. |r. 


|ohn S. Wells 


James M. West 

Monmouth Beach, N) 

Timothy J. West 


Trace P. West 


Edward L. Wetherell 


Robert D. Wheeler 


Timothv L, White 

Atlanta, GA 

Thorpe C. Whitehead 

Men eta 

[ames W. Weicking 



\ spirit sheet is prepared for the first home 
botball game against Western Carohna. 

It ALL has to go off. 

A Rat gets to meet one of his cadre "up 
close and personal." 

rjaniel E. Zalewslt 
Bowie, MD 
Robert E. Zoeke 
Henrietta. NY 


Tedhc G. Wilkinson 

Amherst, NY 

Calvin E. Williams 


David L. Williams 


Delaney C. Williams 


lohn P, Williams 


Randolph B. Williamson 

Virginia Beach 

Adrian M. Wilson 

Tacoma Park, MD 

Anthony W. Wilson 


C. B. Wilson 


Daniel B. Wilson 


Mark R. Wilson 


Douglas W. Wish art 

Union. N'l 

William D- Wong 
San Francisco. CA 
Michael L. Wood 
Eric Woodhouse 
Virginia Beach 
John A. Wright 
Farmine\ille. NY' 
S.W. Wyrick 
Texarkana. TX 
Daniel C. Young 
Aliquippa. PA 

Rats,' 375 


1^1 ill ii ii i, ii ii ifi '""}" 



Alumni Affairs 



Dave Brennan 
Matt Daniel 


'^Vr—,^ ^r 




Governor Robb 

Charles S. Robb has served as the 
Governor and Commander-in-Chief 
since his inaugural in 1981. Mr. Robb 
has a distinguished record as both a 
statesman and a military officer. From 
1961 to 1970 Mr. Robb served with 
the Marine Corps, gaining the rank of 
captain. He was awarded the Bronze 
Star, the Vietnamese Cross of Gallant- 
ry with Silver Star, and the Vietnam 
Service medal with four stars. 


General Sam S. Walker 

General Walker was inaugurated as 
VMI's eleventh superintendent on 
July 1, 1981. Since that time he has 
guided VMI through many changes. 
Since his arrival the Department of 
Mechanical Engineering has begun, 
along with an innovative drive for 
computer literacy at VMI. 

General Walker began at \'MI but 
graduated from the USMA and was 
commisioned as an infantry- officer in 
1946. He is a veteran of both Korea 
and Vietnam. He was awarded his 
first star after 23 years of ser\'ice and 
he became a four star general in 1977. 


B.G. John W. Knapp 

Dean of the Faculty 

VMI appointed Brigadier General John 
W. Knapp this year as Dean of the 
Faculty. He has served on the faculty for 
25 years and been the Civil Engineering 
Department Chairman for the last five 
years. He earned his M.S. and PhD 
degrees at Johns Hopkins University. 
Among General Knapp's av^'ards are the 
1978 Halliburton Education Award for 
excellence in teaching and the 1979 Bliss 
Medal of the National Society of Ameri- 
can Military Engineers. 

General Knapp graduated from VMI in 
1954 where he was co-captain and a star 
of the swim team. He has thirty years of 
Army Reserve service experience. 

B.G. George H. Ripley 

Deputy Superintendent 

Brigadier General George H. Ripley has 
been deputy superintendent at VMI 
since 1978. From 1974 to 1978 he was on 
Marine Corps assignment at VMI as the 
first commanding officer of the Navy 
ROTC program at VMI. 

A native of Radford, Va., General Ripley 
is a 1952 graduate of VMI where he 
earned a degree in electrical engineering 
and was a varsity letterman in football. 


The Commandant's Office 

Col. John W. Cummings began his term as 
Commandant of the Corps of Cadets this 
year. His 22 year army career began with 
his graduation from VMI in 1962. His most 
recent assignment was Assistant Chief of 
Staff for operations and training at Ft. Riley, 

fi Capt. Harold A. Wilcockson 
Deputy Commandant 
Capt. Randall W. Hartley 
Asst. Commandant S-1 
Sandi M. Hartless 

Maj. Paul P. Gleason 
Asst. Commandant S-3 
Patricia |. Henson 
Melinda T. )ones 



Mr. Warren [. Bryan 

VMI Foundation 

Mr. Gerald F. Eggleslon 

Alumni Office 

Ms. Margaret R. Jones 

Alumni Office 

Mr. J. Stephen Lewder 

Keydet Club 

Mr. Maurice S. McNamara 

Alumni Office 

Mr. ]. Wade Stinnette Jr. 

VMI Foundation 

Mr. John A. Walters 

VMI Foundation 

Mr. Harry H. Warner 

VMI Foundation 

Mr. Robert W. Wentz 

Alumni Accounting 








Maj. David A. Badertscher 

Preston Library 

Lt. Col. Donald A. Beard 


Ms. |udy L. Blackwell 

Cadet Affairs 

Ms. Alice Buchannan 

Academic Computing 

Ms. Geraldine B. Burch 

Personnel Director 

Capt. O. Lawrence Bumette 

Public Information Officer 

Col. Allan P. Carlsson 


Col. Charles C. Caudill 


Maj. Edward ). Delong 

Preston Librarv' 

Lt. Col. Edwin L. Dooley Jr. 

Staff Asst. to Superintendent 

Lt. Col. Charles E. Fraley 

Academic Computing 

Lt. Col. James E. Gaines Jr. 

Director of Preston Library 

Col. R. Marlowe Harper 


Capt. Janet S. Holly 

Preston Librar\' 

Ms. Nancy T. Hostetter 

Asst. Registrar 

Lt. Col. Royce E. Jones 

Director of Cadet Affairs 

Ms. Julia S. Martin 

Asst. Public Information Officer 

Lt. Col. Ronald G. McManus 

Director of Post Ser\-ices 

Dr. William W. Old III 

Institute Physician 

Mr. Jorge R. Piercy 

Fund Manager 

Maj. R. Samuel Ratcliffe 

Asst. Director of Cadet Affairs 

2nd Lt. Stephen G. Reardon 

Asst. Public Information Officer 

Capt. Mark S. Sandy 

Asst. Director of Admissions 

Col. Hart Slater 

Business Executive 

Maj. Daniel A. Troppoli 

Financial Aid Officer 

Bill the Bugler 

Carrenza L. Burch 

Post Police 

Larry L. Coffey 

Post Police 

Emmmet D. Potter 

Post Police 

Troy L. Wimer 

Post Police 



Capt. Randall W. Hartley 
Asst. Professor 
Capt. Joseph S. Price 
Asst. Professor 






The curricula of the Biologv- De- 
partment is designed for those stu- 
dents who desire to prepare 
themselves for a career in such 
biological fields as forestrv', marine 
biology, medicine, dentistry, 
veterinary medicine, and pharmac\'. 

The department offers both a Bach- 
elor of Arts and a Bachelor of 
Science, with the B.A. offering a 
wider range of courses and the B.S. 
pursuing specific scientific courses 
to help the student qualify- for ad- 
mission to medical and dental 

Col. )ohn H. Reeves Jr. 

Department Chairman 


Col. Oscar W. Gupton 

Col., Louis R. Hundly 



■a*«» •^ 

Col. Fred C. Swope 


Col. Burwell E. Wingfield 





The Maury-Brooke-Richardson Hall 
chemistry complex masks an 
aggressive academic program that 
encompasses a broad spectrum of 
courses from general RAT chemis- 
tr>' to laboratory automation, instru- 
mental analysis, and biochemistry. 

Support equipment includes instru- 
ments and computers to train the 
"thoroughly modern chemist". 
Special events include the ongoing 
summer research program for 
faculty, cadets, and students from 
other schools. 

Col. Stanley I. Wetmore [r. 

Department Chairman 


Col. Edwin |. Goller 


Mr. lames B. Harris 

Lab Technician 

Col. Robert E. Ludt 


Dr. Belvey W. Mundy [r. 



Maj. Daniel Y. Pharr 

Asst. Professor 

Col. Steven Riethmiller 


Lt. Col. Henr>' D. Schreiber 

Assoc. Professor 


Col. Frank A. Settle 


Maj. Terrell R. Wilson 


Col. Gene Wise 




££ ^ _-. ■ if 



Civil Engineering is the oldest of 
the engineering professions and the 
broadest in scope. It is the parent 
of all the specialized branches of 

The Civil Engineering curriculum 
provides a background in science, 
enginering. and cultural subjects. 
The laboratories are modern and 
well equipped with a wide array of 
special apparatus for individual 

Col. Donald K. Jamison 
Department Chairman 

^ iSi 

2nd Lt. Keith E. Belcher 


Lt. Col. David M. Crim 

Assoc. Professor 

Col. Samuel VV. Dob\Tis 


Cdr. Ronald A. Erchul 

Assoc. Professor 

Maj. Robert T. Ferguson III 

Asst. Professor 

Lt. Col. James R. Groves 

Asst. Professor 

Capt. Owen M. Kirkley 


Maj. Ronald B. Meade 

Asst. Professor 

Maj. Gen. James M. Morgan 


Maj. John H. Page 
Asst. Professor 





The Economics curriculum em- 
braces studies leading to the Bache- 
lor of Arts degree and is designed 
to provide a fundamental 
understanding of economic forces 
and systems. It contains courses 
that are related to other liberal arts 
curricula, but emphasis is placed on 
the structure of the American 
economy, the development of 
analytical tools, and the processes 
of analyzing public policy. 

Col. Edward L. Claiborn 

Department Chairman 






The Electrical Engineering 
curriculum is designed to acquaint 
cadets with various specialized 
electrical engineering problems. A 
considerable number of cadets en- 
ter research and development, 
utility companies, consulting firms, 
and government agencies. 

The Electrical Engineering depart- 
ment maintains well equipped labo- 
ratories and sponsors the \'MI 
student branch of the Institute of 
Electrical and Electronics Engi- 
neers. There is also a VMI chapter 
of Eta Kappa Nu, the international 
honor societ\' in electrical engineer- 

Col. Lee L. Nichols jr. 

Department Chairman 


Dr. Gabriel G. Balazs 


Maj. Daniel W. Barr 

Asst. Professor 

Lt. Col. John P. Gordon 

Assoc. Professor 

Maj. Robert A. Johnson 

Asst. Professor 

Col. Richard H. Skutt 


Lt. Col. Kervvin C. Stotz 

Assoc. Professor 

Lt. Col. Glenn H. Stumpff 

Assoc. Professor 



The ability to speak and write clearly and 
effectively is necessary in just about any 
occupation. That is exactly where the 
English curriculum concentrates. English can 
be the foundation of many careers to 
include law and business. 

Some of the activities in which the English 
major may participate are the Timmons Mu- 
sic Society', and the English Society, which 
sponsors a film series and invites important 
poets, novelists, critics, and artists to VMI to 
read and discuss their work. 

Col. George L. Roth 

Department Chairman 


Maj. William D. Badgett 

Asst. Professor 

Dr. Mary W. Balazs 

Asst. Professor 

Lt. Col. Meridith R. Bedell 

Assoc. Professor 

Dr. Chester F. Burgess 


Col. William F. Byers 


Dr. lames B. Davis 


Ms. Loraine M. Ennis 


Col. Thomas B. Gentry 


Mr. Thomas Y. Greet 

Asst. Professor 

Capt. R. Craig |ones 


Maj. Bill Oliver 

Asst. Professor 


t\ ^iiH 



I I 

The History curriculum is designed 
to produce men educated in the 
responsibilities of citizenship. Con- 
sequently, it prepares cadets not 
only for graduate schools of histon- 
or government, but even more im- 
portantly, for an occupation where 
the ability to understand back- 
grounds, grasp issues, and manage 
affairs is essential, such as law, 
business, politics, government ser- 
vice, and the armed forces. 

Col. Henr\' S. Bausum 

Department Chairman 


Col. John G. Barrett 


Col. Thomas \V. Davis 


Maj. Steven W. Guerrier 

-Asst. Professor 

Dr. Fred L. Hadsel 


Col. Willard M. Hays 


Col. Robert F. Hunter 


Maj. Kenneth E. Koons 

^■\sst. Professor 

Col. Patrick M. Mayerchak 


Col. Donald E. Thomas Jr. 


Lt. Col. U'a\"ne C. Thompson 

-Assoc. Professor 

Lt. Cdr. Blair P. Turner 

.•\sst. Professor 

Col. Tyson Wilson 




The Math Department offers Bach- 
elor of Arts and Bachelor of 
Science degrees in mathematics. Ei- 
ther of the two curricula can lead 
to graduate studies or to almost any 
occupation; however, the B.A. 
curriculum is arranged for cadets 
interested in pursuing general edu- 
cation careers in the arts and sci- 
ences, while the B.S. curriculum is 
designed to allow the cadet to 
develop his interests in scientific 

Col. David W. Bolen Jr. 

Department Chairman 


1st Lt. lohn S. Fudge 


Maj. John F. Hartis |r. 

Asst. Professor 

Maj. Thomas C. Lominac 

Asst. Professor 

Maj. Joseph E. Martin 

Asst. Professor 

Maj. Michael ]. Tierney 

Asst. Professor 

Dr. Henry G. Williams Jr. 


Col. Edward G. Zdinak 




The Mechanical Engineering 
curriculum has two main branches: 
one consists of courses related to 
energy; the other has courses 
studying structures and motion in 
mechanical s>'stems. The curriculum 
provides backgrounds in science, 
mathematics, liberal arts, and 
maximum exposure to electrical 
and civil engineering. Extensive use 
is made of the computer facilities at 
VMI. Laboratories are designed as 
an extension of classroom work and 
provide futuristic technological 
experiments with practical hands- 
on experience. 

Col. Richard S. Trandel 
Department Chairman 

Col. Henry G. Snider 

Col. Arthur C. Taylor. 


Maj. Daniel C. Brittigan 

Asst. Professor 
2nd Lt. Charles S. Budzinski 

2nd Lt. David S. Collie 


Capt. Timothy M. Hodges 

Maj. Paul K. Mulherin 

Asst. Professor 
Dr. Dipendra K. Sinha 

Asst. Professor 



Maj. lames C. Bennett 

Asst. Professor 

Maj. Paul P. Gleason 

Asst. Professor 

Maj. James E. Madden 

Asst. Professor 

Maj. Kim A. Mote 

Asst. Professor 

Col. |ohn W. Cummings 

Department Chairman 


Capt. Charles W. Barker III 

Asst. Professor 

Capt. Walter C. Cummings Jr. 

Asst. Professor 

Capt. James F. Dittrich 

Asst. Professor 

Capt. Stephen L. Neas 

Asst. Professor 

SGM George Doriski 

SFC Thomas A. Block Jr. 

SFC Wendell Crawford 

SFC Donnie G. Haywood 

SFC William B. Henderson 

SFC Rodger L. Newman 

SSG Lonnie D. Bernier 

SSG Levonzia Royal 



The Modem Languages curriculum 
offers majors in French, Spanish, 
and German. Courses are designed 
to enable the cadet to read, write, 
and speak his major language flu- 
ently. He is introduced to the coun- 
try's literary masterpieces, history, 
and culture. Students are encour- 
aged to participate in foreign study 
programs in which they study for a 
semester at a universit\' in Europe. 

Col. Mike E. Monsour 
Department Chariman 

Maj. Robert O. Goebel 

Asst. Professor 

Col. Michael S. Harris 


Maj. Joaquin Ponce 

Asst. Professor 

Ms. Kathryn C. Sandy 


Col. Murray Vines 




Col. Thomas J. Solak 
Professor of Naval Science 

Lt. Col. lames R. Acreback 

Asst. Professor 

Lt. Robert J. Houser 

Asst. Professor 

Lt. Cdr. Elmore M. Hudgens 

Asst. Professor 

Lt. William S. Kelly 

Asst. Professor 

Capl. George E. Rector 

Asst. Professor 

Lt. Howard D. Schafer III 

Asst. Professor 

Lt. Alan D. Smale 

Asst. Professor 

G/Sgt. John D. Canellas 

QMC William G. Derifield 
YNC Joseph P. Harrold 
SKC Basil F. Orciga 



The Philosophy and Psychology De- 
partment offers a total of nine 
courses in psychology which are 
generally used as electives in other 
curricula. Though a major in 
psychology is not available, cadets 
may obtain a minor upon 
completion of the required course 
work and passing a comprehensive 
examination. The purpose of this 
department is to give cadets the 
understanding required to become 
successful managers and effective 

Cdr. William G. Hughes 
Department Chairman 



Dr. Clark King 
Department Chairman 

Col. Gordon O. Calkins jr. 


Dr. Arnold W. Joyce 


Mr. |ohn A. Mitrovic 


Maj. William P. Stockwell 

Asst. Professor 

Mr. Donald T. White 





Maj. Arthur A. Adams III 


Col. Rae D. Carpenter Jr. 


Lt. Col. David L. DuPuy 

Assoc. Professor 

Col. Richard B. Minnix 


In the Physics curriculum a cadet 
learns the basic framework of the 
fundamental laws of nature. While 
engaged in the study of physics, 
one strives towards the perhaps 
unattainable ideal of a complete 
understanding of the physical be- 
havior of the universe. 

The curriculum has been designed 
to give the cadet a viable start to- 
ward careers in research at 
government, industrial, or university 
laboratories or in teaching. Since 
there is no over-specialization, 
graduates find themselves qualified 
for a myriad of opportunities in 
technical and non-technical fields. 

Col. Philip B. Peters 
Department Chairman 






'^'■i- . -■ - --;.;.*. 








ReriREMewT id tHose t^ticmts 


-The VMI. 

TBis 15 NOT -RjsAN.HoweveR,, •tH^T -p^v^stciAwi 

How t*es ■we coR?s srcLL -RetieF 



H^peo-op -me -eo^^ ^^JD rkkj -mes^ outcasts out of 

1Dw»J.'fBvJS,^ -TlMf Of "ReCoROuPiMCI^ecx^bArvJlzWO ^MO 

OKC£ Res?eCTec> JP^itbW iw TH6 F'^J't SOyTHeRM CtTy OF 


©/gR. si<^c£ "Ruaj Out of LEXiMGTbMB Ti^( Sa,^, Woss.Unw; 
johMN^ a^oBucicCthc (jv>jTR.ia)T "So^^X-rvte S^teseusM 
SiQOPie'; SeeTHe with p*wGeK.>c«e for ReveMt£... 
... AMii so iHe 'euM'suMt) tteio see?; famspck 
For. th&r HuMiLiATiwb piskissau... 

Outrage/ 403 


■■V.V■>^'fc"',iv-;/y.^.i^>^^'..■.'•. • V V 


4 •• -jC _: 

■pf^erf "fOP- -THE wivo ^HeI^lff..,(Ho\^l \9^i^k>) 



W09S cASfs ^$ vc 

Outrage/ 40 J 








'5?£sfbwsi-&u£; OF THe 
urr€Ru:>?^s o) his cxa/n. 





Trtev CAN MOT BEAR TD hdu5 in THeiR HNvJC-ks 

THe GUFFAVJ-lKiCr SyTSSipes. It \s THeiR Hour , THE^ Hft,Ve TAteM THe 'E>U>^Jt7EI^os^• wo 
owe STAWDi In THeiR. TATH... KlO "BOMiMb SneE^fF ,N0 Now-ADMiTn'otr SOM , MO NON-F^te■ 

SToopies evefk^ WHERE man 

NOW 1J(24A.-THe 6A«V -■ 


cnecu IT OUT 



3 Y^*^^^ . • *^oW 

-Tue cosTunes 



AN^THe glasses'? 


^V^"- /^^U-Ae BASS. 






Eric A. Butner 


Comptiifne.nti o^ 
Out 0(5 the. Seven Natafial Wcndnfts o{, thz i}Jo-lid 






Our drivers carry less 

than $10.00. 

Limited delivery area. 

©1984 Domino's Pizza, Inc. 





TowNSEND D. Fox 


NGTON, VA, 2AAi50 BUEf-JA VISTA, VA, 2-44*6 

7 03 /lea-sfoxta 703-201-21 ss 


Chinese and 
American Cuisine 

Exotic Cocktails 

409 South Mim Si.. U.inpon, Virginil 24450 

703-463-9342 , ^ ■ 

h.Ppen Tuesdav through Sundae 

.Luncheon 11:30 - 2:30 

Dinner 5-10 

Saturday Open 4-10 

Sunday Lunch Buffei 12 - 2:30 

Compliments of 
John P. Whittle '57 

General Contractors and Engineers 



Roanoke. \'a. 






^ ^^^^ "^ ^^ T" "^ T .^^^^ ^T^ ■» *■ A ^. T 




'Clothiers For Men And WomGn-RoanokG&BlcicksburQ 





Open 24 Hours 


Full ABC Available 


Edward R. Barnes T"W^/'~^^^H 

Registered Representative | | B^^J S!^BI 



IDS/Amerlcan Express Inc. Bus 982-8515 
2036 Colonial Avenue S W Res 342-6067 
Roanoke^ Virginia 24015 

An Amencan Express Ccnpany 



PHOtie 463 73S3 

Lambert Building Supply, Inc. 


Covui^aied Meial Pipe—Unca f907 



RT 11 North 
l,<!Xin(!lon. Virginia 24450 




1-81, EXIT #53 






Well give you 

all the bank you can use. 

Right next door. 



22 South Main St. Lexington, Virginia 24450 Telephone (703) 463-3171 




PHONE 348-5199 Log Exporters 


^m^^ ^ ^^ '&., ®4>. 

Dealers in Appalachian Hardwoods 

P.O. Box 188 
Buena Vista, VA 24416 
Fairfield, VA 24435 



I Foi Those Who Care I 


One Day Service 

Lexington - Buena Visia Shopping Park 463-2261 

Lexington, Virginia 





Only +he. bffrt" 
9urviMa * 

Dfferirxi -fine -^co^ and iodq^inq 
in -il)e b(?st c^ -\rad\Mor\ . 


U.5. llcst 1-6^ 



Home of the VMI Keydets 

dust six miles soutli of Lexington on US» 11. 

Delicious Itome eooked food buffet style. 

Catering service and Motel 

(703) ^91-2864 



Located in Statesman's Park for Industry 

Specializing in Heavy Construction 
Serving the Coal Industry Since 1963 

Phone — (703) 345-0817 

2920 Nicholas Ave., NE 
Roanoke, Va. 24012 

Phone 463-9152 


165 South Main Street 
Lexington, Virginia 24450 


>A'^ _r;.cc 



i /-- 

-Lz-cinqtoiz. ' I izquiia 

Overhead Door Company of Roanoke 

P O, BOX 8251 ROAr^OKE VjRGINIA 240I4 

Phone (703)34.5.2809 

Advertisements. 425 





Cadet Gary F. McClelland 

And The Class Of "85" 

You Have Made Us Very Proud 

We Love You 

Dad & Mom 

Steff, Cas, Kenneth, Derrick 

Arleen, Greg, Matthew? 


Congratulations VMI Class of 1985 

41 South Main Street 

Lexington, Virginia 24450 


We Can Help You Here & Now 
Not Just Hereafter 

^^fCn/fl.<CrrClTlCCC^ Mutual Life Insurance Company 
/^M ■ -Vv^ One of the John Hancock Companies 


We love you. 

Mom, Dad, 

Connie and Audrey 

Go Keydets 


Union Town Pa. 

Frank's Pizza 

"King of Pizza — Can Deliver" 

Nelson St. Lexington 

Best Wishes 


Cadet Joseph Lee Rose 

and the Class of 1985 

Dad, Mom, Warren II, Frank, 

Barbara, Michael and Catherine 



CLASS OF 1985 
The best we could wish for you Artie is to have a 
son someday exactly like yourself. 

Always remember; "Who you are and where you're 



Congratulations to 

David L. Brennan Jr. 

Best Wishes For A Bright Future 

Will & Bea Kahl 

Good Luck Lou Buonpane 


Class of 1987 

Best Wishes Graduates 

Number 7 Club 

New Haven, Conn. 

Chick Eddie 

Felix . Tony 


mmm^^'~ "IH^ 


CLASS OF "85" 




2019 Forest Avenue 

Bus. Phone 261-2112 
R. J. (BOB) FABRIZIO Res. Phone 261-2497 







f Van Doren's ^iT 

i Orvis shoppe, ltd. "^NJp 

y/ • Mens & Women's Apparel i7^ 
\'y^ • Ttie Finest In Huntlng/Flshlng Gear V 
TJCf • Gifts & Fine Artwork 
W • Worldwide Hunting & Fistiing Trips 

[L 804-282-5527 
804 358-2916 (H) RICHMOND. VA 23226 

Congratulations and Much Success to 

Our #1 Son and Brother, Robert Michael 

Adkins and the Class of 1985 

With Love 

Mom, Dad, Marsha, Angle 

Congratulations to 

Alex H. Mason 

All of room 171 

and the whole class of 1985 

Best wishes for a successful 

future to all of you 

Eugenia & Alex Mason 

Bon Voyage Jeff 


Psychiatric Associates 

RD No. 6 Box 419 
Uniontown, PA 15401 


Fine Men's 


Lexington, \'A 

If a Task is once begun ... 

Cadet }ohn M. Shimotsu, 

From Culver City to Lexington, a nice little burg in the great South, for which you left the warmth of home. . 
You have ventured to a most challenging environment at this "new" place in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley 

and studied and prepared for your military career during these past four unforgettable years.. 
That has made you a Virginia gentleman and a Citizen-Soldier, what a heritage to inherit as the spirit of New 

Market, Lee, Jackson, Letcher, Read and George C. Marshall prevail. 
From the shores of Guantanamo Bay and the USS Mullinnix, you did perform well, your duties during that 

brief first summer break. 
Add San Diego's Sub Training and Camp Pendleton, and your journey to Japan's Naval Academy at Etajima 

and SaigoSan's Kagoshima you did enjoy. 
And finally. Commencement Day has come and you have made VMI 85 come true. Today and forever. 
You are proud. God with US are too! 
With Love and Congratulations! 
Mom and Dad, Wesley and Joni, Grandpa Dave and Grandma Tomo, Grandpa Sam, Obachan and Uncle 

Dave, relatives and friends 


District Manager 


1 -80d-739-2104 














TELEPHONE 615 926-7166 









"It is of such stuff that dreams 

are made of" Wm. Shakespeare 

Semper Fi and Continue to March 


Mom, Dad, Geoffrey, CaroHne, George 

and Betty 


Bill Bowman 

and his B.R.'s, the class of '85 

you charged all the way! 

Thanks for the memories 


Mom, Dad, Greg and Maw-Maw 



Cadet Mathew S. Brown, II 

And the Class of '85 


A Gift From God is A Son Like You. 

We Are Very Proud to Be Your Parents 


Mom and Dad 

Preserving the 
"Shrine of the South" 

Work: 703-463-3212 
Home: 703-463-4152 


You Are The First, 






We Love You Neb 

The green flag is waving 

The race has just begun 

The nitro has been added 

Aim it at the sun 

Mom, Dad, Kristy and Special Ed 

Grandma, Pawpaw, Louise, Jackie, fim 

Lexington Building Supply 
and MilL Inc. 

James R. & Carole W. 

1 1 4 McLaughlin 
Lexington, VA 24450 

Good Luck Class of 1987 

Teamsters Local 443 

New Haven, Connecticut 

SAVE $150,000 FOR YOU!! 



Call for information 

We knew VMI would make 
a man of you ! 

Congratulations Mark 
and Class of 1985 

Love, Mom, Dad, Sue, Gus, Ann, 
Dave, Mike and Brian 



and the 

CLASS OF 1985 









Cadet Chris Balderson 


Class of 1985 

We Love You 

Mom, Dad, Keith & Grandma 

















Cadet Kyle H. Goldsmith 

Matthew 3:17 says it all . . 

We love you, 

Dad and Mom 

Congratulations to 

Cadet Hayden Bayer 


His Brother Rats 

of '84 

Well Done 

The Bayer Family 




" — don't worry, it's under 

control — " 

With Love & Pride, 

Mom and Dad 


Cadet Richard H. Speir 

Class of 85 

You Have Made Us 

Very Proud 

We Love You 

Mom, Dad, Rhonda, Becky 

Robyn — Ma and Pap. 

Congratulations John 

You Ain't What you used to be 

Best wishes to you and your 

Brother Rats 

Especially to your roommates 

Wes, Baldo and Bob 

With Special wishes to the 

Lude — you finally made it. 

Love — Dad. Mom and Familv 




Cadet Philip A. Galgano 

The Very Best to the Very Best 

Phihp and the Class of '85 






■ .A- '■ ^^t^^^ >^^^^^^^^^^ 

RICH, TIM 78, KIRK '80 

^■■■K '.'"IHH 


BJf — 111 



You Have Made us Proud to Say— "He's Ours" Love 




Cadet Owen O. Mclntyre 

And the Class of 1985 

May the road raise lo meet \ou. 

May the wind always be at your back. 

May the sun shine warm upon your face, 

The rains fall soft upon your fields. 

And while you are away. 

May God hold you in the palm of his hand. 

We love you 

Dad. Mom, Grandma. Bonnie. Karen. 

Charhe and Matthew. 

Cadet John Jacob Kaplan 

Congratulations, Best 

and our prayers for your 
Continued Success in Life 

Uncle Frank & Aunt Eleanor 

Aunt Irene 

Aunt Dorothy 

Bayonne, New Jersey 








'You May Be What You Resolve To Be' 

Love. Mom. Grayson, Grandmama, Grandaddy. 
"Missy and Bozo" 






Cadet Brian Burton 

"Three Cheers For The 

Deep down inside, 
we knew you could do it! 


Dad, Mom, Liz, CaroHne, 

John, Carolyn, Carleen, Jason, & 


Now it's time to 



Congratulations Dade 

Your Family is 

Proud Of You! 

Here's to D.G. Tyler 

IV And the class of 


To Our Son 

Ken Walus 

And Our Other Son 

Kenny Hirlinger 


For A Job Well Done! 

We're So Proud Of You 

Love — Mom, Dad, and Kristin 


James P. Begley III 


Class of 1985 

From A Proud Mom 







"When principle is involved, be deaf 
to expediency" 

We Love You — 

Mom, Dad, Patty and Harry 


Pat and Paul Pressler 

We always had faith 

in your success and we are 

very proud of your accomplishments 

May God bless you and go with 

you in the future 

Our love and best 


Mother, Dad, Mark 

David, and Grandparents 

C/ a/t^e^' ^at 

111 West Nelson Street 
Lexington, Virginia 24450 










And Best Wishes 


Cadet Craig R. Lamb 

Your Roommates We Have 

Come To Know 


The Class of 1985 



Mom, Dad, Laura, Mike 


Cadet Kenneth R. Hirlinger 

And The Class of 1985 

From boyhood to manhood, you have 

Always been, 1st class. We are Extremely 

Proud Of You 

Love and Best Wishes — Dad, Mom, and 



And Best Wishes 

William H. Reid 


The Class Of 1985 

You Have Made 

Us Very Proud 

We Love You 

Mom, Dad, Kay, Tom 

Bart, Sam, and Chester 


Room 155 


The Class Of 1985 


William E. Arthur 



"The girls" 



We're So Proud Of You 

And The Class of 1985 

It was a tough four years 

But we all made it 


Mom, Dad, Dottie, George & William 




Love, Mom+Dad 




Cadet Kurt Quimby 

And Class of 1985 

Cadet Michael Ceroli 

And The Class Of 1985 

You did it on your own and Deserve a 

place in the sun 


Mom, Dad, and Karin 

Ojai, California 

You've come a long way "baby" We are 

very proud of you Mike, but VVe always 

knew that you could do it. 

Best wishes and God Bless You. We Love 


Mom. Gram, Randy. Darlene. Traci and Chris 




CLASS OF 1985 

"The Road Not Taken" 

I shall be telling this with a sigh 

Somewhere ages and ages hence: 

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — 

I took the one less traveled by, 

And that has made all the difference. 

Robert Frost 

We Love You, 

Mom, Dad, Vernon, Mimi, Buddy, Vivi, Papa, and Uncle Perry 


You did it on your own, son and you 
"Done Good"! We're very proud of you 
We Love You Always — Mom, and Dad 















And The Class of '85 . . . 

For Doing It Right 

You Only Live Once 
And If You Do It 

Once Is Enough. 





You've increased and enriched 

our family 

Love and Luck to You All 

The Young's 

Advertisements/ 443 




Greg Moyers 

and the Class of 



Mom, Dad, and Sandy 



Your proud family 

Mom, Dad '54, Karen, 



Thomas Jackson 
Emerson Jr. 


Momo, Daddy, and 


and Best Wishes 

Cadet Charles W. 



Class of 1985 

Love You 


May You Always Find New Roads to 

Travel . . . 

New Horizons to Explore . . . 

New Dreams to Call Your Own. 

Cadet Douglas A. Hill 

and the 

Class Of 1985 

1 year old 

I am as proud for you as 1 am of you 

I Love You 


444/ Advertisements 

20 years later 











4L J:^^^0\JA^ 




Congratulations Andy, 

We Love you and are proud to 

be your family. 

Mom, Dad, Fred, Becky and 


and Best Wishes 

Cadet Perry W. Sarver 

Class of 1985 

We are proud of you and 
We Love You, P.W. 

Mom, Dad, Nyna and Melissa 



Cadet John J. Kaplan 

and to your "Brother Rats" 
Class of 1985 

Thanks for four years of 

wonderful cherished memories- 

from Ratline to Graduation. 

"Living with Excellence 

the education of a man." 


You Made It! 

God Bless You! 

With Love and Pride 


Dee, Jim, Joan, Joe 

Jimmy Lee, Andrew, Diane 


To Our Son 

Marvin W. Smith Jr. And To His Brother Rats 

We never doubted your ability to make 
it — maybe some anxious times — but never 
doubt. Your aim has always been high with 
equal determination to get you there. 
Thanks for sharing your "VMI Experience" 
with us. 

With Love and Pride Beyond Description. 
Mom and Dad 

So many of you have become a very important and loved 
part of our family. We cannot begin to name all of you individ- 
ually, but each of you and the memories you leave with us will 
be in our hearts forever. We feel Privileged and grateful to you 
for sharing the past four years with you. 
Good Luck &■ God Bless All of You 
Love Wayne & Linda 




Cadet Cary Stephen Westin 

Class of 1985 


if you must, 
leave your home 

and find your highway. 
Ride the desert lands 

and mountain tops. 
Do v^hat you want, 

but don't forget 
What you have been, 

because what you are 
and what you will be 

cannot be separated 
from what you were 

before your travels began. 

Loving You and God Bless You — 

Dad, Mom & Scott 

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The battalion was off on the Staunton pike 

as soon as the sun had risen. 
And we turned and cheered forthe "V.M.I.", 

but yesterday a prison, 
from "The Baby Corps" by Irving Bacheller 




I Support Continuing Education & Research 

Bnnging To You The Latest Knowledge 

And Best Known Method To Better Serve You 

Margaret Barksdale. C.E. 

Previous Nursing Training 
Grad. Hautfman Institute 

Post Graduate Ot 
Kree Institute NY., N.Y. 



409 Uberty Rd NE 

Facial Hair • Eyebrows • Hairlines 
Underarms • Bikini Lines • Legs 
Ingrown Problem Beards 
Backs • Shoulders • Hands 



Be your own teller anytime 

24-hour banking 



Stop by today. 

22 South Main Street, Lexington 






1920 Progress Drive S E . • PO. Box 12707 
Roanoke. Virginia 24027 

oneTi2ina02in ^^ -^ 

#2, DeKalbSt. 

Norristown, PA 


Squipment, One. 

1617 We$t Becerley Street 
Staunton, Virginia 24401 


Royal Typewriters & Copiers 

Sharp Typewriter & Copiers 

Victor Calc - Sharp Calc 


Staunton 885-8079 

Waynesboro - 943-7088 
Lexington - 261-6098 








"^ -^SSB^^^^^^^^^^H 










i ] 
















^1's infrared focal plane technology. NIMS, COBE, STINGER, IRST, RAM, ASRAAM, PROBEYE, 
THERMOVISION and other commercial, military and space science projects rely on Cincinnati Electronics' 
pioneering efforts in Indium Antimonide devices. Our unique combinations of fiybrid microcircuit and infrared 
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technology You can en|oy great professional sports, nationally recognized universities, an abundance of 
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livable four-season climate, Cincinnati offers all the benefits of big city living in a friendly, small town atmosphere, 
. . . it's a challenging technological career opportunity. Send your resume in confidence to Mr. David R, Burke. 
Professional Recruiter. Cincinnati Electronics Corp 2630 Glendale-Milford Road, Cincinnati, OH 45241. An 
equal opportunity employer 

Detector and Microcircuit Devices Laboratories 


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Northeastern Bank's "Five Star" service means a total banking pro- 
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Northeastern BANK 

FOR TOLL FREE BANKING: (800) 233-4171 

(Continental U.S., except Pa. In Pa., call 

(717) 961-7100 (collect) 

of Pennsylvania 


Military Center 

P.O. Box 231 

Scranton.PA 18501 


Wfeverly, VirBlnla 23890 Phone (804) 834-2292 

Specializing in Dimension Since 1884 

Manuf aoturere of Kiln Dried Soutliem Pine Lumber and Timbers. 

Al-Steel Fabricators, Inc. 

1 727 Cleveland Avenue 
Roanoke. VA 2401 5 

O. Hume Powers, Jr. '52 



Class of '85 






Modern Carpet & Tile Co. 

Carpet - Linoleum - Wallpaper 
Quarry - Ceramic & Resilient Tile 

1636 Dale Ave. SE 
Roanoke, VA 24013 

Free Estimates 

Packaging for the future 

poromount pockoQinQ® 



P.O. Box 488 • Murfreesboro, TN 37133-0488 



708 C Street 
Staunton. Va. 24401 
Toll Free Watts Line 

1 -800-572-4044 








From an international leader in 
electronic countermeasures 
technology and mjjjtary 
communjcatioas systems to the 
nation's finest military leaders: 

Hats off! 

Tracor Aerospace 

6500 Tracor Lane 
Austin. Texas 78721 

Kjellstrom and Lee, Inc, 

Building and Industrial Construction 

Richmond, Virginia 

Harry Lee '47 
Bill Jones '63 

r D 1 1 E 








<-. J* 


Nations have it. 
Fighting ships can 
have it too. A sense 
of greatness, that 
iteeps them great. 
Monitor... Intrepid... 
Wisconsin. ..Iowa... 
are just a few whose 
names alone conjure 
up thundering im- 
ages of glory. These 
ships of valor, as well 
as other revered 
naval offspring, were 
born right here, in 
this special New York 
shipyard, on the best 
deep-water port in 
the world. An impor- 
tant facility with its 
own sense of great- 
ness, it has been at 
work on Navy ships 
since 1801. 
Coastal is very proud 
of this modern, state- 
of-the-art, computer- 
age naval complex 
operated today in the 
same, fine, historic 
traditions that 
spawned those fight-, 
ing giants of U.S. 
NaVy history. 

Coastal Dry Dock & 

Repair Corp. 
Brooklyn Navy Yard 
Brooklyn, New York 

We came expecting a battle; 
vi^e vi^ere not disappointed." 

- Charles Anaerson, Cadei Virginia Military Instiiute Batrif of 'J'"/- V 

The ragged Confederate vet- 
eraris camped south of New Mar- 
ket, Va., hadn't seen anything like 
It since they went to war three 
years before: more than 200 neat, 
gray-clad young men, all carrying 
the same kind of rifle, marching in 
perfect time to the music of fife 
and drum. Too young, the vet- 
erans thought. Some werejust 
boys, barely 1 5. They would turn 
and run at the first fire. 

But these weren'tjust any boys. 
This was the Corps of Cadets from 
Virginia Military Institute, "The 
West Point of the Confederacy," 
called out to help turn back a Union 
army moving up the Shenandoah 
Valley. Now they halted and waited 
in the rain, standing on blistered 
feet, about to get their wish for 
their first real action. 

Shortly after 1 1 a.m. the Con- 
federate battle line moved out. 
Even in the Cadet's reserve posi- 
tion at the rear. Union artillery and 
rifle fire took its toll. The Cadets 
saw violent death for the first 
time, but they closed ranks and 
kept moving Lightning and thun- 
der from passing rainstorms added 
to the flash and roar of the battle. 
Their fine uniforms splattered with 
mud and blood— grim reminders of 
the Union barrage — they slogged 
through ankle-deep mire. 

Then a dangerous gap opened 
in the center of the Confederate 
line. Only the VMI Cadets were 
left to plug It. Now it was the Con- 
federate commanding officer's turn 
to ask, "Will they stand?" There 
was only one way to find out; he 
sent them into the gap. 

Subjected for the first time to 
the full fury of the Union guns, the 
Cadets helped fight off an infantry 
attack, then leaped forward with 
the Confederate line to turn the 
Union withdrawal into a rout. They 
took prisoners, they captured food, 
clothing, and arms, among them — 
and the high point of their day — 
a Union artillery piece. 

At 3:20 that afternoon the 
Cadets were ordered to the rear 
Now they counted their losses: 
five killed outright, five dead or 
dying of wounds, 47 less severely 

The veterans had been wrong. 
The Cadets had stood and fought. 

* * • • • 

Their courage had been an inspi- 
ration to officers and men on both 
sides. Training, discipline, spirit 
and tradition had triumphed. 

USAA is honored to sea-e the 
insurance needs of candidates for 
commissioning in the U.S. Services, 
as well as officers on active duty, 
in the National Guard and Reserves, 
and retired officers. For more 
information, call toll-free 1-800- 
53 1 -8040 (in Texas call 1-800- 
292-8040). Members call toll-free 
I -800-53 1 -8 plus your area code 
(in Texas call 1-800-292-S plus 
your area code). Or write USAA, 
USAA Building, San Antonio, TX 

We'll be proud to serve you. 








3sr Campbell Ave Po 

Call Co'ioct 
f'sa local Ce've/y 

The Efficient 
Office is Planned 

From the initial planning 
to the actual furniture Itself, a 
good otiice environment 
doesn't "just happen." It's 
created by Harris. 

We offer new office 
furniture at discount prices 
and one of the largest 
selections of used office 
furniture in the state. 


Charles W. Barger & Son 

Construction Company. Inc. 
P.O. Box 778 • Lexington, Virginia 24-450 • Phone 463-210h 








Atlir Houn Call UMIll 


Heating Oils 

Vincent J. Thomas '43, Pres. 

William A. Thomas '50B, Exec. V.P. 

Norfolk, \a. 



Martha Ann's 
Catering Services 

2404 Beech Ave., Buena Vista, Virginia 

' Privatt Oinntn (fttf 6 pm 
' Hot Pint LuicIms 

to lit in or tiki out 
' Dill Lunch MiiU ind ChMitt 

261-7784 or 261-7785 

* Pifly Tfiy» 

* Cotoring lot Priviti Ptrtio 

* Wtdding tnd R«coplion Ciloring 

* Aik iboul out Spocioitiit! 

Edward R. Barnes 

Registered Representative 
Personal Financial Planner 

lOS/Amerlcan Expresa Inc. 

2036 Colonial Ave. SW 
Roanoke, Virginia 24015 

An Amertcan Exprost Company 


Bus. 982-8515 
Res. 342-6067 



P O BO/ 13693 

RICHARD H BURKS, president 

OrnCE i703i 366-0052 



g"^^ «— ■■! »ll IIB I I I ■ 


Florist to the Homestead 

(7(IH) HM9-;>5iiO or (7(1.*) 
1»:»N UtUrs^.ti- l.cxhijil.i.i. Vu i;44?i(M7(m>4'l'l-''H4I 

Roanoke Seat Cover Shop 

Complete Custom Upholstering 

CoNv. Tops - Vinvl Tops - Truck Covers 

Orioinal Material Replacement 

Fire ft Flood Damage Estimates 

Body Guard • Moulding - Boat Craft 

C. Reginal Sisson. Jr. 



703 981-1776 

704 State & City Bidg. 

Roanoke VA 24Cn 

^Nelson Street ^^3.3922 
Service Center 

424 e. Nelson Sin 











TOWERS 1703I 985-0709 
DOWNTOWN (703I 345-7456 


"Compliments Of A Friend" 

[gjjjJ«p"Sport/ng Goods 

"Complete Shopping Center For All Your Sporting Needt" 
Cempltli Athletic Equlpmtnt 

FootwMr and Apparel Ion 

Tennit, Skiing, Bowling. FoolNjIl, 

Baieball, Botkatboll. Arthery, 

Flihing, Hunting, Team SpArtl 

» Cwit*N» \a%t» hinHnf 

■ Ml Mall iho^H^ 

■ l«^v«t l«tMn^lA« 

• l<.ll»f MH Drtllln 

• IJtMwrf Taklat 


3441 Brandon Ave. SW 

William B. Draper, Jr. 


Dominion Propane, Inc. 

Industrial and Residential Service 

Certified LP-Gas Installers 



621 Mohawk Ave . N E 
Roanoke Virginia 2JD12 

Phone: 703-342-2996 



Southwest Virginia's Leading Fashion Center 

of Quality Clothes 

for Men 

28 W Church Ave. 
Downtown Roanoke, VA 

Phone 1-703-343-4i55 











A few pages of selected advertising will help defray soaring printing 
costs. Student Publication Advisors and Publishers' Representatives 
are welcome to call us for further information. Our staff of profes- 
sionals will work closely with you and your publisher. 


(404) 329-0016 

Trgoy ^Tastefid 


Lunch , Monday - Friday 

Dinner, Monday - Saturday 

5732 Airport Road, Roanoke 




P O BO/ 1345 





OF '85 



1501 61 H ST. S.E, 

P.O. BOX 1345 






HARRISONBURG. VA 22801-0791 




65 years young! 

United Virginia 

',^9f^/^ Floris t 

W. Frank White, Jr. 



165 South Main Street 

Lexington, Virginia 24450 

(703) 463-9152 

For new 

Array and Air Force 

Officers only: 


real life. 

Congratulations Among your 
graduating class, you are one of 
the few who have their immediate 
course set 

Others will seek positions of 
leadership, but you alread y have 

Others will strive to assume 
more responsibilities You alread y 
have thern. 

Others will venture forth 
into the real world You are alread y 

We know these things 
because we have a long tradition 
of serving officers For over a 
century, the Army f\/lutual Aid 
Association has offered security to 
those who make our nation secure 

That s why we want you 
to know about us now You have 
a strong sense of the life ahead 
You know how your duties relate 

to the needs of a future spouse and 
children We do. too Because 
serving officers' families is our 

The Army IVIutual Aid 
Association is a non-profit service 
oriented organization, dedicated to 
protecting the financial well-being 
of dependents of officers Among 
our list of members you will find 
the names of the famous Generals 
who have shaped the course of 
modern history, along with many 
other men and women who have 
helped guide our country through 
critical periods 

Today we salute you as 
a young person who stands ready 
to face the important realities ahead 
And we want you to know that we 
are available for consultation 
whenever you wish, wherever 
you are. 

For more information 
and an application, simply call 
(800) 336-4538 toll free 
[703/522-3060 in Virginia.) 

Army Mutual Aid 

Serving the Army 
Since 1879 

Army Mutual Aid Association 

Department 100 

Fort Myer 

Arlington. Virginia 22211 

Now Serving the Air Force, too! 

Cadet Mark A. George 


The Class of 1985 

With Love and Pride 

Mom and Dad 
Tommy and Sheila 




8 NORTH M» '. S-rPEET 


Cadet Judson H. Spencer Jr. 

We Love You 

Dad, Mom, Rob, Rae, Huey, 

Sherry, Bubba, Nan Nan, 

Jerry and Granny 

and the Best of the Future 

Cadet Michael J. Lamore 


Class of 1985 

We Love You 

Dad, Mom and Pete 







CLASS OF 1985 


Cadet Bryon Paul Cole 

And Room 165 


We're Proud of You! 




Andy, Robin, and Duke 


Cindy (Boo, Boo!] 

We never had any doubts. 

Advertisements/ 465 


There's a lot more to an Army ROTC 
scholarship than tuition, books, lab fees, sup- 
plies and up to $1,000 per school year for 
living expenses. 

There's leadership. You start sharpening 
your ability to lead while you're still in 
engineering school. So when you graduate as 
a second lieutenant, you're ready to take 

You're trim, fit. You know how to 
motivate people. And you're capable of man- 

aging the thousands of dollars worth of 
equipment you're in charge of. 

And as you progress, you'll discover 
increasing opportunities to advance your 
engineering skills, to attend graduate school, 
while you serve your country. 

All the while, you'll be acquiring the man- 
agement skills that industry leaders look for. 

So look into an Army ROTC scholar- 
ship. Talk it over with the Professor of Military 
Science on your campus. 



Rose Marie Inn Richmond, Va 

Irvin A. Cornwell 

Mrs. John R. Eckenrode 

Conrad J. Floridia, B.S., PhG., M.S. 

Albany City Honda 

Marvich Realty 

Menallen Country Store 

Dr. and Mrs. Peter Rasmussen 

Magazine Lumber Co. 

The Carpet Outlet, Inc. 

Dr. Lewis E. Palosky 

Redstone Pharmacy 

Mrs. Powell Wilhams 

Phil & Alice Leeney 

Gene and Maureen Gormley 

Ferret Fawcett and the late beloved 

Mrs. Judith D. Ferraro 
James L. Anderson 
Mr. and & Mrs. Paul Grgas 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Heine 
Mr. & Mrs. Frank A. Leary 
John T. Milton 
J.W. McCarthy, Jr. 
Paul F. Hicks Sr. 
Mr. & Mrs. J.E.B. Stuart 
Charles Cayce, Jr. 
William G. "Bill" Davis 
Lynch Funeral Home 
Mr. and Mrs. James Edgar Byron 

Love is a perfect bond. 

It joins the lives of two people. 

Neither of us is v^^hole 

apart from the other. 

It starts blindly, 

seeing the other 

through a perfect illusion. 

But the illusion grows thin 

And love strength is challenged. 

We are both human. 

Our lives have been filled 

with cherished memories 

and bitter regrets. 

We shared our pasts 

with fearful tears. 

And when others would turn aside. 

We turned to each other 

caressing away the hurt. 

Understanding as no one else could 

Caring only for each other. 

"Before You" 
I try to remember what life was like 
Before you came along. 
I remember achievements and successes 
that I thought would bring happiness. 
But always I was lonely 
Longing for that someone special 
To share my hopes and dreams. 
I thought I'd found you several times 
While traveling through the years. 
I gave my love where it didn't belong 
And only cried more tears. 
I came to think you didn't exist, 
that I had only imagined you. 
and gave up searching in their eyes 
For the missing part of me. 
Then you stood before me 
and smiled into my eyes. 
I didn't even stop to think 
My heart had opened wide. 
Now my smile comes easily 
With e\'er\- thought of you. 
My eyes shine with happiness 
a brighter shade of blue. 
My future filled with goals and dreams 
Has never seemed so near 
All because you smiled at me 
And whispered those words so dear. 


Cadet Barry S. Brockway 

And The Class of 

This marks a very 
special and 
important time for 

May happiness be 
yours today; 
and may the 
coming years fulfill 
your every hope 
and dream. 
"Granny Irene" 

All our Love 

Mom, Dad, Bonnie, Beth and all 

of the family. 





5321 LAKESIDE AVE 264-2994 


A shop that serves both men 
and ladies for all their fashion 





Blanket Protection 
For Your Family 


Nationwide is on your side 

Good Luck Room 300 
Bugga Bear, Beaker, Dickery, Ernest T. 


Cadet Charles Rogerson 

And the Class of '85 

You Have Made Us Very Proud 

We Love You — 
Mom, Dad and Karen 

Cadet Donald L. Monday 
and the Class of 1985 

You have made us very proud. 

We Love You, 
Dad, Mom, Ronnie and Sherri 


Cadet Albert Bergh 

You made it through the 

rat line and we are proud. 


Love always. Mom, Dad 

Patti & Maria 






CLASS OF 1985 








Cadet Barton Gee Williams 

And the Class of 85 

Dad, what's a demerit? 





CLASS OF 1985 

You have made us ver\' proud 

"When the going gets tough 

the tough get going"" 

We Love You 
Dad. Mom and Duane 

Ad\'ertisements/ 469 



"Catering To VMI Cadets 
And Their Parents 

"50 Years of Service." 
Lexington, Virginia 

Compliments of 

Max way's 

Department Store 

Nelson Street 
Lexington Virginia 

Country Kitchen 

Congratulates the Class 
of 1985 

W. V. Turpin, Owner Dial 463-3321 



Established 1949 

Small Engine Sales and Service 

Power Saws Lawn Mowers 

Rt. No. 4 Lexington, VA 24450 





Stereo Components 

Lexington-Buena Vista 

Shopping Park 

Lexington, Virginia 24450 



Your Happy Shopping Store 

150 S. Main St. 

Mon. thru Sat. 

9:30 to 5:30 


9:30 to 8:30 



Compliments of 

College Town 

Lexington, Virginia 


General Contractors 

Commercial and Industrial 

Building Construction 

P.O. Box 


1020River A^e. S.E. 
Roanoke, V A 24014 

Moore's Country 

Route 8 
Lynchburg, Virginia 24504 

(804] 846-4815 







5800 Grove Avenue Richmond, Va. 23226 










-■ 4 








^ ' "■ 


r — I 

congratulations and 
\ \best wishes' / 
cadet bob chapman 
A ^ and/ 

CLASS OF 1985 


85 \ 

"Crescit Sub Pondre Virtus" 
irtu^ncreases Under Affliction] 

Love from your family 
•Mom, Dad, Cathy, Mike. Steve , 
Amy, and Grandpa 


VMI Class 
of 1985 and 

Glen J. Lisella 



Upper Marlboro MD 




II u 

II 11 11 n 

fill 1} II 1 



kV ■ 







II 111 














, j'"Tr>v ;-jf.> 








God Bless You 


Mom, Dad, Bob, Mary, 

Ann, Mimi, Aunt Mare 

For the Class of '85 

"The Rat Race is over — 
The Rats won-" 

Congratulations Room 154 

Cadet James P. Tuemler 

"What I do today is Important 

Because I am exchanging a day 

of my Life for it." 

We Love You 
Dad, Mom, Craig 
Caroline Walker 

Mike, Bill, Jeff 
Bill and Hap 

You're the best 
The Hills 

Congratulations to 

Cadet Peter W. Delano 

and the Class of 1985 


Fair Winds and Following Seas, 


Congratulations '85 

We're so proud of you 

Dad '52— Ellis '83 

Mom — Larry— Blair 

Congratulations to the Class of 


and to 

Cadet Christopher Scott Welch 

We are very proud of you 

Dad, Mom, Randy, Richard, Diane, 

Steve, Linda, and Charles 


Abernathy, C. A. |r. 330 
Adams, D. E. II 304 
Adams, ]. B. 354 
Adams, }. L. 198 
Adamus, S. I. 142,198 
Adkins, R. M. 198 
Agee, D. F. 304 
Agostini, J. S. 304,317,106 
Albrecht, F. R. 304 
Alexander, K. P. 
Alger, T. A. 354 
Allen. H. E. Ill 156,199 
Allen, M. W. 354 
Allgood, C. M. |r. 330 
Alvis, K. L. 354 
Ames. D. R. [r. 199 
Ames, S. K. Ill 330 
Ammons, T. L. ]r. 354 
Amsel, B. E. 304,315 
Ancona, |. R. 354 
Andersen, Michael 330 
Andersen, T. T. 354 
Anderson, C. N. 354 
Anderson, ]. D. 354 
Anderson, }. M. 304,320 
Anderson, K. P. 354 
Anderson, M. S. 354 
Anderson, N. A. 
Anderson, S. K. 160,304 
Anderson, T. L. 354 
Anderson, W. W. |r. 82,304 
Andres, F. D. |r 354 
Arboneaux, M. S. 354,355 
Arce, L. E. 330 
Armstrong, E. R. 354 
Armstrong, S. R. 330 
Armstrong, T. [. 181,304,315 
Arnaiz, ). O. 330 
Arnold, T. R. 199 
Arris, T. E. 330 
Arthur, W. K. 200 
Arvans, Christopher 
Ashworth, C. S. 160.304 
Augsburger, B. ]. 200 
Avis, ]. T. 330 
Ax, J. F. 304 
Aycock, I. E. 304 


Babcock, A. C. 137,200 

Baik, B. H. 354 

Baird, S. L. 330 

Baker, C. E. [r. 139,201 

Baker, D. F. 304,354 

Baker, M. E. 

Balderson, C. C. 201 

Baldwin, R. S. 201 

Ball, ]. C. 304 

Barber, W. M. 304 

Barcik, S. I. Ill 202 

Barends, A. F. 354 

Barker, K. D. 330,351 

Barnard, ]. H. 330 

Barnes, B. K. 355 

Barnes, B. M. Jr. 355 

Barnes, S. L. 305,312 

Barnes, W. C. 330,335,338 

Barr, D. A. 330 

Barratt, ]. S. 355 

Barsamian, S. A. 

Barth, M. A. 331 

Barthol, D. T. 138,202 

Bartholf, M. C. 331 

Bass, C. W. 305 

Bass, R. G. Jr. 202 

Baumstark, C. |. 353,355 

Bayer, H. W. 156,203 

Bean. ]. E. 331 

Beck. C. T. 355 

Beck. T. H. 355 

Begley, ]. P. Ill 92,137,203 

Benhoff, D. A. 305 

Berger, S. D. 331,351 

Bergh, A. ]. 355 

Berkhimer, F. K. 63,158,203.171 

Berneski. W. A. 331 

Bernet, V. [. 204 

Bernstein. P. H. 355 

Berry. B. L. 204 

Bessette, G. R. 137,204.170 
Best. P. |. II 355 
Bettendorf. H. |. 331 
Beyer, M. A. 355 
Beyer, W. D. 331 
Bickford, |. V, IV 81,305 
Bierman, j. W. Jr. 331 
Bischoff. S. M. 355 
Black. M. C. Jr. 305 
Black. M. E. 305 
Blackwell. [. R. [r. 331 
Blanco, |. A. 355 
Blanton, W. H. 331 
Bledsoe, B. T. 355 
Blinn. S. B. 331 
Blocker, R. D. Ill 355 
Bohlmann, T, E. 355 
Bond, G. F. 154,205 
Bones, T. B. 330,331 
Boniface, )ohn III 355 
Boobar, j. R. 305 
Boos, P. M. 83,305 
Bordelon, |. K. 355 
Bornhorsl, M. T. 205 
Boswell, M. C. |r. 158,205 
Boughton, J. S. 331 
Bowen, |. C. D. 356 
Bowles, B. T. Ill 331 
Bowman, G. S. 356 
Bowman. W. L. Jr. 206 
Brackett, D. D. 305 
Bradley. S. E. 305 
Brads. A. S. 332 
Bradshaw, G. S. [r. 305 
Brannigan, P. |. 332 
Braunlich, E. F. 332 
Bready, C. ]. 356 
Bready, R. j. Jr. 
Breckenridge, j. P. 305 
Brennan, D. L. Jr. 206 
Brennan, D. W. 305 
Bridges, T. A. 130,332 
Brien, H. P. 
Bright, J. M. 332 
Bristol, J. M. 356 
Brockway, B. S. 206 
Brooks, J. E. 207 
Brooks, K. A. 
Brooks, T. C. 349 
Brotzen, P. C. 356 
Brown, A. J. 305 
Brown, J. R. 332 
Brown, M. S. II 150,160,207 
Brown, W. M. 332 
Browne, S. V. 305 
Bruffy, T. M. 356 
Bryant, M. S. 356 
Bryant, W. S. 130,207 
Brzozinski, B. A. 332 
Buckley, T. S. 300 
Buczacki, T. E. Jr. 306 
Buddo, J. S. Ill 356 
Bunn, C. N. 70,342,356 
Bunn. ]. C. Ill 332.334 
Buonpane, L. M. 332 
Burch. P. W. 160.306.308 
Burdette. T. E. 332 
Burgess. |. W. Ill 208 
Burke, P. C. 356 
Burke, T. W. 138,208 
Burns, R. K. 332 
Burns, W. E. 356 
Burton, B. A. 146 
Burton, D. H. 209,110,208 
Busila, B. A. 356 
Butler, D. E. 332 
Butler, J. W. 306 
Butler, W. B. 356 
Butner, E. A. 306 
Buxton. R. E. Jr. 332 
Byrne, H. B. 333 
Byron. K. A. 300 


Cabell, R. S. 306 
Cade, K. B. 150,209 
Cade, S. G. 86,333,336,346 
Calder, D. W. Jr. 356 
Calkins, M. G. 306 
Callahan, W. E. 330,333,344 
Campbeli, D. O. 209 

Campbell, R. W. Ill 3.56 
Campbell, Richard 356 
Campi, A. C, 333 
Cantanio, R, J. Jr. 356 
Cantrell. S. P. 356 
Carag, V. D. Jr. 306 
Carr, D. L. 357 
Carr, R. L. jr. 333 
Carr. W. Mackey Jr. 357 
Carroll. M. S. 144.210.117 
Carroll. W. T. 357 
Carter. D. S. 357 
Carter. M. J. 152.210 
Cartwright. |. P, 357 
Carty. P. J. 333 
Caruso, D. M. 150,210 
Caruso, K. J. 156,211 
Cassell, K. T. 306,321 
Castaldi, M. R. 306 
Castillo, M. O. 357,303 
Cayce, C. C. Ill 357 
Ceroli. M. A. 158.211 
Cestaro. M. E. 333 
Chambers. J. R. 306 
Champion. S. T. 357 
Chandler. B. Ill 53,181.333.351. 

Chang. M. G. 211 
Chapman. M. D. 306 
Chapman. R. M. 166,212 
Chappell, C. R. Jr. 150,212 
Charlonis, F. W. 357 
Chartier. |. B. 138.353,212 
Chaszar, R. A. Jr. 357 
Chau. T. C. 357 
Chau. T. L. 333 
Chen. B. P. 306.169 
Chen. Ching-Pu 76,137.213 
Chesson. J. B. 306 
Chester, T. M. 333 
Chi, Junho 333.340,102 
Chicoli. J. A. 333 
Childress, B. L. Jr. 306 
Chill, S. A. 296 
Chipley, M. A. 306 
Chung, Chung-Chul 357 
Clark, C. A. 357 
Clark, C. J. 357 
Clark, R. J. 357 
Clav. R. E. Ill 357 
Cleeg. M. W. 357 
Cochran. D. C. 333,334.336 
Coffev, K. S. 351 
Coger. C. M. 333 
Colacicco. B. J. 307 
Cole. B. P. 213 
Coleman. M. C. 357 
Coleman. W. W. 358 
Colletti. A. M. 80.307 
Collins, J. M. 152.213 
Comberg. C. A. 358 
Comeau. T. E. 358 
Comer. J. A. 132.307.318 
Connor, G. L. 358 
Cook, C. B. 307 
Cook. M. G. 214 
Coons. F. J. Jr. 214 
Cooper. S. J. 148.214 
Copeland. D. M. 358 
Cornwell. B. I. 334 
Corrice. M. A. 334 
Corson. M E. 358 
Corwin. M. A. 307 
Cottrell. B. G. V 
Cottrell. J. M. 358 
Coughlin. J. F. 334 
Coulter, J. L. Jr. 307.106 
Covert, C. H. 334 
Cowan, M. H. 334 
Cowan, R. A. 334 
Craig. C. E. 358 
Cranford. J. M. 334 
Creasev. R. R. Jr. 215 
Creel, A. J. 307 
Cronenberg. VV. H. Ill 358 
Crow. R. S. 358 
Crowson. B. E. 307 
Cruze. R. T. Jr. 334 
Cuellar. A. F. 358 
Culiner. N. J. 358 
Cummings, J. C. 
Curlev. O. J. 334 

Current. M. j, 129,.'M9,li3 
Cuaick. T. J. 358 


Dahlqulst. J. M. 358 
Daly, j. M. 98,129.307 
Dameron. T. M. 14fl.215 
Dandar. E, C, 334 
Daniel. M. F. 74.215 
Danna. E. D. 3.58 
Dantonlo. P. J. 307.309 
Darby. T, E, III 307 
Darr. G. L. Jr. 358 
Davidson. C. H. Jr. 
Davidson. 0. G. jr. 359 
Davila, A. S. 359 
Davila, S. R. 359 
Davis. E. J. 334 
Davis. K. R. 358 
Davis. M. j. 358 
Davis. M. VV. 307 
Davis. R. J. Jr. 334 
Davis. R. S. 364 
Davis. S. A. 359 
Davis. T. H. Ill 359 
Davis. VV. ]. 334 
Dawson. .VI. K. 334 
Degrote. G. A. 150. 216 
Dekevrel. j. S. 307 
Delanev. T. E. 85.152.216 
Delano. P. VV. 216 
Delbarto. F, j. 359 
Demaio. A. P. 
Demers. B. A. 359 
Demmons. C. M. 352.359 
Depasquale. C. A. 307 
Deppe. VV. R. 359 
Derenzo. D. J. 359 
Deshsorn. Chayan 217 
Devenoge. F. X. 359 
Devenoge. T. P. 314,307 
Devens. E. P. 335 
Devens. J. T. 335 
Devero. K. R. II 335 
Deuyea. K. J. 359 
Dezem. C. D. 217 
Dick. C. M. 335 
Dickerson. D. A. 308 
Dickinson. J. E. 308 
Diehl. E. VV. 359 
Diehl. S. A. 308 
Dillenberger. K. T. 217 
Dillon. J. T. 308 
Dionisio. R. A. 335 
Dittamo. M. P. 218 
DLxon. J. B. 359 
Dixon. J. R. 142.296 
Dgo. VV. J. 359 
Donahue. P. j. 218 
Donovan. P. B. 359 
Doolev. S. C. 359 
Dorsev. S. J. 359 
Dorsev. S. T. 360 
Douglas. J. G. 77.218 
Doupnik. T. C. 360 
Downev. C. H. Jr. 146.219 
Dovle. j. L. Jr. 360 
Dovle. M. G. 360 
Dozier. C. B. 335 
Draper. R. L. 360 
Dudjak. Jason III 360 
Duerson. S. H. HI 308 
Durav. P. H. Jr. 335 
Durham. B. K. 360 
D\er. VV. B. Ill 
EKer. VV. R. 360 


Early. C. D. 335 
Eaton. R. A. 335 
Eckenroda J. M. 219 
Eckhoff. R. VV. Jr. 332.335 
Edgar. C. E. FV 335 
Eggleston. VV. R. 360 
EgToff. B. P. 360 
Elie. ]. D. 360 
Ellington. M. R. 308 
Elliott Q. D. 219 
Ellis. G. L. 335 

Index/ 475 

Ellis, M. P. 308 
Ellis, R. D. [r. 156,220 
Elmore, O. G. Jr. 133,308,318, 

Elster, C. B. 335 
Emerson, T. ]. |r. 154,160,220 
Engelson, W. L. |r. 152,220 
Enslen, E. J. 221 
Enterline, G. A. 158,221 
Estes, D. A. 221,120 
Eubank, I. T. 335 
Eubank, M. S. 137,222 
Evans, E. L. Jr. 360 
Evans, M. R. 336 
Evans, S. P. 360 
Everhart, K. W. 
Ewald. M. C. 336 


Faison, E. D. 360 
Farleigh. T. K. II 336 
Farrell, P. W. 308 
Feddeler, C. A. Ill 336 
Felty, W. N. 222 
Ferares, F. G. 360 
Ferber, ). T. 300 
Ferguson, D. G. 336 
Ferguson. H. T. ]r. 
Ferguson, I. R. 336 
Ferguson, M. C. 336 
Ficarro, j. C. 336 
Fields, T. D. 222 
Finan, J. |. 
Finster, Bush K. 360 
Finwood, C. K. 
Fischer, M, C. 360 
Fishback, E. A. 336 
Fitzpatrick, D. ]. 336 
Fitzpatrick, K. C. P. 
Fitzpatrick, T. J. 160,308,108 
Flanary, R. M. Ir. 223 
Flessner, Mark 223 
Florio, ]. F. 

Florio, L. A. Ir. 308,319 
Flvnn, D. L. Ill 334,336 
Flynn, K. M. 223 
Foresman, G. W. 
Fortune, T. E. 336 
Frank. G. K. 72.146,224 
Eraser. J. A. 224 
Frazier. ). A. 308 
Freeman. |. C. 336 
Freiwald. T. J. 
Friend. R. D. 336 
Frve. R. A. Ill 308 
Fuller, G. W. Jr. 308,304 
Fuller, W. T. 337 
Furlow, C. B. 308 
Furness, D. ]. 75,332,334, 342, 


Gainsborg, E. R. Jr. 
Galgano, P. A. 138,224 
Garcia, A.A. 337 
Gardner, R. A. Jr. 123 
Gardner. R. L. 156,225 
Garst, R. A. II 337 
Gathright, E. S. 309 
Gayle, Fanandus 337 
George, M. A. 225 
Gerstbrein, B. R. 144,225 
Gibbings, D. R. 
Gill. P. M, 309 
Gillespie. A. M. 
Gillespie. ]. M. 
Gillespie. R. V. 
Gillespie. T. A. 
Gilman. Lance 
Gines. I. O. 349 
Gitchell, C. L. 309 
Gitchell, R. S. 309 
Glenn. S. N. 337 
Gnalovvski. D. V. 226 
Goerner. C. T. 
Goff. I. C. 

Goldsmith. K. H. 160,226 
Golembiewski. ). S. 169.226 
Gonzalez. V. M. 337 

Gooch, G. C. 
Goodwin, R. B. Jr. 337 
Gormley, E. T. 
Gowan, R. E. L. Ill 
Grabisna. E. V. |r. 
Graham, D. J. [r. 227 
Gray. S. G. 309 
Greenburg, |. R. 337 
Greene, A. S. 337 
Greene, ]. R. 337 
Greenspon, T. S. 79,109,227 
Gregory, ). A. 228 
Gregory, W. T. Ill 
Grgas. P. C. 136,228 
Griffea, J. S. 362 
Grimm, D. K. 309,321 
Gring, N. K. 302 
Grissom, T. A. 362 
Griswold. G. B. Ill 362.104 
Grochowski, E. M. Ir. 309 
Gruber. B. S. 337 
Grzeszczak. S. P. Ill 309 
Guck. T. I. 337 


Hadley, M. P. 228 

Hagan. S. B. 154,228 

Hairr, |. T. 11 309 

Halages, G. A. 156.229,115 

Halasz, S. F. 337 

Hall, C. G. 362 

Hall, D. S. 338.350 

Hall, G. [. 362 

Hall, G. W. 362 

Hall. S. F. 309 

Hamilton, M. B. 139,160,229 

Hamilton, R. P. Jr. 229 

Hamlin, L. D. 230 

Hancock, W. P. 338 

Hannegan, E. A. Ill 362 

Hannum, C. M. 362 

Hansen, P. T. 338 

Harbula, S. R. 309 

Harcarik, [. T. Ill 309 

Hardee, C. L. 338 

Harder, B. D. 136,230,365,115. 

Harmon, E. E. 
Harper, W. D. 362 
Harrington, L. D. 309 
Harris. Craig D. 181,309,119 
Harris, R. D. 362 
Hart, J. S. Ir. 309 
Harvel. N. P. D. 362 
Harvey. I. M. 93.154,230 
Hashimoto. B. H. 362 
Hassell, I. B. 362 
Hatcher. G. R. 
Hatheway. B. A. 362 
Hauck, B. A. 
Hauk, K. W. 338 
Hayes, C. T. IV 362 
Hayes, S. W. 310 
Hayes, W. B. 310 
Haynes, D. L. 362 
Headley, G. W. 231,362,480 
Hearn, Brent II 144,231 
Heath, C. R. 

Heathcote, Clifford 362,111 
Hedberg, K. E. 310 
Heflin, S. L. 156,160.231 
Heine, R. C. 338 
Heisey, P. H. 363 
Heishman, S. N. 310 
Henderson, M. S. 232,119 
Herndon, M. D. 140,232.122.116 
Heskett, T. V. 310 
Heslin, I. P. 363 
Hess, R. W. |r. 310 
Hesson. T. B. 
Hickey, D. T. 363 
Hicks, I. M. 310 
Hicks, P. F. Ir. 363 
Higeins, R. H. 363 
Hildebrand. R. L. 363 
Hill, D. A. 232 
Hill, H. R. 140 
Hill. 1. C. 146.233 
Hill. R. G. IV 310 
Hill, Roy III 363,233 
Hill, T. B. 125,233 

Hill, T. I. 363 
Hillier. S. P. 310,316 
Hinckle, M. H. 338 
Hinson, R. L. Ill 338 
Hinton. C. M. 

Hirlinger, K. R. Ir. 158.234,107 
Hirtz, A. D. 310 
Hoffman, G. A. 158.234 
Hoke, V. D. II 338 
Holland. D. A. 363 
Holland, K. L. 234 
Holmes. S. A. 310 
Holtzman. K. W. 363 
Hong, Y. K. 363 
Hoofnagle, G. C. 363.125 
Hooper. M. E. 338 
Hooper. T. I. IV 363 
Hoover. K. A. 363 
Hope, D. B. 363 
Home, D. A. 148.235 
Houck, M. S. 338 
Howard, M. C. 338 
Howard, P. R. 310 
Howe. I. B. 
Howell, R. I. 154,235 
Hubbard. R. C. Ir. 310 
Hudson, R. R. Ir. 338 
Huffman, M. C. 310,124,122 
Huffman, T. R. 303 
Hulyo. Michael 142.235 
Humes, M. M. 363 
Hunter. D. S. 150,236 
Hunter, S. C. 310 
Hord. A. R. 363 
Hurrell, T. P. 338 
Hurst, K. I. 236 
Hurst. L. S. 364 


Ingram. H. B. 311 
Ingram. P. S. 311 
Ingram. S. C. 364 
Inman, I. P. 311 
Inteso. C. C. Ir. 364 
Irby, I. M. II 236 
Iroler, A. K. 237 
Irvin, D. H. 237 
Iversen, K. W. 237 

lackson. M. W. 128,238 
Jackson, T. S. 339.350 
jacobsen, D. M. 364 
jacquez, R. T. 339 
janey. R. K. 339 
jannusch. I. E. 364 
jarvis, P. F. 311,106,104,107 
jasinski, A. T. 311 
jasinski, W. T. 364 
Jaworowski, R. O. 311 
Jenkins. I. M. 311 
Jenkins, K. D. 136,238 
jernigan, M. T. 238 
Jewell. C. S. 74.339,342 
locz, N. B. 136,239 
Johnson. B. E. 181.364 
Johnson. D. A. 339.100 
Johnson. I. B. 339 
Johnson, j. C. 339 
Johnson, M. E. 92,71.144.239 
Johnson. M. K. 339 
Johnson. R. E. 311,111 
Johnson, S. D. 301.126 
Johnson, W. B. 339.110 
Jones. E. W. 364 
Jones. L. S. 133.311 
Jones. P. G. 364 
lones. P. E. 339.350 
Jones. P. W. Ir. 364 
Jones. R. D. 
Jones. S. T. 339 
Jordan, D. I. Ill 239 
Jordan, I. H. 240 
lordan, K. C, 339 
jussila, M. A. 339 


Kanter. Christopher 311 

Kaplan, I. 1. 152.240 
Karabasz, M. I. 311 
Kardos, T. I. 311 
Kay. A. I. Ill 364 
Kay, P. E. 364 
Keays. I. W. 368,240 
Keenan, I. D. 241 
Keesee, E. T. 364 
Keilty, T. M. 298,311 
Keith. B. I. 364 
Keller, B. D. 339 
Kennedy. Dale 311 
Kennedy. T. B. 364 
Keppel. I. G. 241 
Keppeler, I. I. 364 
Kestner. R. A. 340 
Kiefer, I. F. 303,305,311 
Kiehl. G. L. 364 
Kiely. D. |. Ill 340,343 
Kiker, I. W. 365 
Kilbourne, I. W. Ir. 312 
Kindley. M. R. Ir. 365 
King. |. B. 365 
King, M. B. 142,241 
King. S. E. 365 
King. S. G. 365 
Kinn, R. B. 340 
Kirby, D. E. 312 
Kirk. K. D. 139,181,242 
Kirtley, W. H. 242 
Klassen, lohn 340 
Klaus. 1. H. 242 
Klein. G. W. 243 
Klovaroon. Krirkchai 365 
Knox, T. P. 365 
Kolditz, C. P. 307,312 
Koloseike, M. B. 365.109 
Korol. A. V. 340 
Kratzenberg, D. A. 340 
Krickovic, S. P. 365 
Kuhrman, W. K. 312 
Kump. C. S. II 312 


Laban, M. R. 312 
Ladson. F. D. 301 
Laforest, I. R. 312 
Lahue, R. V. 312,317 
Lakos, M. L. 312,170 
Lamb, C. R. 243 
Lamb, M. D. 365 
Lamb, M. L. 365 
Lamore, M. 1. 243 
Lane. S. 1. 158,181,244 
Langhorne, C. R. Ill 365 
Lanier. T. V. 312 
Lannom, R. P. 340 
Larosa, R. H. 87,312,321 
Larue, I. A. 365 
Lassale. E. D. 365 
Latham, G. A. Ir. 365 
Latimer. K. V. 365 
Laughon, M. A. 312 
Lavalle. D. G. 365 
Lavangie, G. M. 365 
Leary. Kevin 158,244 
Leatherwood, W. A. 312 
Ledford. E. C. 340 
Ledlow, G. R. 340 
Lee, I. I. Ill 160,244 
Lee, lyh-Der 366 
Lee, M. W. 366 
Leeney. M. I. 366 
Leffers. G. G. Ir. 312 
Lemaire, I. P. 340 
Lemay. R. D. Ill 340 
Lewis. B. A. 99,366 
Lewonski, R. F. 
Light. R. I. S. Ill 312 
Lighlner. I. F. 340 
Lindgren. R. I. 245 
Lisella. G. I. 245 
Liu, Tsu-Kuang 313 
Locher, M. H. 
Lofstrom, C. I. 366 
Logan. T. I. 366 
Long, C. R. 366 
Long. I. M. 117,118 
Long. K. A. 313 
Longabaugh. R. M. 313 
Loughlin, F. X. 366 


Lovelace, N. J. 366 

Loveless. A. A. 181,313 

Loving, H. T. 340 

Lowenstein, N. S. 86.140,100,245 

Lucas, ]. B. 246 

Lund. M. E. 340 

Luther, R. S. 366 

Lynch. R. B. 366 


Maak, B. |. 241 
Maass. H. R. 366 
Macaulay, T. L 313 
Machuga, F. R. ]r. 366 
Maclay. ). D. 313 
MacMichael. |. L. |r. 366 
Maggelet. J. T. 366 
Malavet. R. F. 313 
Malerba, M. J. 
Mahk. J. C. Ill 246 
Malhs. ). A. 340 
Mangerian. P. H. 136,166.246 
Mangum, K. W. 
Manning, T. H. 168,247 
Marks, K. W. 139,247 
Marks, R. T. 366 
Maroon, S. A. 247 
Marsenison. P. F. 
Marsenison. P. R. 248 
Marsh. K. L. 340 
Marsh. R. W. 366 
Marsh, W. S. Ill 71.248 
Martin. ]. ]. II 366 
Martin. M. R. 
Martin. S. M. 367 
Martin. T. E. 248 
Mason. A. H. Jr. 249 
Mason. R. B. 313 
Mason. W. L. 313 
Massaro. A. P. |r. 138.249 
Massie. J. D. 367 
Massie. J. L. 313 
Massie. ). S. Ill 76.340 
Mattis. K. A. 367 
Mattox. I. O. 340 
Maxwell. M. W. 340 
May. M. C. 367 
Maynard. S. D. 367 
Mayo. M. M. 
Mays. R. O. Jr. 313 
Mayse. D. K. 340 
McAllister. A. S. 367 
McCabe, [. P. 313 
McCain. F. M. Jr. 341 
McCarthy. C. L. 152,109.249 
McCarthy. D. ]. 313 
McCarthy. J. T. 341 
McCarthy, T. D. 313 
McCarthy, W. ]. 341 
McCartney, T. E. 306,313 
McClelland, G. F. 105,258 
McCloskey, ]. A. IV 314 
McClung, K. C. 341,104 
McConnell, ]. E. 314 
McCrary, P. M. 367 
McCray, I- D. Jr. 367 
McCulIough, T. W. 314 
McCumber, S. P. 367 
McDaniel, M. D. 341 
McDonald, J. A. Ill 314 
McDonald, C. W. 367 
McDonough, J. C. 250 
McFarland, D. C. 367 
McGarrah, W. M. Ill 367 
McGarrity, D. J. 367 
McGhee. M. W. 367 
McGinnis. T. D. 314,121.120 
McGlasson. J. A. 341 
McGloin, H. M. 367 
McGowen. D. A. 73,115,114,250 
McGraw. M, E. 148.367 
McGraw, M. W. 251 
McHugh, M. G. 341 
McHugh. T. E. Jr. 314 
Mclntire. R. L. Ill 154.251 
Mclntyre. O. O. Jr. 144,251 
McKenzie, J. K. 314 
McKinley. J. G. Ill 314 
McKone. S. D. 367 
McLean. J. M. 181.342 
McManis. R. B. 314 

McMann, W. A. S. 252 
McMenamin. H. J. 367 
McMillian. T. W. 368 
McNulty. K. E. II 252 
McQuillan, G. T, 
Meador, R. C. 314 
Medeiros. S. A. 146.253 
Medeiros, S. J. 144,252 
Melendez, M. R. 342 
Merkel, R. C. Jr. 342 
Messner, D. R. 342 
Michelsen, W. W. 342 
Michigan. G. R. 
Miles. S. C. 314 
Miller. A. B. Jr. 314.167 
Miller. B. S. 342 
Miller. D. A. Ill 314 
Miller. F. L. 148.253 
Miller. J. R. 150.253.164 
Miller. J. S. 368 
Miller. S. D. 154,254 
Miller, S. T. 342 
Milligan, M. A. 254 
Minne, K. A. 254,127 
Mitchell, C. D. 368 
Mitchell, P. G. 255 
Mitchell, R. L. Jr. 342 
Mitchell, R. T. Ill 255 
Mitchell, T. J. 342 
Mitchell, W. J. Ill 368 
Mitlehner. C. A. 368 
Mize. E. K. 368 
Mock. A. J. 152.255.368 
Monahan. D. P. 314 
Monday. D. L. 256 
Moody. J. T. 309,314 
Moore, D. C. 298,315 
Moore, J. P. 368,127 
Moore, M. C. 342 
Moore. P. W. Jr. 368 
Moquin. M. D. 315 
Morales. H. A. Jr. 342 
Morehead. M. C. Jr. 315 
Morehouse. E. D. 315 
Morgan. M. H. 342 
Morgan. M. J. 308.315 
Morris, S. M. 308 
Morrison, J. B. 315 
Morton. V. A. 87.315 
Moss, M. S. 368 
Motylinski. S. V. 144.256 
Moyers, G. D. 158.256 
Mumma. J. M. 368 
Munno. T. S. 368 
Munson, M. C. 315.167 
Munson. P. E. 338.342 
Murphy, D. W. 257 
Murray, P. C. 368 
Murray, T. R. Ill 342 
Musarra. F. V. 368 


Naff. N. J. 332.343 
Nagle. J. C. IV 342 
Neal, A. W. 257 
Near>'. S. M. 368 
Neblett. J. C. 257 
Necessary. M. E. 315 
Needham. P. D. 315.108 
Nelson. E. C. 368 
Nelson. M. I. 343 
Nelson. R. P. 343 
Nelson. S. F. 343 
Nelson, S. G. 369 
Nemeth. P. S. 369 
Nentwig. R. J. 315 
Newcomb. G. D. 315 
Ngarmwongwan. P. 343 
Nicely, J. R. Jr. 369 
Nickle, B. E. 81.83.315.316 
Nixon. C. D. Jr. 258 
Nixon. W. F. 369 
Noivi^an. Chinawat 340.343 
Nolan. J. H. 332.343 
Nolen. M. E. 258 
Noonpackdee. T. 369 
Norris. J. D. 258 
Norris. S. G. 
Northrop. M. C. 315 
Nowlin. J. H. 315 
Nugent. W. K. Jr. 259 

Nussey. R. T. Jr. 316 318 


O Buckley. G. T, 11 369 
Oakes. T. K. 369 
Olinger, J. B. F. 343 
Oliver. K. U. 343 
Oliver. S. P. 259 
Olson. D. M. 259 
Omstead, D. A. 369 
Oneel. B. N. 369 
Oneill. P. R. 369 
Osgood. R. P. 369 
Otey. G. S. 343 
Othling. D. P. 260 
Oversen. E. J. 316 
Owen, M. D. 369 
Owens. S. M. 343 


Padgett. R. N. 316 
Page. E. R. 369 
Palme. G. C. 369 
Palmer. S. E. 101.260 
Pancham. S. R. 99.316.101 
Pannell. M. V. 369 
Pannorit. Pakdi 343 
Panoff. T. J. 316 
Pantano. A. A. Jr. 343 
Panza. A. J. 79.369 
Parente. J. V. 156.260 
Parker. D. L. 316 
Parks. S. D. Jr. 369 
Parrott. J. V. 369.100 
Patterson, P. T. 152.261 
Patton. S. L. M. 261 
Pauley. J. M. 152,261 
Pauquette, P. R. 262 
Pearson. R. S. 146.262 
Pearson, S. C. 370 
Peckham. p. M. 344 
Peer. T. C. 344.106.107 
Peet. C. H. 90.316 
Pendleton. N. W. Ill 344 
Pennington. J. C. Jr. 344 
Perez. T. J. 316 
Pfefferkorn. K. D. 297 
Pham. D. H. 370 
Phan. T. T. 370 
Phillips. A. R. Ill 316 
Phillips. G. P. 316 
Phillips. J. S. 344 
Phillips. R. E. 344 
Pickering. L. F. 370 
Pickett. G. D. 316 
Pile, R. B. 370 
Pilloni. J. R. 344 
Pingree. J. L. 316 
Pinhak. J. E. 316 
Pitcock. J. T. 311.316 
Pittman. C. L. 262 
Pitts. D. A. 370 
Pitts. R. B. 370 
Place. Steve 370 
Planeta. C. C. 316 
Plowright. T. R. 263 
Plucinski. E. M. 317 
Plunk. T. L. 370 
Poage. C. C. II 304.314.317 
Poast. J. E. Ill 333.344 
Podo. S. D. 160.317 
Poindexter. G. VV. Ill 317 
Politano. T. V. 344 
Pollock. J. M. 79.263 
Poremba. S. E. S. 317.320 
Porter. T. M. 332.344.345 
Potter. VV. F. 263 
Powell. K. D. 317 
Powders. J. M. Jr. 140.264 
Powers. W. B. 
Powers. W. T.370 
Pressler. P. B. 264 
Pressler. P. \V. 301 
Preston, J. B. Jr. 
Previs. D. J. 370 
Price. K. T. 344.348 
Primavera. L. P. 264 
Pruitt. P. R. Jr. 317 
Pry'or. W. T. II 370 

Pully. T. C. 265 
Putrft, T, A. 370 


Quirnby, K. W. 150,103,285 
Quintavalli, Stephan 370 


Raber. K. 121 
Radle. |. L. 317 
Rahe. T. H. 140.265 
Rainer. R. G. .302,310 
Ralston. G. A. 13.3,317 
Ramos. R, T. 317 
Rapacki. J. C. 317 
Reading. G, |. 370 
Reagan. G, W. Jr. 370 
Reardon. K. P. 344 
Redman, D. E. 344 
Reed. B. S. 370 
Reichling, V. L. Jr. 344 
Reld. W. H. 266 
Reilly. Mark 376 
Reimann. R. H. jr. 136.266 
Reimann. T. F. 371 
Renner. G. M. 164.266 
Renshaw. R. B. 345.348 
Reynolds. R. D. 317 
Richardson. C. V. Jr. 371 
Richardson. R. S. 371 
Rickard. Jeffrey A. 267 
Ridderhof. P. f. 317 
Riddle. J. F. 267 
RiBgleman. P. D. 371 
Rilev. D. W. 371 
Ring. J. K. 267 
Ring. j. VV. 372 
Rivenbark. M. D. 317 
Roberts. P. G. Ill 371 
Robertson. C. S. 371 
Robinson. A. N. 345 
Robinson. F. T. 371 
Robinson. R. A. Jr. 345 
Robinson. S. S. 345 
Robles. Ke\'in 139.268 
Roddenberry. D. S. 268 
Rogers. VV. G. 317 
Rogerson. C. V. 268 
Rollins. G. E. 371 
Roltsch. T. J. 269.104 
Rose. G. C. 269.112 
Rose. J. E. 269.105 
Rose. J. L. 270 
Ross. B. L. 270 
Rowe. M. B. 345 
Rowlett. VV. G. Jr. 270 
Rucker. L. G. 130,318 
Ruf. Joseph in 318 
Russell. S. L. 371 
Russell. T. VV. 318 
Russo. P. D. 345.228 
Ryan. A. E. Jr. 302 
Ryman. J. F. 371 


Sacco. E. J. Jr. 345 
Sachrison. J. E. 345 
Sadler. C. J. 345 
Saluja. Rakesh 371 
Salyan. D. P. 3"1 
Sampan. Somkiat 337.345 
Sanders. J. C. 271 
Sandlin. J. S. 371 
Sanusun. Sumonchai 271 
Sar^eant. VV. M. 138.271 
Sar\-er. P. VV. Jr. 272 
Saunders. A. L. 142.272 
Savage. R. J. 371 
Sawangsak. Somsak 345 
Savs-ver. D. A. 137.371.122 
Sa\^■^■er. R. B. 2"2 
Scaglione. Dion 307.318 
Scaglione. R. J. 318 
Scarpino. J. J. D. 371.111 
Schenstrom. Michael 371 
Schinstock }. H. 318 
Schoen. C. C. FV 318 
Schoonmaker. C. R. 345 


Schriver. M. ]. 273 
Schumacher, ]. T. Jr. 372 
Schwarz, C. A. Ill 345 
Schwitter, M. P. 273 
Sciaretta, S. K. 345 
Scott, Clarence 346 
Scott, D. A. 273 
Scott, F. G. II 318 
Scroggins 274 
Secrist, G. B. 372 
Seeley, ]. W. II 318 
Seiferth, W. O. 341,346 
Seliga. A. E. 372 
Selnau, H. E. 318 
Semmes, B. W. L. Ill 372 
Sevffert, G. M. 372 
Shanlev, 1- D. 318 
Sheckells, D. B. 318 
Sheild, G. C. 83,315.318 
Shelton, |. B. 346,106 
Shepard, B. P. 346 
Shepherd, ]. W. 346 
Shimotsu, I. M. 136,274 
Shin, D. W. 318 
Shindle, W. W. 274 
Shirley. A. G. II 130,275 
Shoemaker, P. M, 275 
Short. M. B. 
Shrimpton, D. M. 372 
Shuster. C. I. jr. 372 
Sigmon, ]. L. Ill 372 
Simmons, T. R. 372 
Simpson, C. G. 318 
Simpson, E. D. 372 
Simroth, P. A. 313,319 
Sincavage, K. P. 346 
Sinclair, S. R. 319 
Sinclair, W. A. 372 
Siolund, K. ]. 319 
Sklar, G. S. 372 
Slater, R. R. jr. 372 
Sloane, R. S. 372 
Smaaladen, D. ]. 372 
Smart, ). ]. 136,275 
Smiley. 1. A. 319,121 
Smith, A. M. P. 136,150,276 
Smith, C. A. 276 

Smith, D. M. 346 

Smith, D. T. 276 

Smith, G. D. 346 

Smith, M. B. 319 

Smith, M. E. 372 - 

Smith, M. W. Jr. 271 

Smolar. R. B. 

Snedecor. M. A. 372 

Sniffin. P. R. 277 

Snowden, M. S. Ill 346 

Snyder, T. L. 346 

Sossi, L. E. 319 

South, S. C. 372 

Southard, W. T. 156,277 

Spain, K. B. 319,117,118 

Sparks, K. P. 346 

Spartz, T. B. 

Spears, D. V. 298,319 

Speir, R. H. 142,278 

Spellman, I. F. Ir. 73,148,278 

Spence, G. C. 346 

Spence, W. F. 79,372 

Spetz. T. F. 372 

Spitz, D. C. 372 

Spivey. J. M. IV 165,278 

Spivev, T. A. W. 303,319 

Spriggs, R. B. 319 

Springer. ]. H. Jr. 

Sprinkle, R. S. 346 

Sredl. V, I. 372 

Stachelek, D. S. 372 

Stanek, ]. D. 319 

Starling, C. C. 373 

Start, C. L. 373 

Stathis, C. M. 346 
Steams, C. P. 347 
Steen, M. A. 85,279 
Steenburgh, C. |. Jr. 319 
Stephens, C. M 319 
Stepnowski, ]. j, 373 
Stevens, I. A. 319 
Stewart. A. C. 373 
Stewart. K. A. 373 
Stinebower, ]. K. 279 
Stinnette, D. E. 139,160,279 

Stock. M. A. 373 
Stone, R. L. 373 
Struckmeyer, T. K. 343,347,113 
Stuart, |. A. 140,280 
Sullivan, D. C. 373 
Sullivan, R. M. 347 
Sullivan, R. S. 280 
Sullivan, S. D. 280 
Susnar, R. R. Ill 347 
Sutherland, T. P. 347 
Sutton, M. C. 340.347 
Sweaney, R. D. 347 
Swider, ]. A. Jr. 373 
Swiencinski, B. ). 347 
Swink, I. B, 373 
Szczepanski, R. ]. 103 


Tabb, T. A. 91,319 
Tabur, Henry 320 
Taggart, ]. L. 320 
Talbott, E. F. Ill 320 
Tate. S. L. 373 
Tavenner, C. T. IV 373 
Taylor, |. H. 
Taylor, R. A. 373 
Taylor. S. S. 281 
Taylor, T. P. 373 
Temple, I. A. 347 
Tertychny, G. P. 347 
Thacker, S. L. 320 
Thomas, C. M. IV 320 
Thomas, G. A. 69,373 
Thomas, L. A. 142,281 
Thompson, I. ). Ill 320 
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Tremaglio, R. ]. Ill 140,284 

Tribble, ). A. 146,284 

Trice, F. A. Ill 320 

Trzcinski 373 

Tuck, S. G. 373 

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Turlington, I. S. 373 

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Tyler, D. G. IV 302,120 


Underwood, ]. T. 154,285 
Upton, M. B. 348 
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Urquhart, |. R. 320,128 
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Utterback, I. S. 286 


Vaijai, Kultawat 374 
Valenzuela. I. A. 146,160,286 
Varlas, G. T. 320 
Vaughn, S. D. 286 
Vaughn, W. E. Jr. 
Via, W. S. 329.348 
Vitulano. M. L. 374 
Vogan. K. R. 348 

Volant, A. C. 374 
Voytko, T. I . 348 


Wade, D. K. 374 
Waff, W. T. jr. 
Wagner, D. S. 320 
Wagner, E. D. 374 
Walker, B. D. 133,320,121 
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Zimmer, A. T. 321 

Zins. W, E. 349 

Zoeke, R. E. 357,375,102,118 

Zolper, A, C. 349 



would like to thank the following people for support above and beyond the call of duty. 

Greg Anthony . . . For solving the BOMB's financial problems. 

Kurt Araujo . . . For road trips to Lexington and weekends with the BOMB. 

Wade Branner . . . For saving the Photo Editor and the sports section. 

.„,,.. Col. Buchanan . . . For teaching the Editor how to deal with bureaucrats. 

Alice Buchanan . . . For helping with the IBM's teething problems. 

Ewald Clark . . . For great service and invaluable help on color deadlines. 

Mike Collingwood . . . For copying the archives pictures FAST! 
Mrs. Wylma Davis . . . For finding the pictures for the Anniversary section. 

Evelyn Duff . . . For biographies, pictures and . . . 

George Foose . . . For getting ALL the pictures taken and delivered quickly. 

Jim Garrett . . . For all the paranoid and stupid questions. 

Sandy Hartless . . . For trying to keep the Editor out of trouble. 

Midshipman N. L. Heckman . . . For introducing the BOMB to the big leagues. 

Pat Henson . . . For all of the lists and advice on getting things done. 

Hughey Johnson . . . For lots of humor and advice. 

Col Jones . . . For always having an open door and a ready ear. 

Melinda Jones . . . For trying to keep the rest of the staff out of trouble. 

LTC McManus . . . For legal advice on how to deal with a "funny" person. 

Jorge Piercy . . . For teaching an LA Business Manager basic accoimting. 

Col Slater . . . For also helping to keep us out of legal trouble. 

Mike Strickler . . . For press passes, sports schedules and a live Photo Editor. 

Bob Wentz . . . For pictures, financial advice and sage words on how to keep going. 

Captain Willcockson . . . For granting us the powers to get things done. 

Maj Wilson ... For being the perfect BOMB advisor. THANKS 

Kathy Wise . . . For telling an Editor what's politic and what's not. 

Publications Board . . . For supporting all our wacky proposals. 

Hollins College . . . For providing the staff with a social hfe. 

And last but most definitely not least to all of our parents for supporting the falling grades. 
ulcers and tired bank accounts, without you all this book would never have made it on 
^ time or maybe at all. 

One-liners from the year . . . 

Penguin lust is wholesome. 

God Save The Tyrant-in-Chief. 

When are we going to Hollins. 


Nice parking place Headley 

Get OFF the phone. 

Wright— Kick the rabbit habit. 

George — It's what's her name. 

Nic fit anybody 

Gimme a light 

Where the . . . is my desk. 

Opening hop pictures in yet? 


Which Mike . . . Which George 

Steen — Dangerous letter opener. 


Call 703-463-9513 for . . . 

Nudge, nudge, wink, wink 

Wright — Are there ANY pictures 

Where's FRUMP now guys 

Friday Night Poker .Club 

Preston old bean. 

Stevie, How's Chuck? 

Yes John. Yes John, YES JOHN 

If you can't teach gym, be a marine 

Brian, grow some hair. 

Is that coffee pot authorized. 

I have tried to encapsulate some of 
the funnier moments of the year in 
the one-liners. For although there 
were many times when the staff 
was working too hard for long 
winded humor the spontaneous wit 
kept us all going. 

I owe, as does the Corps, an enor- 
mous amount to a dedicated group 
of guys who have gone above and 
beyond the call of duty time and 
time again. 

Guys, you have stuck with me and 
with the book just as you said you 
would. I'm grateful that I never 
had to lay out any pages. When the 
going got tough you all got going. 
THANKS. This is not a one man 

Everyone on this staff deserves A 
long thank you all his own but I 
feel bound to thank a few in print. 
Steve Sinclair, well I didn't want 
you at first but you were the best 
Managing Editor a Tyrant could 


ever ask for. Don't let this place get 
to you. GOOD LUCK. Mike Wright, 
I gambled on you and I got one 
hell of a return on my investment, 
you're almost as good a PT as I was. 
Michael, well after being forced to 
be Business Manager you took to it 
and did one hell of a job. Just look 
at that bottom line. Jimmy and 
Shawn you guys tackled the First 
Class and the 1st Class section with 
great zeal and enthusiasm and the 
section's done. WHEW! Greg Gooch 
I was never so glad to see a Rat as 
I was to see you. 

Dad and Mary thanks for being 
there through it all, BOMB work 
over Thanksgiving, Christmas and 
the summer. Roommates, sorry about 
all the racket at four o'clock in the 
morning. I tried to be quiet. Sara, 
you kept me from going completely 
around this twist. You are the great-